Terror at the school gates: Loan sharks intimidate parents with dangerous dogs as they pick up kids

Terror at the school gates: Loan sharks intimidate parents with dangerous dogs as they pick up kids


Street Democracy writes:

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The debt of control.

You owe them, they own you.

This is no doubt a form of ‘mafia capitalism’ where rogue companies can operate unchecked without any regulation or transparency.

The whole economic capitalist system has been socially designed by the wealthy, and has been designed to keep wealth away from ordinary men and women.

It is designed to keep the poor, poor.

This is a social and financial, economic paralysis of the poor.

Especially for the falling victims to such loan companies forcing upon the substandard of living in order to pay back astronomical interest rates.


It is an act of enslavement with an aggressive dialogue and social contract binding the agreement together of these rogue loan sharks.

Unregulated and unfettered capitalism turns into a rogue model of corruption like a Mafia type philosophy devouring those they call customers for money, profit and gain.

Dark and twisted minds of thugs can use corrupt methods of intimidation to gain access to ‘their’ money by what ever means deemed necessary.

Nothing to loose, even their dignity can be ruthlessly humiliated at the hands of corporate greed and greedy interest rates by rogue loan companies.

Once you take out a loan, it is a contract of ownership and they want not just their money back, but the interest as that’s the profit-making strategy.
You pay back more than you borrowed.

Just don’t if you can help it-do no ever entertain pay day loans.

This is a horrendous story that proves we have gone back to the Victorian days of old with ruthless and torturous tactics being used by psychopaths with no morals to gain their money back.
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Do not take out any more loans to pay back on just for another to hound you. 

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Payday loan companies do not treat their customers fairly.
Despite the payday loan industry promising to clean up its behaviour, our evidence shows that payday lenders have broken their promises [Adobe Acrobat Document 43 KB]. We have been calling for payday lenders to be properly regulated and for them to stop irresponsible advertising.
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Terror at the school gates: Loan sharks intimidate parents with dangerous dogs as they pick up kids

 Twisted loan sharks are stepping up their thuggery to scare hard-up parents who owe them money.Experts warned today that yobs with fierce dogs are turning up at schools to terrify mums and dads as they arrive to collect their children.

Loan sharks have even picked up clients’ kids – without the knowledge of their parents – and driven them home.

The aim of this menacing tactic is to warn families that their little ones are easy targets if they do not pay.

One headteacher said: “The worst incident was when I had to stand between a debt collector and a parent because of the level of aggression.

“They come with dogs and I hate dogs. I often fear for my own safety, but I am supported by my senior staff and caretaker team.

“I make it clear they are not allowed on school grounds, but that doesn’t help parents if the collectors are still hanging around on the pavement. Some of the parents are really scared and upset.”

The headteacher said parents have been hiding from loan sharks. But the lenders know that the mums and dads have no choice other than to pick up their children from school.

The teacher added: “We have to intervene when they become aggressive with parents, or parents are so scared that we have had to give them sanctuary.”

The warning about the shocking tactics was issued by the Illegal Money Lending Team in England, which co-ordinates probes into loan sharks.

Tony Quigley, who runs the organisation, said: “We had a case where the loan shark would cut the wires to someone’s television and phone and just sit outside the house.

“It’s obviously quite intimidating if you are in the house on your own. The same guy would collect the person’s children from school and bring them home.

“He wouldn’t do anything to harm them, but it was a message that this is what they could do.

“It’s a form of control and it’s similar in a way to domestic violence.”

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Terror at the school gates: Loan sharks intimidate parents with dangerous dogs as they pick up kids



Legal Loan Shark Thugs – Slam into the Poor, the Vulnerable and Easy Prey!

Undercover MoS film exposes top payday loan firm preying on poor and heavy drinkers: Waving wads of cash, this man brags he will lend to anyone and if they can’t pay, he can raid their bank accounts
Easy money: Manager Stephen Hunt holds cash in the loan shop

The shameful tactics used by one of Britain’s biggest payday loan companies can be exposed by The Mail on Sunday today.

