Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:47 By David Icke

‘Israel has banned Palestinian workers from riding common buses with Israelis and forced them to return to the West Bank through the same Israeli checkpoint they left.

The pilot program separating Israeli and Palestinian bus travel was initiated on Tuesday under the directive of Israel’s military affairs ministry, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The new regulations could increase the commute of Palestinians working in the West Bank for as much as two hours each day, said human rights organizations that are set to issue an appeal against the new restrictions.’

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Miko Peled – ‘There’s Nothing Racist in Boycotting Israeli Goods And Services. It’s About Justice’


Angry Ukrainian Conscripts in Lviv Threaten Revolt

Angry Ukrainian Conscripts in Lviv Threaten Revolt

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:48 By David Icke

‘Hundreds of conscripts blocked security cordons at the Yavoriv range in Ukraine’s western Lviv region demanding the immediate issue of military uniforms and boots, Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya reported Monday.

“These men were called up two weeks ago, but they are still moving around like bums… They are angry at being ignored; they hate to just sit on their hands doing nothing. They say they just fired 10 shots each over the whole period of being here… The commanders are desperately trying to calm them down,” an anonymous source told the paper, adding that it was all happening at the backdrop of Ukrainian-US military drills involving members of the country’s National Guard.’

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Saudi Arabia keeps bombing Yemen despite calls for halt

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:48 By David Icke

‘Saudi Arabia continues its deadly military attacks against Yemen despite calls for the cessation of the aggression against the impoverished country.

Media reports on Tuesday said that at least four people were killed and six others sustained injuries in a Saudi airstrike in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ibb.

Saudi fighter jets also pounded the al-Seifi and Beit al-Ahmer areas in the Sanhan Directorate, located south of the capital, Sana’a.’

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Syrian War Set To Re-Explode

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:47 By David Icke

‘The Syrian war stalemate appears to be over. The regional powers surrounding Syria – especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan – have re-ignited their war against the Syrian government. After over 200,000 dead and millions of refugees, the U.S. allies in the region recently recommitted to deepening the war, with incalculable consequences.

The new war pact was made between Obama’s regional darlings, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who agreed to step up deeper military cooperation and establish a joint command in the occupied Syrian region of Idlib.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now openly backing Islamic extremists under the newly rebranded “Conquest Army.” The on-the-ground leadership of this “new” coalition consists of Jabhat al-Nusra – the “official” al-Qaeda affiliate – and Ahrar al-Sham, whose leader previously stated that his group was the “real al-Qaeda.”’

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Obama Is Creating a World Police Force While Destroying the U.S. Military

Obama Is Creating a World Police Force While Destroying the U.S. Military

Sunday 17th May 2015 at 11:30 By David Icke

‘In the recent past, I have documented how Jade Helm is, in some measure, about gun control and the use of foreign troops to enforce martial law. As if this is not offensive enough to the American people, these two factors, when combined, add up to the fact that the United States is creating a World Police Force.

Jade Helm will consist of gun confiscation and there is ample evidence pointing to this strong possibility and it started with a very concerning act that involved the Secretary of State, John Kerry, and President Obama as Kerry signed the illegal and unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty which effectively bans all private ownership of guns. There is one provision in the treaty that has received absolutely no attention in our mainstream media and that is the section having to do with confiscation and the use of foreign troops:

State parties to the ATT (i.e. UN Small Arms Treaty) “may seek assistance” in implementing the Treaty. The ATT indicates that a voluntary trust fund was established to promote the establishment of a multinational gun confiscation program. This statement brings in the “legitimized” use of foreign troops in order to enforce international law on American citizens in direct opposition to the Constitution.’

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Confirmed: US ‘Operation Rooms’ Backing Al Qaeda in Syria

Street Democracy writes:

A dreadful interval upon nations and great countries. The once hidden morally depraved policies of controlled conflict, these dimly lit principles are now in the spot light for all to see, and confirm.

The ‘shock and traumatising ‘ of villages rampaged with terror, and cause civil war, chaos, while the oligarchs control the chess board of war.

Our leaders ‘sour principles’ have led us into a miserable onslaught with controlled conflict of the bloodiest, torturous and fiendish levels of afflicted pain upon innocent families.robin-cookTo emotionally blackmail us into having fear, to feel powerless to stop it also.

Fear makes us behave irrationally and ask for protection. This protection comes at our cost of freedom.

Heavy surveillance, to protect us, digital spying and loss of civil rights, the criminalisation of anyone critical of government and so on.

9/11 saw the starting pistol fire upon our freedoms and they have increased this infringement ever since by militarising our policing and our societies.58cd4-executive-order

But we know they want the Middle East with their spearing of evil and no depravity is depraved enough they won’t stoop too in order to divide and conquer the territory they want.

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By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Confirmed: US ‘Operation Rooms’ Backing Al Qaeda in Syria

Tuesday 12th May 2015 at 11:25 By David Icke

‘US policy think-tank Brookings Institution confirms that contrary to propaganda, US-Saudi “moderates” and Turkey-Qatar “Islamists” have been coordinating all along.

