It Runs On Water – Full Film

It Runs On Water – Full Film


Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us

fracking prime minister

Two faced double speak hypocritical David Cameron who is a puppet to corporate powers bringing us a Totalitarian State, wouldn’t have Fracking in his own back yard! WELL DONE GREENPEACE!! BRILLIANT!!

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us. Pictures by Street Democracy.



Street Democracy writes:

Fracking is another blow to our already fragile eco system.

We are witnessing psychopathic greed, selfishly careering us all towards imminent death with the contamination of our natural water’s down underground, with no concerns about this at all.


It is insanity to believe the industrialisation of fracking isn’t going to harm our planet, causing death zones of greater magnitude destroying our wildlife, our plants and eventually cause serious water shortages!

It is the extinction button these greedy corporate psychopaths are willing to press at the expense and great cost of our planet.

The fossil fuel industry with aggressive drilling technology is ecological suicide, by venal politicians fondling their pockets for more profits.


These legions of faceless, nameless bureaucrats are sacrificing our sacred planet and believe themselves to be unaccountable to the damage they are causing.

It is time people started to wake up!


Our deformed corrupt capitalist economic model is a model of death-destruction and pollution. It must be changed!


Hydro fracking is an aggressive and dangerous method of extracting natural pockets of gas and our current political apparatus is ignoring the public’s pleas and much educated demands by saying ‘no’ to this exploitation.


We are under an Oligarchical Hierarchical system of Corporate control of our State and Government. That is equal to a Totalitarian ruler-ship!

The evil’s crippling our economy, are planning to cripple earth also systematically stealing earth’s natural resources with a model of corrupt capitalism, a model of pain and death that has strangled democracy further into obliviation.

For more on our corrupt political apparatus, click here for more or continue reading: 

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us.


Dear Street Democracy,

Shocking news.

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us. 

He suggested an appalling change to the law that almost three-quarters of the people in Britain oppose.

The Prime Minister is trying to put fracking company profits before our right to decide what happens underneath our homes. But MPs will have the final say on whether these changes become law.

So we’ve joined up with our friends at Greenpeace to launch an urgent petition to all MPs.

Please add your name


Just last week we celebrated three years of keeping our homes and communities free from dirty, dangerous fracking. The fracking industry and Government know they’re losing this struggle. That’s why they’re trying to change the rules. But we can stop fracking companies from ripping up our countryside and polluting the climate.

Sign our petition asking MPs to oppose this underhand attempt to allow fracking under our homes


These plans are hidden and kept away from public knowledge. This is a serious crime against humanity and we have every right to have our free, clean, unlimited energy.

You’ve helped communities across the country hold back fracking in their area. Now we need your help to make sure MPs don’t let the Government take away the right to object to fracking underneath our homes. Let’s stand up to this disgraceful bullying tactic together.

Best wishes,

Nikki & the fracking team


Fracking is the extinction button ready to be pressed. We cannot allow the destruction of our planet, the pollution of our natural water for the few greedy individuals wishing to profit.

Ask MPs to stop companies fracking under homes without permission

Fossil fuel companies fracking under people’s homes without asking them. That’s what David Cameron wants. And he’s sneakily trying to change the law to make it happen.

Please don’t let him get away with it. Sign our petition below. And share it far and wide. Thank you.

Why the petition? We need as many MPs as possible to vote against this change in law.

A petition with tens of thousands of our names will put great pressure on MPs to vote no.

What’s more, we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace to get as many names as possible.

Please sign now

Dear Members of Parliament,

74% of people in Britain are against changes to trespass laws that would allow fracking companies to drill under homes without permission. I urge you to oppose government plans to change the law and vote against it when you have the chance.



The Industrialisation of Fracking by Corrupt Capitalist’s-We Should Fear This-California’s Fracking Boom Just Got Busted

California’s Fracking Boom Just Got Busted


Fracking is the extinction button ready to be pressed. This hypocrite knows this and is fighting not to have fracking in his home town.

Street Democracy writes: 

The industrialisation of the fracking industry is our greatest fear and one we the people at grass level, will have to keep fighting.

To turn our green belt into the picture below is frightening and unnecessary.

This is the ecological disaster, the ecological suicide of our most beautiful and most sacred planet and the deception by our government and by corporate greed is most evident.


It’s even pretty to look at..Green and holistic but they won’t invest in this-why not?


