Fluoride Toxicity No Longer a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Fluoride Toxicity No Longer a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

‘It’s often amazing how many people still view the dangers posed to health from fluoride in the water supply as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” – dismissed as a notion unsupported by any solid evidence, they demand peer reviewed studies before even contemplating the veracity of the claim. Anything else, they say, is unsupported pseudoscience.

It probably doesn’t help matters that Wikipedia – that hugely flawed yet oft cited source of information on the internet which so many tend to appeal to – peddles misinformation which clearly creates a misconception as to the adverse effects.

Its page discussing fluoride toxicity is revealing, stating that “the only generally accepted adverse effect of fluoride at levels used for water fluoridation is dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of children’s teeth during tooth development; this is mostly mild and usually only an aesthetic concern.”’

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How they would stage a bioterror event

How they would stage a bioterror event

‘There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they happen, can be stopped, or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.

A staged bioterror event is one of those.

The primary fact is: no matter what kind of germ you’re talking about or where it came from, releasing it intentionally does not guarantee predictable results.

For instance, people whose immune systems are at different levels of strength are going to react differently.’

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What Do IPads Become To Our Planet Once They’ve Expired? Devastating Toxic Waste

Apple Inc. poisons the Earth: the legacy of toxic iPhone e-waste


Corrupt capitalism has made us masters at committing ecological suicide, murder and the reckless killing of our planet! Is this our path of enlightenment?

Street Democracy writes:

How to commit ecological suicide is human beings to follow a rogue and corrupt model of capitalism, upon our sacred most precious earth and master the building up of toxic waste to perfection.


We are really the most asleep.

We as intelligent beings behave in the most imbecile of ways.

We blindly follow the tail of the one in front, we follow a traitorous rogue, mafia style, corrupt economic model to destroy a planet as fast as possible.


That would be most human beings present on this planet guilty of ruining our precious home. Me included.

 We are a beautiful race upon a beautiful planet that we cannot destroy fast enough for our selfish blinded wants.

At present we have beautiful faces, but ugly hearts when it comes to possessions of goods.

The heighten levels of technology put smiles upon the faces of the asleep choosing not to see the grim reaper just hand them over another button of extinction of the only planet, we have.


We have some very ‘evil’ over our economic models dictating our demise-when will we wake up is the question?

All our waste produce, all of our naivety, our arrogance, and our ignorance is causing the death of the most sacred we have in our lives, that of life.

We need our planet for this and yet we treat earth as garbage itself.

We show no respect for our planet.

‘The world is full of electronics — computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, e-book readers, et cetera. In fact, according to some estimates, by 2017 the average person will have five devices that connect to the Internet, many of them manufactured by American electronics giants Apple and Microsoft.

What’s more, as the “Internet of everything” becomes more and more prevalent in the coming decades, we’ll all wind up with even more devices. Already, in sum, American households average about 24 electronic devices, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

But what happens to them when we don’t need them anymore? Where does your iPhone go when you toss it? How are iPhones — and all of the other discarded electronics waste — disposed of?’

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An Inconvenient Tooth – Documentary on Fluoride

An Inconvenient Tooth – Documentary on Fluoride


Not to be confused with Calcium Fluoride that is naturally found in some rocks, this is Sodium Fluoride and is man made toxic waste.

Outrage As Paint Thinner is Found In Children’s Cereal!

Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereal Exposed


We are herded into being human filter systems to filter toxic chemicals rather than corporations disposing of it properly.

Street Democracy writes:

We are witnessing a very corrupt capitalist system that because it is unfettered and unregulated, allows for hidden agenda such as this.

Toxic waste is difficult to get rid of so why not hide it in cereal. Without the public knowing these unscrupulous companies are forcing us human beings to be human filter systems to get rid of their toxic waste.

We know Sodium Fluoride is toxic and a man made waste product which is not to be confused with Calcium Fluoride that is found naturally in rocks.

They can’t dump it, so they put it in toothpaste and tell dentist’s it’s good for teeth.


This is not Calcium Fluoride found naturally in rocks but a man made toxic sludge called Sodium Fluoride. Does this look good for teeth to you?


Most college students trust corporately controlled text books as containing truths and facts.

Here we have another corrupt food company poisoning us, treating the masses as an unimportant herd that can consume such toxic waste as paint thinner then it saves them having to dump it.

It is a corporate crime beyond all reason when we feed our children such substances. Where are the health checks on food and safety?

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‘A lot of home builders and painters will know what trisodium phosphate (TSP) is. But a lot of them don’t know that they eat it for breakfast!

Even though it appears right on the ingredients label, a lot of people don’t realize it’s an industrial cleaning agent. It gets worse, the government doesn’t even want you to clean with it because it’s considered bad for the environment. It’s an okay part of a complete breakfast though!’

