They Are Trying Every Dirty ‘Fracking’ Trick To Get Our Lands-Even Changing Laws!

Trespass law overhauled to make it easier for frackers: Firms will be able to access underground gas without asking landowners for permission


When do we realise commerce is the ‘extinction button’ and capitalism is helping ‘Earth’s’ early premature death along at great speed.

Street Democracy writes:

In some form of sick and twisted diabolical brilliance, the dark sinister foundations of our government are trying every conceivable way to get hold of our sacred lands, even by changing law to suit them.

To re-shape law so it is clear no one actually owns the land under your home.

To distort law so trespassing gets overhauled for fracking purposes.


Hydraulic fracturing is an aggressive manner to extract anything from earth, but especially using highly toxic chemicals to do so. Fracking is the extinction button these gluttonous companies are willing to press.

To give way for corporate giants to just steam in, and rip up the land for the industrialisation of fracking right under your home.

The distortion is dirty as fracking is harmful to our planet. 

We face legions of faceless and nameless bureaucratic corrupt sterile Tory ‘think tanks’ who work out every possible way to push fracking ahead and where we the citizen have no choices.

It is bureaucratic harassment, and the ecological death, the murdering of our planet is pushed to one side.


We cannot allow a colossal size, mass industrialisation of fracturing our lands with highly toxic chemicals, it is beyond insanity to even think about it.


They refuse to see its destruction, for the profits of gain out weigh the cost of earth and her precious lands and our quality of survival.

Her ecology, her bio-diversity, her health already sore and wounded.

Earth’s death zones spiralling out of control in some form of splendid isolation as some corporations even find her death zones as source for wealth accumulation.

Our Tory government is full of two faced, psychopathic diseased minded venal politicians with a rapacious appetite for their gluttonous greed and financial returns of the fracking industry.

Flammabe tapwater fracking gasland

This picture depicts just one form of environmental disaster amongst the many issues surrounding fracking.

The battles are fierce between innately decent citizens and corporate greed and destruction where the war against fracking is vast.

We in Crawley, West Sussex have our local MP who is sympathetic towards fracking.

Henry Smith Tory MP of Crawley is encouraging moves of industrialising fracking, but then I find Tory politicians and local Councillors tend to spit out what the Tory government say anyway.


Henry Smith Tory MP-supported ATOS-supports the bedroom tax, supports the raising of student fees and feels fracking is good for the economy. He is morally bankrupt with no deep or meaningful soul.

There appears little individual thought and independence within any of these political parties but regurgitation.

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Trespass law overhauled to make it easier for frackers: Firms will be able to access underground gas without asking landowners for permission

‘Fracking firms will be allowed to access vast reserves of underground gas without the permission of landowners under controversial laws being drawn up by the Government.

Ministers are preparing an overhaul of trespass legislation to make it easier for firms to ignore objections.

One source said the reform, which will infuriate anti-fracking campaigners, was likely to be included in the Queen’s Speech setting out the Government’s plans for its final year.’

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Fracking operations may start in Pennsylvania against landowners’ will

‘An energy company is hoping to use a little-used, 53-year-old Pennsylvania law in order to launch a fracking operation on land even if landowners oppose the action.

The incident revolves around a potential oil and gas site in New Bedford, Pennsylvania, where four landowners have refused to sign leases authorizing a new drilling operation by Texas-based Hilcorp Energy.

According to the company, 99 percent of the area’s landowners have signed leases permitting the operation in exchange for cash and royalties, but the holdouts – representing 35 of the 3,267 acres in limbo – have been adamant in their refusal to budge.’

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Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief

Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief


Street Democracy writes:

A ‘1984’ busy bodies dream.

She’ll be curtain twitching and shouting across the street how badly she thinks of you, and how your children are always noisy, moving, running around, unruly.

Or the family who hate you will be casting out  plenty of evil dispersion’s, degrading views about you, whether true or not. A single parent trying their best to heal their sick and crying child will get a referral from the new SS, Social Services from so called ‘concerned neighbours’.


