We have had a system of ‘legal’ fiction imposed upon us called maritime law. It is a fiction

We have had a system of ‘legal’ fiction imposed upon us called maritime law. It is a fiction.


“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters”

Two things everyone on the planet needs to know. We have had a system of ‘legal’ fiction imposed upon us called maritime law. It is a fiction. There is no such thing except aboard a ship at sea.

Second, those in the United States, please recall that each of the fifty states is sovereign. That has never ever been dissolved, never would be, and the states had collectively agreed to act as a body for certain purposes. That body and the states within it, are being illegally managed by the separate corporation that is Washington DC.

There are three such corporations: Washington DC, The City of London, and Vatican City.

Here’s the third thing everyone needs to know, actually:


11 States have constituted the Administration of the Common Law Jury in all counties: New York 2-27-14; Florida 3-15-14; Connecticut 3-15-14; Rhode Island 3-15-14; New Jersey 3-22-14; New Hampshire 3-29-14; Arizona 3-31-14; Massachusetts 4-1-14; Maryland 4-5-14; Maine 4-12-14; Washington 5-18-14

Next time you see anything visual… a photo or a news report or a video or even a film that includes a courtroom or perhaps a political press conference, have a good look at the flags flying in the picture. No matter what country is represented by such flag, if it bears a gold braid border it is a signal that this entity is under “maritime law.” That means that a courthouse is a ship, essentially, and the judge is the captain of the ship in the wheelhouse.

The gold fringe is not part of the American flag known as the Stars and Stripes, but it is a legal symbol indicating that the court, government building, school or soldier is operating under British Maritime Law and the Uniform Commercial Code; military and merchant law.


Babylon Is Fallen

Babylon Is Fallen by by kate u/v kaia

Pics displayed by Street Democracy


1. NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN  CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct.

Without a LEGAL NAME, which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical materials we collect.

It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER.

For PROOF of this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will see the measure of control the system has over you.


2. REGISTER/REGISTRATION etc. : Any/all things registered are FULLY SURRENDERED with consent to the CROWN CORPORATION with NO legal recourse until such things are removed by exposing the INTENT by those who serve the CROWN CORPORATION to commit fraud knowingly/unknowingly.

ex: A child that is REGISTERED is CROWN PROPERTY by ignorant consent where the truth of REGISTERING was not brought forth which is the original INTENT by CROWN CORPORATION SERVANT’S OWNERS to have people offer their children unknowingly into slavery of soul, and thus, body.

It’s the soul they’re really after, so keep that in mind.


3. MONEY, GOLD, SILVER, ASSETS, BITCOIN etc. are ALL illusions of value where YOU are the true creator of all physical manifestations.

Money, external value, has been the tool as the third party interloper “middle man” that has made draining your power possible.

Money or the like only has value if one has been duped into thinking it does. This illusion is the ultimate distraction and destroyer of creator souls, literally. ALL money is based on the soul CONTRACT commonly known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

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Babylon Is Fallen by by kate u/v kaia

At last! Victory on secret courts: Rulings in family cases to be made public after Mail campaign against cloak of anonymity

At last! Victory on secret courts: Rulings in family cases to be made public after Mail campaign against cloak of anonymity

‘Decisions by secret courts that can lead to children being taken from their parents or old people forced into care homes are finally to be opened up to public scrutiny.

Under rules set out yesterday, future judgments in the family courts and the Court of Protection must be made public except in cases where there is a clear reason to dictate they should not be.

Councils applying to take children into care or to take control of the lives of the old and sick can no longer hide behind a cloak of anonymity.’

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British activists hold legal aid demonstrations


Street Democracy writes:

The Corporate Mind needs feeding of human turmoil on a global scale. Taking away basic human rights of legal representation, is just another kick to crush the poor and break the backs of those in need of legal assistance. No justice and no equality is assured when the Government, our true enemy with ruthless efficiency stole our democracy.

Fractured and broken our democracy remains but in tatters blowing in the toxic wind of the Tory Party. This grave assault upon the Welfare State is to decimate the lower classes to further their agenda and show loyalty at removing power from beneath and give it all to the wealth of the nation.

This onslaught of Tory propaganda about reclaiming money to save in times of ‘austerity’ just means the rich now experiencing ‘prosperity’ are taking away from the poor to give to the rich. It is if we need to detach ourselves from the system that is ruining our chances of a just life.

The actual bloodline families who lead, have gotten it wrong. For a complacent and obedient society all they had to do was make every one content with work, have enough money, too much food, too much entertainment would have them looking away from the darkness of government.

Instead by taking all the essentials away, they are forcing a massive political awakening, with citizens questioning everything now. It will start a spiritual political revolution if they are not careful and the rich will have to hide as with the French Revolution, or have they forgotten?


