Social landlords expect cuts to trigger new wave of homelessness

Social landlords expect cuts to trigger new wave of homelessness 

Report based on survey of English housing associations and councils suggests government moves to restrict benefits will result in a surge in tenant evictions

An empty property
High numbers of evictions are leaving housing associations in some areas without tenants. Photograph: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Social landlords are expecting a surge in rent arrears, tenant evictions and homelessness as the government pushes ahead with more welfare cuts and changes, according to new research.

The continuing impact of the bedroom tax, together with moves to extend the benefit cap and impose further limits on housing benefit, will put further financial pressure on tenants, predicts a report by consultants Grant Thornton.

It concludes that the ability of councils and housing associations to mitigate growing arrears has been severely eroded, and increasing numbers are issuing possession orders to tenants who have fallen behind with the rent.

Grant Thornton’s survey of English housing associations and local authorities revealed that a majority had seen a rise in average rent arrears over the past two years, with over a fifth reporting a “sharp increase” in eviction notices being served.

Last week, official statistics showed that tenant evictions reached a six-year high in the first three months of 2015. Over the same period, social landlords made 27,000 possession claims – the first stage in the legal process leading to an eviction.

Councils are also feeling the strain of increased evictions in the private rented sector, with 59% reporting an increase in applications for social housing from tenants who had been ejected by private landlords.

The threat of further evictions will rise after a cut in the budget for discretionary housing payments (DHP) from £165m to £125m this year, the report says. DHP grants, which help tenants with rent shortfalls caused by welfare reform, were originally intended as a temporary measure to enable tenants to stay in their home while they got a job or arranged a move to a smaller property.

Social landlords expect cuts to trigger new wave of homelessness  

Street Democracy writes: 

‘We hold our doors so they attack in vain, 

but the dissposses can never reign, 

The Tories darkness to desolate our inner peace

Our societal tolerance of this must now cease!

Tory bullies set a furious expedition of fierce hosting with frowning scorn as they devise with fanatical commitment social housing benefit cuts that do not match the ‘real’ agenda of living.

Like a book of hideous horrors, ravenous eyes of blue will rip apart the welfare state budget and the knock on affect will be catastrophic, a real cataclysm of hardship and homelessness.

Feeling powerless is exalted to highest when you have no base, no home and are at the mercy of the state. 

Its cold, void of empathy. 

It’s frighteningly undignified and humilation upon the face of the mother who has no front door key, who holds her child without cover and stands in front of housing officers who follow the tail of the one in front.

An unwelcome forced intimacy of front line reception housing, is filled with love abandon policies, evil in print and administrators unwilling to disobey and put humanity first before unclean wisdom and policy.

You face a plethora of hostile dialogues of conditions and financial sanctions before you are shunted off to unsuitable temporary accommadation and for what.

How many empty properties are there, and how many unscrupulous rich landlords are there?

Always a corrupt capitalist society will put profit before people and this is no exception and it helps only the wealthy.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare

George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare 00:00, 16 May 2015 ,Dan Bloom

  • The Budget 2015
Second Budget: George Osborne will make spending cuts harsher than we all thought

George Osborne will announce huge cuts to public services and welfare in his first all-Tory Budget.

The Chancellor has revealed he is planning to declare a second Budget of the year on July 8.

The Tory axeman already formed a budget in March, but will now slash spending and support for struggling families even more because his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners.

Mr Osborne said: “On the 8th of July I am going to take the unusual step of having a second Budget of the year.

“I don’t want to wait to turn the promises we made in the election into a reality.”

For more click here: The Tory axeman will slash spending and support for struggling families even more now his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners

Street Democracy writes:

Like banded thieves in the night this Tory budget will steal freedoms from the disempowered, expel them further from mainstream society, economically bludgeoned them to death and assassinate the characters of any in need of welfare.

Dismembering society further a Tory darkness addiction to hurt the poor, war upon the poor and socially disgrace them further by taking money from them is to endure another 5 years of lethal welfare cuts.

