Climate Engineering, Biosphere Destruction, and the Last Chance for Life On Earth

Climate Engineering, Biosphere Destruction, and the Last Chance for Life On Earth


GM crops in England as soon as next year: Outrage as ministers back first commercial planting

GM crops in England as soon as next year: Outrage as ministers back first commercial planting

‘Anti-GM campaigners reacted with fury last night after the Government backed an EU vote that could lead to weedkiller-resistant maize being sowed in England next year.

Other European countries can ban the so-called Frankenstein food after EU ministers said members could opt out of GM planting.

Critics said England’s first commercial GM crops would spell disaster for wildlife and contaminate conventional and organic crops, with ‘catastrophic’ consequences for farmers.

The Government position is also at odds with those of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, which have opted for a ban.’

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They Fear Civil Uprising Against Their Corrupt Political Apparatus! Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control

Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control tactic in challenge to Theresa May’s authority

Street Democracy writes:

They fear us.

They need too.

The Tories have innumerable layers of distorted wrong political and social concepts that they are silencing society with their gutter framework with a commanding dialogue, that of water canons.

The Tories biased elite frame work is creating a torturous one for society, especially the poor.

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A biased psychopathic main frame to serve the wealth of our country even more wealth and steal any from everyone else is a corrupt government and a dirty political infrastructure.

The ruling elites,  the disconnected Tories who presuppose ownership over us, use their out of touch ideology to herd us in any direction they want.

They are turning our society into a Punishing State of long hard days of gruel for little but hard struggles.

Gradual erosions of our freedoms is nothing more than a head fast collision with an Oligarchical form of Orwellian control, an authoritarian leadership that is anti-democratic.

Water Cannons ACPO Tory Austerity AAV

Legitimate anger is healthy but the Tories diabolical political principles enshrined into law has enraged innately decent people with all doors to democracy blocked.

By inflicting putrid policies amplifying misery in a carnival of social demonisation towards the working classes, the unemployed and vulnerable across society, these psychopaths are creating a deep social obliteration of any happiness.

They are instead emerging one giant ‘Gulag State’ of controlled impoverishment and financial destitution.

Democracy if we had one, would encourage local political innovation and participation but our political elites don’t wish for this and the demonisation has occurred to criminalise the protester.


To silence freedom of speech with aggressive tactics will only add fuel to the fire. The criminalisation of protesting should be illegal as democracy is only democracy when protesting is active.

The protester is anyone who critiques the government and the criminalisation of this process is also the criminalisation of democracy itself.


Now our UK modern day society is filled with broken people struggling just to survive daily with high cost of living, and low earnings and financial sanctions towards benefit claimants is flooding debt and rent arrears across the board.


It is our natural right to protect ourselves against rogue governments-not that we need one!

A legitimate rage is no longer deemed healthy by our corrupt government. 

Instead they wish to pacify, submit a forced compliance of obedient subjects that never question authority and they feel the use of force by aggressive and dangerous water cannons is the answer to their fear.

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Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control tactic in challenge to Theresa May’s authority

If the trenches of democracy are blocked by legions of faceless bureaucrats then what is left but to protest and if this is criminalised…????

‘Boris Johnson has been accused of “playing politics” over the safety of London’s streets by ordering the purchase of three water cannon from Germany before the Home Secretary has given permission for their use.

City Hall officials said the decision had to be made urgently in order to take advantage of a good deal offered by German Federal Police – but it has also been seen as a serious challenge to Theresa May’s authority.

It comes as the latest clash between figures at the very top of the Tory party, with Ms May and Mr Johnson among the leading candidates to succeed David Cameron as the Conservatives’ leader.’

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Bullshit Response From UK Ministry of Defence Over Chemtrails

Bullshit Response From UK Ministry of Defence Over Chemtrails


What is being sprayed from this plane? How do you know what is being sprayed from this plane?

Street Democracy writes:

Condensation last’s for 8 seconds.

It doesn’t take 6 hours to disperse into the atmosphere.


