EXCLUSIVE: Ed Miliband’s Father Fighting Alongside ISIS Militants in Iraq by Tom Pride

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Miliband’s Father Fighting Alongside ISIS Militants in Iraq

by Tom Pridemiliband isis

Exclusive footage of militant Islamic fighters in Iraq have revealed that Labour leader Ed Miliband’s father is fighting alongside Islamic militants in Iraq.

In this photograph, unpatriotic Ralph Miliband can clearly be seen cutting the head of a Christian baby and eating it while waving a AK-45 rifle and shouting “Allahu Akbar”:


The Labour leader’s father can also be seen desecrating the war graves of British soldiers with the blood of scores of puppies he has boiled alive.

And in a secretly recorded conversation with his son, we can reveal how Ed’s father admits he hates Marmite.

Next Week: Ten Cute Puppies Tortured To Death By Ed Miliband’s Uncle


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Michael Meacher’s Speech on Benefit Sanctions



Benefit agents up and down the UK, at Job centres blindly follow a psychopathic agenda of demonisatioin towards the poorest with no empathy.

Street Democracy writes: 

We have witnessed a ‘punishing state’ emerge for the working poor, the  unemployed, those unable to contribute to full-time employment.

We have witnessed on a colossal scale, the demonisation towards the disabled poor, with seemingly no concerns or empathy.

We have witnessed a dark sinister agenda based on ‘out of touch’ political concepts, filled with commanding dialogues and the administration of ‘evil in print’ towards the poor in general, especially recipients of welfare benefit.


A system of demonisation towards the most vulnerable, discriminating against disabled people, social housing tenants, those unable to work and pay taxes!

Benefit claimants have been heavily sanctioned and socially demonised with great efforts to expel them from mainstream society as social burdens or some form of social annoyance to divide communities further with the blame game.

With a Tory ‘siege mentality’ they have clawed back most vital and very important essential monies from the poorest with some of the most psychopathic, no empathy or compassionate ideologies being localised by benefit agents up and down the UK.

They have created a mind-set that used to allow the poor to have the cheapest of items, which was acceptable, but now is socially an outrage to have if you are on benefits.


Literally local authorities, benefit agents do not question whether policies are helpful or harmful but dutifully administer them regardless. In this case, they aid in localising suppression.

It was socially acceptable to be able to buy shoes, to buy (cheap) furniture for the home, to buy your children clothes and get their hair cut. Now it is seen as how dare you on taxpayers ‘expense afford any necessities never mind luxuries, cheap or not.

Even if you save your benefits it’s not seen as heroic to scrimp and save any more.

Its got to the stage that Tory philosophy has placed a wedge within communities of blame, name and shame the benefit claimant as the reason of hardship for everyone else in your community.


Why is it MP’s sit above the law. This is serious gross miscarriage of justice. The Tory demonisation is strictly for the poor and lower classes.

Not the grossly disproportionate wealth economy, not the wealthy hoarding hundreds of thousands of acres of land causing land scarcity for everyone else.

No one is arresting the MP’s who fiddle their expenses from the tax payer like Maria Miller MP. £90,000 is a large sum of money and any one else would be imprisoned for financial fraud, deception and theft.

A diabolical shattering of social democracy for us ‘ordinary’ citizens while the wealthy ruling elites sit on top of the law for how many MP’s have been caught fiddling expenses and therefore guilty of theft and do not get punished for it?

Too many to name that’s how many!


It depends whether you want the poor dying on British streets or to have a safety net they can rely upon. Help physically and mentally to achieve a healthy community.


Not the gluttonous wealth disparity between the few concentrated wealthy elites and every body else receiving little.

No it is to be seen as the poor have caused the economic failures, the housing crisis if you are social housing tenant and dare hoard space of 6ft x 6ft as the bedroom tax sanctions indicates.

The Tory spirit of the age has caused serious impoverishment and financial destitution as punishment towards the poor.


Treating the unemployed as garbage isn’t helpful, treating them as a social deviant isn’t creating healthy minded individuals but impeding legitimate frustration instead.


A very wrong mentality to have that solve’s nothing but causes unmeasurable social psychological and community harm and only a most unprofessional government would even consider such a ruthless psychopathic, merciless tactic upon any society, never mind their own.

It is good to have Michael Meacher MP stand up for the poor as the Tories have silenced them with a catastrophic blow to democracy at grass root level.