An undercover investigation into high street chain The Cheque Centre – which claims to be ‘a responsible lender’ – reveals how it preys on vulnerable customers and cash-strapped families, locking them into spiralling debt. Our shocking investigation reveals how:

  • The company targets hard-up families on council estates, offering loans with sky-high interest rates of up to 3,000 per cent.
  • A manager boasted: ‘I’ve never turned anyone down,’ and said it was acceptable to issue loans even to customers stinking of alcohol.
  • Predatory salesmen were instructed to cold-call previous borrowers to sell them new loans.
  • The firm flouts official guidelines which condemn repeatedly renewing loans – plunging borrowers into ever deeper debt.
  • Staff raid customers’ accounts when they default using a heartless practice known as ‘swiping’.
  • A member of staff told our reporter how he suspected phones bought from failed loan applicants for cash were probably stolen.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2571091/Undercover-MoS-film-exposes-payday-loan-firm-preying-poor-heavy-drinkers-Waving-wads-cash-man-brags-lend-pay-raid-bank-accounts.html#ixzz2unzrc1pM Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Number of people seeking help for payday loan problems doubles and average debts exceed monthly pay of borrowers

Number of people seeking help for payday loan problems doubles and average debts exceed monthly pay of borrowers

‘The number of people seeking help with payday loan problems from Stepchange almost doubled in the last year, the debt charity has revealed.

The benefits of the UK’s recovering economy are not filtering down to those with squeezed budgets as 66,557 people sought help with their payday loan debts from Stepchange in 2013 – an 82 per cent rise on the 36,413 who did the same in 2012.

The average client held three different payday loans and owed £1,647 in total, suggesting they are letting their debts mount up by ‘rolling over’ their loans to the next month.’

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How to Save the Victims of the Student Loan Crisis

How to Save the Victims of the Student Loan Crisis

”There is only one way out of the student loan crisis — civil disobedience on a massive scale. Two reforms could bring a fair settlement to banks and borrowers alike. However, while fair, these reforms would cost the banks billions in receivables, which means they will use their considerable political influence to block them. That’s why civil disobedience is the only way to succeed.

This is an emergency. In addition to the deepening distress experienced by millions of former students, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, and several other governmental agencies have all warned that the $1.1 trillion in unsecured educational debt, much of which will never be repaid, creates a significant danger to the entire economy similar to that generated by housing debt in 2008.

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The Higher Education Bubble: Student Debts and the Bankers’ New Socially Engineered Trap

The Higher Education Bubble: Student Debts and the Bankers’ New Socially Engineered Trap


Street Democracy writes:

A dirty engine of corrupt banking cartel’s. Ceaseless expansion of economic exploitation upon our young.

An aggressive policy of pure ‘blackmail plus’. If you wish to get educated you’ll have to get a debt loan with unprecedented interest rates, a massive financial chain around your neck.

Our commerce, our monetary system is poisoned by toxic men and women in suits. Psychopaths who are permanently instigating financial assaults by heavy economic sanctions to tie and weigh down children wishing to pursue university.collegedebt_500_355

Wishing to educate themselves with knowledge is now a heavy price and burden to carry. Predatory banker’s zoom in on the vulnerable and most young people will not see any other way, will see others succeed before them and assume success will be reachable for them also.

What they don’t do is equate debt enslavement with real money repayments for decades in their futures. Never leaving them and never ending. They will have to deduce their spending, work out future rents and what this will leave them.

How much will they need to earn to live above the poverty line and for how long before their debt is finally paid off?

It is also social cleansing for the poor have limited chance of ever breaking out of the cycle of deprivation. They will fear the debt where as the rich children will have wealthy families to buy them homes to live in, nice cars to drive and debt payments won’t effect them.

For more on the socially re-engineering of our young into all time debt slaves click here for: The Higher Education Bubble: Student Debts and the Bankers’ New Socially Engineered Trap or continue reading.

‘According to recent figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, there is only one job vacancy for every five college graduate applicants in America today. In the last 15 years, college tuition in the US has risen a staggering 900%, while wages have jumped an impressive… well, err, an average 10%. For the bright, young, and gifted, this equation should really be studied very carefully.

Regardless of how bleak the outlook is, America has always been the land of positive thinking and no wonder, as there is no shortage in the US government loan window queue of 17 year olds dying to (literally) sign their life away to JP Morgan, Citi Bank and Wells Fargo in exchange for a debt pile of around $60K – $100K in student loans.

