High Court throws out Duncan Smith’s “flawed and tawdry” retrospective workfare law

High Court throws out Duncan Smith’s “flawed and tawdry” retrospective workfare law

by Mike Sivier


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Iain Duncan Smith took an metaphorical slap in the face from the High Court today when Mrs Justice Lang said his retroactive law to refuse docked payments to jobseekers was not legal. The Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Act 2013 was rushed onto the statute books after the DWP discovered the rules under which it […]

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Man who had sickness benefits axed wins appeal – months after he died

by Mike Sivier

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Reposted from the Mirror Terrible story: Graham with wife Yvonne A widow was horrified when a letter arrived for her late husband saying he had won his appeal against his sickness benefits being axed. Graham Shawcross, 63, had potentially fatal Addison’s disease, but was ruled fit to work last November and had his…

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by Mike Sivier

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? Brilliant image by Dave Kendall. Particularly powerful and valuable because there’s such a wide range of ways of suppressing the truth: Reputation management agencies. Super-injunctions. D notices. Damage limitation exercises by mainstream media. Complete suppression of the truth by MSM. Only reveal the truth when they’re dead. Decoys and…

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Disabled man left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was owed

Disabled man left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was owed

‘A disabled man was left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was due.

The shocking case of Thomas O’Donnell was revealed in Parliament by Liverpool MP Luciana Berger, who said she was “ashamed” to live in a country where desperately ill people are facing serious delays in getting help.

She told how Mr O’Donnell suffered from epilepsy, depression, arthritis and memory loss – yet was made to wait eight months for his Personal Independence Payment (PIP).’

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IDS loses legal appeal to keep universal credit problems secret

‘Iain Duncan Smith’s latest effort to prevent the publication of documents warning of the dangers of universal credit has been dismissed by a judge.

You can see the desperation quite clearly now. IDS’ team are throwing any old legal argument at the wall to see if it will stick. The judge’s casual dismissal of the arguments seems to show a flicker of resentment at having to hear them at all.’

For the latest in DWP Sanctions and financial blackmailing click here: Benefits and Work community

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The PIP chaos reveals the government’s contempt for disabled people

DWP leads the way on statistical complaints

Thousands left in limbo in benefit appeals system grinding to a halt

Labour pledges to ‘pause’ universal credit if elected in 2015

Deprivation Britain: Poverty is getting worse – even among working families, according to major new study

Government ‘could breach its own welfare spending cap’

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Glenda Jackson’s speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP

Glenda Jackson’s speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


With big thanks to ilegal

Well over half a million sickness benefits appeals have succeeded – why has the DWP kept this quiet?

DWP ministers said only 9% of ESA decisions were wrong.  Our research reveals the DWP have been quoting from figures which state 151,800 appeals have succeeded.  Our evidence shows the true figure to be at least 567,634 – casting serious doubt over 43% of 1,302,200 ‘fit for work’ decisions.

ilegal Press Release – 16th June 2013

DWP’s internal figures reveal a much higher number of successful ESA appeals than have been made publicly available.


DWP reply on 13 June 2014 to a Freedom of Information Act request made as part of an investigation in to DWP figures relating to the controversial Work Capability Assessment by ilegal.org.uk has revealed that of 1,287,323 ESA appeals, at least 567,634 claimants have had the original DWP decision overturned in their favour. Government’s key defence of the assessments has been that around 9% of all decisions are incorrect.  The most controversial of which are those where a claimant is found fit for work.  DWP figures (for new claims) show that between October 2008 and September 2013 a total of 1,306,200 fit for work decisions have been made.


It is with considerable disappointment noted that the DWP’s latest publicly available statistics confirm that only 151,800 successful appeals have been recorded out of a total of 410,400 appeals (for new claimants only).  Our investigations reveal evidence of three times as many appeals being ‘internally recorded’ of which 567,634 have been successful.


The DWP have revealed to us figures which show nearly quarter of a million internal reconsiderations have led to decisions on new ESA claims being overturned in favour of the claimant; we have added these to figures from HMCTS tribunals which provides us with a much higher figure than the DWP seems to be prepared to admit to in their publicly available figures.

