Judge blasts social workers telling them they ‘are not above the law’ after they remove nine-year-old from family then keep him away without consent

Judge blasts social workers telling them they ‘are not above the law’ after they remove nine-year-old from family then keep him away without consent

‘A judge has blasted social workers who he said illegally withheld a nine-year-old boy from his mother.

Judge Gareth Jones said that social services were not above the law and that he suspected proper procedures were not followed in order to save money.

Now the mother – who won an injunction to have her son returned to her immediately – is seeking damages from Anglesey County Council in North Wales.’

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The Lies The Cover Ups Over A Sickening Paedophile Government!

Squirming of the Lib Dems: Clegg and Co’s claims that they knew nothing about Cyril Smith’s paedophilia crumble


He has been told to keep his mouth shut, diver about, and I suspect a big distraction will occur to take the public’s mind away from MP’s paedophile children’s sex parties and Cyril Smith!

Street Democracy writes:

The lies go on and on.

We should sack our government just for this, never mind what is being deliberately kept away from public eyes with regards to the sickening sexual deviance of paedophile MP’s.

The most shameful sex parties have the title of ‘children’ in front of them and we now have evidence of MP’s attending such occasions.

Are we being led by paedophiles?

Is this the reason child sex abuse is on an industrialised scale?


Placing him in the spotlight is uncomfortable for him. Let’s keep him there. Nick Clegg is corrupt and protecting paedophile MP’s. He wants sacking.


Is it all children’s homes or just the selected few with those sexually immoral staff members from inside operating with such perversions that they too are sexual predators?

How many children last night were humiliated, drugged, raped and sexually tortured, some until death?

How many MP’s committed such acts last night, and maybe tonight too?

How many children sex parties are held in Britain?

How many are planning to attend such parties this weekend?

It has to be exposed, it has to stop!


And doesn’t Nick Clegg have a lot of truth to ‘out’. He has been forced to divert attention away from Cyril Smith because of the intense close network of child abuser’s who demand their protection.

It is a production line, a factory of children being mishandled by sick lascivious individuals and those from above, those that feel they sit above the law must be exposed and made an example of.

We the people will not tolerate the raping of any child, but especially our children the most needy, the most vulnerable being abused in such a manner.

Our children’s homes are not brothels and their innocence is priceless, their minds damaged of life as it is, without further torturous and traitorous behaviour from leading ruling elites who feel they sit above the law.


Red, blue, yellow, green it doesn’t matter. The lies are there, and they remain. We need a government that comes from the people and not the aristocracy who claim rights over us.

They make the law I suppose for us and not for them. Rt Hon, Nick Clegg MP  and Head of the Liberal Democrats has failed in his position many times of a public trustee. 

No body trusts an MP but after accusations and sleazy lies like this, no one would.

The excuses are weak and clearly those who control government are tightly connected to paedophilia.


Secret Family Courts should be banned. Unscrupulous SS members that SS for Social Services, cannot be trusted after the industrialised scale of paedophilia has been allowed to grow. Where are Social Services with all this then? Happy to remove our children, now we can question why?

We know from the PIE-Paedophile Information Exchange list of exposed names, how many MP’s are within this lewd, immoral deviance of sexual predatory and animalistic behaviour to children.

Click here for PIE-Paedophile Information Exchange list of names.


You have to be a psychopath to rape a child without caring for the pain and suffering of every moment that child goes through. Our government is run by psychopaths with no morals or empathy.

I would suggest their are many corporate names involved, many I know whose bodyguards protect or are sworn to secrecy under private contracts of official secrets that are forced to abide by.

There are many aristocratic families closely linked to these sick and twisted networks and Clegg puppet has been told to stay silent.

We have no democracy, if we ever did, it was only ever about menial issues like street lights, or bin collections, never about how politics and the infrastructure of running our country and this is part of how these criminals run our country.