This is the beginnings of an ‘Orwellian State’ this is the ‘1984’ that George Orwell wrote about.

Our communities with live in community prison guards, watching, waiting and anticipating your mistakes where they’ll be ready to report. We will live in an ‘open prison’ community, a punishing community of hefty punishments for all mistakes, no matter how trivial.


This is spreading a diseased consciousness into society, to report everyone and anyone, for not walking straight, for coughing too much, for visiting the doctor too many times, for how can you be a ‘good parent’ if you are sick?

Payments for neighbours to spy and overtly report their findings will show a display of exaggerated claims, inaccurate assumptions and humiliating and degrading impertinent questioning of authorities.


Interfering busy bodies making crude judgements and given permission to humiliate a peaceful family who may struggle from time to time. Who may have financial worries, doesn’t make them bad parents but will to ill informed judgemental poisonous snoops out to cause harm.

The jealous neighbour who deep down resents their neighbours could make life very difficult for who ever they attack. tyranny-slaves-300x258

Are we to be guilty unless we have been investigated?

Are we to be presumed bad parents unless we have a Social Services Certificate hanging up at our windows?

Soon we won’t be able to breath without an expert telling us not to do so in near your child in case you breath an illness on to them. Soon you won’t be able to change a nappy without someone shouting ‘abuse’!


Is this a healthy society to you?

It sounds like turning our communities into a place of hardship, an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment of others.

It is turning a good citizen into a prison guard, turning our society in to a gulag state, a prison camp where no one is your friend, no one trusts anyone, everyone is snitching on everyone, and no freedom can ever be had.

For more on the Orwellian State of control, click here: Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief or continue reading.

‘Teachers and social workers have a responsibility to tell some people they are “bad parents”, the chief inspector of schools and social care has insisted.

Sir Michael Wilshaw called for an army of “good citizens” to be given financial incentives to wake problem families up in the morning and make sure the children are fed and sent to school.

The former inner-city headmaster who is now the Ofsted chief, also told MPs that there was “undoubtedly” a link between family breakdown and the neglect and abuse of children.’

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Out Of Touch With Hot Disdain For Poor: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain

Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain


Street Democracy writes:

As Iain Duncan Smith breathes in the decay of the social and financial disorder he has caused for many of the poorest as he still continues to stumble over upon his complete ignorance of poverty.

This is ‘entropy’ the deliberate running down, the degradation of the benefit claimant by purposeful intent by government.

His death-dealing politics is a success in bringing down the lives of much-loved family members, through no fault of their own and guilty of needing the safety net, to help them exist in such a cut throat harsh world.1394182_522053177878676_7145944_n-1Watching a biased, staged propaganda program like ‘Benefit Street’ has swayed IDS out of touch, far right judgement as fit for purpose when it is far removed and completely divorced from reality.

He has blood on his hands and death follows him around as he mercilessly closes his eyes to the savage and heavy weight financial sanctions he unleashes to people on benefits.


Poverty is the rape of the mind, the destruction of the family, fracturing communities and causing an unhealthy society.

It is a serious weapon of imminent death and IDS uses gun shot polices such as this to eradicate the statistics on his sheet.

Staged propaganda and stereo typical characters of the poor have fuelled the system of punishment further, causing a ‘punishing State’ for anyone daring now to be on benefits.


I am aware of undesirables in the poor sector of society, equally as I am aware of the criminal elites in the upper sector of our society, both have hand outs from the tax payers, yet one is penalised more for trying to survive.

However, it must be pointed out that many innate decent people are on benefits. They do not apply their life to the black market, they do not smoke or drink, and do not part take in drug taking.


These are the benefit people never mentioned, the majority who have legitimate reasons, but the ones that have questionable characters are the ones highlighted and put in the spotlight to show their dirt.

Now the demonization of benefit claimants is almost complete.