Iain Duncan Smith Self Aggrandising Narcissist AAV

Our intensive research into the assessment of claimants for the DWP’s Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) has, following a freedom of information request to the DWP, provided one of the final pieces of the jigsaw needed to unpick the Department’s overly complicated statistics. We now have the final clue which has enabled us to identify that no less than 567,634 ESA claimants have in fact had their initial ESA refusals overturned in their favour.


It is a startling revelation that the government department has apparently been keeping a lid on a set of statistics that clearly shows between May 2010 and June 2013 no less than 820,356 decisions were looked at again by the DWP after claimants had been assessed by the controversial private contractors Atos Healthcare. These ‘internal’ statistics show that a very substantial 232,782 (28.5%) decisions were then subsequently overturned in the claimant’s favour.


What makes this all the worse is that these reconsideration statistics come on top of separate figures that show us that of those claimants who did not have the decisions overturned in their favour by the DWP, 817,102 went on to appeal to tribunals arranged by Her Majesties’ Courts & Tribunals Service where a further 332,607 were then overturned in the claimant’s favour by the tribunal.


These figures completely negate all of the DWP’s claims that it is getting the majority of its decisions right

These figures completely negate all of the DWP’s claims that it is getting the majority of its decisions right. Government ministers in conjunction with the DWP’s Press office have been telling us that a million claimants have been found fit for work whereas these figures show that in reality this is only a small part of the true story and that huge numbers have gone on to successfully appeal decisions which were wrong.


These new figures highlight the dubious practice of using the unchallenged assessment results, which only encourage media sensationalisation, with headlines such as those appearing in the Daily Express in July 2011 stating that ’75% on sickness benefits were faking‘.

The same article goes on to say that out of ‘…2.6 million on the sick, 1.9 million could work’ before receiving an endorsement from the Prime Minister with an assurance that his government was “producing a much better system where we put people through their paces and say that if you can work, you should work”.

DWP and Ministers know the truth, they just aren’t telling anyone

For more on this scandalous Tory wrongful and despicable behaviour click here for:

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Breadline Kids

Breadline Kids by  Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

If you missed the whole film and would like to watch it, you can find it here.

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ATOS: Other Firms Will Find Recruiting Staff Hard

by samedifference1


Atos, the private company quitting its contract to provide assessments for disabilityclaimants, warned that its successor will fare just as badly unless the government improves the system it has to run.

Atos chiefs complained that it and its staff had suffered a public “vilification” simply for carrying out what was asked of it by ministers and suggested other companies would find it hard to recruit staff unless changes were made.

Ministers announced in March that the contract to deliver work capability assessments was being terminated early by mutual consent, amid criticism of delays and the number of disabled people apparently being wrongly judged fit to work.

While campaigners welcomed Atos’s withdrawal, they also said the change should be used to “move away from a fundamentally flawed system”.

For more click here for: samedifference1


PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith

PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith-The Morning Star

Also click here for: kittysjones for more on this story.


The financial slaughter came unexpected after millions of poor had agreed financial agreements to pay for items to furnish homes-left now with debts piling and no money for food.

Street Democracy writes:

This is very late.

This toxic form of social policy has shunted the poor out of the political apparatus, silencing their voices, ignoring the pleas of desperate families so poor, they’re missing meals.

It was astounding to even consider how staff at the Job Centre actually found this punishing regime enjoyable at first by embracing this hostile format from 9-5 pm.

No remorse, inflicting spiteful hostility,by a form of wilful arrogance of Job Centre staff suffering from DWP endemic brainwashing of be brutal to these no good parasites.


The language of force, following DWP’s aggressive benefit agenda has standardised and localised oppression and bullying of the poor.

‘Take that, you lazy scrounger!’ Eagerly watching with cold eyes at how they have just amplified misery, legitimising the crushing of those financially destitute, and localising oppression at the same time.

However, the political awakening is growing faster and people, even Job Centre staff are witnessing a poison of toxic hate being directed to the unemployed.


The astute minds busily working this aggressive benefit agenda should have thrown this into the gutter, the moment it landed on their Job Centre door way.

And get rid of G4S!, while you’re at complaining to the suited psychopath Iain Duncan Smith.

Our power grid is deeply corrupt, dysfunctional and filled with ‘out of touch’ Eton gutter and this should be addressed also.