For more on this account of our corrupt government, spineless MP’s and the staple diet of paedophilia we must continue the pressure, click here for more or continue reading:


A sickening creature that defiled children and this MP was accused over again and again during his life time. It is not enough to bring forth information of such nature after death to be considered by while it is happening. We need full exposure of all paedophiles especially MP’s.

Squirming of the Lib Dems: Clegg and Co’s claims that they knew nothing about Cyril Smith’s paedophilia crumble

‘Claims by Nick Clegg and other senior Liberal Democrats that they knew nothing about the depraved activities of serial child abuser Cyril Smith were crumbling last night.

Mr Clegg had said that when all Lib Dem MPs and peers were asked two years ago whether they had heard of the child abuse claims against the 29-stone MP for Rochdale, ‘no one said they did’.

But ex-leader David Steel admitted speaking to Smith about the allegations as long ago as the 1970s and his office issued a statement about them to the Rochdale Alternative Press newspaper in 1979.

A former colleague of Lord Steel, David Alton, told Channel 4’s Dispatches that he discussed last year with Steel the allegations made by the paper about boys being stripped, beaten and subjected to bizarre ‘examinations’ by Smith.’

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SIGN Petition To Launch Enquiry! We’re Led By Paedophiles! Nick Clegg refuses to hold inquiry into Cyril Smith child abuse allegations

Nick Clegg refuses to hold inquiry into Cyril Smith child abuse allegations

Launch a public inquiry into former MP Cyril Smith’s sexual abuse of children



The lies, deceit, the cover up’s, the network of paedophilia stretches wide in our political system. Clegg cannot investigate because Clegg will uncover other names linked to Cyril Smith.

Street Democracy writes:

This animal was accused over and over again during his life as a politician.

Click here for the Paedophile Information Exchange list of exposed members of the elites.

Failure to investigate means there is more to Cyril Smith.

It means more are or were connected to Cyril Smith and Rt.Honourable Nick Clegg has been told not to investigate because of what it will unearth, whom it will uncover in our shameful political landscape.


‘Programs against the sick’ that should be..However, the statement is true, when I came across this picture I thought how positively correct it is.

Nick Clegg is a puppet that courtesy’s his way throughout his political career.

He is taking orders and it proves our democracy is nothing but a farce.

It is an illusion as we are controlled by the oligarchical wealthy bloodline Mafia families who fund government.

It is these arse holes who feed upon our children at an industrialised scale.


Our children are not safe and when members of the establishment are leading the way of stealing our children, then they are protected is an outrage!


How else at such high volumes of children get shipped around the world undiscovered, never found by customs, never found by airport security.

Two tier system of rules, one set for us and another set for the rule makers and this has to fall.


As far as we can assume, the pleas of corrupt and child abuse was ignored, silenced by more governmental cover up’s over this man, the late Cyril Smith MP.

We are being led by paedophiles.


How he sleeps at night is a question worth asking. Clegg is shamefully hiding and covering up more paedophilia within our political infrastructure.


Our governing body, the epicentre of our political system has a staple diet of paedophilia as all of the accusations have not been fully investigated, and the exposure is still being hidden, so it is still going on.

We are sick of our ruling establishment refusing to clean its appearance and still sitting in office, ruling over us.

Unless full exposure and public investigation in full transparency is established, then we are being led by paedophiles.

Clegg lies!

Clegg Pledge Student Fees

Lies-pre election lies-Clegg couldn’t care less about the poor, the working classes and anyone else for that matter.

Clegg has no backbone.


Therefore he cannot be relied upon even if he did open up an enquiry about the late Cyril Smith MP. It means other MP’s are connected. It means he’s been told no!

Clegg will not stand up for the people unless they are easy issues.

Clegg goes back on his word and Clegg is a useless political leader.

For more on this spineless suit and political puppet click here for more or continue reading:

Nick Clegg refuses to hold inquiry into Cyril Smith child abuse allegations

‘Nick Clegg has refused to hold an inquiry into the “repugnant” actions of Cyril Smith and insisted he had never heard rumours about allegations of child abuse spanning decades.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats distanced himself and his party from the former Rochdale MP, who is accused of abusing young boys at schools and residential homes over more than 40 years.

