Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:47 By David Icke

‘Israel has banned Palestinian workers from riding common buses with Israelis and forced them to return to the West Bank through the same Israeli checkpoint they left.

The pilot program separating Israeli and Palestinian bus travel was initiated on Tuesday under the directive of Israel’s military affairs ministry, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The new regulations could increase the commute of Palestinians working in the West Bank for as much as two hours each day, said human rights organizations that are set to issue an appeal against the new restrictions.’

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Miko Peled – ‘There’s Nothing Racist in Boycotting Israeli Goods And Services. It’s About Justice’


Israel criticized for touting Nepal rescue while Gaza is still in ruins

 Israel criticized for touting Nepal rescue while Gaza is still in ruins

Street Democracy writes:

Surrounded by infinite amounts of gutter, decayed morals comes from self described civilised people who bomb and explode the life out of living souls to pieces right across their street.

  (Read more: Stanford professor left barefoot, homeless and trapped in Israel for 15 years)

Infused in a decay in virtue and utter madness to assume difference between races explains and justifies such barbarity when both sides of the street bleed when their skin is cut.

The Zionist’s and Israeli government have caused such global political chaos to justify the mass slaughter and genocide of another race in a vain attempt to hide this illegal land grab and obliteration of all those who live upon it.

We witness embittered racism, from gut wrenching ideologies, from educated minds who methodically think all through each death dealing strategy to then simply fall back on their embittered racism to justify this onslaught.

That’s their reasoning and that’s what’s frightening. No matter what the intelligence, or the super brain that’s in charge, if its riddled with racism, that’s the conclusion it comes down too.

A ‘Zionist empiric colonisation process of fanatical commitment’ done quietly in the pipeline while their political and army puppets exterminate life of the Palestinian as the world watches on.

It is furthering the Draconian ‘zero tolerance’ of civilised existence if its in the way of the corporate oligarchs and a full explosion of state oppression we must not tolerate.

We permit such atrocity when we should be convulsed with extreme outrage and anger to stop it.

It is important we read further this article. By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

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Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 08:38 By David Icke

‘The director of Human Rights Watch has criticized Israel for touting its emergency aid efforts for earthquake-devastated Nepal while it continues to block reconstruction in Gaza.
“Easier to address a far away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel’s making in Gaza,” Kenneth Roth tweeted in reference to Israel’s announcement that it was flying 260 Israeli army medical and military personnel to Kathmandu.
“End the blockade!” Roth demanded. Earlier this month, 46 international aid agencies urged sanctions on Israel if it did not end the tight siege on Gaza that has prevented the rebuilding of a single home in the eight months since Israel’s devastating assault last summer.’
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(Read more: Stanford professor left barefoot, homeless and trapped in Israel for 15 years)

Stanford professor left barefoot, homeless and trapped in Israel for 15 years

newTuesday 28th April 2015 at 08:07 By David Icke

‘An American citizen was left homeless and barefoot in Israel, and those who provided him with shoes were punished by the courts.
Gary visited Israel for a long weekend to attend his son’s coming of age – or bar mitzvah – ceremony. He was already a divorced man. He had emigrated to Israel (or “made aliyah”) many years before and, after his marriage broke down, he was told by an Israeli court that it would be better if he left Israel and went back to the USA to continue working as he would be better able to provide financially for his children.
Gary’s eldest son is now 28 years of age and is to become a father himself. All good news so far, except that since the bar mitzvah Gary has been held in Israel for 15 years. He is a dual national and is drowning in litigation. He did not know he had a No Exit Order placed upon him until he was at Ben Gurion airport. There he was turned back and since then has been unable to find his way home. He was ordered to pay money for child support for six children in advance, a sum of money so extortionate that only a multi-millionaire could pay.’
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Lancet accused of ‘anti-Israel hate propaganda’ over its coverage of Gaza conflict

Lancet accused of ‘anti-Israel hate propaganda’ over its coverage of Gaza conflict

Street Democracy writes:

Is the ‘violence of governance’ our new dictation of democracy? A warring theology and gunshot political policy of ‘do as we force you too?’

We witness this as a sinister violent and bloody subjugation of the Palestinian’s. We witness Isreali’s military force via unmeasurable death and destruction, carnage, and human atrocities of such a policy and watched by the world on a daily basis.

Where is the mass global moral outrage?

We witness legions of faceless bureaucratic war lords, mass killers who exhibit a mindless art in war propaganda and send death squads in costumes to slaughter in the name of land grab and ethnic cleansing.

