Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other

Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other

‘A new island has appeared in the Pacific. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. The Japanese Navy noticed the explosions as boiling lava met sea water giving rise to plumes of steam and ash.
Almost 7,000 miles away in Mexico, the Colima volcano blew its top after a period of relative calm. A steam and ash cloud rose two miles into the sky and the grumbling of the mountain could be heard in towns a few miles away.
In Guatemala the ‘Fire Mountain’ belched out lava and sent up a moderate ash cloud causing an ash fall over nearby towns. The explosions and shock waves occurring in the volcano can be felt by residents over 6 miles away. Doors and windows are reported to be rattling, but there has been no damage so far.’
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Fukushima Tap Water Wins ‘Gold Quality Award,’ Officials Claim Safe to Drink

Fukushima Tap Water Wins ‘Gold Quality Award,’ Officials Claim Safe to Drink

‘Officials in Fukushima, Japan, are touting a recent “gold medal” award as evidence that their tap water is safe to drink.
Japan Today reports city representatives recently had the area’s tap water tested, attempting to allay concerns that food products emanating from the region around the crippled Fukushima-Daiichi plant are still contaminated with radioactivity.
Samples of bottled tap water taken from the afflicted area reportedly received a “Gold Quality award” from Belgian consumer quality testing company Monde Selection.’
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They’re Killing Our Water’s-Over 2 trillion becquerels of radioactive waste flowed from Fukushima plant into Pacific in just 10 months

Over 2 trillion becquerels of radioactive waste flowed from Fukushima plant into Pacific in just 10 months

‘At least 2 trillion becquerels’ worth of radioactive material flowed from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean between August 2013 and May 2014, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has admitted. The rate of release was 10 times higher than TEPCO’s pre-meltdown threshold for radioactive material.
A becquerel is a unit for measuring radioactive material that corresponds to one unit of radioactive decay per second. It is a way of describing how much radiation is being emitted by radioactive material, in contrast to measuring the mass or volume of the material itself, the energy carried by the radiation or the biological impact of exposure.’
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How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean?

How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean?

‘Over the past year we’ve read many news stories about mass die-offs of marine species in the Pacific Ocean and other regions. One hypothesis in the alternative media is that the massive radiation released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is the cause. Others blame over-fishing, pollution or climatic events.
My opinion is that if the die-offs are unusual and “man made” then it is a combination of factors, but Fukushima is probably one of them. The Earth is under many human threats — we are an industrious species — Fukushima is doing the ocean only harm, and following that logic, at a minimum the health of local species and perhaps wider ecosystems are being affected in a reverse synergy whereby organisms have surpassed the limits they can endure.’
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Murdering The Pacific Ocean

Murdering The Pacific Ocean

‘Many have been tracking what’s going on with Fukushima, since that pack of universal lies has been happening ­ as if what’s taking place in northern Japan is somehow disconnected from the world beyond Japan. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When this video surfaced I asked Jeff what he thought, since he’s been following this since it happened. Here’s part of his response:’

The Crushing Effects Of Radiation From The Fukushima Disaster On The Ecosystem Are Being Slowly Revealed

The Crushing Effects Of Radiation From The Fukushima Disaster On The Ecosystem Are Being Slowly Revealed

‘A range of scientific studies at Fukushima have begun to reveal the impact on the natural world from the radiation leaks at the power station in Japan caused by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
Biological samples were obtained only after extensive delays following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, limiting the information which could be gained about the impact of that disaster.
Scientists, determined not to repeat the shortcomings of the Chernobyl studies, began gathering biological information only a few months after the meltdown of the Daiichi power plant in 2011.’
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All Agent Orange Ingredients Unearthed at U.S. Military Dumpsite on Okinawa

All Agent Orange Ingredients Unearthed at U.S. Military Dumpsite on Okinawa

‘More than six months after dozens of rusty chemical barrels were unearthed from former U.S. military land in Okinawa City, their contents have been identified – and they appear to offer conclusive proof that the toxic Vietnam War defoliant Agent Orange was buried on the island.
Announced in early July, the results of two separate studies – one conducted by Okinawa City and one by the Okinawa Defense Bureau – both detected the three signature components of Agent Orange: the herbicides 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D as well as highly-toxic TCDD dioxin.This is the first time that all three ingredients have been discovered on ex-Pentagon property on Okinawa.
About half of the 61 barrels also bore markings from the Dow Chemical Company – one of the largest manufacturers of Agent Orange for the U.S. military.’
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The Fukushima Health Crisis

The Fukushima Health Crisis

‘Over 3 years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, there is virtually no health research being conducted or released on harm to the Japanese. An April report by a UN committee tried to sweep the issue under the rug, predicting any harmful effects of the catastrophe is “unlikely.”
The UN panel made a very broad assumption about the worst nuclear catastrophe in history (or worst since Chernobyl) – and did this BEFORE research is done. However, a local health study raises alarm bells. Fukushima Medical University found 46% of local children have a pre-cancerous nodule or cyst, and 130 have thyroid cancer, vs. 3 expected. Incredibly, the University corrupts science by asserting the meltdown played no role in these high figures.
But Japanese studies must go far beyond childhood thyroid diseases. Japan isn’t the only site to study, as the fallout from the meltdown spread across the northern hemisphere.’
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Corrupt World Health Organisation-Knows And Hides So Much From US!-WHO Knew About Harm From Electromagnetic Radiation

WHO Knew About Harm From Electromagnetic Radiation


Silent killer, slow feeder to cancerous cells, our technology is designed to fund pharmaceutical corporations and then depopulate while bombarding us with these gadgets.

Street Democracy writes:

We are being hijacked by radiation pollution of every kind.