The Deputy Prime Minister told a Westminster press conference that he and his party had been unaware of the “truly horrific” actions allegedly carried out by Sir Cyril, who died in 2010, but that any investigations were a matter for the police.’

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Our Government’s Staple Diet of Paedophilia That Never Seems To End! Cyril Smith!

Cyril Smith victims may sue LibDems as a powerful book reveals how paedophile politician’s crimes were covered up by political allies who bullied police


The wall of bodyguards paid for loyalty and silence witnessing demands by elites for children to be sent to them needs smashing by our legitimate rage and anger!

Street Democracy writes:

It is clear there is an aggressive mind, a brutal and sadistic psychopathic main frame that hunts children.

They devour them like animals.

They ignore the cry, the horror upon the faces of their victims and I really don’t know how they do this, only to question whether their soul’s are of human origin.

They destroy these precious children’s innocence by such rapacious sick minded individuals with no soul, empathy, or any human emotion.


It is a dark sinister world full of sexually immoral predators with no shame that brutalise children for pleasure.

It seems we, the lower classes are set upon in all directions.

Wealthy ruling elites, some so lewd, depraved and twisted they see nothing wrong in the sadistic pleasure of inflicting sexual torture upon another and have an unmeasurable appetite for the young.

Paedophilia is the systematic sexual abuse of children and this appears a staple diet of certain MP’s, in our epicentre of power, Westminster.

There are some aristocratic members of society, with immoral, lewd and deformed minds set of pure dark and evil.

Their sickening appetite that is lascivious is aimed at the poor, the working class children.


This sickening network is known by many who protect it on such an industrialised scale which needs tearing down.

In my mind there are many members of the upper classes, the ruling elites, who don’t just use our working class slave labour to service them in this corrupt, biased form of capitalism.

But some exploit further, that includes our children in what ever sexual depravity and sickening fetish they have.

An industrialised and mountainous scale of sexual predators is and has surrounded our children, all children and it is about time we crash the walls of silence.


Children homes that turned into Brothels of systematic rape and torture of vulnerable children, how is this even occurring?

We have to investigate bodyguards!

Bodyguards see it, they see lots of things, they witness often stomach turning illegal activities, and some even aid these depraved activities along.

We have to smash through their allegiance as they swear to all kinds of official secret acts and private contracts and remain loyal to their often very dark pay rolls.


Connections of the fraternity order of some kind. We know the Catholic Church has unmeasurable paedophile crimes.


We need them to sack the bodyguards who protect and say nothing as their masters demand the shipment of children to be delivered to their ‘Stately Homes’ via the back entrance straight to their lavish basements.

Top officials, who demand children be taken on board their private yacht’s and these bodyguards stand guarding, saying nothing, seeing everything.

Some of their minds hold the key to some of the sickening on goings that such breed of people enjoy.


Rituals that use virgins are children. The church surrounds itself with Cherubs, naked children, and now we know why.


This network of child rape, that rips children apart in absolute degrading, terrifyingly cruelty.

The pain that hurts beyond agony, must stop, must fall apart and each individual, each of these Satanic families also, who use children (virgins) for their sickening fantasy ceremonious rituals must be exposed.

This story is about Cyril Smith who has been named many, many times yet why didn’t social services or the police follow-up on this?

Mainly as they are not allowed to interfere with the top ruling elites, are taken off the case, are threatened, or bribed to stop the investigation or make it lead no where.

In secret societies, the Freemasons all swear allegiance of protection for one another.

This is open to abuse for which some take advantage off.

For some are sick minded psychopaths that are left alone with full impunity because of the fraternity order of silence and protection.

So the ones that are paedophiles are safe to consume children as frequently as they feel.


Internal investigations by friends and peers does not work. Open independent public enquiries with full transparency does, especially if the Law is connected to paedophile networking. It has to be grass-roots of society to bring justice.

Secret societies do not follow the codes of laws that we the public must follow.