When will people be outraged? When will people count the birds they no longer see on telephone polls? Our birds, our bees, our organic home grown foods don’t grow too well, why and what is in the soil that never used to be?


The planes come out in packs and place crosses into our skies almost as if leaving the mark of death for us to see.

All hidden in plain sight, these planes of about 6 spray in the early hours of the morning in Crawley, in West Sussex.


The grid the skies at this time thinking no one will notice and most don’t.

In fact worryingly I have watched the spraying during the busy afternoon in Crawley and to see no one pay any attention to what is happening above their sleepy heads.

Phone pics 017

Good morning Crawley, in West Sussex. Please continue sleeping while the captain’s of these planes spray the blue clear sky with chemicals at 5 am in the morning.

Its more important to stare in a trance fixation at their mobile phones while life passes them by.

The total disconnection is one thing, but to have our skies be plagued with toxic chemical spraying and be ignored is quite another.


Wilfully ignorant the public don’t ask about the forced medication being sprayed above them. We are being sprayed like cockroaches by a human form of pesticide. We need to wake up!

‘Look to the skies’, observe and remember what our skies used to look like, as they are changing fast.

It is time we woke up to the spraying of the skies and it is time we made enough noise about chemtrails.

For more on this story watch someone who actually installed chemtrail devices as more people are beginning to come forward realising there is a dark agenda that isn’t going away, happening to the human race.

How they would stage a bioterror event

How they would stage a bioterror event

‘There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they happen, can be stopped, or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.

A staged bioterror event is one of those.

The primary fact is: no matter what kind of germ you’re talking about or where it came from, releasing it intentionally does not guarantee predictable results.

For instance, people whose immune systems are at different levels of strength are going to react differently.’

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Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech

Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech

‘While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa Murkowski in relation to the dismantling of the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.

Walker said this is “not an area that we have any need for in the future” and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”

Many believe HAARP was created and has been used for weather control, with enough juice to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and comments such as this bring about the question of whether conspiracy theorists are more on target than anyone has admitted to date.’

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My Home Town Crawley: Toxic Chemical Clouds Sprayed Over Crawley 5 AM in the Morning!

Phone pics 016

We should wake up to clear blue sky, but not in Crawley. While folk are busy brushing their teeth, eating breakfast and driving to work, the sky is being sprayed with toxic chemicals.

Street Democracy writes:

A form of venomous insult these planes mark our skies with toxic lines of white cloud with deliberate intention of spraying chemicals quietly while we sleep.

This dark sophisticated method of poisoning the human race to depopulate, give us illnesses to create Big Pharma more and more customers, they spray us like cock roaches.


We are being sprayed with our eyes wide shut-most don’t realise and some don’t even care.

These atrocity producing principles are being unleashed in a hostile manner by legions of heavy weight toxic diseased minded psychopaths who are told they are doing good for the world.

These are not contrails as contrails disappear after 8 seconds.

These long line of cloud that grid our skies last for hours.

I photographed at 5 am and it wasn’t until 10 am that the clouds started to spread out to eventually disappear.

Phone pics 019

This DNA and planet atmospheric damage is being constructed in my thoughts to solve a few problems all at once.

We have an increase in cancer so I am suggesting cancer feeding agents are being sprayed.

It is also to dumb people down hence a legitimate rage is no where.


Work it out for yourselves. They fear the human race awakening so the smart thing to do is to keep them distracted by tv, celebrities and dumb us down with toxic chemicals.

They are financially ruining small businesses, the disabled poor, the working poor and demonising the lower classes as some form of social annoyance and where is the outrage?

The ruling elites are stealing public taxpayer’s money but that’s ok. 


Distractions are easier than you think. Give the population a gadget and keep them texting and they won’t even look up to see others pass them by never mind study the sky!

What are they spraying over us that is pacifying the minds of the human race and it is working.

They wish to depopulate the planet but may as well make as much money from it as possible so we get cancer and we are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds the medical corporations and all the cancer treatments available at a cost.

