It’s the Great British sell off: Osborne reveals plan to sell off more government assets than ever before in bid to raise more than £23BILLION this year

It’s the Great British sell off: Osborne reveals plan to sell off more government assets than ever before in bid to raise more than £23BILLION this year

Thursday 21st May 2015 at 09:23 By David Icke

‘George Osborne signalled the start of the biggest ever sell-off of public assets in a speech to the CBI business conference last night.

The Chancellor said the government would raise more than £23billion this year – a new record – by privatising stakes in Eurostar, Lloyds and the student loan book.

He also revealed that Government departments have already been ordered to start finding extra savings ahead of the emergency budget in July, as he bids to wipe out the government deficit within just two years.’

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Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests

Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests


Is this what modern day policing actually means? Are we now under totalitarian rule a form of corporate oligarchical rule by the corporate rich?

Street Democracy writes:

There is a boundless appetite for a tight grip upon citizens expressing views that clash with governmental decisions.

A large growing paranoia by corporations and their fear of public dissent is increasing at an alarming rate and as our corporate world takes president our police force are ordered to protect it.

The corporate world is morally fragmented and in decay, yet rules over lands, laws and politicians.


Do not question authority only if you’re part of it like this two faced psychopathic liar from Exxon.

The placing of police officers in a predicament, in a situation between a rock and a hard place.

Between corporate operations and what is being labelled socially inappropriate behaviour by citizens, protesting against these corporate operations.

Our MP’s are not independent but rather corporate puppets, highly connected to their corporate vested interests that commit crime hidden, by laws that are protected by the law makers, themselves.


Passive acceptance is not an option and is as guilty as being evil as the corporate criminality. Fracking is criminal, a violent crime against earth.

The routes and trenches of democracy are all but dug up and are a joke to protest and demand answers to.

Truth and legitimate reasons behind corporations ceaseless expansions is expressed by economic growth which now means more destruction of our planet, to fill the swollen pockets of the few.

All that’s left for citizens is to publicly air the legitimate rage that innately decent people have every right to hold.


Economic growth means exploitation of natural resources meaning corporate take over, control and greed for the destruction and pollution of our much loved home, our planet most sacred.

It of course clashes with rules and laws of disturbing the peace.

Clever sophisticated methods that are enshrined into law are anti-human by design giving protection to corporations who regurgitate this when a crowd gathers around its base.

Some form of public and social order act is enforced to keep the public safe is used against protesters.


Psychopaths following a psychopathic agenda is not against the law-but the toxic politics these law makers make should be.

It makes it impossible to protest without disturbing this law, and committing this crime is now a piece of cake, especially in groups of 3 or more.

The criminalisation of the citizens is now not even privy to protesters, yet, to be one is to have a criminal intent and if you don’t move on you can be arrested, because the police can say so.

We are witnessing deformed values being protected by ruling elites so criminal but who sit above the law.


We are all residents upon this sacred planet and all have a responsibility to protect her, even police officers need clean water, clean air in which to breath and live by.

We witness anti-human gutter politics of repression reminiscent of a despotic regime by powerful faceless, nameless wealthy elites and their anonymity within the corporation they hide within.

Fracking is the extinction button along with all other corporate destruction killing our eco-system and poisoning our bio-diversity and the natural world for profit and gain.


We should be all on the same side-all should be against the toxic poisoning, the moral decay of corporate activities and their incessant creation of death zones upon earth.

The control grid is expanding at the great cost of humanity and fracking is just but one part of this, all be it one colossal size violent method while muzzling the public expression being desperately aired.

We need to reconfigure, adjust and dismantle existing strong hold, the power grid and toxic mind set of ruling elites that dictate laws to suit them and divide us.


We need police in our seriously agitated society, but we need them on the side of life protection and economic expansion does generate this but when it destroys more than it creates we need to question this corrupt capitalist model. We need the police to question it too.

It means upsetting the power balance of now and protesting is one way of publicly displaying this form of non aggressive form of non compliance and a rejection of passive citizen acceptance of fracking.