Society conquered by psychopathic, no empathy elitism and corporate control have designed a punishing infrastructure, a real life detention centre for the disabled poor or those unable to contribute to a working week.

This powerless suit has destroyed the poor further and created social turmoil that is often unrepairable.

The Tories toxic pollution towards the poor has marginalised ‘us’ further into the social black hole, a form of exclusion from mainstream society while we are a washed with corporate crime and politicians milking hundreds of thousands from the expenses quota.


The iron fist’s of blue slamming down upon the poor but the criminal elites, the corporate crimes are given tax breaks and tax payer’s money. Which is the real crime?

The financial destitution of innately decent folk have found themselves into serious financial trouble of money lending companies who have a perpetual debt and threat on their doorstep.

Society for the unemployed has turned into one giant detention centre, where prisoners or the unemployed are treated as criminals, treated as toxic for society, but heads are slowly beginning to turn to look into the eyes of the ‘far right’.


Capitalism is corrupt, it was designed by the rich, for the rich and they have no intention of giving their wealth away.

A language of force, the hijacking of society by ruling elites standardising oppression, blaming with silly names of slander to the poor when in fact, their friends in high places are not paying millions in taxes.

Their corporate pals are also not paying millions in taxes, but let us not focus upon them.

Let us instead blame the unemployed for not wanting to work, long hours of hard gruelling labour that makes their limbs sore, for no pay or little pay in stead.


People are missing meals. In Crawley I know of this. The new diet of the poor is malnutrition, lacking in multiple vitamins. Cheap chemical based foods are just as toxic and do nothing for diets of the poor.

Let us hope now, minds are awakening to the corporate take over our government, and the corrupt political apparatus controlled by elites has conquered our society and not for the better for us, but only for those few, mainly politicians and corporate bosses.

Enough of this rubbish and well done to the Job Centre for finally waking up!


Job Centre we need a language of humility, empathy and independence from government. If you don’t like the sound of a policy, then don’t localise it, send it back to Westminster and tell these elites ‘not good enough, try again’. Never fear David Cameron and likes!

For more on this story, click here for The Morning Star or continue reading:

Labour exchange employees say they are ‘depressed’ by making people destitute on the orders of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith

FRONTLINE Jobcentre staff renewed their campaign yesterday to scrap Tory benefit sanctions they are forced to hand down to Britain’s worst off.

Civil servants protested at PCS conference about the impact of the government’s welfare policies they witness everyday at work.

Unemployment benefit of just £71 per week can be stopped for two weeks under sanctions introduced by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

Jobcentre worker Martin Humphrey told delegates about the “depressing” task of telling people their benefits have been stopped.

He said: “We have to say to people that they have to live on nothing for two weeks.

“To make people destitute for two weeks is despicable.”

Jobcentre staff exposed once again how they are given sanction targets to hit — a claim Mr Duncan Smith continues to deny.

Britain’s pensioners are also given just £110 a week while disabled people face cruel tests by private comapanies, PCS vice president John McInally pointed out.

He said the result has been soaring demand at food banks, a rise in homelessness and hate attacks on disabled people.

And he said: “As a union, we have a duty to stand up for our members and our services.

“It’s disgraceful that our members’ job to help people is being turned on its head in order to attack the most poor and vulnerable.”


For more click here….All pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith-The Morning Star




IDS didn’t fire Atos, Atos fired him. The Slog examines what other grubby things might be revealed in the wake of this embarrassment for the Coalition

As most of you probably know by now, yesterday the French flying brick manufacturer outsourcing company Atos confirmed that it had agreed a financial settlement with the Department for Work and Pensions, allowing it to pull out of its contract ahead of schedule.

I’m not that critical of incompetence (it is after all universal) and I suppose if you hire people for an exercise in sociopathy, you’re going to get sociopaths turning up. But for desertion from the attack on disabled lines, it would be nice to see the Atos directors shot at dawn. Just not in front of their kids: I remain more humane than Jeremy Clarkson, and slightly more balanced about Peugeot cars. Also I’m wearing long trousers these days.

All those who revealed Atos inhumanity should see this as a victory for the internet – and proof once again that making life unpleasant for the unpleasant works. I can’t imagine all this adverse publicity has done the Atos share price much good, which included Labour MP Dennis Skinner describing the company, with clinical precision, as a “cruel, heartless monster”. However, there is more to the resignation than meets the eye.