Click here for the Paedophile Information Exchange list exposing top high members of society wanting the legal consent to be lowered as young as 4 years old.

Even in murder, a fellow member must swear to protect their ‘brother’ and not report him or her for murder, so the sadistic rape of a child is nothing to them.

1 in 8 coppers are meant to be associated with Freemasonry and as you go further up the line, there are many more like the ‘Royal Garter Society’, the ‘Knights Templar’, or the P2, The OTO which Peaches Geldof had tattooed on her arm.


Peaches Geldof, admitted to being a Satanist follower as her religion and had OTO tattooed on her arm.


The Law Society is one society on its own that demands loyalty and a private code of conduct that all members must obey.

OTO was established by the infamous Alistair Crowley named ‘The most wickedest man’ and he thought paedophilia was ok, the freedom of full sexual expression.

However, that are many more that fall underneath such grand secret societies for only the top selected few.

dd395-Grove (site)

We have heard from Cathy O’Brian, victims were sent racing through forests naked and hunted down in some sick and twisted sexual perverted game.


So we know they follow different rules, rules that go against us as people who are viewed as ‘sheep’ by these fraternities.

We live in a 2 tier system of societal codes.

One for us, and one for them.

The only difference is they have all the money, the wealth, the properties, the land and they have the secret society members of the law on their side.


Not saying this picture is true-but symbolic of higher echelons of society behave in ritualistic Satanic ceremonies all over the globe.


Barristers, Judges, Police Officers, MP’s and so the list goes on.

Protection all round and this is what we have to smash through, for tonight, right now, some poor child is being drugged and raped to then be brutally murdered during this depraved and sickening industrialised scale of paedophilia.

For more on this click here or continue reading:


You don’t make a high position in the police force unless you are a Freemason. So what does that say for us and normal democratic ‘people’ justice?

Cyril Smith victims may sue LibDems as a powerful book reveals how paedophile politician’s crimes were covered up by political allies who bullied police


‘Victims of Cyril Smith are threatening to sue the Liberal Democrats for covering up his decades of sickening sexual abuse.

As MPs and child abuse charities call for a full inquiry into Smith’s paedophile activities over more than 40 years, six victims said that they would issue writs for damages if it could be shown the LibDems had known about Smith’s abuse but failed to try to stop him.

Former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton called for Smith to be posthumously stripped of his knighthood following devastating revelations about his depravity in a book by Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk, being serialised by the Daily Mail.’

Read more …

The boy he abused in his Commons office: Victim of Cyril Smith speaks of how he was groomed and ruthlessly abused – but politicians who knew did nothing

‘That Cyril Smith was a paedophile is known. But in a devastating book – serialised in the Mail this week – Labour MP Simon Danczuk exposes the industrial scale of his debauchery and how the Establishment, Liberal Party, police chiefs and even MI5 covered it up.

Today Danczuk, MP for Smith’s old Rochdale seat, reveals how the 29-stone monster was saved from prosecution time after time…

Cyril Smith, pictured celebrating being elected MP for Rochdale, would groom and abuse vulnerable teenage boys +3
Cyril Smith, pictured celebrating being elected MP for Rochdale, would groom and abuse vulnerable teenage boys

This is the story of one of Cyril’s victims.

He was 16, living with adopted parents and hungry for new experiences, when he first met Smith in 1979.
His story reveals how shrewdly Smith would groom favoured boys — and how ruthlessly he then abused them.’

Read more …


Cinderella Law: Will Target Ordinary Parents And Not The Savilles! The ‘Bitch Neighbour To Jealous ‘ex’ Decent Parents Have Children Ripped Away!

Cinderella Law could become a charter for whiny kids, claims Tory: Backbencher joins critics in warning proposals could see loving parents dragged to court on say so of estranged partners and nosy neighbours


Cinderella Law will see innately decent parents be accused of all kinds without any proof-children removed for their safety on hear say, will cause serious damage to all families targeted.