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Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests

‘Most of the people arrested during a summer of demonstrations against fracking in the village of Balcombe have been acquitted, leading to accusations that police tactics in a £4m operation criminalised peaceful protest.

The last of the criminal trials resulting from 126 arrests made by Sussex police during days of action outside the Cuadrilla site last summer finished this month. Of 114 charges, relating to 90 individuals, only 29 resulted in convictions, according to freedom of information responses from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the police.

Sussex police are accused of using mass arrests, draconian bail conditions and section 14 notices under the Public Order Act 1986 to criminalise peaceful protest at the site in Balcombe, where the energy firm Cuadrilla conducted exploratory drilling.’

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They Are Trying Every Dirty ‘Fracking’ Trick To Get Our Lands-Even Changing Laws!

Trespass law overhauled to make it easier for frackers: Firms will be able to access underground gas without asking landowners for permission


When do we realise commerce is the ‘extinction button’ and capitalism is helping ‘Earth’s’ early premature death along at great speed.

Street Democracy writes:

In some form of sick and twisted diabolical brilliance, the dark sinister foundations of our government are trying every conceivable way to get hold of our sacred lands, even by changing law to suit them.

To re-shape law so it is clear no one actually owns the land under your home.

To distort law so trespassing gets overhauled for fracking purposes.


Hydraulic fracturing is an aggressive manner to extract anything from earth, but especially using highly toxic chemicals to do so. Fracking is the extinction button these gluttonous companies are willing to press.

To give way for corporate giants to just steam in, and rip up the land for the industrialisation of fracking right under your home.

The distortion is dirty as fracking is harmful to our planet. 

We face legions of faceless and nameless bureaucratic corrupt sterile Tory ‘think tanks’ who work out every possible way to push fracking ahead and where we the citizen have no choices.

It is bureaucratic harassment, and the ecological death, the murdering of our planet is pushed to one side.


We cannot allow a colossal size, mass industrialisation of fracturing our lands with highly toxic chemicals, it is beyond insanity to even think about it.


They refuse to see its destruction, for the profits of gain out weigh the cost of earth and her precious lands and our quality of survival.

Her ecology, her bio-diversity, her health already sore and wounded.

Earth’s death zones spiralling out of control in some form of splendid isolation as some corporations even find her death zones as source for wealth accumulation.

Our Tory government is full of two faced, psychopathic diseased minded venal politicians with a rapacious appetite for their gluttonous greed and financial returns of the fracking industry.

Flammabe tapwater fracking gasland

This picture depicts just one form of environmental disaster amongst the many issues surrounding fracking.

The battles are fierce between innately decent citizens and corporate greed and destruction where the war against fracking is vast.

We in Crawley, West Sussex have our local MP who is sympathetic towards fracking.

Henry Smith Tory MP of Crawley is encouraging moves of industrialising fracking, but then I find Tory politicians and local Councillors tend to spit out what the Tory government say anyway.


Henry Smith Tory MP-supported ATOS-supports the bedroom tax, supports the raising of student fees and feels fracking is good for the economy. He is morally bankrupt with no deep or meaningful soul.

There appears little individual thought and independence within any of these political parties but regurgitation.

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Trespass law overhauled to make it easier for frackers: Firms will be able to access underground gas without asking landowners for permission

‘Fracking firms will be allowed to access vast reserves of underground gas without the permission of landowners under controversial laws being drawn up by the Government.

Ministers are preparing an overhaul of trespass legislation to make it easier for firms to ignore objections.

One source said the reform, which will infuriate anti-fracking campaigners, was likely to be included in the Queen’s Speech setting out the Government’s plans for its final year.’

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Fracking operations may start in Pennsylvania against landowners’ will

‘An energy company is hoping to use a little-used, 53-year-old Pennsylvania law in order to launch a fracking operation on land even if landowners oppose the action.

The incident revolves around a potential oil and gas site in New Bedford, Pennsylvania, where four landowners have refused to sign leases authorizing a new drilling operation by Texas-based Hilcorp Energy.