We on a daily level are finding alternative ways far more  holistic methods of generating energy.

We even have free energy if the JPMorgans of this world would release Nikola Tesla’s documents and inventive plans to generate free energy from the magnetic electric impulses earth naturally releases all around us.te

The controlling elite are hiding important knowledge from us and this is why corporate control needs to be decentralised and be in full transparency of the people.

We need only a small box to draw this magnetic frequency and it will supply us with energy to heat our homes and cook our meals and the Cabal, the energy giants know this and are hiding this knowledge as best they can.

Fracking is the extinction button waiting to be pressed by corrupt capitalist’s eager to extract even more of earth’s natural resources.


It doesn’t take a child of 5 years old to know if you keep extracting, if you keep taking eventually you will run out and leave death zones in the wake of this excessive exploitation.

We need to decentralise the power base, the power grid and allow the people not the corporate minds to decide how our planet should be managed if corporations just exploit for greed and profit and not for the self survival of our species.


If they refuse to acknowledge free energy, or a more greener, holistic mechanisms of extracting energy from earth, there is something wrong and we need to assert this in every breath we make.

The fossil fuel industry cannot be allowed to decimate our countryside and pollute our natural water tables that lie beneath the surface.



This is our springs, our means to exist relies on water. Once polluted it is extremely difficult to un-pollute and will cause mass death of our wild life and our plants and also create massive water shortages for us.

For more on this click here:

California’s Fracking Boom Just Got Busted

‘Energy Information Administration officials told reporters on Wednesday that they are cutting their estimate of how much oil can be drawn out of California’s massive Monterey Shale formation by a whopping 96 percent.

The news deals a serious blow to the fracking industry and has environmentalists cheering as momentum builds behind a legislative effort to put a moratorium on fracking in California. The estimate will be released publically next month, according to reports.

In 2012, the federal officials estimated that 13.7 billion barrels of oil could be recovered from the Monterey Shale. The EIA now says that only 600 million barrels of oil can be recovered using existing technologies such as acid treatment and fracking, the controversial oil and gas technique that involves forcing millions of gallons of water laced with silica and chemicals deep underground to break up rock formations.’

Read more …

Fracking planned for Tory heartlands as report reveals billions of barrels of shale oil in southern England

‘Vast areas of southern England will on Friday be identified by the Government as targets for fracking, with ministers also announcing that energy companies will be allowed to frack under homes without owners’ permission.

A British Geological Survey study of the South, spanning from Wiltshire to Kent and including the South Downs National Park, will be published, mapping out the likely location of billions of barrels of shale oil.

Ministers are also preparing to publish controversial plans to change the laws of trespass to give energy companies an automatic right to frack beneath homes and private land – even if owners object.’

Read more …

Illegal dumping of fracking fluids in Texas highlights risk

‘Texas authorities are investigating the illegal dumping of toxic oil-and-gas-drilling waste fluids in Karnes County, Texas, ground zero for the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, boom in the state’s Eagle Ford Shale region.

Fracking drilling fluid – often riddled with hazardous and often undisclosed chemicals, contaminants, oil, and metal shavings – was spilled over eight miles of a rural roadway in middle of the night last March, according to a Karnes County Sheriff’s Department report obtained by InsideClimate News.

The spill led to an investigation by the sheriff’s department, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the state Railroad Commission, which regulates the oil and gas industry in Texas.’

Read more …

Free Energy Denied To Us Since 1900’s Nikola Tesla New Video-Tesla The Race To Zero Point Free Energy

Uploaded on 27 Oct 2009

From Google Videos
Lightworks Video&Audio
Directed by Chris Toussaint

Hosted by Bill Jenkins, formerly of ABC Radio, this comprehensive documentary features physicists and inventors who are challenging orthodox science to bring this non-polluting technology forward despite ridicule and suppression. See actual working prototypes that defy classical physics including phenomenal experiments in anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals.…
There is great similarity betwen ZPE and Tao for your consideration…

HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change

HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change


Street Democracy writes:

There is a boundless appetite for a tight grip upon our planet, to control the people, the terrain and do so forcibly in stealth as silently as possible.

Weather controlling, is a warfare of weaponising our weather to use against us.


There are ruling elites with high nauseating levels of innate rampant barbarity, insane psychopaths with diseased minds being eaten with paranoia every day, giving instructions to chemically line this planet with devastatingly dangerous, toxicities.