Phone pics 019

It stays and lingers while Crawley residents are still dreaming in their warm beds at 5.45 am Bank Holiday morning.

Big Pharma makes huge profits.

They are also killing all organic food, making Monsanto Franken GMO foods the only ones available for a starving population to firmly take the monopoly of controlling the food supply as nothing else will grow.

It is all to do with corporate controlling the grid across our planet.

Keep looking upwards, keep shouting out about this and keep a close eye on how you feel on a day to day basis.


Our DNA, our breast milk, our blood, our skin and hair are all contaminated against our consent and our knowledge.


Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation

Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation


This is what happens when a pilot forgets to turn off his spray chemical buttons-he landed still chemtrailing along the runway!

Street Democracy writes:
Even now still there are too many people denying that Chemtrails exist.
There is an agenda a venomous insult and a silent war being raged is my opinion by ruling elites and their psychopathic main frame operated by their diseased minds.

All hidden in plain sight. Their conscience is clear as technically we have been told and have said nothing to protest so its game on in their eyes.

The toxic spraying across our skies is unmissable unless you keep your head down focus only on your phone then you won’t see a thing .

While folk are being busily distracted atrocity producing policies by social nonsense and by unchecked oligarchical powers continue their depopulation programmes.

A plethora of draconian policies are being instigated all hidden in plain sight, all there for us to see if not blinded by tv social nonsense and our corrupt governing body’s political agenda of keeping us busy surviving their monstrous cruel and vindictive social policy, we don’t have time to stare at the sky.
Please watch a pilot forget to switch off his chemtrailing and chemtrailed all along the runway:
The spraying has been proven by Rothschild’s admitting they fund geoengineering.
Please watch:
They wish to depopulate the planet and humans make great paying patients of cancer.

Its not as hard as you think to spray the sky and have no one pay attention. That is us, controlled by them.

We die from it and pay heaps of money in the mean time for expensive medical treatments in our desperation to stay alive.
It is my belief they are giving us technology that radiates cancerous radiations.
They feed us food with chemicals we know nothing about but help this aggressive disease along its way.

It is a carnival of atrocities, amplifying misery, a manifesto of silent warring against us-we need to wake up is the only answer.

I believe the spraying the sky holds numerous reasons one is to give out cancer and another is to dumb us down so we don’t ask questions.
That part maybe working as there should be more legitimate anger towards the governments of this world.
We know wars are socially constructed by corrupt ruling elites who make money from wars, send out our children, men and women from working class families to die for them.
We know they are poisoning us and we know the political theatre is just that-theatre, staged and orchestrated and yet the people say nothing.
They are destroying our planet for the lust of greed and profits.
They are dumbing our children down in schools unless you are in the top ruling elites public schooling then you have a replica House of Commons for the pupils to mimic leadership to herd society around when they come of age.

Its in our hair-our blood system-in our mother’s milk-its in our DNA damaging our DNA-altering it and changing it for their purpose without our consent.

The corruption within our capitalist society is so toxic it is not only destroying our planet, our home family life but is based on keeping wealth at the top causing mass death and starvation.
When we open our eyes we see.
We need to drop the fear factor and say ‘no’ to this toxic political infrastructure that is causing more damage than good but far.
For more on the colossal scam and major pollution tactics by our ruling elites click here for more:

When I was a child, I knew that the elite preferred to use starvation to nuclear weapons because those Hydrogen bombs killed rich people. Starvation was a great weapon in their opinion because it only struck down poor people. I had estimated at that time that at least 2 to 3 million Americans had died from starvation during the Great Depression. I have since learned that between 3 and 7 million Americans actually did starve to death. Of late I have been writing of the Great Starvation which is what I have called the next Great Depression because it will starve at least 10 million Americans to death and kill a billion people overseas.

Of course these deaths and suffering need not be if we had worldwide Debt Cancellation and monetary reform.