To hear one MP that disagrees with the Tories methodology on the ‘Benefit Sanctions’ click here to read  or continue reading:

All pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

Steve Bell 28.09.2012

The wealth disparity is larger than ever. Austerity measures for the poor, prosperity for the rich is the Tory ‘spirit of the age’.


Michael Meacher’s Speech on Benefit Sanctions

There was a backbench debate in the House of Commons today on the DWP’s use of benefit sanctions. The official line is that claimants are only ever sanctioned if they are not doing what is required of them to either find work or prepare for work. The strong suspicion however is that sanctions are being used primarily to get people off benefits. Labour MP Michael Meacher opened the debate with a speech in which he gave numerous examples of where claimants have been sanctioned through no fault of their own, and highlighted the impact this can have on people’s lives. Here is the text of the first part of his speech (fromHansard):

“I beg to move,

That this House notes that there have been many cases of sanctions being wrongfully applied to benefit recipients; and call on the Government to review the targeting, severity and impact of such sanctions…

…From the evidence that I have collected from my constituency surgery, Citizens Advice, YMCA, the excellent Work and Pensions Committee report on this issue and the Library, it is abundantly clear that the standards that the DWP likes to claim always apply in sanctioning cases far too often certainly do not. I wish to cite a number of cases drawn directly from those sources.

A security guard at a jobcentre turned away a man with learning disabilities who had arrived 20 minutes early to sign on. The man then returned two minutes late to sign on and had his JSA sanctioned for 4 weeks.

A man was sanctioned for four weeks because he had not known about an appointment as the letter had been sent to an address that he had left a year ago, even though Jobcentre Plus was aware of his current address.

A woman claiming employment and support allowance had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had given the back-to-work scheme provider a list of her hospital appointments. She was sanctioned for failing to attend an appointment on the middle day of her three-day hospital stay. The woman had two daughters but her ESA was reduced to £28 a week. She asked for reconsideration, but had heard nothing five weeks later.

A woman was sanctioned for failing to attend provider-led training when the receptionist had rung to tell her not to come in because the trainer was ill. She was subsequently told that she should have attended to sign the attendance register.

A woman whose ESA was sanctioned had her benefit reduced from £195 to less than £50 per fortnight because she missed a back-to-work scheme appointment owing to illness. Her sister had rung two days beforehand to say that she could not attend and arranged another date, when she did attend.

An epileptic man had his JSA sanctioned for four weeks because he did not attend a back-to-work scheme meeting as his two-year old daughter was taken ill and he was her sole carer that day. He rang the provider in advance, but was told this would still have to be noted as “did not attend”. During the four-week sanction he suffered hunger, hardship, stress and an increase in epileptic attacks, but he was not told about hardship payments or food banks or how to appeal the sanction decision.

Lastly, a man in Yorkshire and Humber was sanctioned for allegedly failing to attend back-to-work scheme events. He had in fact attended, and the provider had no record of any failures. His hardship request was not processed, his housing benefit was stopped, and he fell into rent arrears and had no money for food, gas or electricity.

These are not isolated or exceptional cases.”

There seems to be the beginnings of a bit of cross-party opposition to the DWP’s behavior with regards to sanctions, and I believe an independent review into their use is under way. While I don’t expect it to result in huge change, if it ultimately means fewer sanctions, then some good will have been done.

 For original posting click here.

£10 a month to use NHS-£20 a night to stay in hospital! I Thought Taxes Paid For This?

Call for £10 a month fee to use NHS and £20 a night to stay in hospital: Former Labour health minister says out-of-date service needs the cash


To be aware of dirty rotten governmental sinister agendas are behind every move made over the NHS

Street Democracy writes:

I thought our UK heavy taxation (Income Tax) paid for the NHS? 

This is another game, another false flag to upset the apple cart over the NHS to cause more friction and more agitation over it.

Clearly these funds are not heading to where they are meant to be heading, straight into the heart and soul of our NHS.


Corrupt capitalist’s greedy, economic gluttonous, venal politicians will steer in any direction to crash our NHS and privatise it!

Our National Health Service is clearly and deliberately being under funded which is one way to crash it and have an emotional plea by the public to privatise it.

However, for now they wish to bleed the public dry and rest assure this strategy won’t work either.

It is a deliberate plan to spark a very angry paying public as once it leaves the purse strings of the citizen it is out of their hands as to where it goes. 


What a good plan and now Labour think tanks feel the same!