‘Hundreds of anti-cuts campaigners have staged protests across England to voice their opposition against the British government’s plans to cut legal aid fees.

Demonstrations organized by the anti-austerity protest group UK Uncut were held on Saturday, October 5, in seven English towns and cities, including London, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Hull, Northampton and Norwich.

Protesters blockaded roads near courts to condemn the government’s plans to slice a further £220 million from the criminal legal aid budget in England and Wales.’

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‘Top judge’s war on secret courts’: Family hearings must be exposed to ‘glare of publicity’. But does this really change anything of substance?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2413373/Top-judges-war-secret-courts-Family-hearings-exposed-glare-publicity.html#ixzz2e64UkqFm Friday, 06 September 2013 11:12

Street Democracy writes:

When institutions especially our legal institutions specialise in courageously discriminatory and biased against the poorer classes we need to question this system. We need to investigate these top special forces who disregard freedom of speech, civil liberties and assassinate those suffering from poverty as incapable of being well balanced and display good parenting.

These top violators of our basic human rights, continue to slam down Tory’ iron fist of blue’ laws mimicking Draconian rules upon innocent peace loving families whose only crime is a lack of money. This paper based reality we live in is biased against those who don’t hold a lot of it.

It is a demented legal system that bases its judgements on how much paper you have in your pocket that will depict the quality of parenthood. The social carnage they inflict by ripping babies and small children from their parent or parents arms is traumatic, distressing for both parent and child and extremely psychologically damaging. No one wins like this.

It is time for windowless courts to become transparent and not some 101 room in George Orwells’ 1984 book of horrors. That book wasn’t meant to be followed but meant to steer us the opposite way.


‘One of Britain’s most senior judges vowed yesterday to expose family courts to ‘the glare of publicity’ after decades of obsessive secrecy. In a landmark ruling, Sir James Munby said parents of children taken into care must no longer be gagged by the courts and the public should be told what social workers are up to.

Sir James, who is president of the Family Division of the High Court, said the removal of children from their families had become the most drastic matter judges dealt with now there was no death penalty. He said the rulings could affect mothers for ‘upwards of 60 or even 70 years’ and children for even longer.

There was a ‘pressing need’ for the workings of the family courts to be opened to public view and the arguments for scrutiny and public accountability were compelling.’

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New family court guidelines won’t improve a rotten system for children

By Christopher Booker who has been on the case of the family court scandal for many years.

Much of the ‘work’ of family courts today is nothing more than child-stealing by the state.

‘Far more important than this seemingly glaring contradiction, however, is that all Lord Justice Munby is saying is that the outside world should be allowed to see more judgments – still entirely at the discretion of the judge. To anyone familiar with the peculiar workings of these courts, this will leave 95 per cent of what is so shocking about what goes on in them as secret as ever.

Still completely hidden will be the way all the normal rules of British justice can be suspended: as in allowing judges to accept damning hearsay evidence, however absurd, without it being put to any proper test; as in how parents whose children have been taken from them are too often not allowed to challenge untruths or the tendentious opinions of “hired gun” psychologists, who may not even be qualified; as in how too many parents find themselves facing the cruellest ordeal of their lives being treated by judges and all present like criminals, without being given any proper opportunity to plead their case.

Almost nothing of the ruthlessly enforced blanket of secrecy that has allowed our family courts to become so corrupted will be affected in any way by Lord Justice Munby’s proposals.’

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Don’t rely on the courts to axe the bedroom tax



Street Democracy writes:

What ever the legalise and complex legal paradigms are over ‘lawful and unlawful’ issues, as far as I can see, the symbols surrounding judges, the symbology filling each court room tells me justice is the last thing on the agenda. Criminal Courts, for example. Look at the name. Criminal Courts.

Is that criminals running the courts or a court for criminals? Are we not meant to be innocent and be proven guilty, yet we are judged before we even enter. If the courts are run by criminals then there is no justice for us, because the judges, the barristers, the legal court system, the controllers of law run it against us, as criminals would.

They don’t set up a law for the poor to win, otherwise they would be in court loosing all the time.

chrishedgessplash big

We know our system is corrupt. We know secret societies exist and we know the symbols judges and mayors wear around their necks are just a small token of a much bigger picture. ‘We the people’ do not belong in this club. We are not wanted or welcomed and democracy and justice belong to the elite, the ruling elite, and them only.

The ‘Bedroom Tax’ causes more damage and more money that it is worth, yet, it still exists. This planet has food abundance, and the potential to harvest the world many times over. Never to have a starving child or womb ever anywhere, yet our system is so corrupt, it feels half the world is starving or malnourished.