On a global scale they are trailing our skies with a deadly cocktail of chemicals that are killing our birds. They idiots flying the planes are told they are solving ‘global’ fake phoney warming.

It is the only way these people could so such a crime against our planet and land their planes believing they are unsung, quiet hero’s, when they are the grim reapers in reality.

Watch the evidence to give you an idea of what the world is facing by clicking here: HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change or continue reading.

Weather Control : Documentary on Weather Control as a Weapon

Rothschild Talks About Chemtrails Geo Engineering Weather Modification

‘To state the obvious, the weather around the globe keeps getting more and more intense everywhere. It is getting much colder in some regions and much hotter in others. It is global warming and it is global cooling.

Record highs, record lows, record heat, record cold. Record swing in temperature changes, record droughts and record rains and record snows. And no one in global power mentions a word about the freaky weather affecting all, which should not surprise anyone paying attention because they don’t talk of the continuing disaster that is Fukushima or the nearly daily gas spills and oil leaks going on across the United States.’

Read more: HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change

Fracking Disasters! -Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days

Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days

Flammabe tapwater fracking gasland

Street Democracy writes:

There is too much information, evidence, proof and common knowledge to know and recognise that fracking is an environmental hazardous industry that should be banned completely, never mind expanding across the globe.

We have free energy and if the ruling elites could release the designs of Nikola Tesla we could start to re-build our planet with clean energy in abundance.


To support corrupt energy bandits and continuously support a corrupt capitalist system which degrades our already damaged, sore and wounded eco-system is monstrous, ill-logical and a stampede towards the destruction of our planet, and us.

The unwavering obedience we display despite the toxic avenues deeply dug within our planet is ludicrous, an unrefined existential that rampages by this exploitation of all natural resources.


Fracking is the extinction button we should not be willing to press. Our oceans are filled with Fukushima radiation and the BP oil spills and the mafia who got caught dumping toxic waste that our oceans are dying.

We need to ban MP’s obsequiousness towards corporations and prevent their servitude towards them enmeshed with financial ties and investments, to stop biased policies in their favour.

The fracking industry needs the public to be servile in manner too, and this we can proudly say ‘will never happen’.


For more on the toxic disasters of fracking click here: Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days or continue reading.

‘An explosion at a natural gas fracking well in Pennsylvania on Tuesday has sent one person to the hospital, left one person injured and sparked a fire that could take days to contain.

According to a statement from well operator Chevron, the fire broke out at approximately 6:45 Tuesday morning at their well in Dunkard Township in Greene County, about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.

“We’re being told … the site itself, that fire, will not be contained and we will not have access to that property for at least a few days,” Trooper Stefani Plume said at a press conference.’

Read more: Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days


Demolition Planet – Awaken and Rise

Demolition Planet – Awaken and Rise


Street Democracy writes:

Demolition Planet is a good description, for a controlled demolition strategy that our corporate whores are inflicting upon our most precious and fragile home, earth.


Demolition Planet is symbolic of our presence here on a planet that is heaven in her making. She gives us everything we need and more in abundance and this is how we repay her. We allow a corrupt form of survival that destroys her to lead the way.

Why do we allow these inbreed of toxic suits to devastate and pollute her? To scar and murder her beauty, her natural life line and blood line that we also need to survive, and a ruthless decay of her natural resources?

Are we so poisoned by the pyschosis of consumerism that we no longer see or equate possessions with destruction and pollution of our planet?


Every time we purchase, buy or consume something it has an effect. There is a dark entity that has spread across this planet intent on destroying earth and to bring the human race down to their knees.

It is working at full speed of ruthless efficiency. We are helping by taking our leadership from the most demonic influence possible.


In other words, get rid of our fear of doing alone. Get rid of money! We don’t need it. Food grows in abundance for free.

Shelter grows for free, we have free energy all around us for free. We enjoy free air, and even giving birth to life is free, so why are we paying to be alive?

More’s to the point, why are we paying the ruling bloodlines, a few concentrated trillionaires, aristocratic wealthy elite, for our existence and suffering when we can’t?


If its bad its good, if its good its bad.

For example, chemical, GMO spliced DNA, franken foods are our food for our future and is good. Organic, wholesome, fresh foods that grow freely from our sacred planet, are deemed bad.

It is our world, and our space, not the corporations, not the asleep toxic sludge that robotically buys, buys, buys and spends, spends, spends believing possessions equate the person. It is the other way round.