It isn’t about the money, as I feel there is plenty around to comfortably fund the NHS and respectfully pay the nurses for their quality and loyalty.

It is about how the money gets spent and what avenues are allowed to flow with cash.

We have venal politicians who want to privatise the NHS and will try every conceivable method known to encourage and force the public to accept this preferred scheme.


Unscrupulous politicians couldn’t care less about the NHS.

Even by deliberately blocking the vital life supply of much needed cash to starve certain avenues within the NHS.

Shutting A&E, maternity wards and not buying the equipment needed to save lives. Their conscience is a dark place.

It is also another way of privatising the NHS as this sounds like a forced insurance plan, of pay up or you can’t enter the grounds of the NHS, never mind use it’s medical health care inside.

How about getting the corporate tax dodgers to cough up what they owe in taxes?


I guess capping excessive salaries is too much to expect?

Of course the poor families won’t be able to use the NHS. Their child won’t be able to stay over night and this will exclude the poor causing serious repercussions of health and stability, over medical issues needing urgent treatment.

This will be a gateway for Social Services to enforce powers of abducting children from innately decent families because of poverty issues and accuse of medically neglecting their child or pay the huge NHS bill.

It is beyond outrageous and it is about time full transparency was shown over where Income Tax, of which I hear it is 31% per UK citizen in employment, actually travels too.

For more on our corrupt government, wanting to steal more money from the taxpayer, while they privatise our NHS by deliberately underfunding it, click here:

Call for £10 a month fee to use NHS and £20 a night to stay in hospital: Former Labour health minister says out-of-date service needs the cash

‘Everyone should pay a £10-a-month fee to use the NHS, according to a former Labour health minister.

Lord Warner called for the levy to be paid before anyone could benefit from free treatment. Patients should also be charged £20 for every night they stay in hospital, he added.

He said the controversial measures would prevent a financial crisis in the Health Service, which is struggling to meet the needs of the increasingly ageing, unhealthy population.

There is rising concern that the NHS is running out of money and will soon have to resort to charging patients or rationing common treatments.’

Read more: Call for £10 a month fee to use NHS and £20 a night to stay in hospital: Former Labour health minister says out-of-date service needs the cash


High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

‘One of Britain’s most senior judges actively campaigned to support a vile paedophile group that tried to legalise sex with children, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Lord Justice Fulford, named last year as an adviser to the Queen, was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which police suspect of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’.

An investigation by the Mail on Sunday has discovered that Fulford was a founder member of a campaign to defend PIE while it was openly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four.’

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Comrade Calamity: Union thuggery. Financial scandals. And now his links to child sex abuse. Throughout his life, Mr Harriet Harman has got things SO wrong

‘In response to the Mail’s shocking reports about the past links between paedophile activists and the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), in which Dromey was a leading figure, he has behaved like the old union boss he used to be, making his noisy protests and playing the victim card.

The Mail’s stories, he declares, are nothing but ‘a smear’ and ‘a new low in journalism’, as he shows not the slightest shame about the affiliation of the Paedophile Information Exchange to the NCCL at a time when he was not only an executive member but also the civil rights organisation’s chairman.

Dromey even attended the notorious meeting of the NCCL executive in February 1976 that agreed to push for the age of consent to be lowered to just ten — although he has made it clear he did not agree with the proposal.’

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War Criminal Tony Blair Funds Labour’s Loosing Donations

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2573735/Tony-Blair-make-large-donation-Labour-party-plug-party-finances.html#ixzz2vBWuITBf


Street Democracy writes:

Death money, blood money, corrupt capitalist money or gluttonous greed money, when ever money comes from Tony War Criminal Blair it is beyond dark and sinister, it is sadistic and murderous and should never be touched.

This lights up the dirt of the epicentre of our political governing body, right in the heart of Westminster, we have legalised killers who have orchestrated some of the most savage deaths on a massive scale play a major role in British politics.


Tony Blair walk’s freely in a highly guarded, tightly controlled, mass security and heavy policing and yet he has committed genocide upon the people of Iraq.

He has blood on his hands every where he goes, it really makes no sense how he is never arrested, questioned even, nothing.

This traitorous man should face many life sentences and quash his thirst for blood lusting death dealing politics for Tony Blair is a psychopath, a walking virus of the psychologically deranged.

He turned British politics into a brutal killing machine to slaughter human beings for illegal land grabbing and theft of the natural resources of oil.