Street Democracy writes:

It is to be said that this Cinderella Law has too many avenues that can be exploited, abused and lied about that can cause decent parents a most savage awakening of threats to remove their children, remove full custody, of forced foster care, all on hear say.

The Cinderella Law can be used as a weapon against innately decent parents, by anyone for revenge purposes.


In other words, one step wrong and the state will remove your children-Cinderella Law enforces control and obedience over parents

It is also to target the working mother’s and father’s in our communities a method of criminalising parents.

Ever busy, ever tired after work, always, tired in the evenings and children can reflect this with attitudes of whiny and irritability also.

That ‘bitch’ of a neighbour has only to make one phone call.

The jealous ‘ex’ has only to complain without any credence to their rant to have a single parent face the Social Service brigade at their door with that Judge signed referral to remove the children, under this proposed new law.


So many laws to protect families in fact just enforce a punishing state, erosion of freedoms, child abuse can mean literally anything these days!

Until it is proven that the children are safe, which is really hard to do if the law is against you, the ‘ex’ the neighbour or you fall out with a teacher.

However the criminalisation of parenting is not to be ignored under this new law!

I am all for protection of children.

I am mortified at the industrialised scale of paedophilia that is networked across our globe and yes I want something done about it too.

However, I feel this is not the right method.

It won’t incarcerate those who abuse that sit above the law but it will reflect heavily upon ordinary parents.

I think child care should be done in schools for both boys and girls, but not in a sterile manner, but to focus on maternal and paternal emotions, the loving bond, what it looks like, how it feels and so on.

To force serious obedience and control is what this law is about and has nothing to do with solving child abuse.


The Cinderella Law is suppression of creativity of raising your family free from critical judgement. It will label parents as child abuser’s for daring to socialise their child how they see as right.

That will continue, especially from some of the higher ruling elites whose staple diet is paedophilia and child abuse.

If you think the Cinderella Law will stop the Saville’s from child abuse, will stop those ruling elites from using their yachts to entertain child abuse then think again.


Have your vaccines or its child abuse-you’re a bad parent despite over whelming evidence some vaccines give Autism and are no good.

The network of protection is tighter than the paedophilia itself.

This Cinderella Law is to conform regular parents into compliance, obedience and have the state control all forms of parent of face punishment.

It is localising a punishing state with a heavy indoctrination program of a corporate preferred method or raising children.

Do as we say or the law will remove your children.!

It now needs to be questioned: What does the word ‘Child Abuse’ now mean? 

Please read my other article on this by clicking here: 

Cinderella Law-Anything Deemed Emotional Upset to Your Child-Could Now Mean Child Abuse!

For more on this Cinderella Law, click here for more or continue reading:

‘A law to protect children from emotional abuse risks becoming a ‘charter for whining kids’, a Tory MP warned last night.

Government sources yesterday confirmed that a so-called Cinderella Law introducing jail terms for parents who starve their children of love and affection will be included in the Queen’s Speech in June.

Ministers said the move would ensure ‘emotional cruelty’ is treated with the same seriousness as physical abuse and children’s charities hailed it as a ‘monumental step forward’ for child protection.

But critics said the law would be difficult to enforce – and warned that loving parents could be dragged to court on the say-so of estranged partners, nosy neighbours and disaffected children.’

Read more: Cinderella Law could become a charter for whiny kids, claims Tory: Backbencher joins critics in warning proposals could see loving parents dragged to court on say so of estranged partners and nosy neighbours

Why this law against ’emotional cruelty’ could turn every parent into a suspect

‘When I was growing up, my father, a diplomat, was posted to China. In 1949, the year the Communists came to power, he and my mother were put under house arrest.

After she was finally released, my mother returned to England with a Chinese woman and her two young children, who came to live with us. The woman’s husband was in jail, betrayed by something their little girl had unwittingly said to the authorities.

When that man was released seven years later, he was a human wreck — because he had been denounced by the word of his own child.’