For more on this occult destruction of our planet right in front of us, click here: Demolition Planet – Awaken and Rise or continue reading.

‘There comes a time when a coming convergence becomes apparent. But when it spells a very probable major cataclysm people are not too eager to see it. But see it we must. And sound the alarm we must…as well as prepare.

Funny how that’s another thing “they” minimize and belittle. “Conspiracy freak” leads into “gloom and doomer”, “fear and hate monger” etc., all being cleverly wrapped into the “terrorist” catch-all these fascist, police state days.

They are the authors and manufacturers of terror, always accusing the very ones they’re murdering and manipulating. Sadly, the snooze button has been hit seemingly permanently for some. Nothing rattles them anymore – until the food runs out.

The wake up will hit, one way or another. It’s already happened for very many. The key is to be awake, aware and ready.’

Read more: Demolition Planet – Awaken and Rise


Update about ‘Balcombe Drilling: Cease the oil exploratio​n activities of Cuadrilla in Balcombe.’ on

Update about ‘Balcombe Drilling: Cease the oil exploratio​n activities of Cuadrilla in Balcombe.’ on


1)Lobbying. 2)Contact emails. 3)Ideas to help, letter to PM and myth busting. 4)This Sunday – José Bové MEP to come to Balcombe. 5)Support Fernhurst’s objection to Celtique.

1) Lobbying!

We await the next application from Cuadrilla to be opened for public consultation, and then we will only have 6 weeks to try and make our concerns heard. As you will already be aware Celtique are at work up North, where will be next?  Lobbying Key WSCC Councillors: The fate of Balcombe, Fernhurst, Kirdford and Wisborough Green will be determined by 20 key councillors on the WSCC Planning Committee and Louise Goldsmith as leader of WSCC.


The main duties of councillors are to represent the needs, priorities and aspirations of their electors and the people of Sussex. They must be accessible and liaise/ consult extensively with local communities, organisations and businesses. Remember they work for you. Councillors should seek ways of improving the quality of life for people in Sussex now and for the future by promoting the economic, social and environmental well-being of the county and with this in mind please lobby them about the threats posed by the oil and gas industries.


Please help make them understand the risks to the environment, damage to the local economy (e.g. small businesses, tourism and farming), and the threat to our health and our families’ health, if they support applications from oil/gas companies to drill in unconventional geology in Sussex.

The planning committee is likely to meet in March or April to consider Cuadrilla’s new planning application and so we have until then to influence them. Ways to do this include writing to them directly or if you have friends who live in their constituencies then, please ask your friends to write. Of course personal contacts are always the most effective so if you identify anyone who could approach them directly that would be better.Anti-Fracking-in-Manchester-2994521

2) At the end of this list is a list of very important people you can lobby in addition, (or if you’re not in Sussex) that are involved in policy making decisions.

Do you know any of these councillors or anyone who knows them? Key Councillors, Ward, Email/Phone:

Louise Goldsmith. Chichester West: 03302222531 Peter Catchpole. Holbrook: 01403 258678 Christine Field. Lingfield and High Weald: 01342 810310 Lionel Barnard. Henfield: 01273491426 Michael Brown. Fernhurst: 01798 869313 Peter Evans. East Preston and Ferring: 1903 240876 Bob Lanzer. Maidenbower : 01293 884789 Pieter Montyn .The Witterings: 01243 511319 Andrew Barratt-Miles. Burgess Hill town: 01444 233081 Heidi Brunsdon. Imberdown: 07889 837362 Mick Clark. Saltings: 01273 701895 Duncan Crow. Tilgate & Furnace Green: 01293 888564 Gordon McAra. Midhurst: 01730 815569 Janet Mockridge. Southwick: 01273 871089 Sue Mullins. Gossops Green & Ifield: 01293 511069 Simon Oakley. Chichester East: 01243 538394 Lionel Parsons. Sompting & North Lancing: 01903 527534 John Rodgers. Cissbury: 07761 848820 Robin Rodgers. Northbrook: 01903 201299 Sujan Wickremarat. Haywards Heath Town: 07968 179083,,,,,(Department of Energy and Climate Change),(Health and Safety Executive),(Environment Agency),, (Energy Minister), (Communities and local government) Or write to any MP or Minister or the PM at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


3)The following may help give you some ideas:

A recent letter from a Balcombe resident to the Prime Minister…

“Do you wish to be remembered as the Government that turned this country from a ‘green and pleasant land’ into a countryside pockmarked with thousands of well-pads?