Today I want to specifically include Chemtrails on the list of programs designed by the elite to starve 10 million Americans to death. Chemtrails are also being used to degrade the health of Americans so many of them will be too sick to resist the Evil that passes for their government. And, when the plagues are released, the hungry and the sick will have a lowered resistance to diseases created for them in labs.

I also said when I was in high school that America would face a rising NationalSecurityState because Wall Street was stealing our pensions, savings and paychecks. This was long before they blew up the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City and the WorldTradeCenterTowers on 911.

Chemtrails spray 20 million tons of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and strontium oxide on human beings, plants, trees and the water we all must drink. These metal oxides have been linked to several human, plant and animal diseases.

Aluminum oxide raises the ph level of soil depleting the soil of micro-organisms needed for organic gardening. Trees are dying. Aluminum oxide is an accelerant for forest fires.

Ozone is depleted by aluminum oxide. Cosmic rays are blocked by Ozone.

The videos below present some interesting facts.

The parents of a young girl who was raised on an organic farm in Maui, Hawaii had her hair analyzed. Her hair proved she was poisoned by aluminum.

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Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation

Killing Us Softly

Killing Us Softly


Look up and pay attention. They are spraying chemicals in our atmosphere and for now, with peace and quiet from the public.

Street Democracy writes:

Terra forming?


There is an agenda to depopulate the planet-maybe this is part of it. Giving us cancer to profit the Big Pharmaceutical companies in a profit making scheme guaranteed to solve a problem. Killing us and making money in the process.


Re-engineering the human being?


Our technology isn’t being done for the good of our health. There is an alternative agenda going on. We need to as a race, wake up to this corrupt form of profit making.


Dumbing down the human mind?

Destroying nature so we demand it all to be privatised?

Something dark, something rather sinister and desperately damaging is being sprayed across our skies.


Watch the planes grid our skies. Watch the chemtrails not disappear after 8 seconds. Watch the lines remain for hours afterwards. These are not condensation trails.

This is the ecological suicide of our air, of our atmosphere being sprayed and gridding our skies with toxic clouds.

This is the destruction of our DNA.

DNA damaging activities such as ‘chemtrailing’ should be highly illegal and we as a race do not give our permission or our consent to allow our bodies to be used in some chemical experimentation.


We know they are doing it. We just lack the numbers to force this crime against us unless enough people wake up to what is happening.

It is toxic biological damage to us, the highest crimes against humanity is the obliteration of our health, of our birds and our beautiful planet.

Blocking out sun rays is detrimental to our health and the health of our planet also. This has to stop!

We see the lines across our skies.


There should be a public out rage about this. We see the world through an overdose of fluoridation that numbs the brain and emotions.


We watch the planes spewing out such toxic chemicals and we are powerless as we stand.

That is for those of us who bother to look up.

I in Crawley deliberately stand and look up to the skies, take pictures and get at least one or two passing residents to glance up.


Instead of watching mind damaging social nonsense-look out the window.

As they spray us like cockroaches people continue looking down at their phones.

I see a dark but sophisticated form of distraction emerging from our love of technology and this is planned.

Distract the public and they won’t even notice the spraying.

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

For more on this click here or continue reading:

Killing Us Softly

I often write about the dangers of authorities of any kind. Authorities play a control game, and you are being controlled. We have submitted to authorities from the beginning of our lives, and we’ve been caught in this wheel for millennia. Our parents teach it to us, just as they had learned it. Then they send us to school and church, where the teachers and priests claim themselves as authorities.

Our parents also put us in front of televisions for hours. We would believe what we saw on television. The man on the news was an authority. So throughout our childhood, in the hopes of good guidance and protection, we submitted ourselves to many authorities. We are taught to trust and believe our authorities, as if they are being truthful to us. But how can they teach truth, when they themselves have been programmed with lies? Authorities have no credibility.’

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March 2014 Breaking News New Climate Geo-Engineering Chem Trails HAARP Mind control Military weather manipulation

March 2014 Breaking News New Climate Geo-Engineering Chem Trails HAARP Mind control Military weather manipulation