Just a few more bad characters who claim to make the headlines and society who walk with their ‘eyes wide shut’ will hate the welfare state benefit system and kindly demand the government stop all forms of payments.

We are witnessing a diseased controlled consciousness of ruling elite think tanks, of aristocratic blood lines, orchestrating the spread of this disease to enter the public sphere and turn a caring society into a ruthless, cold-hearted one like them.

For more on this click here: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain or continue reading.

‘The Coalition’s welfare reforms will “make Britain great again”, Iain Duncan Smith will say, after the Bank of England suggested for the first time that benefits curbs are pushing people back into work.

In a speech that seeks to build on “extraordinary” jobless figures, the Work and Pensions Secretary will promise to end the “twilight world” of entire communities that are reliant on benefits.

The Conservatives will put further welfare changes at the heart of the 2015 election manifesto, Mr Duncan Smith will say, as he mounts a renewed attack on Labour for creating “unnecessary fear” over his reforms. He will warn of the hidden “ghettos” of long-term unemployment that still exist and will pledge to transform lives by “lifting people up”.’ Read more: Iain Duncan Smith: I’ll stop Benefits Street Britain

So this is “lifting people up’ is it? Woman told to find work is in a COMA

‘A mentally ill woman forced on to the Coalition’s Work Programme is in a coma – but is still being sent letters by benefits assessors.

Bipolar patient Sheila Holt, 47, was sectioned in December after being taken off Income Support. Days later she had a heart attack and fell into the coma.

This weekend, Miss Holt, of Rochdale, Gtr Manchester, was sent a letter by Atos to ask why she was not working.’ Read more …


Don’t think about what’s happening to Britain – or you may have to get out and vote


‘Do not get sick.

Don’t fall over, don’t have an accident at work, don’t catch a bug. Try not to get old.

Don’t be single. Don’t be bereaved. Don’t be depressed.

Woe betide if you are weak, if you were born disabled or disadvantaged, if a limb doesn’t work properly or your organs need fixing.

Pray that your parents are healthy and wealthy; that your children are robust and bright; that your employer never hits hard times.’

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Sorry, David Blunkett – but Russell Brand has a point

‘Here’s a little prediction. At the next election, millions of people will not vote. They will be, on average, poorer than those who do. And it will not be Russell Brand’s fault, or Will Self’s fault, or their own fault. The fault lies with a political élite that is – with some wonderful exceptions – woefully unrepresentative, lacking in understanding of bread-and-butter issues, and pushing an ideology that kicks people at the bottom while shoving wealth and power into the hands of people at the top.

I have to say this because the former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett has suggested that the likes of Brand and Self are a “disgrace” for encouraging people not to vote. At the last election, there was a 20 per cent gap in turn-out between poorer voters and professional middle-class voters, and that was before Brand’s intervention. It gets worse with every election. Politics seems abstract, completely removed from everyday life, another planet. And that is sad.’ Read more …


The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions

The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions


Street Democracy writes:

They want Africa, minus the masses of black African’s.

They are working towards disposing the many African’s but maybe just keep enough to work the cogs of their dirty corrupt, oil corporate machines.

These elites are the whores of Babylon, completely parasitical in nature and foaming at the mouth over profits, wealth creation and mass land take over.

They want Africa for their own back garden as their own lands.

They have been biologically weaponising vaccines for ever to reduce the populations, to disease the people of life and free up the land.


These sick and twisted ruling elites have no empathy for the black African and have propagandised to create war torn situations of division, civil war and unrest.

Divide and conquer is an old method these psychopathic corporate whores know too well and it never fails.

Manufactured wars are both experimental, depopulation programmes, money making death machines from death squads of governments all over the so called civilised world.


War clears precious lands so soldiers are the corporate land grabbers. They legalise murder on a mass scale, genocide, to land create for corporate intervention and move in.