Add another $2K-5K per year on additional student credit card debt and you can see students even deeper in the red. It’s the ultimate ‘head start’ in the game of debt slavery, with the odds in favour of landing either an unpaid internship, or if you are lucky – some paid work as a waiter or bartender upon graduation.’

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Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into ‘perilous debt’

Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into ‘perilous debt’

‘More than a million homeowners will be at risk of defaulting on their mortgages and losing their properties in the wake of even a small rise in interest rates, a bombshell analysis reveals. Borrowers who have failed to pay down their mortgages when interest rates have been at record low levels now face being overwhelmed by “perilous levels of debt” when the inevitable hike comes.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, warned of a “financial ticking timebomb”: “The rising cost of energy, food and travel has been absorbing any spare income people may have. This means that in some cases there is little or nothing left to cope with larger mortgage repayments.”‘

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Up to 2.5 million will take out a loan this Christmas just to heat their home – as families cancel their turkey to cut costs


Street Democracy writes:

Christmas to me is a cover word for ‘Corporation’. The pressure to consume, buy and purchase from corporations is never more pressuring than at Christmas.

Even food prices go up! It is a social code of practice enslaving the minds, reconfiguring our cultural norms with shopping until you drop for Christmas and then to do it again in January!

The cost of living just shoots up and the pressure is on just to sustain a little happiness in the family home.

So the pressure is on to obtain easy money, cash in the bank quickly with no hassle. Pay Day loans, legal loan sharks with astronomical interest rates guaranteed to enslave you to debt for many months to come.

The financial massacre the lower classes have felt is topped with a Cartel operated mafia style capitalist model raising prices of even the basic necessity causing a choice for the poor to make.

Do you pay the corporate bills, or do you pay for corporate food, or do you pay for corporate presents for the corporate Christmas period?

Will your children understand no Christmas this year? Will family understand or are they the ones that can place you under pressure to  conform?

Either way, unless you are single, live alone, then you can snuggle up with a candle and spend little if anything at all and wait for this consumer enslavement to pass.

It is a social pressure, an indoctrinated socially engineered culture to enslave us to spending more than we would otherwise, more than we have usually over a one month period with all corporations involved with Christmas just rubbing their greedy hands together.

For more on the financial destitution this Christmas, click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.

‘Millions of cash-strapped families across the UK will take out loans just to keep their homes heated over Christmas, a new survey claims.

As many as seven million adults plan to take over a loan over the festive period to cover the extra costs this Christmas.

More than a third of these will use loans just to pay their winter energy bills and around four million people (57 per cent) will borrow just to put festive food on the table.’

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Payday loan firms ‘groom children with TV adverts’: Industry targets youngsters who then pester parents, MPs told

David Cameron’s senior adviser leaves to lobby for Wonga

The Money Changers Serenade: A New Plot Hatches

‘As Michael Hudson has informed us, the goal of the financial sector has always been to convert all income, from corporate profits to government tax revenues, to the service of debt. From the bankers standpoint, the more debt the richer the bankers. Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Geithner, and now banker Treasury Secretary Jack Lew faithfully serve this goal.

The Federal Reserve describes its policy of Quantitative Easing — the creation of new money with which the Fed purchases Treasury debt and mortgage backed securities — as a low interest rate policy in order to stimulate employment and economic growth. Economists and the financial media have parroted this cover story.

In contrast, I have exposed QE as a scheme for pumping profits into the banks and boosting their balance sheets. The real purpose of QE is to drive up the prices of the debt-related derivatives on the banks’ books, thus keeping the banks with solvent balance sheets.’

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Debt Enslavement For Life-Student Debts Give Mass Profits To Bankers!

Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans

Street Democracy writes:

Our youth of today are being poisoned by toxic bankster’s, psychopathic reptilian suits that like a demonic plague prey down upon the vulnerable, the young and gullible and debt them up for life.

Tormenting our young with a better future, get educated but at a serious cost. It is a crime syndicate by mafia crooks called the banks.

A mafia capitalism, of corrupt unchecked and unfettered criminal business deals that enslave students with such massive debts it will take most of the poorer students a lifetime to pay them off. A system designed to keep regular payments to banks, designed to keep the poorer student poor.