Do you wish to criminalise your natural and law-abiding supporters in rural communities by obliging them to protest and demonstrate to defend their precious environment against marauding oil and gas companies? Are these the actions of ‘the greenest Government ever’?


“Prime Minister, your policy of fracking the UK countryside is losing you support every time an operating company applies to drill a new site. Rural communities are learning the truth about this dangerous process of high-volume, high-pressure, slick-water fracking. They now dismiss the lies and evasive answers of the oil and gas industry.

Our health and countryside are at stake, the environment we shall leave for our children. Once water is poisoned, there is no way back. We owe it to ours and to future generations to stop the oil industry chasing profit above our safety and the safety of our countryside.

Please listen to us before it is too late.”


Industry Lobbying and Fracking Myths:

There is an enormous industry that has developed around lobbying on behalf of the oil/gas industry. The industry lobby has penetrated to the heart of the Cabinet office, where Lord Browne, chairman of Cuadrilla, is “Lead Non-Executive Director”. Much misinformation has been fed to the media. Let’s dispel some of these myths.

Myth 1 ‘

They’ve been fracking for years, all over Britain.’ No. One British well (in Lancashire) has been fracked using this controversial kind of fracking.

DECC confirms this.

The difference is one of scale – fracking of old used low pressures and small volumes of water and additives. It’s like comparing a corner shop to a hypermarket.

Myth 2

‘Fracked gas will mean lower energy prices.’ No, not in Britain. We are part of a European free market. Economists, bankers, Offgen and even Cuadrilla agree that shale gas will not bring low gas prices.


Myth 3

‘David Cameron: fracking will create 74 000 UK jobs.’ DECC advisors AMEC cut that prediction by a third. In any case, 90% of fracking jobs are specialised. Workers will come largely from abroad, peaking at drilling time.

Myth 4

‘UK regulations are strong and effective.’ Untrue. Our regulations were never strong, and are being slackened. Environment Agency (EA) staff are being cut by 10%. The industry self-monitors. The EA relies mainly on a reassuring Friday afternoon fax from Cuadrilla.

Myth 6

‘It all happens so deep down that nothing can migrate’. Gas and fluid frequently leak up the outside of wells. Natural faults can act as conduits. Our Balcombe oil is so shallow that even a man-made fracture could reach the aquifer, according to a study by the University of Durham. Taxpayers to Pay for Fracking Pollution if Companies go Bust The environment minister, Dan Rogerson, has rejected proposal to amend regulations to make companies sign a bond to pay for potential pollution incidents. So we are now in a situation in the UK where a company that wants to set up a landfill site has to post an upfront liability guarantee before they can start operating, but a fracking company does not have to. Which company can do the most damage?


4) We have received notification of the following event… Rally at the Balcombe frack site!  José Bové is coming to Balcombe – Sunday 19th January

Fracking is illegal in France – come to the Balcombe rig next Sunday to meet legendary campaigner José Bové who played a huge part in achieving that ban.

The MEP and campaigner will be at the Balcombe rig site from 1.30pm to 2.30pm to support our fight against fracking the UK.


This is a great chance to hear from an inspirational man with an amazing record of achievements through peaceful direct action. He recently visited Poland to support farmers there who are occupying to prevent Chevron getting onto their land.

5) to object to Celtique energies plans to drill in the South Downs National Park. for more info for more info

Please act on your convictions – A letter a day keeps the driller away.

This message was sent by No Fracking in Balcombe Society (No FiBs) using the system. You received this email because you signed a petition started by No Fracking in Balcombe Society (No FiBs) on “Balcombe Drilling: Cease the oil exploration activities of Cuadrilla in Balcombe..” does not endorse contents of this message.

View the petition


Barton Moss Fracking Protesters Keep On Growing And Growing…

Cameron promises tax boost for councils that approve fracking projects

‘I thought we’d be lucky to get 50 people out to demonstrate about an environmental issue on a cold January day in Salford. About a thousand turn up. “They’re… normal people” I overhear someone mutter. Old, young, Salford families, Greens, union members, members of co-operatives, local residents, anti-fracking groups from other areas, environmentalists, grannies, kids, cyclists, musicians, health workers. A reasonable cross section of the 99%.