Read more …

Angelina Jolie and Corrupt MP William Hague Protecting Military Rape Victims

Star diplomat: Actress and UNHCR envoy Angelina Jolie joins forces with William Hague as they hail Bosnia’s decision to include rape prevention in military training


If true then it is corruption at the highest level and William Hague MP should be held accountable for this shameful decision.

Street Democracy writes:

William Hague MP hasn’t exactly got the reputation of sincerity when it comes to rape victims. 

We are experiencing a heavy out cry of top ruling elite sex crimes against children being covered up by both politicians and police that this headline would be laughable if it wasn’t so deeply tragic.

If anyone is expecting protection now that William Hague MP  has arrived, well good luck with that!

With history finding that the toxic network within the epicentre of Westminster’s political body has connections to paedophilia is shocking to many.


Never denied it and never fought off in court those in alternative media who named and shamed him – Cyril Smith MP

However, more disturbing is the sudden inability to name and shame, to end and jail those MP’s known to be affiliated to the Paedophile Information Exchange club for example or know of those who are.

Surely priority is to sieve through our ruling elites and rid of the bad eggs immediately in full transparency (as is expected) so we know government is clean of any wrong doings.

This isn’t the case though, and now MP William Hague struts his stuff, suited with his smug expression, touring abroad on some mission to help those raped within the walls of military when there is a colossal mess right in the heart of his place of work, Parliament.


Secret Family Courts should not exist as we know there are unscrupulous social workers who steal and abduct children from innocent families. A case of State Stealing Children

I am simply highlighting facts reported (whether true or not), that have been reported as true by whistle blowers or victims speaking and the list of ruling political elites and paedophilia offences goes on and on.

Our government seems to be hiding a great deal by not willingly coming forward as most of us would to express and show full commitment of having never been or ever will hire paedophiles within the political establishment.

Yet we are seeing, celebrities being used under ‘Operation Yew Tree’ as some form of block, distraction even, to hide the more higher up members of society with the establishment, even as far up as Royalty.


An insane explosion of trust towards the state and a shattering blow to democracy to have your child ripped from your arms by force

Or is it a sinister plot to normalise sex with children, with so much of it going on that these sadistic sick minded sleaze individuals of higher society will just say ‘its normal, well make it legal as we can’t stop it so may as well make it part of our culutre’.


So much is being uncovered, so much is being hidden and so much crime against children, even reaching Royalty

We hear of secret societies especially with heavily symbolic ritualistic inclinations to sex with virgins, which is nothing more than paedophilia of children with these Satanic rings of worship.


Hidden societies practising Satanism, The Church of Satan and other organisations that practice sadistic rituals are rampant and frequent.

We here of children’s homes being literally used as brothels much to the despair of the children imprisoned inside.

We here of forced adoptions rushed through by unscrupulous social workers in secret family courts and children either dying or being drugged and sexually abused.
Nightmares at Elm Guest House. Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay

Staffordshire Council Steals A One Day Old Baby (Caught On Camera)

We here of children being forcibly taken away from their parents in shocking accounts of abuse only to find the parents never harmed their child, it was all fabricated and they still can’t get their child back.


John Hemming on UK’s bent forced adoption laws (08Feb14)

Read further if you will about the long list of paedophilia and see how this being on an industrial scale is easily plausible.

It is the most horrendous crime to snatch the innocence from a child.

It is the psychopathic sick and twisted mind that rapes a child, manipulates children into the most degrading and illegal libidinous activities that would make even the hardest of soul’s sick to the stomach just to hear about.

We have to continue to fight to clean our society that is laced with some toxic sleaze, of depraved debauchery against our children and never, except the normalisation of child sex.

For more continue reading William Hague MP with Jolie by click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading:

Star diplomat: Actress and UNHCR envoy Angelina Jolie joins forces with William Hague as they hail Bosnia’s decision to include rape prevention in military training

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and Foreign Secretary William Hague called Bosnia’s decision to include preventing sexual violence in military training ‘ground-breaking’ and said that it should become the standard for U.N. peacekeeping missions.