It transpires that Atos has had to pay the DwP back, not the other way round. So the obvious conclusion is that it was their decision, and not IDS’s. This is more than mere pedantry on my part: the equally logical conclusion is that Mr Iam Dunkem-Inshit – while “expressing concerns” about their work – didn’t fire them. Let me go further: given the appalling mess this has landed the Government in, there is no way IDS would’ve provoked the crisis in such a way.

Joining another dot up here, that means there must be trouble ahead, and the French wanted out before it bubbles up to the media surface. A week ago, the public spending watchdog warned that the DwP was struggling to deliver welfare changes, particularly where they involved private sector providers. I’m all for genuine scroungers being caught, even though I’ve yet to find any evidence that such malfeasance doubled the National Debt after 2008. But my nose suspects that the issue here isn’t the tone and bedside manner of the Front Nationale, sorry, Atos. I fancy we might be talking about misrepresentation of data and other assorted frauds.

The factor that intrigues me (and, I know, several other hacks) most in all this is the ‘backlog’ of work that Atos has left behind. How big is it, and why are the cases emitting loose ends?

The history of private companies working for Government in Britain is not as the driven snow. This is 45% Whitehall’s incompetent and uncommercial idleness, and 55% the greedy unethical neoliberal factor. Ironically, if we had over the years (under both Parties) used professional procurement procedures on such projects, very probably everything from the NHS to the Welfare budget would be much more manageable.

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Woman took her own life after ‘flawed’ Atos work assessment slashed her benefits by a third!

Woman with ‘a lot to live for’ took her own life after ‘flawed’ Atos work capability assessment slashed her benefits by a third, watchdog says


ATOS is a psychopathic virus that hurt a lot of innately decent disabled poor, and those unable to work.

Street Democracy writes:

Another tragic untimely death to add to the list of this most ruthless corporation.

ATOS is guilty of creating financial scarcity, creating impoverishment towards the already poor. It is guilty of causing psychological torture and physical humiliation towards peace loving people.

Atos causes social discrimination to all claimants and practices bullying with merciless medical work assessments that are degrading innately decent people.


A systematic failure at huge cost towards the poor-by out of touch millionaire politicians. ATOS has blood on it’s hands

It is good news that finally this psychopathic corporation has been removed but it has come too late for this woman and so many others devastated by such morally bankrupt treatment.

ATOS is morally bankrupt, lacking moral fibre with such ruthless tactics towards the disabled poor, those suffering from mental health issues, those unable to contribute to paying taxes and working full-time.


ATOS has caused humiliation, social and psychological more harm than it solved.

It was impossible to find empathy through the doors of ATOS but many found plenty of sadistic inclinations by being viewed as social deviants, of some unacceptable class of people.

The social demonisation was and is atrocious towards the most vulnerable citizens and ATOS with ruthless efficiency savagely and socially ripped their victims apart.

For more on this psychopathic corporation ATOS click here or continue reading:

Read more: Woman with ‘a lot to live for’ took her own life after ‘flawed’ Atos work capability assessment slashed her benefits by a third, watchdog says

‘A woman with a history of depression took her own life because her benefits were cut following an Atos capability assessment, a mental health watchdog has said.

The woman, in her fifties, had been experiencing both mental and physical health issues and was on strong medication, yet received zero points in an hour-long Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

The case of the woman, identified only as Ms DE, was brought to the attention of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWC), and after an extensive investigation the watchdog said it had raised “numerous concerning issues” about the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Atos process.’

Read more: Woman with ‘a lot to live for’ took her own life after ‘flawed’ Atos work capability assessment slashed her benefits by a third, watchdog says

ATOS Has Gone!!! Fit-to-work tests: Atos quits contract-BBC

Fit-to-work tests: Atos quits contract


The Tories ATOS was ‘evil in print’, ‘evil in principle’ and ‘evil’ towards disabled and those deemed unfit to work- Goodbye and good riddance!

Street Democracy writes:

A psychopathic corporation ruthless in it’s agenda is, was ATOS.

Just like a psychopathic virus it hurt the most vulnerable people and my guess is, was the most hated corporation of today.