They have mastered a sinister art of manufacturing dehumanisation techniques disguised as saintly projects that echo draconian strategies of a brutal oppressive Tory machine of brilliant blue.

The punishing state as already begun, but worse is to come.

Like a ‘Red Briefcase of Doom’ carrying hideous horrors, the budget George Osbourne, a love abandoned soulless suit of blue, will direct a atmosphere to assassinate the welfare state.

We can only wait as the malevolent murmurs whisper suggestive financial slaughter, and prey for our communities and families sake that the destruction is not devastating.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels

Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels 

24DASH.COM Logo Published by Jon Land for in Housing and also in Bill Payments, Central Government

Friday 15th May 2015 – 9:46am

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Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels 

Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels

Iain Duncan Smith has hailed the success of the benefit cap – on the same day that the Ministry of Justice reported a record number evictions among renting households.

The Work and Pensions Secretary said the cap provided “a clear incentive to people to get into work”, as figures showed thousands of capped households were now claiming working tax credits instead.

But Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb said the government’s welfare cuts combined with “sky-high housing costs” had forced thousands of people out of their homes.

According to the latest figures from the Department of Work and Pensions, 23,100 households had their housing benefit capped during February with over 60% being single parent families.

Of the overall total, 83% were capped by £100 or less a week; 59% had between one and four children, and 63% were a single parent with child dependants.


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Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels  


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Evictions of rental tenants hit a record high as homeless charity Shelter calls for Government to act




Street Democracy writes:


The Tory’s dynamic force of bullying expeditions shunting the poor from place to place is a monumental mechanism to disempower, humiliate and trash further the poorest from society.


Home’s for the poverty stricken are temporary short term glorified B & B’s, in fact you needn’t bother unpacking.

Volleying evil and smashing it down upon the poorest is social and political disempowerment as the ‘dissposses cannot reign’, minds full of survival techniques there isn’t room for much else.


The elegant rape of the minds of the poorest, with stress and evictions, with homelessness, with no money for a place to live, assassinates the character of those financially struggling to survive.


A bombardment of red ‘you owe money’ letters, hostile dialogues with no empathy is nothing more than ‘evil in print’ land in your home as a warrantless invasion, a forced intimacy of unwelcoming into your home.


Homes become dark eerie frightening places with evictions hanging over your head. You cannot relax, you feel unwelcome and your dignity is not sacred. Life is boxed and placed in black bin liners.


The uncertainty is agony. A true cataclysmic shattering of the self, who you are, with no stability and social expulsion from society as a temporary homeless person or family of the under class.

Iain Duncan ‘soulless suit’ Smith, will devour the low income earners, the unemployed and disabled people as a form of ethnic cleansing to price the poor out of areas and richer tenants in.


He has no conscience and is morally bankrupt for certain.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Eleven reasons the poor are worried that Iain Duncan Smith is back in charge of benefits cuts

Eleven reasons the poor are worried that Iain Duncan Smith is back in charge of benefits cuts929a4-385294_195107567306966_1850351962_n

Street Democracy writes:
Iain Duncan Smith, a bully who sets a furious expedition towards the poorest in society.
We are so atomised, divided, many single minds and their tv’s, the bainwasher, how do the silenced poor speak out?
Protesting is criminalised by a militarised police state, that only the bravest will demonstrate!
He has a sinister art towards the lower end of society, the poor, vulnerable, disabled people, those unable to contribute towards a working week of making ‘real’ feelings of powerless and disbelief.
‘Death dealing policies’ that value human life only as commodities, with no intrinsic value, no ‘we understand your pain and dilemma’ language as Tory democracy avenues close to dissent, the critiques, those with legitimate rage.
The Tories ears are ‘open wide shut’, in some hideous horror show embracing our political theatre with menacing jaws of hostility we have come to recognise.
We fear IDS because he is soulless, serves the oligarchs and has no compassion, perfect to slash rip and disintegrate the Welfare State.
He is a psychopath, no empathy, Tory figure of darkness, a fiend in motion.
How does the public disseminate Tory lies and deception, the Tory jibes against the working poor and propaganda? How do we stop those of society fast asleep who believe them too?
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
new Monday 11th May 2015 at 09:05 By David Icke

‘David Cameron has reappointed Iain Duncan Smith as Work and Pensions Secretary, meaning he will be in charge of making the huge benefit cuts the Conservatives pledged in their manifesto.