Mr Hague added that rape was a devastatingly effective way to terrorise and displace a population and is currently being used in Syria, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Jolie said the training was especially important for peacekeepers as their patrols ‘can mean that women no longer have to face a choice between going out for firewood and water and being raped or seeing their children go hungry.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2591513/Angelina-Jolie-highlights-plight-Syrian-refugees-UN-refugee-chief-warns-civil-war-tear-apart-region.html#ixzz2xMrbv4xx

Police investigation of political paedophilia was blocked and covered up says officer on the case

‘Police probing an underage sex ring at the heart of Maggie Thatcher’s government were warned: “Stop investigating if you want to keep your jobs.”

Officers in London were ­ inquiring into allegations made by a teenage rent boy that a Cabinet minister had been abusing him.

The youth claimed to be one of a number of boys regularly having sex with rich and powerful men in the 1980s – some of whom would fly to the illegal orgies from Europe. As well as the Cabinet minister – who is still alive – he pointed the finger at judges, European bigwigs and senior civil servants.’

Read more: Police investigation of political paedophilia was blocked and covered up says officer on the case

Now say sorry! Ex-Yard chief calls on Labour trio to admit backing paedophilia was a ‘huge mistake’

Huge sums of TAXPAYER’S cash ‘handed to vile child-sex pervert group’ by Home Office officials

Thatcher Svengali Lord McAlpine who David Icke has publicly named for paedophilia for 16 years (he never sued while suing others for far less) has died


Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief

Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief


Street Democracy writes:

A ‘1984’ busy bodies dream.

She’ll be curtain twitching and shouting across the street how badly she thinks of you, and how your children are always noisy, moving, running around, unruly.

Or the family who hate you will be casting out  plenty of evil dispersion’s, degrading views about you, whether true or not. A single parent trying their best to heal their sick and crying child will get a referral from the new SS, Social Services from so called ‘concerned neighbours’.


This is the beginnings of an ‘Orwellian State’ this is the ‘1984’ that George Orwell wrote about.

Our communities with live in community prison guards, watching, waiting and anticipating your mistakes where they’ll be ready to report. We will live in an ‘open prison’ community, a punishing community of hefty punishments for all mistakes, no matter how trivial.


This is spreading a diseased consciousness into society, to report everyone and anyone, for not walking straight, for coughing too much, for visiting the doctor too many times, for how can you be a ‘good parent’ if you are sick?

Payments for neighbours to spy and overtly report their findings will show a display of exaggerated claims, inaccurate assumptions and humiliating and degrading impertinent questioning of authorities.


Interfering busy bodies making crude judgements and given permission to humiliate a peaceful family who may struggle from time to time. Who may have financial worries, doesn’t make them bad parents but will to ill informed judgemental poisonous snoops out to cause harm.

The jealous neighbour who deep down resents their neighbours could make life very difficult for who ever they attack. tyranny-slaves-300x258

Are we to be guilty unless we have been investigated?

Are we to be presumed bad parents unless we have a Social Services Certificate hanging up at our windows?

Soon we won’t be able to breath without an expert telling us not to do so in near your child in case you breath an illness on to them. Soon you won’t be able to change a nappy without someone shouting ‘abuse’!


Is this a healthy society to you?

It sounds like turning our communities into a place of hardship, an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment of others.

It is turning a good citizen into a prison guard, turning our society in to a gulag state, a prison camp where no one is your friend, no one trusts anyone, everyone is snitching on everyone, and no freedom can ever be had.

For more on the Orwellian State of control, click here: Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief or continue reading.

‘Teachers and social workers have a responsibility to tell some people they are “bad parents”, the chief inspector of schools and social care has insisted.

Sir Michael Wilshaw called for an army of “good citizens” to be given financial incentives to wake problem families up in the morning and make sure the children are fed and sent to school.

The former inner-city headmaster who is now the Ofsted chief, also told MPs that there was “undoubtedly” a link between family breakdown and the neglect and abuse of children.’