From the Fukushima global disaster of serious levels of plutonium radiation being hurled out into the world, leaking into our atmosphere and Pacific ocean.

To the normal every day technological pieces of equipment we use regularly.

We are being exposed too other types of radiation, highly toxic and just as deadly, from our microwave ovens, our lap tops, Wi Fi to our mobile phones.


Radiation knows no boundaries and walls won’t stop it and neither will covering the meter with tin foil. It still will fill rooms and the entire home with its deadly radiation.

We need to focus on the smart meter too as this has been reported as throwing out high level frequencies of radiation all through out the day and night that seeps through walls, doors and enters our bodies.

DNA damaging technology is being unleashed in every avenue.

Individually a mobile phone perhaps isn’t life threatening and used sparingly won’t give you a cancerous brain tumour.


Odourless, invisible and never discussed our latest gadgets are sold to the eagerly waiting public unaware of the potential dangers hidden in plain sight.

However, with everything else radiating small levels of radiation frequencies through our biological bodies, we are being severely hit with high levels.

DNA damaging and DNA changing, our modern day society is ecologically murdering our sacred planet and also killing us.

A form of slow kill, radiation leaking electromagnetic filled homes, streets and communities and white noise pollution also, we cannot escape this toxicity even if we tried.


Smart meters emit radiation, and our gadgets fill our homes and our bodies with highly dangerous levels of radiation.

As if some form of hate crime against the masses is being unleashed silently while we fry our brains and feed cancerous cells on a daily basis. 

A psychopathic shadowy sinister foundation of commerce has a secret agenda of depopulating the planet while increasing the pharmaceutical corporations bank accounts with increasing numbers of cancer patients.


Distracting us from the truth. We don’t need technology in order to communicate as part of being human is the ability to use ‘telepathy’ innate to us all.

This type of corporate crime looks as if it is serving the public trying its best to cure, when all the time it is exploiting a deadly disease, harvesting it to accumulate as much wealth as possible before a most certain death is attained. 

Corporations are making society sick! 

In some dark twisted psychopathic main frame, they have weaponised our technological instruments, and forced us to believe we need them, and socially exclude those who choose not too use them.


This is a profitable business. Does it mean they don’t want a cure? Does it mean they approve of cancer giving products in every household?

Hiding the fact we have innate within us the ability to holistically and spiritually connect to one another by using our human ability of telepathy.

Psychics use this very old method all the time.


If you focus on silence around you, mediate you can use your own body to extract holistic energies that connect you to earth’s frequencies that will carry messages to others faster than the speed of light.

Instead they bombard us with, you’re only human, dumb and stupid with no special qualities at all.

To improve the health of the population would put big pharma out of business and if this story is correct our World Health Organisation (WHO) knows only too well of this psychopathic diseased minded agenda.

Watch Later 4:41
No Privacy with Smart Meters | Big Brother Watch

The Truth About Smart Meters – Brian Thiesen

For more on this sadistic calculated plot, click here or continue reading: 

WHO Knew About Harm From Electromagnetic Radiation

‘Monday, February 3, 2014 was a very strange day in London. Only the weather was predictable. A cold rain fell as a dais of scientists faced a room full of reporters in the Royal Society Library’s Special Events Room on Carlton House Terrace. With its pillared roots going back to the 1600s, the Royal Society Library had welcomed scientists from all over the world for centuries.

whoflagOn this day, two scientists distinguished themselves as authors of the thick, glossy tome that was almost the biggest presence in the press briefing. Co-authors Prof. Bernard Stewart, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales and Christopher Wild, PhD, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) esteemed International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) prepared to tell the world we are on the verge of a cancer tsunami.

World Cancer Report 2014 was nearly six years in the making. IARC is the cancer agency of the WHO, and a core part of their mission is to disseminate information on cancer. They gather information, frequently classify the risk level of various substances, and share that news with the world. This day the news was daunting.’

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Fukushima Is A Global Disaster -It Is Out Of Control- Mainstream Media Silent

Fukushima still out of control – March 2014


Maybe when our hair starts to fall out will we suddenly scream at governments to do something about the worst environmental disaster we’ve had.

Street Democracy writes:

Maybe our fluoridated brains aren’t getting it.

Maybe our fluoridated eyes aren’t seeing it, but we need to acknowledge Fukushima because it isn’t going away.

We have had the equivalent to a series of nuclear bombs exploded all at once.

We need to wake up as TEPCO cannot cope.


Is this an execution programme? Is this why no one is doing anything internationally? Is this why mainstream media is silent?


This global disaster is worse than Chenobyl and TEPCO do not have the knowledge to solve this massive, this colossal environmental disaster we have ever seen.

Japan by itself cannot cope.

We need international aid, international co-operation and we need to be as one with this problem.

Fukushima is pouring radioactive sea water into the Pacific ocean and infecting the womb of every sea life you can imagine.

It seems Fukushima is a deliberate execution of our bio-sphere of our global ecological infrastructure because the important decisions are not being made, main stream media is silent and we are not seeing nation after nation pull together on this, and we need too.


It is the worst environmental disaster and mainstream media ignores it!

I have even made a request for NASA to get involved as their space suits are allegedly designed to protect against multiple levels of radiation. Yet they ignore me, even to say politically they can’t or what ever the excuse.

It leaves me to think this is a deliberate execution plot to destroy this planet, kill the majority of humans while they store up on all DNA of every living thing on this planet.

There is a plan, an agenda 21 plan and this is part of it.


The Human race needs to wake up to Fukushima. Silence isn’t solving anything, our ignorance will be the death of us.

Otherwise we’d all be watching the progression of each nation acting in harmony to try to fix Fukushima’s radiation leakage.

Watch this video and share it around. It may well be that grass root action will be the only way we can save our planet.