These disturbing scenes are processed in mainstream media as a ‘glamourisation of war’, normalised by our controled global mainstream news outlays, to disensitise us. Disensitise us to view the slaughter of families as a sick show of entertainment. To re-socialise us to except a level of moral decay as a way forward.

The garroting of the Palestinian’s as a race of people, is an assured violence of governance who are outwardly exterminating social democracy, exterminating humility and our whole purpose of being.

Remember no civillian society is above military, so what happens in Palestine can easily happen any where else where the elites want the land and the people out of the way. You and I, and our communities are as safe as what exactly?

Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
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‘One of the world’s oldest and most venerable medical journals is under attack from an international group of more than 500 doctors over its coverage of the humanitarian disaster caused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’
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Iran: Terrorists in Yemen Organized by Israeli Mossad Agency

Iran: Terrorists in Yemen Organized by Israeli Mossad Agency

‘Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian blasted Israel for sponsoring terrorism in Yemen, and said Mossad plays an important role in gathering and transferring terrorists from around the world to Yemen.
“The (Israeli) Mossad has brought ISIL, Boko Haram and al-Shabab terrorists to Yemen,” Amir Abdollahian said on Wednesday.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister underlined that the evidence and intel gathered over the past two months shows that certain spy agencies have transferred the ISIL terrorists from Syria and Iraq as well as some (other) regional countries to South Yemen.
“Boko Haram and al-Shabab terrorists have been taken from Nigeria and Somalia to Yemen,” Amir Abdollahian added.’
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Israel strangles a Palestinian village

Israel strangles a Palestinian village

Street Democracy writes:

 The evils are crippling ordinary peace loving people as they unleash a deadly programme of ethnic cleansing and land grab on a monumental size. The people are Palestinian’s living in Palestine. The evils in soulless suits and their political architecture of moral rot have a ferocious art of killing and torturing for their own self gain regardless of how they do it.

A choke hold of a magnitude size has gripped the people of Palestine around their throats with the use of tyrannical iron fist and warring theories that ravage the lands and all who live on them. A mass illegal land grab and permanent practice of war crimes on a daily round the clock systematic bombardment of slaughter is what we are witnessing as the world watches on.

On a selfish note however, this is happening in Palestine today and it has certainly happened before, (Nazi Germany). It is happening else where in our world and can happen outside our own doors at any time. If successful and the rogue state of Israel can obliterate people based on ethnicity, and the world watches on, then any rogue state can obliterate to extinction any race by force.

Remember military power isn’t subordinate to civilian power and watch the lives of how Palestinian people are being forced to live. Look into her eyes and ask yourself, ‘what would your eyes say if you had to live like this?’

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By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

 Israel strangles a Palestinian village


Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals

Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals

Street Democracy writes: 

Warring theologies and permanent war crimes with a true commitment to continue hostility towards the Palestinians. Only a rogue terrorist nation would subject another race to such ethnic cleansing in such barbaric ways.

Israel is a collective ‘punishing state’ that has turned a race and homeland of people into a giant detention centre and killing fields. Israel has set itself up to be nothing more than a rogue terrorist state corporately controlled by Zionist psychopaths, ruling elites.

Using methods cruel and disturbing Israel’s treatment towards the Palestine’s is psychopathic and total mental derailment, echoing genocide a complete destruction of an entire race.

 The Terrorist Actions of the Rogue State of Israel – Max Igan & Kev Baker – July 15, 2014

Using every toxic and gutter method to destroy, exterminate and extinguish the Palestinians the Israeli government are using both sociopathic slow kill means as well as bombing for immediate desolation. It’s almost like they are experimenting with war tactics and couldn’t care less whether they are legal methods of warring or not.

Here we have slow kill methods of torture for families in Palestine. To feed your babies and small children with poisonous toxic chemically laced vegetables is testament to the psychopathic methods used to hurt and mane innately decent and a peaceful race.

By Debbie Simmons -Street Democracy

Israel sprays Gaza farms with poisonous chemicals



Max Igan Explains the History of the Palestinian Struggle

Max Igan Explains the History of the Palestinian Struggle

Max Igan Please click on the link to find Max Igan’s website. He is a hero of mine who has taken the time and effort to face the venomous dialogue of pure bitterness towards the Palestine’s, to include tremendous efforts to stand in the same shoes and face the danger they do.