Read more: Army of door-knocking neighbours should be paid to keep ‘bad parents’ in line, says Ofsted chief

Pregnant woman has unborn baby girl forcibly removed by caesarean after social workers obtain court order because she had suffered a mental breakdown

‘Social services forcibly removed a pregnant woman’s unborn baby by caesarean section and put it up for adoption after obtaining a high court order on the grounds the mother had suffered a mental breakdown.

Essex council obtained an order allowing them to sedate the woman against her will before taking her daughter and placing it into care.

The Italian woman, who was in Britain on a work training course, claims she had not even been warned that she would be given a caesarean. It is not believed a natural birth would have posed a risk to her or the child’s health.

Social workers argue they were acting in the best interests of the baby, who is now 15 months old, and are refusing to hand her back to the mother despite claims that she has made a complete recovery, The Sunday Telegraph reports.’

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Protest against Fracking and we will take your kids ! Video


Street Democracy writes:

A new level of Orwellian enforcement is when democracy is not allowed to be exercised and is forcibly removed by the threat of stealing your children.

Our civil liberties include being able to demonstrate our political frustrations by participating with peaceful protests, which is usually a result of formal democratic avenues being shut.

It is our moral duty as citizens to exercise democracy or democracy ceases to exist. This is a clear breach of civil liberties by threatening the presence of children who have more right to know about fracking.

Fracking is the extinction button waiting to be pressed and it is vital children who will live in our future know about the dangers these corporate whores are threatening to inflict now. The destruction of our natural water table that will force the human race to obtain water from corporate giants.27486theylive

That puts them in charge of life and living standards upon each and every person. Ultimate power is controlling the food and water supply.


The dark foundations of demented corporate strategies who are nothing more than mafia capitalist hounds, that will tear up the countryside, rape the green leaf rural areas and frame the natural beauty with dirty lorries, toxic cranes for drilling and blot the landscape with chemical pollution.

Watch as the Social Worker (SS) marches behind the mother demanding her questions about the children get answered. The mother is a pioneer, a true hero to saving this planet from the obnoxious wealth who couldn’t care less about the damage of our beautiful earth, they just want money.

If protesting in the future means the risk of our children being stolen, then it of national out cry this story gets out.

Fracking protest bid to halt Barton Moss gas drilling

Thursday 28th November 2013 at 04:18 By David Icke

‘Anti-fracking protesters have attempted to stop a gas drilling rig arriving at Barton Moss in Greater Manchester.

Police cleared the road to allow energy company IGas onto the site, between Barton Aerodrome and the M62.

A man, aged 41, from the Glossop area was arrested on suspicion of obstructing police and the road, said a police spokesman.

IGas confirmed plans to build a vertical test well at Barton Moss but said they have “no plans” for fracking.’

Police use stun grenades to subdue mother who refused to hand over her five-month-old child to Swedish social services

Swedish police used stun grenades to subdue a mother who refused to hand over her five-month-old son. ‘The 30-year-old woman had armed herself with a knife when police entered her flat in Helsingborg, southern Sweden to aid social services with taking the child into care.

She locked herself in a room with the baby boy and, after several hours of negotiation police judged her a threat to the child and called for backup.

The incident took place earlier this month when social services in Helsingborg requested police presence when removing the child from the woman’s care.

The five-month-old boy is the third child to be taken from the woman, who has been in and out of employment for several years.’

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We can send you to jail for objecting to an offence we’ve yet to specify

‘What an odd country we are, prepared to give record sums for the victims of the Philippines disaster, or to express outrage at the murder of children such as “Baby P”, but oblivious to the scandal whereby thousands of families are torn apart each year for seemingly no good reason by our secret family courts system.

The only public figure who appears to acknowledge that the best way to root out the frightening abuses of that system is to open it up to “the glare of publicity” is the man who is now head of it – Sir James Munby, president of the family courts.

One particular abuse at which his admirable but so far fairly lonely campaign is directed is the “draconian gagging” of parents who feel that they and their children have become victims of “punishment without crime”.’

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