Corporations pay American Council on Science and Health big money to push toxic products

Corporations pay American Council on Science and Health big money to push toxic products

newFriday 8th May 2015 at 06:57 By David Icke

‘A disgruntled faction of establishment scientists who claim to have a corner on scientific truth recently attempted (and failed) to unseat Dr. Mehmet Oz from his position as head of Columbia University’s Department of Surgery, maintaining that Dr. Oz shows “disdain for science” and promotes “quackery.” What these prideful fools aren’t divulging is the fact that they themselves are the true purveyors of quackery and anti-science, blatantly endorsing industry interests for pay under the guise of “science.”
As it turns out, four of ten co-signers of an embarrassingly pompous letter calling for Dr. Oz’s removal from Columbia are current or past employees of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), a corrupt industry front group that is financed by corporations like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Monsanto. Gilbert Ross, the acting president and executive director of ACSH, is actually a former felon who now has the gall to accuse Dr. Oz of nudging the medical profession towards disrepute.’
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Chipotle Bans GMOs; Media Goes into Full Propaganda Damage Control Mode

Chipotle Bans GMOs; Media Goes into Full Propaganda Damage Control Mode

newFriday 8th May 2015 at 07:00 By David Icke

‘Last week, folks who are particular about what they eat rejoiced that there was finally a place that they could go get a taco without being exposed to genetically modified organisms. Chipotle, the popular Mexican fast food chain, announced that their menu would be free of GMOs.
In an immediate paroxysm of denial, the corporate-funded media immediately went about bashing Chipotle for the company’s decision to provide consumers with a GMO-free option to the Big Agri/Big Food offerings out there.’
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The Vaccine Liberation Army

The Vaccine Liberation Army

newFriday 8th May 2015 at 08:54 By David Icke

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We don´t vaccinate! – The Myths and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns // TRAILER

We don´t vaccinate! – The Myths and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns // TRAILER

A comprehensive protection from dangerous diseases? Vaccinations are classed as the best protection that modern medicine has to offer. But there is increasing proof and indications that show that the dangers from which the vaccinations are supposed to protect us from, are totally disproportionate to the vaccines side effects.

VLA Comment:  “We Don’t Vaccinate” is a sensitive, expressive and discerning documentary. Rivetingly factual, it stays solely on the vaccine track tackling the contemporary vaccine issue like no other film before it. Out of Germany, the originating homeland of Merck & GlaxoSmithKline, Michael Leitner’s documentary, “We Don’t Vaccinate” deserves a widespread worldwide audience so that the mass hypnosis which allows these pharmaceutical companies to commit crimes against humanity can finally come to an end.

Fluoride Victory Updates (2015)

‘Heavy Chemtrail Spraying In My Town Over Easter, Left Hundreds Of People Ill’

‘Heavy Chemtrail Spraying In My Town Over Easter, Left Hundreds Of People Ill’

Denmark suspends fracking over ‘hazardous’ chemicals

Denmark suspends fracking over ‘hazardous’ chemicals

newFriday 8th May 2015 at 09:21 By David Icke

‘Denmark has suspended the first exploratory drilling for shale gas which lasted only one day after it discovered that French gas-giant Total, in charge of the project, had used “unauthorized” chemicals.
“They used a product that was not part of those authorized” for the procedure, Ture Falbe-Hansen, a Danish Energy Agency spokesman told AFP Wednesday.
The type of defoamer known as Null Foam is used in fracking to extract shale gas and is considered hazardous to the environment, according to Danish public broadcaster DR.’
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An Example of Rising Medical Tyranny: ‘Your Newborn Gets the Hep-B Shot or We Take Him!’

An Example of Rising Medical Tyranny: ‘Your Newborn Gets the Hep-B Shot or We Take Him!’

Street Democracy writes: 
Do we live in a ‘police medical state’?

Are we powerless to medical bullies setting a ruthless ‘forcing of vaccines’ expedition in our pathways?

A dark addiction to tyrannical power is unleashed by the medical profession. 
Threatening a new mother with ‘ripping’ her newborn from her, and have the ‘state’ take baby away or do as we say is beyond outrageously cruel!