According to the company, 99 percent of the area’s landowners have signed leases permitting the operation in exchange for cash and royalties, but the holdouts – representing 35 of the 3,267 acres in limbo – have been adamant in their refusal to budge.’

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Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from lucrative jobs on the side

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side


They fondle their pockets in anticipation of industrialising fracking and privatising the NHS. There greed is exceptional to none.

Street Democracy writes:

Our venal politicians are greed on a colossal scale using their privilege status which is nothing more than abusing their positions focusing on wealth accumulation rather than the social political agenda of our country.

The epicentre of Parliament and of Westminster is a merge of corporate interests and biases that turn our government’s political agenda into a corporate democracy.

Our framed, distorted and now dysfunctional social democracy is because of gluttonous interests and priority given to corporate paradigms.


How did he know what British politics and The Houses of Parliament would ultimately operate?


In other words corporations get the politicians and politicians look after the corporate interests rather than their moral duty towards the public domain.

Even our education system for our children are factories systematically installing corporate preferred behaviour.

Text books are corporately owned and heavily indoctrinate a hive mind for the future obedient worker bee.

What they don’t do is educationally enlighten young mind filled with creative freedom of thought and ideas, of critical and alternative ideologies.


Colossal corruption puts corporations owning and running the state, the state dictating policy to government controlling politicians via economic interest is totalitarianism.

We live in a corporate democracy, our government is a totalitarian doctrine of tyrannical corporate control and we have been taken over by this, in stealth and in secret.

A government that is controlled by the state and the state is one giant corporate machine that dictates subservience from financially connected politicians.

Our politicians are controlled by corporate minds of no empathy and follow a ruthless cold and psychopathic agenda.

They want to privatise everything, as it is in their interest to do so.


So lets under fund the NHS and then the people will demand it be privatised and we win, win, win all the way to the bank!


The NHS has politicians foaming at the mouth and they are deliberately under funding it so the citizens of the UK make an emotional plea for help.

By deliberately crashing the NHS it will fail time and time again, until the people have had enough. It is a cold and callous agenda by corporate minds and greedy politicians.

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Venal corrupt politicians financially investing in ecological murdering ventures with out concern for profit and gain

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side

‘Greedy Tory MPs raked in £4milllion last year through lucrative second jobs away from Westminster.

Two top-earning Tory barristers earned more than £350,000 each – FIVE times their taxpayer-funded salary of £66,396.

Geoffrey Cox topped the league table of MPs for outside earnings by making £397,039 between March 2013 and February 2014. The Torridge and West Devon MP often charges upwards of £600 an hour for his legal services.’

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Here We Go! Corporate Ruthlessness At Privatised Royal Mail Sacks 1600 Loyal Workers!

Privatised Royal Mail Axes 1,600 Jobs by Morning Star..


Corrupt capitalism follows a psychopathic main frame discarding people for profit.


Street Democracy writes:

Corrupt capitalism following psychopathic main frames and its the workers who are discarded with ruthless efficiency.

The corporate seizure is now a punishing infrastructure for the working poor who desperately rely on their wages to sustain a life within the Tory’s austerity measures and high cost of living.

We find after the scandalous take over of Royal Mail, the betrayal upon the loyal workers dedicating their life’s hard labour and time to keeping the postal service alive, many are finding they are being shunted out the door.

Unprecedented demand for shares

Royal Mail corporately owned has adopted a punishing infrastructure towards loyal hard working staff

A commanding dialogue us upon the staff at Royal Mail who now work with one ear open to see if they too have been discarded by such corporate actions.

To slam the door shut on citizens obediently working hard for the sake of profits is dehumanising for all workers and this siege mentality will continue as Royal Mail now privately owned will try to increase profits year after year.

Our society has been conquered by corporatism and we now have our lives dictated too by such powers.

It is the greatest crime corporate minds do not consider, hold no compassion and are psychopathic in their natures not too care about the human cost of sacking.

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Unscrupulous greed produces corporate gutter policies that dehumanises loyal staff for profit

Privatised Royal Mail Axes 1,600 Jobs by Morning Star..

Bosses announced 1,600 job losses at newly privatised Royal Mail yesterday in a bid to drive up profits.

Royal Mail, which was publicly owned until last October, said axing the posts was part of a plan to cut spending by £50 million a year.

It claimed that 300 other positions would be created and the cuts wouldn’t affect sorting and delivery workers.

Chief executive Moya Greene – who is paid £1.5 million a year – claimed that axing jobs was needed “to effectively compete in the letters and parcels markets.”

But the Unite union, representing Royal Mail managers, slammed the company for “ruthlessly sacrificing jobs” and warned of industrial action.

The reckless cuts were to be expected now that privateers controlled the post, the union pointed out.

“First the government sells off Royal Mail on the cheap and now the newly privatised service is ruthlessly sacrificing jobs,” Unite Royal Mail officer Brian Scott said.


Letter from Tory MP Henry Smith Who Supports ATOS/Bedroom Tax and Raising Student fees


Street Democracy writes:

This is our local MP, Mr Henry Smith. He supports the bedroom tax and supports ATOS so you get the kind of miserable soul he is. This is the letter received about local hospital closures. As you can see it is a standardised letter and he really couldn’t care less.

Thank you for contacting me about the Care Bill currently going through Parliament.

I am sure you agree that it is very important that when things go badly wrong at a particular NHS trust, they are put right as quickly as possible.  This is why the previous Government created the option for appointing Trust Special Administrators (TSA) to secure, within a tight timescale, a complete solution for sustainable and high-quality services where the trust providing them is failing significantly.

The current debate is about whether these Administrators should be able to make recommendations about the future of the failing trust and its services that may apply to services beyond the confines of the trust under administration. NHS trusts, foundation trusts and other providers do not exist in isolation from each other. They are part of a complex, interdependent, local health system.  Everyone involved in the normal planning process agrees with this, so I believe that the same broader picture needs to be considered when an Administrator is appointed.  It would be quite wrong to think changes at one trust could be made without an impact on other trusts around it. I understand from the Health Secretary, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, that this clause will add the power, which the Government always felt was the original intention of the legislation, to take into account the wider Health Service.

It is not correct to suggest that any such changes can be conducted without consultation. The Health Secretary has always been clear that full public consultation is required in any major changes to services and he has made clear that the clause would widen the scope of a TSA’s statutory consultation. Currently, minimum consultation requirements include the staff and commissioners of the failing trust.  They also include the public so that they can get a proper say to help improve a TSA’s draft recommendations. The clause gives a TSA longer to come to their conclusions and extends the statutory consultation period from 30 to 40 working. Moreover, it requires the TSA to seek the agreement of those who commission services from other local trusts, and if they cannot achieve this, to involve NHS England.

Ultimately, NHS patients and the public suffer if the Government does not deal effectively with rare failures in our Health Service. The Health Secretary  insists that this measure will ensure that, in the future, patients of failing hospitals can be reassured that the administrators will be able to look at the wider, interrelated health economy, and will ensure that the TSA regime is workable so that a sustainable future can be secured for the services provided by a trust in special administration.

Personally, I think it will prove to have been the worst decision in Crawley new town’s history to remove maternity in 2001 and A&E in 2005 to East Surrey Hospital and I support our local NHS bodies now returning services to Crawley Hospital.

I am grateful for your taking the time to contact me and please never hesitate to get back in touch if I can be of any further assistance on this issue or any other.

Yours sincerely

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

020 7219 7043 – Westminster
01293 934554 – Crawley

Cudrilla Are Still Pushing It! – Lower Stumble Hydrocarbo​n Exploratio​n Site – Planning Applicatio​n

Lower Stumble Hydrocarbo​n Exploratio​n Site – Planning Applicatio​n WSCC/005/1​4/BA (Please Click Here)


Street Democracy writes:

It seems Cuadrilla is continuing to fracture the greenbelt in Balcombe as this planning application indicates, they want more time and need more permission to frack!

Corporate whores with a boundless appetite to plunge Balcombe into the drilling industrial dark for financial gain and profit menace our world with their greed.


Fracking is the extinction button these economic uncouth prigs are determined to fulfil regardless to the cost of nature, our home lands and earth.

These corporatist’s have chosen the careerism of disease when it comes to mass industrialisation of Hydrocarbon exploration, the hydraulic fracturing with use of the most toxic chemicals to smash and crack through the deep underground of our countryside.


Fracking is the instrument of death, that will devastate our local wildlife, essential to our living. It will contaminate and pollute our natural water tables, forcing us to be reliant upon corporate bottled water for our basic needs, all at a cost of course.


They use a language of force and hold so much disdain towards public opinion, even bribing local councils, and all for everyone to see!

It is imperative we visit this website and leave our disapproval at the mere thought of fracking, and in no way do we put our earth on the line for greedy profiteers with their brutal draconian methods of wealth accumulation.


Application Number:        WSCC/005/14/BA

Location:        Lower Stumble Hydrocarbon Exploration Site, London Road, Balcombe, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 6JH

Proposal:        Temporary permission for exploration and appraisal comprising the flow testing and monitoring of the existing hydrocarbon lateral borehole along with site security fencing, the provision of an enclosed testing flare and site restoration.

Applicant:        Cuadrilla Balcombe Limited The above application has been submitted to West Sussex County Council.

This follows the expiry of planning permission WSCC/027/10/BA which allowed exploration for oil/gas at the site, and the withdrawal of applications seeking an extension of time (WSCC/061/13/BA) and the erection of a flare (WSCC/063/13/BA).

If you made comments in relation to previous applications they will not be taken forward in relation to this new application. If you have any comments to make on the present proposal (WSCC/005/14/BA) you will need to submit them using the process set out below.

You are invited to make representations/comments concerning this above proposal.  The deadline for their return is 13 March 2014.  The application is available for public inspection on the website, in hard copy at County Hall, Chichester PO19 1RG and at Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1SS.

Representations/comments can be made via the WSCC website, sent by email (to or by letter and should be supported with your name and address and referenced with the above application number.  

Comments will be made available for public inspection on the website as soon as practicable following their receipt.  Phone numbers, signatures, and email addresses will be hidden.  Comments submitted without a name and address will be classed as ‘Anonymous’.

Material matters raised in representations received before the deadline date will be given careful consideration before the application is determined.  Late representations, where possible, will be considered whilst the application continues to be processed, prior to determination.

Large-scale and/or particularly controversial proposals are determined by the Planning Committee.  If this is the case, the officer’s report will be sent, in advance of the meeting, to all those who made representations on the application.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Jane Moseley – Tel: 033022 26948, email:

UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

‘UK chancellor George Osborne has called for wholesale economic and political “reform” of the European Union (EU), warning that otherwise Britain will quit its membership.

Osborne was addressing a conference of the Open Europe think tank and the Conservative Fresh Start group, who are pressing for corporate deregulation, a further assault on welfare and for some powers to be transferred back to Westminster from Brussels.

Since the financial crash of 2008, the EU has been the mechanism for forcing through a social counter-revolution—particularly in southern and eastern Europe. Savage cuts in public spending, mass layoffs and wage cuts have created social misery in Greece, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.

Osborne made clear that he welcomed this assault but insisted it had not gone far enough.’

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The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions

The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions


Street Democracy writes:

They want Africa, minus the masses of black African’s.

They are working towards disposing the many African’s but maybe just keep enough to work the cogs of their dirty corrupt, oil corporate machines.

These elites are the whores of Babylon, completely parasitical in nature and foaming at the mouth over profits, wealth creation and mass land take over.

They want Africa for their own back garden as their own lands.

They have been biologically weaponising vaccines for ever to reduce the populations, to disease the people of life and free up the land.


These sick and twisted ruling elites have no empathy for the black African and have propagandised to create war torn situations of division, civil war and unrest.

Divide and conquer is an old method these psychopathic corporate whores know too well and it never fails.

Manufactured wars are both experimental, depopulation programmes, money making death machines from death squads of governments all over the so called civilised world.


War clears precious lands so soldiers are the corporate land grabbers. They legalise murder on a mass scale, genocide, to land create for corporate intervention and move in.

For more on this continue reading.


South Sudan, which contains vast oil reserves, borders Ethopia, Uganda, Kenya, Central African ‘Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Spread of its crisis would further destabilize a significant part of Africa. Clearly, Western-style “democratic elections,” the panacea touted by Western agencies such as National Endowment for Democracy, and related Western NGOs, have not only failed to provide stability and enhanced standards of living for many countries where they have been implemented (or imposed, militarily by US-NATO intervention, such as in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan), but are beginning to appear to be the precursor of ethnic and social violence and disintegration in many notable instances in Africa, and not only in Africa.

On September 20, 2013, at the opulent Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya endured a deadly terrorist attack that slaughtered more than 40 people, including several Europeans. The Al Qaeda affiliated Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group based in Somalia took responsibility for the attack, ostensibly in reprisal for Kenya’s participation in the African Union’s mission to combat Shabab’s domination of large areas of Somalia.’

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Eight out of ten say David Cameron must raise the minimum wage to stop children going hungry


Street Democracy writes:

Our man made socially indoctrinated culture that insists on a ‘rat race’ for material wealth has created a mafia style corrupt capitalist system that gorges out the eyes of any close competitor.

A system where by the poor can rarely socially elevate themselves, needing spare money to make money rather than the money they have which is necessary for existing on and not for investment purposes.


It leaves the poor slaves to the corporate world, slaves to the labour market that dictates the human value of labouring skills and not the other way round. 

Our prosaic system of a cold and callous free market, and a system lacking in emotional and soulful connections, empathy and love will exploit its human workers, economising them as commodities and are expendable. Commerce is spiritless rather than spiritual.

An insidious infrastructure of corporate control, power, greed and corruption will make many loose in such a system. Our governments allow corporate growth to be unregulated and unchecked and all by wealthy ruling elites of course.

Unfettered capitalism gives rise to a corrupt capitalist system of a mafia style criminally insane toxic power.


It is a language of force and slaughter’s the weak and until human values invade the corporate domain with human values as the epicentre of their existence, then profits before people will continue.

Wealth disparity will continue and the poor will see their wages drop and plummet further until we in the UK will be in tight competition with developing nations. Sweatshop conditions, slave labour, institutionalised enslavement and workers here will have to work all day for pennies.

Our government has a duty, a social contract to oblige too and take responsibility of citizens decency and life standards as being central to workers rights in the UK. poverty-no-accident

Decent wages, less obscene profits for corporate whores and corporate money ploughed back into the heart of every community.

This planet is not owned by corporations.

She is a free planet. Shelter grows for free, food grows for free, materials for clothes grow for free yet we have to pay to be alive and work all our lives in order to get the paper from corporations too pay to be alive.

For more on the spineless Tory government who won’t stand up to the corporate greed and power, click here for The Mirror or continue reading.


A YouGov survey discovered 78% of people believe more will turn to food banks next year as the cost-of-living crisis deepens – 17% are happy with the Government

An overwhelming majority of voters believe David Cameron should increase the minimum wage to stop children going hungry. The £6.31-an-hour rate needs to be raised to help people struggling to eat, say 82% of those quizzed by YouGov.

The finding comes ahead of a debate in Parliament on the increased use of food banks – prompted by a Daily Mirror petition on the issue that has attracted 141,000 backers.537138_298121333590735_348384495_n-1

The petition is linked to our Give Our Kids A Christmas appeal, which has already raised over £70,000 to stop 20,000 children going hungry on December 25. The YouGov survey also discovered that 78% believe more will turn to food banks next year as the cost-of-living crisis deepens.

Nearly 60% say the Tory-led coalition is tackling hunger badly as opposed to just 17% who are happy with the Government’s response. Union chief Len McCluskey, of Unite, who sponsored the poll, said: “It is high time Britain got a pay rise.

“Putting the minimum wage up now by £1.50 will put food on tables and cut the social security by £5 billion.

“Instead, kids come to school starving and patients present in GPs’ surgeries with signs of malnutrition.