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Consider mass fluoridation of water, says health body

Consider mass fluoridation of water, says health body


Why is this toxic chemical waste by product in toothpaste and drinking water? Would you smear this on your gums and teeth?

 Street Democracy writes:

We as people do not give our consent for our bodies to be used as biological, chemical filter systems of toxic waste and especially Sodium Fluoride to be forcibly given to us.

In some psychopathic agenda followed by such sterile psychopathic minds, Sodium Fluoride is dispersed into mass consumption by force, is what happens when unfettered unregulated capitalism operates.


We are human filter systems for this toxic waste Sodium Fluoride. Does it sound good for your teeth to you?

A sadistic criteria and motive to dumb down the minds of society, to forcibly drug people against their will, in stealth, secretly contaminating drinking water supplies that enters our blood system.

Even bathing it seeps through our skins. Toothpaste it enters through our gums and our blood supply runs to our brains. 

We see the world through fluoridated eyes and we don’t even know it.

We are hard wired to Sodium Fluoride, which has become an integral part to our lives and it is time we woke up to the scam, the lie and the drugging of us.


As people we do not give our consent for us to be forcibly drugged!

DNA damaging toxic waste that effects our immune system, it effects our IQ levels, it is clear they don’t want a healthy human race, enlightened societies who undoubtedly would question their governments.

Instead we are fluoridated, and somewhat lethargic to political innovation, political thought and actions.

We are shackled to fluoridated products and a catastrophic blow to democracy, freedom of information and freedom of speech.

For more on the this biological human system of us filtering toxic Sodium Fluoride watch for further insight or continue reading:

Consider mass fluoridation of water, says health body

‘Adding fluoride to water should be considered by councils in England to improve dental health, the government’s public health advisory body says.

Public Health England urged councils to act after reviewing the impact of water fluoridation on children in areas where it has been introduced.

About 6m people – 10% of the country – currently live in areas with fluoridated water supplies.

PHE said it was a “safe and effective” public health measure.’

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The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception – Dr. Stanley Monteith

GeoEngineering – Our Time Is Running Out Fast

GeoEngineering – Our Time Is Running Out Fast


Street Democracy writes:

Even the sleepiest of souls can determine we are heading towards ecological genocide, a systematic murdering of our most sacred planet and how we are following some psychopathic main frame in order to do so.

An unmeasurable and aggressive, no conscience and no consideration format is the psychopathic ideology of strip mining the planet conducted by the corporate aggressor.


Whether you believe in chemtrails or not, look up to the sky, remember what clouds used to look like. 

There is something being sprayed over us and it is my belief that not only are we viewing the world through fluoridated eyes, we are eating high levels of arsenic found in rice dishes, we are being bombarded with radiation leakages all around us.


Everything from our microwaves, our mobile phones, WiFi and cordless telephones all emit white noise pollution and an aggressive level of radiation that seeps through our biological body mass with ease.

This affects our behaviour like a chemical reaction, like drinking alcohol, like taking recreational drugs, like taking pharmaceutical medicines it effects us.

Our behavioural social habits have become victims of lethargy, of not being able to pay attention to what is happening immediately around us perhaps.

We view the world through fluoridated eyes, of Sodium Fluoride that is a man made toxic chemical waste by product that for some reason is in our toothpaste and in our drinking water.



It is effecting our critical judgement, our innate highly evolved intuition is perhaps being drugged and dumbed down so it remains inactive.



Our food supermarkets in my mind should have skull and bones over the entrance as down each aisle is a chemical over spill.

Pick up any item of food and there are a list of chemicals that if you would ‘not’ feed raw to your baby, child or loved one, then why would you eat it because it’s embedded in food or because a corporate body says it’s ok? 


We have an eco system careering to its imminent death.

We are effectively all guilty of allowing this ecological suicide to take place unless enough of us wake up and glare unwanted attention to the corporations poisoning us either via food or by air.

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GeoEngineering – Our Time Is Running Out Fast

‘I have tried over the years to paint a very sobering picture of our collective reality, this is what the facts on the ground dictated. Most (though not all) have completely rejected the dire message no matter how much factual data was presented to back it up. I and others have been sounding the alarm on the global meltdown, methane release, and the likelihood of a “runaway greenhouse effect”, for a very long time. Though such warnings have been generally discounted or ignored, denial will not stop what is now unfolding by the day. Even now the combined factors of Al Gore’s hypocrisy, the main stream media propaganda machine, and the “climate engineers”, have convinced a huge percentage of the population that the planet is cooling. Such conclusions will very soon be seen for what they are, patently false.