The man who presided over the ‘bedroom tax’ and the £26,000 benefits cap now has to find a further £12 billion in welfare savings.

The pledge – which will hit the working age poor – was one of the most controversial parts of the Conservative manifesto.

But during the campaign they only said where £2 billion of these savings would come from. With a further £10 billion to find, here are seven reasons why people should be worried about the ruthless figure of Mr Duncan Smith returning to the Department for Work and Pensions.’

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The Tories’ new DWP minister wants to bring back capital punishment

Don’t give in: an angry population is hard to govern; a depressed population is easy

The political cursed ambition is easy when mainstream media manipulate and propagandise to our atomised society compiling of individuals and their tv sets! Corporate heads sit together and orchestrate their ‘monetary values, death-dealing policies’ above the pyramid of control and organise our landscape for us.
Our political timetable was fixed from the corporate ‘Rothschild’ think tanks, directing their bullying and furious expedition as a game of chess, to weaken the opposition that they control anyway and leave only one looking strong party available, the Tories.
Game, set and match!
These money worshipping, money hoarders, diseased wealth collectors own government by corporate private interests and politicians serve only the corporate empiriam and not us the people.
We are the sacrifice societies, loosing our planet to giant corporate plantation systems across her sacred lands, and loosing our economic livelihoods to the same ruling masters.
We may have a militarised society, Big Brother and deep individual surveillance, but we’re not the ‘micro chip’ people yet. We still can control our minds.
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
Click here for more or scroll down: Don’t give in: an angry population is hard to govern; a depressed population is easynew Sunday 10th May 2015 at 11:17 By David Icke

‘Don’t let the bastards get you down – choose action over despondency when coming to terms with the general election result.’

‘Hours after the Conservatives were re-elected, the government looked at cutting access to work schemes for the disabled. You’d think they’d at least have the decency to bring some flowers before shafting the vulnerable, but no. Not these guys. Not today. Today is not yesterday. Today, David Cameron does not just have the political will to slash welfare and widen the wealth gap: he has a mandate.

I have spent much of the past 48 hours lying in bed staring at the ceiling, reading despairing, four-letter posts on social media and trying to work out how on earth this happened, as if anyone with half a brain doesn’t know. The political elites closed ranks and capitulated to a politics of fear, first in Scotland, and then across the nation.

The muddled, equivocating voice of what was once the party of the left could not compete with the merciless message of austerity telling us we got what’s coming to us. We know what that is. More cuts to public services. More inequality. More lies. More of the old Cameron doctrine with no pratting about pretending we’re all in it together. The same great taste, now with zero liberals.’

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Wow! CC supports 600 tenants to appeal the bedroom tax – cc all ha’s by joehalewood

Wow! CC supports 600 tenants to appeal the bedroom tax – cc all ha’s

by joehalewood

Coast & Country Housing Association is supporting up to 600 of its tenants to appeal the bedroom tax. This is ingenious and look at what this plan is and not simply assume that this anti bedroom campaigner would say that in any case and dismiss for that reason.  Every other social landlord will see just […]

Bedroom Tax – IDS view of “bedroom” is 1/3 the MINIMUM size of 95 years ago!!! by joehalewood

Bedroom Tax – IDS view of “bedroom” is 1/3 the MINIMUM size of 95 years ago!!!

by joehalewood

In 1918, yes the end of the Great War, some 95 years before the bedroom tax came into operation the minimum size of a (single) bedroom was 65 square feet or 6 square metres.   In September 2013 the DWP declared in the HB circular U6 that a bedroom was a room that fits in […]

Labour to call on Lib Dems to back scrapping bedroom tax by Inside Housing

Labour to call on Lib Dems to back scrapping bedroom tax

Street Democracy writes:

The catastrophic collapse of British democracy is no more apparent then with the bedroom tax.