 He did this by illegally breaking into Palestine and living with the people to fully appreciate the truth of how and what is going on in the Gaza. I hope you listen to him. Many thanks Street Democracy.


Royal British Legion Industries and G4S Are Both Connected to Israel. Does that make them complicit to mass genocide against Palestinians and have blood on their hands? by Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy

 Royal British Legion Industries and G4S Are Both Connected to Israel. Does that make them complicit to mass genocide against Palestinians and have blood on their hands? by Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy

There are corporations that harvest on human derailment, death and mass murder. They are murdering and trespassing authors, like thieves who’ll steal your lives, your very soul, your homeland in a punishing regime. 

Like a fierce host dishing out death dealing policies, produces nothing but evil in print within a punishing factory, G4S are becoming masters of supporting death, torture both physical and psychological harm to the most poor and vulnerable in various ways across many lands.

G4S are a British Security company that specialises in equipment and provides services for payment and profit who’s morals are bankrupt, degenerate and sadistic. They are guilty of creating a malicious atmosphere where people are expendable and are repeating echos of genocide, mass murder and torture.

G4S must end its complicity in Israel’s abuse of child prisoners  © 2015 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

Metal bar door inside a prison

G4S management and shareholders are being called on to end the corporation’s participation in Israel’s brutal occupation. Photograph: Anthony Brown/Alamy

As G4S management and shareholders prepare to participate in the G4S AGM on Thursday, we call on G4S management and shareholders to end the corporation’s participation in Israel’s brutal occupation. G4S operates and maintains security systems at the Ofer prison, located in the occupied West Bank, and for the Kishon and Moskobiyyeh detention/interrogation facilities, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners, held in solitary confinement.

G4S helps the Israeli prison service to run prisons inside Israel that hold prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory, despite the fourth Geneva convention prohibition of the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier. Through its involvement in Israel’s prison system, G4S is complicit in violations of international law and participates in Israel’s use of mass incarceration as a means by which to dissuade Palestinians from protesting against Israel’s systematic human rights abuses.

By  © 2015 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

G4S currently provide services to Israeli’s prisons however they are up to their necks in supporting the onslaught of children, mothers, fathers in Palestine. They are deep in with turning Palestine into an open air detention centre, a killing field of innocent people, of complete genocide of the killing of an entire race, over 1.8 million. 

G4S already knew this as the history between Israel and Palestine is no secret and this company entered the corrupt capitalist agenda where profits come before people no matter what the situation, or how volatile it is.

The Israeli prisons are home to Palestinians who’s only crime is to stand up for themselves. Are described as political prisoners, for not agreeing to the agenda of apartheid, torture and total genocide of their people.

It may be worth asking which of us would sit back and allow our families to be blown up or tortured just for being them and standing in the very space they stood in. No, I doubt any reader would allow this and the Palestinians are no exception.

G4S and their gutter policies towards life is apparent and no secret. On the one hand their death dealing policies destroy life with mortar’s in one part of the world and in another they destroy peoples lives in a more subtle perhaps, more sophisticated but deadly psychological attack.

This is where RBLI (Royal British Legion Industries) are contracted to G4S to help guide the unemployed back into employment here in the UK. What actually goes on is blackmail with staff dictating to the unemployed as I have heard this myself and shocked at what was said to a woman who was too sick to work.

You experience a dialogue of bitterness and commanding aggressive sales talk that seem to thrive on dark policies of cruelty and of soul drenching character assassination. A shabby office with shabby suits that sit on shabby desks, move malicious jaws in a front line reception of love, empathy abandoned staff. 

‘Do this course’. ‘Go here to this interview’ and then the best one was ‘you have to do as I say when I say it!’ A staff member of G4S called Sarah said loud and clear down the phone, ‘or you’ll be reported and you’ll loose your claim!’.  

Now experience the stunned silence that was then felt around the office of non staff members, including the woman she was screaming at down the phone. This humiliation exalted to the highest front line ravishment is every time you don’t agree with their opinion. Every time you explain you are unable too participate, or its not what you had in mind to do in work.

You are threatened with the only money you’ll receive, and all of your money, food money, essential money to survive. A move this particular female was eagerly threatening to the lady down the phone no doubt very distressed. 

How heartless can you be?

As heartless as those killing life fully endorsed by an organisation called BRLI that willingly can work with fiends in uniforms (G4S) that not only bury our brother and sister’s in raw anger, but also of bullets, rocket bombs and total genocide, then it stands to reason the essence the foundations of G4S is psychopathic and so must BRLI.