He lied about weapons of mass destruction, he, Tony Blair, is the most hated and despised man in Britain and if Labour had any sense they would drop him.

For more on the genocidal maniac Tony Blair giving blood money to Labour click here or continue reading: War Criminal Tony Blair Funds Labour’s Loosing Donations Pictures displayed from Street Democracy.


Tony Blair is preparing to make a large donation to the Labour Party as it struggles to build up its election fighting fund.

The former Prime Minister, whose personal fortune is estimated in tens of millions of pounds, is in talks with Ed Miliband’s officials  about making a major contribution to party coffers.

The Daily Mail understands from friends of Mr Blair that he is in discussions about the ‘various ways he can best continue to support the Labour Party’. Providing cash would be one of the most welcome.

However Labour activist Jon Lansman said the party should not accept money from Mr Blair – who has accepted contracts from questionable regimes around the world – saying it was ‘not the cleanest’ in politics.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2573735/Tony-Blair-make-large-donation-Labour-party-plug-party-finances.html#ixzz2vBWuITBf

Now say sorry! Ex-Yard chief calls on Labour trio to admit backing paedophilia was a ‘huge mistake’

‘Three senior Labour figures were under mounting pressure last night to apologise for supporting a vile group campaigning to legalise child sex. Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, her husband, home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey, and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt all held key roles in the National Council for Civil Liberties. The left-wing human rights organisation built extraordinary links with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange during the 1970s and 80s, yet the trio refuse to comment on the NCCL’s activities or apologise for them.’

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Fifty Labour amendments to kill Bill for EU referendum

Fifty Labour amendments to kill Bill for EU referendum

‘David Cameron’s plan to give the public a vote on membership of the European Union could be defeated within weeks after Labour peers tabled dozens of outlandish amendments that could halt its progress in Parliament.

More than 50 amendments were tabled for the committee stage of the EU Referendum Bill, including holding a petition of a million voters, posing the questions in Cornish and giving prisoners the vote, the Telegraph has learnt.

As a private member’s Bill, it has a limited time to pass through Parliament. It can only be debated on Fridays and must be approved by both houses by February 28.’

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They Laugh in the Face of Austerity: MP’s Give Themselves 11% Pay Rise



Street Democracy writes:

It is painfully obvious our politicians lie with style, lie with ignorance and lie in the face of citizens struggling to survive as they give themselves a massive pay rise.

With their inherent disconnectedness, their over sized cocooned wealth at a nauseating level our MP’s give themselves a pat on the back for a bad job done well and pay themselves another salary on top of their original over sized already salary. 481002_338284296299620_114323926_n

They must be laughing all the way to their second or third bank accounts.

There is clearly a weakness of public power, public opinion and social democracy as I am sure the people said ‘no’ to this obscene nerve as pensioners freeze in the cold, as students clock up ungraspable debt, as disabled people fear life on benefits.


Our central government’s expression is of dominance, and the people to them are just some social annoyance that they just kick back down as these aristocrats steal more wealth from the people. It is beyond outrageous.

Our government are corrupt, who hold corrupt policies and take from the people while seriously underserving them. Citizenship just means aggravation these morally bankrupt ruling elite can do without.


It is clear our British Government is a rapacious oligarch class of unmeasurable wealth and now they award themselves more.

For more on this bare face deception, lie and disgrace to democracy click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.1378703_613337442064147_1666671474_n

An obligatory £7,600 pay rise is expected to be given to MPs this week – despite the furious objections of all three party leaders.

The Commons pay watchdog is expected to cause public outrage by pressing ahead with an 11 per cent hike, which David Cameron previously described as ‘unthinkable’.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority will sign off on an increase in MPs’ salaries from £66,396 to £74,000 – and try to defuse criticism by toughening its crackdown on perks such as taxis and hotels.

But even though Nick Clegg has said that MPs should decide themselves whether to take the increase, and Ed Miliband has vowed to cancel it if he wins the next Election, the watchdog made clear last night that MPs would not be able to turn down the rise.

‘It is automatic,’ a source explained. ‘If they want to, they can give it to a stray cats home, that’s up to them.’

Under the system set up in response to the expenses scandal, MPs no longer have the right to vote on – or veto – what IPSA recommends.

The watchdog first floated the idea of the rise in July, saying it should take effect at the start of the next Parliament in 2015.