This is good news but only if the Tories do not install another ATOS, just as ruthless and just as demonising but actually acknowledge the numerous failings by listening for once to the public.

Those who fell victims of ATOS have a lot to say on how they felt silenced about their ailments, about their disabilities and about their inability to contribute towards a working agenda.


A psychopathic corporation following a psychopathic Tory agenda was most certainly ATOS

Morally bankrupt ATOS didn’t care and struck even those most obviously unfit to work as fit to work to then be systematically penalised by the benefit infrastructure by cold no empathy benefit staff up and down the UK.


Cruel and out of touch ruthless Tory agenda, ATOS was morally bankrupt.

This private French IT company did more psychological, social and financial harm to innately decent citizens whose crime was to be ‘unfit’ to work a full week.

It is good news but let us not hold our breath for the Tories to suddenly become compassionate towards the unemployed, towards those unable to contribute towards tax paying work programs.

For more on this story click here for the BBC or continue reading:


ATOS has finally gone – let us hope the Tories do not install another psychopathic cold and sterile ATOS.

Fit-to-work tests: Atos quits contract

Man with disabilities at work

Atos is quitting its contract to assess whether benefit claimants in Britain are fit to work, ministers have said.

It follows government criticism over “significant quality failures”.

Disabilities Minister Mike Penning said a new company would be appointed in early 2015, and Atos would not receive “a single penny of compensation”.

The firm, whose contract had been due to end in August 2015, said it had “reached a settlement that is in the best interests of all parties”.

It said it would “work hard to support transition to a new provider”, adding: “We will be transferring our infrastructure and employees to ensure consistency of service to those going through the process.

“There will be no change for those applying for Employment and Support Allowance.”

Bedroom Tax: Exclusive Sunday People poll reveals Prime Minister is in danger over charge

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bedroom-tax-exclusive-sunday-people-2317267#ixzz2vTEaY6C2 Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


Street Democracy writes:

The Tories have appeared to be nothing less than a psychopathic virus hitting the poor during their time of taking position of governing this country.

People who vote are waking up to the game played by these Tory politicians in order to secure their votes by suddenly caring about public opinion.

The empty concerns are the Tories ‘spirit of the age’ and their empty gestures play to popular politics to appease the voter, so they can win the next election.

How fickle, how fake and how obviously empty are their heads.

They are hypocritical in nature. They have dealt death dealing politics to the poor without concerns and the bedroom tax, a highly aggressive form of housing policy is now being considered for the chop, just to get votes.


The social and psychological damage the bedroom tax has caused with its ungraspable destruction of penalising social housing tenants for the housing crisis.

The bedroom tax localised blackmail with vicious ruthless efficiency.

The Tories made an ‘art’ of discriminating social housing tenants and demonising them to divide communities up and down the UK.


The bedroom tax is an aggressive housing policy sending innately decent people to occur perpetual debt in rent arrears, causing social conflict within each neighbourhood and raping the minds of the most poorest families.

Not only is the bedroom tax a policy that should never have been implemented, but ATOS also is hinting at ending, but the damage has been cast and hundreds of peace loving people have suffered serious humiliation at the hands of the iron fists of blue and their rampage of terror.


Let us hope they never win another election and people begin to politically awaken to realise whatever colour is power it is the same agenda, funded by the same mafia banking cartel families who control the political grid.

For more on this weak minded Tory plan to win over the stupid click here or continue reading: Bedroom Tax: Exclusive Sunday People poll reveals Prime Minister is in danger over charge

Stop the Bedroom Tax campaign

David Cameron faces losing the next election over his hated Bedroom Tax, warns a shock poll for the Sunday People .

The paper can reveal that 60 per cent of voters now back Labour’s plans to abolish the charge , which has hit 660,000 of Britain’s households.

Fewer than one in four of those polled still supported the Bedroom Tax.

The exclusive ComRes poll shows public opinion has undergone a big swing against the so-called under-occupancy charge this year.

Back in February, 45 per cent of voters wanted it abolished, with 37 per cent supporting it. By April, 51 per cent were against the tax, with just 33 per cent in favour.

The latest figures will send shock waves through the Tory high command as their party conference kicks off in Manchester tomorrow.

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