If company’s this psychopathic team with other companies equally psychopathic it states a bleak picture of corrupt rogue capitalism that descends down upon people for profit whether they are blown to pieces in their home lands or blackmailed in an office somewhere. They are the professional destroyers of life.

‘Do as we say or you loose your money‘, most vital money as there is no other money to that person’s name. It is a sadistic nature of economic rape and onslaught on the mind to those in desperate situations having to deal with such manner.

My heart goes out to the ruthless treatment of those vulnerable here in the UK, yet it is nothing compared too the punishing state of Palestine. 

G4S bullies whose eyes must have died a long time ago, on their aggressive expedition, a grandiose narcissistic route of crude tactics and fierce savagery of various treatments. Yet those who are themselves inhospitable and create political turbulence who sit at the very top are hidden and are safe from such vile. Those divorced from empathy and compassion and think only of profits. G4S is orchestrated by legions of faceless bureaucrats both political and corporate, issuing demented projects with ruthless efficiency.

Lower down in the UK, staff members of G4S via RBLI constantly harass people by demanding interviews and long day courses forcing people to stay in their offices whether the course is relevant or not to the unemployed. The language of force demands appointments when ever it fits their agenda to enquire about what you are doing to find work. 

A general idea of this administration is of a stern faced, fake smiles, morally degenerate front line reception also connected to the Job Centre’s Work Programmes. 

What is so schizophrenic about RBLI is they are meant to care for war hero’s and yet here they are antagonising the poor, and are connected to G4S instrumental in a killing frenzy in war torn Palestine. Royal British Legion Industries are meant to care, support and protect those in need from war atrocities?

Listening further, G4S staff use a dialogue of command to obliterate your privacy and use financial sanctioning as weapons against the unemployed, the poor and those too sick to work. This is the real face of the Work Programme and Job Centre Staff of today who order the unemployed around or face loosing your benefits.

This financial sanctioning is echoed all the way through G4S and BRLI and all staff  are well rehearsed in what I call complete character assassination. To bring on total character disintegration, as the pockets of financial squalor brings enough on its own to destroy the lives of the poor without added verbal torment from these administrators.

So we know the level of fiendish behaviour this corporation G4S is capable of doing. What is missing is staff members not knowing who they are supporting and giving valuable time and energy towards, slaughtering of human life. 

G4S and BRLI exaggerate the harsh mechanisms that feed out chronic deprivation upon traumatising poverty stricken families and individuals both home and abroad, no questions asked. 

A true malicious art within policy of either organisations, of malicious jaws that nash and lacerate the minds of the vulnerable. Who fail to hear the inward groan of despair each time a bomb destroys a home, or the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Who view and treat the Palestine’s as unsophisticated barbarians and believe most wrongly they are vulgar and rotten inside without question also. 

What doesn’t enter their heads are any ethical questions as to G4S and BRLI’s purpose and reason behind what they stand for. Listen to the videos of the plight of the Palestine’s and work it out who is right, who is justified and who is wrong. Then ask do we in the UK want such corporations controlling our lives too?

Yet we face a more serious aspect. We don’t want to have any connections with any company or organisations that kill to ethnically cleanse lands here or abroad. G4S are systematically stealing the lives of Palestinians and their lands for profitable purposes of over 1.8 million Palestine’s and BRLI are just as guilty and all the other corporations connected no matter how loosely, they still feed the killing machine of death.

What has happened to corporations, but more importantly, the people who work for them? 

What re human beings born with hearts and minds, who have families and homes to take care of, doing working for company killers such as G4S and BRLI? 

How does that even happen?

Debbie Simmons – Street Democracy

Chilcot inquiry into Iraq War ‘unlikely to be published this year’

Chilcot inquiry into Iraq War ‘unlikely to be published this year’

‘The British inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war and its aftermath, which completed its last hearing in February 2011 with the promise to report back in “some months”, is unlikely to be published this year.
BBC Newsnight said that protracted correspondence with those criticised in the document was one reason that its publication in 2015 looked “doubtful”.
The latest delay, if confirmed, will come as a severe blow to families of the 179 British servicemen killed in the nine-year war. It will also compound public scepticism. Earlier this year its chairman Sir John Chilcot said that the report would not be published before the election. Many saw the full parliamentary term of the new government in October and November as the next plausible deadline window.’
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