Two Face Double Speakn Labour ..Again! Labour: We’ll scrap benefits for under 25s


‘People under the age of 25 would be barred from claiming unemployment benefits under proposals being considered by the Labour Party. The Institute for Public Policy Research will publish a paper later this week proposing a new means-tested “youth allowance” for 18 to 24-year olds who are not in work or education. Only those who prove they are in “purposeful” training or carrying out an “intensive” job search would be eligible for the allowance, the group will say. The allowance would be dependent on family income, with the children of parents earning more than £25,000 a year unable to claim it, the IPPR will suggest.’

Read more …

Number Of Sick And Disabled Wrongly Declared ‘Fit For Work’ Far Higher Than Previously Thought, Says Labour MP

‘The Government has been accused of ‘fiddling figures‘ after it was revealed that the number of sick and disabled people wrongly declared ‘fit for work’, following an Atos Work Capability Assessment (WCA), could be much higher than previously thought.

The revelation comes after a question to the Tory Minister Esther McVey from Labours Sheila Gilmore MP (pictured) in September of this year, at which time McVey was the Minister of State for Disabled People.

Gilmore raised concerns about the accuracy of figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in relation to the number of successful Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claims.’

Read more: Number Of Sick And Disabled Wrongly Declared ‘Fit For Work’ Far Higher Than Previously Thought, Says Labour MP

Ed Millibands Letter: An Empty Promise To Scrap Bedroom Tax or Just A Little Too Late?

From: Ed Miliband <onenationpolitics@labour.org.uk>
Date: 16 November 2013 07:02:51 GMT@mx_450

Hi Richard

There’s no place for the cruelty of the bedroom tax in Britain today.

The next Labour government will repeal the bedroom tax. It is one part of my bigger commitment to you: to build an economy that works for all working people, not just a privileged few.

Labour will always stand up for those who need it, support working people, and speak out against powerful interests.

If you share our vision for a better politics and a better economy — and if you want to live in a society with no place for the bedroom tax — I’d like to invite you to do something to help make it happen.

Help kick out the Tories at the next election and show your support for a fairer, better Britain: donate to the Labour Party now.

Our party is committed to building a brand new politics, one with working people at its heart.

Across the country, we’re helping grow a movement of people like you who want to live in a Britain better for all. More than 100 full-time Labour organisers are already working in communities from Dundee to Plymouth, helping local residents fight for change.

Not only is our election campaign going to be run by local communities, but it’s going to be the first in UK political history to be funded by the people. So, want to make history with us, Richard W.?

Say you’re in: donate £10 now — or whatever you can — to help Britain get a government that will repeal the bedroom tax and build a fair, thriving economy.

Thanks for playing your part,

Ed place for the bedroom tax — I’d like to invite you to do something to help make it happen.

Help kick out the Tories at the next election and show your support for a fairer, better Britain: donate to the Labour Party now.

Our party is committed to building a brand new politics, one with working people at its heart.

Across the country, we’re helping grow a movement of people like you who want to live in a Britain better for all. More than 100 full-time Labour organisers are already working in communities from Dundee to Plymouth, helping local residents fight for change.

Not only is our election campaign going to be run by local communities, but it’s going to be the first in UK political history to be funded by the people. So, want to make history with us, Richard W.?

Say you’re in: donate £10 now — or whatever you can — to help Britain get a government that will repeal the bedroom tax and build a fair, thriving economy.

Thanks for playing your part,


Street Democracy writes:

More of a sales pitch for advertising Labour, is the problem with this letter.

Ed Milliband wants your vote, that’s it. Same old, same old.

The putrid bedroom tax has eviscerated social housing tenants for over 7 months, effecting over 660,000 families and individuals up and down the country. It was played around in the public domain silently for a good 12 months prior to April 2013.

Why didn’t Labour cough up something then against the bedroom tax?

So Labour have had 19 months to embarrass the Tories, especially if they had opposed it publicly last year when the Tories drew this aggressive housing policy out of the bag as silently as they could.

No one said anything.

I see no political hero on the people’s side in our government. No political Rambo’s throwing serious weight in the House of Commons, because there is no one.  Voter apathy is at it’s strongest. (See: Apathy? Alienation? How ‘disengaged’ four in ten voters reject ALL parties)6069_484931128186343_538731503_n

Impoverish social housing tenants desperately trying to survive anyway, are now broken people in financial ruin, dispossessed people who cannot rise economically from the turmoil the aristocratic Tory government has unleashed.

Ed Milliband, you are weak.