These ‘evils’ are crippling ordinary people with deliberate inflictions of torment and anguish with sadistic inclinations just to give a vaccine that can be given later to the baby.
It’s the ‘mad scientist’ strategy, a soulless and rootless machine of some frenzy madness all wearing white coats with deranged eyes almost foaming at the mouth when you hear stuff like this.

Where is the humanity? Where is the humility?

Why do we experience a frowning scorn of such hostility by refusing vaccinations especially when parents have educated concerns.
We mustn’t stand in our usual stance of tolerance of such appalling mistreatment of our civic rights and freedom of choices.
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
newSunday 3rd May 2015 at 08:26 By David Icke

‘Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray had their baby delivered at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, and they had done some really thorough research to decide against allowing the Hep-B vaccination, which is often administered just after birth and repeated three times over the next six months.
They had announced their decision upon arriving at the hospital without any backlash from the hospital. Maybe they had seen this statement by Erdem I. Cantekin, PhD of University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine sent as an open letter to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):
There is no scientific evidence to justify HBV vaccination before the age when those risk factors associated with the HBV transmission (sex, needles, etc.) become relevant. Recent risk-benefit analysis show HBV vaccination among children carries one of the largest unjustified risks and substantial financial costs, second only to the new controversial conjugate pneumococcal vaccine.’
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As public celebrates Vermont GMO labeling, state quietly removes vaccine exemption

newSunday 3rd May 2015 at 07:03 By David Icke

‘Once cheered by advocates of genetically modified food labeling as being the first state in the country to require same, Vermont is now being vilified by some of those same Americans for quietly, under the radar, eliminating vaccine choice in the state.
As vaccine choice advocates focused like a laser beam on the fight in California against SB 477, a piece of legislation that would remove all religious and philosophical objections to vaccines and require them in order for the state’s children to be allowed to attend public and private schools (homeschoolers would still be exempt), the Vermont Senate passed a measure recently by a vote of 18-11 to remove vaccine objections from state law.’
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What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version) 

Street Democracy writes:  

It is more than ‘malevalent murmurs’ in our eyes and in the air. It is what Michael Murphy describes as ‘cognitive infiltration’.

It’s ‘unforewarned deception’ with a bitter fragrance of toxic chemicals we are breathing in, and our plants are too. The soil absorbs it, and our foods grow with this toxic substance, so we eat it also.

On television adverts to property programmes with lined clouds in the background with a suspicious lingering to socially condition unsuspected minds to change their perception on reality of our skies. 

To every one else it is a monstrosity of hell emerging in our airways. What are they spraying and why isn’t everyone screaming about this? 


Is it because what they are spraying is dumbing the creativity and abstract mind to passive disintegrating one?

These are geo engineering bullies, set in their own personalised and furious pathway for global governance by means of spraying and forcing medication upon us, to change us, to alter our consciousness our minds and realities.

We must accept and exercise our legitimate rage of spitting anger at such corporate hostility dirty geo engineering and I hope you watch this film and listen to Michael Murphy.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

 Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-03-2015) Geoengineering & Weather Modification:

Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Street Democracy writes: 
Monsanto, a psychopathic corporation is a ceaseless expansion of love abandoned living souls continuing to humiliate and dishonour earth to their exalted highest levels for profit, ownership and control of our planet.

A true burdensome heavy weight of ruthless sinister tactics to manipulate with their Monsanto gluttonous eyes at the sight of ravishment of earth. 

Monsanto are the bullies who have set a furious expedition of banded powers of evil to feast upon our wounded ecological system that is most precious.
Monsanto is a hostile take over and a complete shattering of our democracy, and an agenda for totalitarianism.

We witness a terrible array of ‘virtues failing’, that as the people, we feel powerless to defend ourselves and our planet because of or corrupt capitalist brutal system of control.
Our voices are deemed criminal, and we are criminalised for daring to speak.
Isn’t this the reason for such fierce encounters by protesters who demonstrate because our corporate governmental administration system ignores the individual causing legitimate but inextinguishable rage and frustration of the public?
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
newFriday 1st May 2015 at 08:33 By David Icke

