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Street Democracy writes:

This economic conquest for profit is no more than a domesticated warfare from governmental corporate minds and the iron fist of the blue Tories. These political aggressors are not abiding to their rules, and are in ‘breach of trust’ as public trustees. It is enough for them to be disciplined and sacked in my book!

As they economise our planet and ‘us’, as they subject earth to financialisation and treat us as commodities too, they blindly continue to decent into soulless shadows of rulership. They treat us as a herd of proliferating wild barbarians that are disorganised and unintelligent.

Then this demonstration in Balcombe must make their dark souls shift uncomfortably in their cold soulless skins as the people show unity and great knowledge on fracking. Did they think we would just let it go after a day or so?



Cuadrilla director Lord Browne pictured

“7. In the conduct of their parliamentary duties, Members of the House shall base their actions on consideration of the public interest, and shall resolve any conflict between their personal interest and the public interest at once, and in favour of the public interest

8. Members of the House:

(a) must comply with the Code of Conduct; (b) should act always on their personal honour; 4 CODE OF CONDUCT AND GUIDE TO THE CODE OF CONDUCT (c) must never accept or agree to accept any financial inducement as an incentive or reward for exercising parliamentary influence; (d) must not seek to profit from membership of the House by accepting or agreeing to accept payment or other incentive or reward in return for providing parliamentary advice or services.”



“Civil war” among Crawley Conservatives bad for town, says Labour leader Picture from Wikipedia.

Crawley Town Hall, on The Boulevard in the town centre

Street Democracy writes:

‘”Civil war” among Crawley Conservatives bad for town, says Labour leader’ sounds like providence, or at least come back on the ‘rubbish’ policies they are dishing out. Their draconian methods of ruling and administering Crawley is being mirrored up and down the country. Destroying our Welfare State and demonising the poor.

Britain is being commercialised and each person a commodity like a battery to be used to work beyond retirement age to make corporations money. In Crawley, the council (were all this ‘in-fighting’ is taking place) refuse to acknowledge how damaging their Tory policies are.

They are walking around like human robots, following blindly the tail of the one in front, refusing to listen to reason, to wisdom and logic. The Tories policies are causing more damage and more harm than good. Why don’t they listen?

They are battling against their own human decency in pursuit of a Tory agenda and that doesn’t sit right. They are being forced to agree on hypocritical values, using ‘toxic gutter’ politics to justify evicting families from council homes if they fall behind with the putrid ‘Bedroom Tax’. They are failing their tenants, they are dividing communities and now cracks of social divisions have exploded into gapping holes between themselves.

If public policies don’t feel right then don’t administer them. It is really easy, and Government need us to ‘obey’ in order for their rules to work. If we or the council say ‘no’ then the loss of power is felt in Westminster and our corporately controlled Tory Government is then forced to look again.

Tory principles must stop eviscerating our public systems, public life and innocent peace loving families just to suit the lies of Iain Duncan Smith. Crawley Council, look closely at those you follow and understand why the Conservative Party is cracking. For more on this story click here for This is Sussex or continue reading…

THE leader of Crawley’s Labour Party says “civil war” within the rival  Crawley Conservative Party is “bad for the town”.Peter Lamb, leader of the opposition on Crawley Borough Council, has written  about the news revealed by the Crawley News yesterday that Lee Gilroy and Karl  Williamson had defected to join Ukip.​HITTING OUT: Peter Lamb

  1. HITTING OUT: Peter Lamb