We have a corrupt power elite and until we the people address such an issue, the likes of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and the unfair treatment from ‘ATOS’ will continue to operate by the mechanisms of power. The law is in their hands and not the people’s. I might be wrong, but hey, we know our democracy is tainted with corporate muscle and that we know is corrupt.

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When I’ve talked about the bedroom tax in the past few months, campaigners have asked me: “Surely the judges will intervene?” The bedroom tax penalises the poor by reducing housing benefit available to social housing tenants – council and housing association – if they are deemed to be “under-occupying.”

In reality, those tenants are rarely leaving their extra bedroom empty. They are just failing to follow the government’s strict guidelines on when children should be required to share a room. This is a tax targeted at the poor and can result in someone being evicted from a long-standing home. Isn’t it against human rights or irrational?

Extraditing UK People And Putting In Solitary In USA

Monday, 19 August 2013 09:36

‘Tahla Ahsan has never ever been to the USA, he was born and lived in the UK and is alleged to have visited a web site in the US that promoted terrorism, which he denies, he has been in prison for 6 years and is now in solitary confinement in Connecticut awaiting trial in March 2014.’

“Bedroom tax” judgement to be appealed



Press release

Lawyers representing adults and children with disabilities who are challenging the Government’s ‘Bedroom Tax’ have vowed to fight on after today losing part of their High Court battle to halt the controversial new housing benefit regulations that came into force on 1st April this year.

Since 1 April 2013, persons deemed to have 1 spare bedroom have had their housing benefit reduced by 14% and persons deemed to have 2, or more, spare bedrooms have had their housing benefit reduced by 25%.

The claimants all argued that these new Housing Benefit rules discriminate against people with disabilities.  The Court accepted that they are discriminatory, but decided that the discrimination was justified and therefore lawful – apart from in cases of disabled children unable to share a bedroom because of their disabilities.

Bedroom Tax 2

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Judicial review process to be made tougher


Leading barristers warn over legal aid cuts

Street Democracy writes:

‘Judicial review process to be made tougher’ means some unknown is going to dictate whether someone innocent citizen should receive legal representation, or to have some legal ground to stand on. It is another blow to the public’s human rights. It means some unelected and unknown will be making important judgments based on paper work. This will equate as being equally be as important as the judiciary hearing itself.

The Nanny State will decide your fate, forcing more control over people who are desperately trying to be heard in this ever increasing Orwellian State. It is another savagery attack upon our democracy, our freedom of speech and human rights.

If you are not deemed worthy then your case is dismissed. If someone you have never met makes a decision against you, you have no rights, no voice and this is a ‘totalitarian state’ of governmental agencies controlling its citizenry. For more on this story click here for the Telegraph…or continue reading below:

The Telegraph: ‘Government ministers are concerned that people are using the process as a ‘delaying tactic’ or to generate publicity, wasting time and delaying policy being implemented.

They plan to make the test that needs to be passed for bringing a judicial review tighter, reducing the number of cases clogging up the courts – which have increased dramatically since the 1970s.

Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, is concerned that the process is being used as a delay tactic, but has insisted judicial reviews will remain for genuine cases, where they can be used to hold local authorities to account.’

Welfare reform sparks sharp rise in complaints

http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/regulation/welfare-reform-sparks-sharp-rise-in-complaints/6527889.article 26/07/2013 | By Carl Brown, Martin Hilditchopinion-graphics-2_1131699a

Welfare reforms have contributed to a sharp increase in complaints and enquiries made to the housing ombudsman. Mike Biles, the housing ombudsman, revealed there has been a 31 per cent increase in tenant enquiries and complaints in the first quarter of 2013/14 compared with the same period last year. The ombudsman received 3,207 enquiries or complaints in April to June 2013/14, and 2,456 in the same period last year.Stop-The-Bedroom-Tax-2070513

Street Democracy writes:

‘Welfare reform sparks sharp rise in complaints’ is a colossal understatement but what is more alarming is what is being done because of the complaints. Nothing. Like the Fracking dangers of our countryside, and our water table, the bulldozers go in anyway, and that’s just the police.

We face multiple layers of bureaucratic harassment explaining in a dispassionate tone that our monies are being taken away, there is nothing we can do, just accept. We have our legal aid taken away, and Jobcentre staff are as unfriendly as housing staff, lacking empathy and understanding of the poor’s plight, despite they themselves maybe one pay cheque away from the same fate.

Our Government and governmental agencies are increasingly divorcing from public opinion, demonising social housing tenants and with ruthless efficiency reducing disability allowance to humiliate those in need of it. Its like a Tory political rage thrown at the poor and disadvantaged in a harsh draconian manner, defacing our democracy as they go.

Who do you complain too? Who is there to listen? We have tried every avenue and always the same response from governmental agency staff ‘there’s nothing we can do’ or ‘we are not paid to be political’. They are not paid to ‘think’ is what I say.HEARME