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South Sudan, which contains vast oil reserves, borders Ethopia, Uganda, Kenya, Central African ‘Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Spread of its crisis would further destabilize a significant part of Africa. Clearly, Western-style “democratic elections,” the panacea touted by Western agencies such as National Endowment for Democracy, and related Western NGOs, have not only failed to provide stability and enhanced standards of living for many countries where they have been implemented (or imposed, militarily by US-NATO intervention, such as in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan), but are beginning to appear to be the precursor of ethnic and social violence and disintegration in many notable instances in Africa, and not only in Africa.

On September 20, 2013, at the opulent Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya endured a deadly terrorist attack that slaughtered more than 40 people, including several Europeans. The Al Qaeda affiliated Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group based in Somalia took responsibility for the attack, ostensibly in reprisal for Kenya’s participation in the African Union’s mission to combat Shabab’s domination of large areas of Somalia.’

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A bonfire of citizen’s rights

Street Democracy writes:

We could just demand that anything that hasn’t blossomed in the soils of democracy isn’t valid. If society didn’t leave a ‘wet ink’ signature then it isn’t valid. They can sneak anything through with late night meetings on News Years Eve and so on, but it doesn’t necessarily make it solid, tight and impenetrable.

It isn’t right when the ‘evils are in print’ but they are still public trustees and they need ‘us’ to comply to their laws or they are not valid. We are witnessing the erosion of democracy by corporate mechanisms cannibalising Britain by an unchecked oligarchical few ruling elite.

We are being subjected to a plethora of Draconian measures, Draconian policies and rules that only favour those who empower them.

It is a brutal form of collective punishment forcing Britain into one giant ‘open air’ prison. No bars needed as the financial sanctions, the human right sanctions will be heavy enough to burden society with the rules and laws from government. It will be bigoted and cruel if we passively comply.

For more on this story click here for Open Democracy or continue reading below.HEARME

Alongside the Lobbying Bill, the government is quietly pushing through another Bill which seems designed to remove any lingering obstacles to the corporatisation of public services – disempowering citizens, parliament and watchdogs at a stroke.

The innocuously titled Deregulation Bill, quietly tabled in draft by Oliver Letwin and Ken Clarke just before the summer break, strips citizens of our right to be consulted before services are closed or privatised. It imposes a ‘growth duty’ on regulators to ensure they act in a more business-friendly manner, which could force health watchdogs like the Care Quality Commission to prioritise ‘economic growth’.

And it gives a blanket power to government ministers to repeal inconvenient laws without parliamentary scrutiny.

Some aspects of this bill even bear remarkable similarities to what was dubbed the “Abolition of Parliament Bill” – a bill introduced in 2006 by then Labour Minister Jim Murphy MP but heavily watered down after widespread outcry, including by the Liberal Democrat party conference.

Collectively these changes significantly increase the power of the Executive over the voice of citizens and parliament. Will there be a similar outcry now? The first formal call for evidence to the Committee scrutinising the bill, closes this coming Monday.

A bonfire of red tape?

The Deregulation Bill originated with the government’s Red Tape Challenge, an initiative to remove unnecessary regulation and through Lord Heseltine’s ‘No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth’.

‘Red Tape’ is an easy target. We all come across irritating regulations in our daily life that we wish did not exist. Rarely do we think about the reason for the regulation and the potential benefits. As the  government admits “Good regulation is a good thing. It protects consumers, employees and the environment, it helps build a more fair society and can even save lives.”

Given that description, who could argue against “good regulation”? However, as you read through the Deregulation Bill it becomes very apparent who the beneficiaries are intended to be: business.

Scrapping our rights to be consulted

‘Top judge’s war on secret courts’: Family hearings must be exposed to ‘glare of publicity’. But does this really change anything of substance? Friday, 06 September 2013 11:12

Street Democracy writes:

When institutions especially our legal institutions specialise in courageously discriminatory and biased against the poorer classes we need to question this system. We need to investigate these top special forces who disregard freedom of speech, civil liberties and assassinate those suffering from poverty as incapable of being well balanced and display good parenting.