No empathy consideration from the banks is proven when they can burden the backs of our children desperately hungry to become enlightened individuals and study life, and explore the wonders of this planet.

It leaves them filled with debt, filled with responsibility that eats away at them and they have no money to explore the world.

They live cheaply, so cheaply they are put at risk, they are exploited by the workforce and treated with no respect by the wealthier classes. It is a financial apartheid that the poorer classes experience, it isn’t just a racial colour code of things, it is a poverty issue also.

The Rothschild bank note should really be ripped up and thrown back in their faces with a big word on each note saying ‘NO!’

For more on the heavy debts taken on by our young click here for Detroit Free Press or continue reading.CHOMSKDEBT

‘The federal government made enough money on student loans over the last year that, if it wanted, it could provide maximum-level Pell Grants of $5,645 to 7.3 million college students.

The $41.3-billion profit for the 2013 fiscal year is down $3.6 billion from the previous year but still enough to pay for one year of tuition at the University of Michigan for 2,955,426 Michigan residents.

It’s a higher profit level than all but two companies in the world: Exxon Mobil cleared $44.9 billion in 2012, and Apple cleared $41.7 billion.

“It’s actually neither accurate nor fair to characterize the student loan program as making a profit,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said during a July conference call with reporters after the Free Press and other news media reported on profits from student loans.’

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Student unions condemn government sale of loans for £160m

‘The government has sold a student loans book with a face value of £890m for just £160m, angering student union groups.

A consortium called Erudio Student Loans led by the investment fund manager CarVal bought the remaining book of mortgage style loans which were taken out by around 250,000 students between 1990 and 1998.

The National Union of Students (NUS) and University of London Union (ULU) expressed alarm at the sale and said it made “no economic sense”.

Toni Pearce, the NUS president, said the sale was “extremely concerning” and effectively meant the public is subsidising a private company to profit from government debt.’ Read more …

Nearly £1 Billion of UK Student Loans to be Sold Off to Private Debt Collectors and Overseen by Rothschilds


Street Democracy writes:

The grinding realities for our children to endure.

Loans, loan debt collectors and exorbitant interests rates to screw them permanently to the floor.

They are slaves to an insidious system, debt enslavement or financial noose around their young necks. That is those young people who’s parents cannot afford to help them, or buy them a life despite their debts.


It is our youth, our future who wish to learn to improve themselves and society, yet are enslaved to a harsh monetary system that is inhospitable, hard hitting intrusive bureaucracy that will never leave them.

As soon as they start to earn a reasonable salary it comes to strip mine their salaries.

They can’t afford to rent a place to live, they certainly can’t afford to buy anywhere to live and our youth continue to struggle. The poorer young will continue to be this lost generation, unsure as to where they are going, apart from one assured route, the debt payment route.

It is evil in print, policies or rules of payments inflicting permanent discomfort for our young people just hungry to learn and start living. collegedebt_500_355

Corporations with fiend like expressions banging on doors to get their money, forever hounding, forever aggressively expressing their want.

It is a big scam, a corporate crime against all youth and young people wishing to get out of poverty, only to be stamped upon to remain there.

With the Rothschild’s involved it is wealthy bloodline families with no compassion or empathy.

Their empathy gene was removed centuries ago by constantly inbreeding with psychopathic other rich families. It is why they look like horses and breed cold hearts in every generation.

For more on the corruption of capitalism click here for Sky News or continue to read.


‘Sky News can reveal that ministers will announce to the London Stock Exchange that the Government has agreed a deal to privatise a £900m portfolio of loans made to students who were enrolled at universities during the 1990s.

The disposal, to a debt recovery specialist, will be for a fraction of the debts’ face value, and encompasses mortgage-style loans that are the last of their kind still in public ownership.

The sale, which does not include Income Contingent Repayment loans like the ones currently offered, comes as student groups step up their protest over the disposal of the loan portfolios. The Coalition is drawing up plans to sell the entire outstanding student loan-book, which has a face value of roughly £40bn.

Investment bankers from Barclays and Rothschild were appointed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) last month to oversee the sale, which more than 15,000 people have signed an online petition to oppose.’

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