Industrialized civilization was never sustainable, and is now in its death throes. Collapse can not come soon enough if life on Earth is to have any chance of even shorter term survival.This is what all available statistics indicate, those who read on will be have much to consider.

I have waited to post completely unvarnished data as I have felt such information would either be completely rejected, or would shut down those that were committed enough to objectively examine it. It has been my hope that the degree of warning I had tried to pass on about climate engineering and the state of the biosphere would be enough to compel those who examined the information into making the fight to stop climate engineering their top priority, this has not happened in too many cases.’

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Sodium Fluoride The Slow Kill of Humans They Put In Drinking Water

Harvard Research Finds Link Between Fluoridated Water, ADHD and Mental Disorders


Street Democracy writes:

We know enough now to know sodium fluoride is a dark sinister well kept hidden knowledge that even the dentist doesn’t know about, yet it is hidden in plain sight for all to see.

Sodium Fluoride does what it says it does on the tin.



It is highly toxic and dangerous to consume, so naturally it is put into toothpaste where it dissolves into our gums into our blood stream to flow straight to our brain.

A slow kill, a destroyer of our DNA and it is put into our drinking water. 

We the people do not give any corporate agency the right to use our bodies as human filter systems nor do we give our consent to use our bodies as experiments.


We certainly don’t give our consent to have forced medication to enter our bodies and therefore any corporation using Sodium Fluoride should be named, shamed and fined every penny of every body who has been forced to consume this toxic waste.

It is time we awakened to the fact there are a concentration of powers who despise the intellectual population and wish to dumb them down, drug them and eventually destroy. 

Sodium Fluoride is the slow kill of humans and that is fact.

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Harvard Research Finds Link Between Fluoridated Water, ADHD and Mental Disorders

‘New research published in The Lancet by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) found that various chemicals that many children are exposed to are having a direct effect on the creation of disorders labelled under the name ADHD as well as other mental disorders. One of the chemicals said to be having an effect is fluoride, or variations of fluoride. Governments have been performing artificial fluoridation for a number of years regardless of the lack of effectiveness it has in preventing tooth decay.

The research began in a study published in 2006 which initially looked at the effects of various industrial chemicals on neuro-development.[1] The research continued with an analysis of more industrial chemicals including fluoride. Twenty-seven additional studies, including one that linked fluoride to the lowering of IQ in children, clearly illustrated the fact that fluoride is detrimental to brain development and can lead to autism spectrum disorders and other mental issues. The issue is being coined “a silent epidemic” and most health authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the issue.’

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Food Supermarkets Should Have ‘Chemical X’ For The Amount of Chemicals In Foods They Sell



Street Democracy writes:

Our food supermarkets should come with a health warning.

They should be re-named ‘Chemical Aisle’ or ‘Chemical Alley’ to represent the amount of chemically laced, chemically flavoured and chemically based foods they sell in each and every aisle.


Each packet, each tin, each bag of foods has within itself a long list of strange names we often can’t even pronounce listed as ingredients within the food item.

The chemicals are added to help preserve foods for longer life, make them taste nicer and so on, but to the cost of our health, our lives and our families too.

If you want to combat obesity, then stop adding addictive chemically induced additives or preservatives, or flavouring enhancing chemicals into foods.


We are what we eat and we don’t wish for DNA damaging toxic rubbish to be the fundamental ingredient in our diets, but we have no choice.

We are enslaved and forced to endure total dis-empowerment to supermarket food giants who now control everything we eat and on a daily basis.

For more on our poor diets that are causing ill health and obesity click here for Politics.co.uk or continue reading:

Comment: If we don’t act now, obesity will overcome the NHS

Rob Flello: When it comes to obesity, time isn't something we have on our sideRob Flello: When it comes to obesity, time isn’t something we have on our side

Obesity will become a £50 billion a year problem within 30 years – and in the meantime, it could bankrupt the NHS.

Just look at the growing problem – a quarter of adults (26% of both men and women aged 16 or over) are obese; ‘morbid’ obesity is the UK’s fastest growing weight category; and we have one million more diabetics (together with all their health issues, and dramatic treatment costs) than we did just seven years ago.

Other countries are taking the long-term view, so why not us? Diabetes UK is to spend £2.4 million to establish if Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by weight loss (it looks like it can, in many cases); the EU has a nine billion euro programme across eight countries, to see if and/or how pre-diabetes can be halted in its tracks by curbing weight gain.

Tackling sleep apnoea, the ‘silent killer’, is going to be a big part of this. Almost certainly around 700,000 people in the UK suffer from sleep apnoea. It is heavily influenced by obesity, disrupts sleep and causes acute tiredness. More than 250 deaths are caused each year by tired drivers – around five every week – but this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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