These top violators of our basic human rights, continue to slam down Tory’ iron fist of blue’ laws mimicking Draconian rules upon innocent peace loving families whose only crime is a lack of money. This paper based reality we live in is biased against those who don’t hold a lot of it.

It is a demented legal system that bases its judgements on how much paper you have in your pocket that will depict the quality of parenthood. The social carnage they inflict by ripping babies and small children from their parent or parents arms is traumatic, distressing for both parent and child and extremely psychologically damaging. No one wins like this.

It is time for windowless courts to become transparent and not some 101 room in George Orwells’ 1984 book of horrors. That book wasn’t meant to be followed but meant to steer us the opposite way.


‘One of Britain’s most senior judges vowed yesterday to expose family courts to ‘the glare of publicity’ after decades of obsessive secrecy. In a landmark ruling, Sir James Munby said parents of children taken into care must no longer be gagged by the courts and the public should be told what social workers are up to.

Sir James, who is president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the removal of children from their families had become the most drastic matter judges dealt with now there was no death penalty. He said the rulings could affect mothers for ‘upwards of 60 or even 70 years’ and children for even longer.

There was a ‘pressing need’ for the workings of the family courts to be opened to public view and the arguments for scrutiny and public accountability were compelling.’

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New family court guidelines won’t improve a rotten system for children

By Christopher Booker who has been on the case of the family court scandal for many years.

Much of the ‘work’ of family courts today is nothing more than child-stealing by the state.

‘Far more important than this seemingly glaring contradiction, however, is that all Lord Justice Munby is saying is that the outside world should be allowed to see more judgments – still entirely at the discretion of the judge. To anyone familiar with the peculiar workings of these courts, this will leave 95 per cent of what is so shocking about what goes on in them as secret as ever.

Still completely hidden will be the way all the normal rules of British justice can be suspended: as in allowing judges to accept damning hearsay evidence, however absurd, without it being put to any proper test; as in how parents whose children have been taken from them are too often not allowed to challenge untruths or the tendentious opinions of “hired gun” psychologists, who may not even be qualified; as in how too many parents find themselves facing the cruellest ordeal of their lives being treated by judges and all present like criminals, without being given any proper opportunity to plead their case.

Almost nothing of the ruthlessly enforced blanket of secrecy that has allowed our family courts to become so corrupted will be affected in any way by Lord Justice Munby’s proposals.’

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Benefit Claimants Should Work For Their Dole, Taxpayers’ Alliance Demands

Benefit Claimants Taxpayers' Alliance

Street Democracy writes:

Some ‘Campaign’ group, is the TPA, a quasi autonomous group being paid lots of money as ‘think tanks’ namely chief executive Matthew Sinclair, TPA.

Mr Sinclair, is an unaccountable unknown, ‘out of touch, far right’ and hard hitting Tory, stirring up more grisly scenario’s for the unemployed. These guys use ‘shock’ tactics, are unelected millionaires, bum chums from Eton, having ‘right wing’ vociferous moments whilst drunk on their wine and their power.

No thought put in, these guys just want work camps, work programmes and destroy all work ethics as their distaste for the poor grows in their endemically diseased brains.

For those victims of ATOS this is the carnage that would drive them off the cliff.  Pain sufferer’s don’t count as ATOS crushed that myth. No part time work of course, but 30 hour week where some may be in desperate positions after 1 hour.

When power gives civil servants permission to be ruthless, check out the Stanford Experiment, extermination of empathy zaps into place and staff can become more sadistic as time goes by. This is what we are seeing and these QUANGO’s are aiding this ‘Stanford Experiment’ along, they know what the staff (sheep) do in other words.

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Claimants who refuse to do 30 hours’ activity a week should be stripped from receiving benefits in a bid to force them to find work, a campaign group has said. A US-style “work for the dole” scheme could save £3.5 billion a year in welfare costs and help hundreds of thousands off benefits, the Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) argued.

The group has demanded individuals claiming under the new scheme should have their payments automatically suspended if they declined to take part in prescribed activities.