A fantastic obliteration of financial help, the poorest have been left with obscene debt and never ending rent arrears.

The Lib Dems, a real no point political party, are only changing sides to gain votes so if Labour win, they may join them and remain in Westminster after jeering the Tories out.

It is political spill. It is meaningless, no empathy death dealing politics by disconnected politicians who couldn’t care less about low earners and social housing tenants.

All they know is the bedroom tax is an unpopular policy and if they wish for votes they have to now regurtitate and vomit up their support for it.

The bedroom tax is a numbing exhaustion of financial sanctioning against the poorest families and trust me, the politicians don’t care. 

David Miliband is a millionaire and has never experienced going without.

The bedroom tax with its invisible chains, is an invasion into the homes of innately decent and peaceful social housing tenants.

For more on the ridiculous back track of our political leaders click here or continue reading:

Labour to call on Lib Dems to back scrapping bedroom tax by Inside Housing

Labour will challenge the Liberal Democrats in the autumn to join them in voting to scrap the bedroom tax entirely, Rachel Reeves has said.
Rachel Reeves
Source: Labour
Rachel Reeves: ‘The very first thing I will do if I am secretary of state for work and pensions next May is repeal the bedroom tax’

The shadow work and pensions secretary announced the plan at the Labour Party’s annual conference in Manchester yesterday.
Ms Reeve said that Labour, which says it will scrap the policy completely if elected, will call a parliamentary vote and challenge the Liberal Democrats to back it. Nick Clegg’s party earlier this month voted, along with Labour, for a private members bill to exempt large numbers of people from the bedroom tax.
That bill would exempt those who have not received a reasonable alternative offer of accommodation and disabled people whose homes have been adapted.
Labour is now pushing the Liberal Democrats to go further and back complete abolition of the policy.
Ms Reeves said: ‘The very first thing I will do if I am secretary of state for work and pensions next May is repeal it.
‘It is unfair, it is unworkable and it is on its way out – across the whole of the United Kingdom. Scrapped, binned, axed, abolished, put out of its misery, consigned to the history books.’
‘And for those Liberal Democrats who now say they are against it too, we will see how serious they are when parliament returns.’
Inside Housing revealed last week that Labour could scrap the coalition government’s flagship benefits policy Universal Credit within months of May’s election if elected.

What is a bedroom – There is a minimum size and specification…from the coalition by joehalewood

What is a bedroom – There is a minimum size and specification…from the coalition

by joehalewood

This coalition government DO have a minimum room size and minimum room width and a detailed specification of what constitutes a bedroom and below is a game changer in the bedroom tax and especially in appealing this ill-conceived policy. In the bedroom tax everything hinges on the term ‘bedroom’ as Housing Benefit is only reduced (the ‘bedroom tax’) if […]

Join 11th day of protest – bury the Bedroom Tax and Sanctions

Join 11th day of protest – bury the Bedroom Tax and Sanctions

The national day of protest at Bedroom Tax, Sanctions and benefit cuts Thursday 11th is well timed.   

Labour and Lib Dem MPs now oppose the Bedroom Tax  – because of the Anti Bedroom Tax campaigns.

It shows that if we stand up to Government, we can turn the tide and defeat attacks on benefits.

Join the protest and organise to keep up the pressure. PCS trade union is supporting the protests. London: 11am at Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament) SW1P 3JY and 
  and1pm DWP HQ Tothill St. London. SW1H 9NA
and in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Huddersfield, Milton Keynes – or send details of your protest   see details here
New leaflet and petition attached.

 We demand an end to the Bedroom Tax, Sanctions and benefit cuts.  We need a fair benefit system for people at work or not, for parents, sick and disabled people.
Get in touch if you need any more info or help

for Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Fed

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