Plenty of creativity and humour has gone into the placards and banners we wave, as we walk a mile or so from the rendezvous point to Barton Moss. One lane of the A57 had been closed for us and we stream along it in festive mood, a procession more than a march, buoyed up by a strong sense of solidarity and community. Roughly 80% of passing cars beep in support of our Frack Off and Not for Shale messages – despite having been held up in a traffic jam on our account. One placard – “I’d rather be a hobbit than an orc” – rings very true for me. This and “Welcome to the desolate North… Now Frack Off!” are perfect rejoinders to nonsense peddled by pro-fracking politicians.’

Read more …


Street Democracy writes: 

Fracking is the extinction button these venal politicians are so desperate to push and all in the name of profit and wealth accumulation regardless of the cost to our planet.

The fracking industry will explode across our globe by these soulless suits who are doing everything in their power to bribe their way into forcing fracking down our throats by trying to buy council support.


The specialised knowledge of hydraulic fracking and using aggressive tactics when fracturing the ground with toxic chemicals has grown.

This video of Barton Moss shows public concerns are in total opposition of our venal politicians and their deep pockets which they keep fondling in greedy determination to get their profits from fracking.


It shows the determination we the ordinary people of Britain face when all avenues of democracy are shut. The trenches of totalitarian are being filled instead and the only way to be heard is to take to the streets, risk being demonised by main stream media.

Risk being arrested by over zealous police officers who appear to serve the corporate masters and not the public’s interest when it comes to fracking.


We have a bleak political landscape filled with land mines to stop the public from voicing their opinions. It is why public opinion is far removed from public policy and here we are witnessing David Cameron bribing in full public view to buy his way to destroy this planet for his gain.

Watch this video and be inspired by the hundreds of people who turned up to demonstrate against fracking in the UK.

For more on the latest events of people power verses corrupt venal politicians and their greedy corporate masters click here for The Independent or continue reading.

‘Councils that give the green-light to ‘fracking’ projects will be allowed to keep millions of pounds more in tax revenue, David Cameron has announced.

The Prime Minister said local authorities in England would receive 100 per cent of the business rates collected from shale gas schemes – rather than the usual 50 per cent.

The move is part of an “all out” drive to exploit the controversial pressure mining technique. The Government believes it could generate billions of pounds for the economy, support 74,000 jobs, and lower energy costs.’

Read more: Cameron promises tax boost for councils that approve fracking projects


People living in fracking areas set to get more compensation

People living in fracking areas set to get more compensation


Street Democracy writes:

This is the commercialisation and industrialisation model of our nature, of our planet.

It is throwing, spreading, leaking torturous chemicals into our already damaged, sore and wounded eco system. It is the slow kill of all organic life forms, and local wildlife dependent upon the cycle of life to exist.

It is the extinction button these venal suits refuse to see for profit purposes.


Our venal politicians are fondling their pockets with anticipation of their wealth accumulation from this most aggressive form of mining, fracking, the fracturing of our countryside regardless of death that will surround it.

Hydraulic fracturing of the lands in such an aggressive manner is alone going to cause damage to the environment and all local wildlife, plants and all forms of organic matter.


The fact they are using toxic chemicals, and to explode these deep underground is the extinction button of slow kill for all areas being opened for fracking.

We are witnessing bribery, we are witnessing desperation to win over locals so large corporate powers can take over villages, take over our countryside to exploit to her death, earth’s natural resources.

For more on this corruption racket click here for Eco News or continue reading.

‘People living close to where shale gas is extracted stand to get more compensation as the Government tries to quell local resistance to “fracking”.

Large parts of Britain are thought to contain huge reservoirs of shale, and the proposed move follows growing interest in fracking among energy firms.

The use of pressurised water and chemicals to pump out deeply buried gas has been condemned by environmental campaigners as a dirty, dangerous technique that contributes to climate change.

Fracking has been banned in France and Germany and faces widespread opposition within the European Union. But Conservative ministers see the technology as a way of securing Britain’s energy independence.’


Water Industry Admits Fracking Compromises UK’s Water Supply

‘Today, two industry groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that their members will minimize the impact of onshore oil and gas development in the UK on the country’s water resources.

The memorandum accompanies a report released by Water UK. The report concludes that ”where water is in short supply there may not be enough available from public water supplies or the environment to meet the requirements for hydraulic fracturing.”’ Read more …