‘Natural Society reported on organic farmer Steve Marsh’s dilemma with GMO cross pollination of his organic farms a while back, but some shocking news has recently bubbled to the surface about Monsanto’s involvement.
One of the secrets of monopolizing Monsanto is that it contributed big bucks to the defense of the Australian farmer whose GMO canola crop infected Steve Marsh’s organic fields. If you aren’t privy, a ruling by the Supreme Court of Western Australia had no sympathy for Steve Marsh’s plight, and sided in favor of Michael Baxter and Monsanto.
“An organic farmer in Western Australia lost his bid to claim damages from a neighbour after genetically modified (GMO) canola seed heads blew on to his property, causing him to lose his licence as an organic grower.”’
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Disbelief over state plan to spray neurotoxin into oyster beds

newFriday 1st May 2015 at 08:41 By David Icke

‘As a retired nuclear power-plant operator, Ross Barkhurst, 70, is by no means an environmentalist. In fact he spent his career clashing with them.
But even he’s shocked by what just got approved in our supposedly green Washington state: They’re going to use crop-dusting helicopters to spray into the oyster beds of Willapa Bay a neurotoxic pesticide that has a warning right on the bottle: “Do not apply directly to water.”
“I’m no greenie, but this state’s going to make one out of me yet,” says Barkhurst, who lives on Willapa Bay, near South Bend. “They have no idea what this is going to do to the ecosystem. Their program is ‘spray and hope.’”’
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Geoengineering & Weather Modification Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-03-2015)

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-03-2015) Geoengineering & Weather Modification

Street Democracy writes: 

Geo engineering is the deliberate mass scale intervention of Earth’s natural ecological system to change it, to create climate change. 

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a US military defence complex and program to weaponise their defence program for the ultimate control.

During the illegal war enterance of Iraq, what was noticable was a massive sandstorms making it hard for the locals to defend themselves. 


You have to ask, was this weather done deliberately? They can send electro magnetic energy to devastate nations. They can create earthquakes, tsunami’s, droughts and volcanic desruption. (Look what is happening to our planet at the moment.)

Easy to destablise a nation with one bad weather hit.

This can create easier access to invade if the nation is suffering from mass killings and upheaval like a flooding as a major distraction.

With steerable electronic magnetic warfare agendas, the purpose could be to burn the skin off armies across a landscape, or blind a rowdy crowd, mainly the criminalisation of protesters so you can see where this is going.

This is global governance and total global military control of the people. It can swing weather modifications to alter organic weather patterns creating droughts. 

Droughts!..Now we focus on California. Droughts creates profits. It is frightening to think we’ll witness a hostile take over by corporate oligarchs who’ll decide who gets water and who doesn’t.

Water becomes a scarce product raising prices which corporations rub their hands with glee. 

It also causes a one world government (NWO) as there is a need for global management to feed the world with natural resources which private corporations will be only to happy to manage. 

I hope you click to listen to Popeye, he is a good communicator and his guest speaker doesn’t just love the sound of his voice, he has an important message for us about Geoengineering.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-03-2015) Geoengineering & Weather Modification

Ask your candidates to sign the Frack Free promise!

Ask your candidates to sign the Frack Free promise!

No Fracking in Balcombe Society (No FiBs)

27 Apr 2015 — Friends of the Earth have created a site where, nationwide, candidates can publicly pledge their opposition to fracking. Ask your local candidates to sign up! You can do this quickly and easily via the link below.

By bringing up the issue of fracking with our candidates we can hope that our concern gets fed back up the various parties to HQ. Perhaps leadership of all parties will have a greater awareness that fracking is a vote loser. Ask your candidates to sign the frack free promise: you have attended a local hustings, as we have both in Horsham and Haywards Heath, you’d see energy issues are high on the agenda. The Conservatives and UKIP continue to think fracking is a necessary way forward. Why, we ask?

A report recently released by doctors and health professionals states: ‘the cumulative impact of many wells can lead to a high level of risk to human health…Emissions of NOx, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde, benzene, particulate matter and ozone are the more significant airborne hazards associated with fracking…exposure to diesel fumes or to silica may also cause various conditions and diseases. As well as catalysing development of ground level ozone, methane can combine with particulate matter to form gas field haze which is linked to respiratory disease and other harms.’ (p.14 ‘Health and Fracking’ Medact) Fracking is therefore, harmful to both health and the environment. Find the Medact report below: