My Home Town Crawley: UKIP leader’s shock at threat to stab or shoot Crawley members ​APPALLED:  UKIP's Crawley leader John Mac Canna called in police when he spotted the threat  Photo by David Cook

  1. APPALLED:  UKIP’s Crawley leader John Mac Canna  called in police when he spotted the threat  Photo by David  Cook

POLICE are investigating threats made by a web troll to kill members of Ukip  in Crawley. The anonymous culprit left a hate-filled message on a national political  website. It urged fellow web users to shoot or stab members of the party if they saw  them walking down the road in the town. The shocking message was   posted on in February but  only reported to Sussex Police in June when the chairman of Crawley’s Ukip  branch stumbled across it.

Even then it has not been until within the last week that the post has finally been removed. Two previous requests from police for it to be taken down and for the editor  of the website to   co-operate with the investigation had no effect. Detectives are still working to identify who posted the venomous message.


John Mac Canna, chairman of Crawley Ukip, said: “I immediately reported the comment and police confirmed they were taking it seriously. “I don’t know what goes on in people’s minds to make them think and write  such a thing. “When it comes to the internet people don’t think about what they write. “What I found particularly   disturbing was that the people who run the  website had   no problem with keeping   it up for   six months.

“It was as though they condoned the comment.” Mr Mac Canna, from Wordsworth Close, in Pound Hill, believes whoever wrote  the   abusive comment would change their views if they sat down and spoke with  him. “I’m not saying I’d expect them to suddenly become a Ukip supporter,” he  explained. “But if they were to meet me for half an hour I believe they would end up  thinking differently towards myself and what the party stands for.”

A Sussex Police spokesman has said that “an alleged offence of malicious  communication” is being investigated. He said: “A piece appeared on a website,, suggesting  that the UK Independence Party was backing another party’s request for    funding.


My Home Town: Sussex Police investigate internet threat to kill Crawley UKIP members

Sussex Police investigate internet threat to kill Crawley UKIP members

Street Democracy writes:

Seems we have political ‘rot’ between the local councillors of Crawley. We have the fight between Crawley Council leader Robert Lanzar, a Tory Councillor fighting Cllr Karl Willamson who seems to be fighting quite a few Tory Councillors. I had heard this is actually to do with the ‘Freemasons’ and believe Liam Marshall-Ascough to be one. 

Liam Marshal – Ascough wants to be leader of the council at Crawley and is famous of accusing women social housing tenants of getting pregnant just to get housed. This ‘Mr Freemason double barren’ can prove this can he? Between the sheets of every woman who conceives has the ‘big git eyes’ of Liam Marshall-Ascough does it? (Read – Nightmare Tory Councillor, Single Mum Hater wants Crawley Council Leadership!)

An outrageous claim which would then include myself as a woman with children living in a council house. Well I take offence to ‘arrogant out of touch sycophantic Tory councillors’. Some who hold their noses in the air as they strut their stuff walking into the chambers at Crawley’s public meetings.

We have a few of those, they say they stand for the poor just as long as we don’t expect them to stand too close to us. Nose in the air as if there is a rotten stench lingering around. Well there is, its their attitude of arrogance, egoistical snobbery that stinks.220px-Crawley_Town_Hall_01

So its war between the masons verses the non-masons over Crawley and it will get nasty. One of these groups thinks its superior to anyone and everyone else. One of these groups thinks it controls the globe anyway and they should control Crawley by right and duty. One of these groups is totally delusional soulless and pointless.

Well I am turning up to the next Crawley Public Meeting, should be interesting if nothing else and I would like to find out if ‘Freemasons’ have to declare who they are as councillors. For more on this story click here for The Argus or continue reading.

Sussex Police are investigating after a web troll threatened to kill members of UKIP in Sussex. The slurs against the political party’s Crawley branch were made on a political blog. UKIP members subsequently alerted Sussex Police who confirmed they were investigating the incident. The comments incite violence and murder against UKIP members which The Argus consider too extreme to publish.ImageGen

An email from Sussex Police to UKIP, sent last week, said: “Further to our telephone conversation today, I would like to confirm that Sussex Police is investigating the malicious, abusive and threatening comments made on an open forum website on the in February 2013.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention as Sussex Police takes this type of offence very seriously. “I am saddened to report that I have not received a reply to an e-mail I sent, last month, to the editor of the Politicalscrapbook requesting his cooperation in our investigation, and requesting the immediate removal of the offensive material.

Crawley Tories secretly watched by own party

Street Democracy writes:

Read this leaked report by clicking this link: My Home Town Crawley: EXCLUSIVE: Tory Councillors Slammed by Party Chairmen in Leaked Report. All the photos are some of those mentioned in the report.

  1. REPORT AUTHOR: George O'Keefe

    REPORT AUTHOR: George O’Keefe

  2. "NOt wearing a TIE":   Nigel Boxall

    “NOt wearing a TIE”:   Nigel Boxall

  3. "NOT SUPPORTIVE":   Brenda Burgess

    “NOT SUPPORTIVE”:   Brenda Burgess

  4. "READING A PAPER":   Liam Marshall-Ascough

    “READING A PAPER”:   Liam  Marshall-Ascough

  5. "EXTREMELY BORED":  Duncan Crow

    “EXTREMELY BORED”:  Duncan Crow

  6. "TWIDDLING HIS THUMBS":  Duncan Peck

    “TWIDDLING HIS THUMBS”:  Duncan Peck

CONSERVATIVE councillors have been secretly watched by their own party with  damning reviews being given on their appearance and behaviour. In a “highly confidential” report handed to the Crawley News this week,  representatives are criticised for not wearing a tie, looking bored, reading a  newspaper and being slumped in a chair twiddling their thumbs.


My Home Town Crawley:Tory leaders in Crawley in UKIP defection

Tory leaders in Crawley in UKIP defection                                        Tory leaders in Crawley in UKIP defection

A Conservative chairman and his deputy have defected to UKIP.   The Tory leadership in Crawley has been accused of descending into anarchy after a series of bullying rows, sexual harassment claims and now defections.   Yesterday it emerged the chairman and deputy chairman of Crawley Conservative Association Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson had defected to UKIP.   It follows a vote of no confidence against them backed by 95 per cent of Tory members in Crawley.

My Home Town Crawley: UKIP’s first Crawley councillor attacks overseas aid

  1. karl

    DEFECTION:  Councillor Karl Williamson has joined  Ukip

Cllr Williamson said at the time he would only be replaced if he died, and that  members would need to “hire a hitman”.

A LEADING Conservative councillor will become the first member of Ukip to sit  on Crawley Borough Council after switching allegiances, following weeks of  discord between him and other Tories. Karl Williamson announced on Monday that he had resigned from his position as  cabinet member for customer and corporate services on the Tory-controlled  council and defected.

Following a tip-off on Friday, the Crawley News had phoned him to ask if he  was switching parties, however he denied it at the time.

But when we spoke to him on Monday, following Crawley Conservative  Association chairman Lee Gilroy’s announcement that  he was also resigning and  joining Ukip, Cllr Williamson admitted he had done the same. Both cited  disenchantment with Tory policies locally and nationally for their respective  decisions.