The war in Syria continues to drag on, with a recent and renewed vigor demonstrated behind an opposition long portrayed as fractured and reflecting a myriad of competing foreign interests. Chief among these competing interests, the public has been told, were the US and Saudis on one side, backing so-called “moderate rebels,” and Turkey and Qatar on the other openly backing Al Qaeda and its various franchises including the Islamic State (ISIS).

However, for those following the conflict closely, it was clear from the beginning and by the West’s own admissions that success hinged on covertly providing arms, cash, equipment, and both political and military support to Al Qaeda and other sectarian extremists, not opposed by Saudi Arabia, but rather by using Saudi Arabia as the primary medium through which Western material support could be laundered.’

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Gunmen in military uniforms kill dozens of civilians in Nigerian villages

Gunmen in military uniforms kill dozens of civilians in Nigerian villages

Monday 4th May 2015 at 06:08 By David Icke

‘Gunmen have killed dozens of civilians, mostly women and children, in Nigeria in a series of attacks across villages in the country’s central-eastern Plateau State.
Nanzing Bani, a regional community leader, said on Sunday that the fatalities were caused when heavily-armed gunmen in military uniforms went on an indiscriminate shooting rampage in Kardarko and nearby villages on Saturday.
“The soldiers were shooting indiscriminately,” media outlets quoted Bani as saying.’
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The Brainless!!!- Transhumanism marches on as ‘human chipping’ becomes trendy

Transhumanism marches on as ‘human chipping’ becomes trendy

  Street Democracy writes: 
The weaponisation of the human race isn’t to divide and rule and create ethnic divisions, religious divisions and class warfare. 
The weaponisation of the human race will be to digitalised us, remove the ‘human’ and destroy emotion.

The zombie phenomena on television has two purposes. Both mocking the human race gullible to believe zombie’s and titles indicating the ‘walking dead’ are just fantasy dark and eerie fiction. 

One is mocking people who don’t acknowledge their souls. That leaves you 50% alive and not fully realised. The other is telling us how they want our minds in the near future, dead!
This delirious sadistic sinister horror is void of moral fibre and the agenda is a dialogue of mass murder of the human mind.
Love your servitude will be an honour. You won’t want paying to work, you’ll live to work and love it. 

A digitalised controlled by remote drone will replace all free thinking abstract thoughts digitally programmed into your mind from a faceless robot somewhere far away and this will be your reality.
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
newMonday 4th May 2015 at 08:59 By David Icke

‘Undergoing a somewhat painful injection to have a microchip implanted into your hand might not be something most sane individuals would ever consider doing voluntarily, but for a growing number of people, it has actually become a fashionable trend.
As I reported in an earlier article, some companies are now encouraging their employees to have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips implanted under their skin.
Presumably, these implants are given to employees so that they can use them to open office doors and operate copy machines, but it would seem obvious that there is a deeper agenda at hand: getting people used to the idea of having tracking devices implanted into their bodies.’
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Call Of Duty Black Ops III – Transhumanist Nightmare World

newMonday 4th May 2015 at 08:58 By David Icke

‘We are being slowly programmed to accept an ever controlling transhumanist society. The new Call Of Duty video game prepares America’s youth for a world where everything is tracked, traced and databased.’

9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey claims 9/11 was a 30 year conspiracy

Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Fuel poverty killed 15,000 people last winter

Fuel poverty killed 15,000 people last winter945572_460379020720415_819738100_n

Street Democracy writes: 
The Tories are corporate bullies set in a ‘furious expedition’ to bleed as much money from society as they can. A most ‘silent weapon for a quiet war’ . 
The silence of poverty for millions that endure freezing living conditions, who die needlessly of hypothermia is a painful reminder our corporate government, do ‘NOT’ care for our lives. 
They want to put tracking devices in our cars to help save lives, place micro chips in us to help improve our health and living conditions but allow winter fuel to be so expensive the elderly fear putting it on. 

If they ‘CARED’ so much then simple measures that don’t cost ‘BILLIONS’ could be achieved to save our elderly from living ‘PAINFULLY’ with their organs slowly shutting down due to freezing before they collapse and ‘DIE’.
They follow their political corporate fierce hosting towards society with an agenda, cold and calculated. 
Our government whether red, blue or pink with green spots, are soulless suits of no empathy and believe to be unaccountable for such a disaster hitting our elderly and most vulnerable. 

We have had a reasonably mild winter compared to last year, but it needs to be explained that our homes are designed to be drafty in the first place. 
Our homes are designed to maximise heat usage to keep corporations at maximum profits. GCH is essential, that is essential corporate payments.
Free energy has been around us for ever, and Tesla found this out and ruthlessly was exploited, used and destroyed for his knowledge in the end.  


In the meantime we witness a silent but deadly method of depopulating our society. The legal extermination of our elderly saves our corrupt government millions in pensions. 

How to make a Penny Stove

It frees up homes and care costs for the elderly and most importantly, they are not working or contributing to society to make them money, what the elites and oligarchs call ‘useless eaters’.

Coke Can The Perfect Alcohol Stove cocacola

We exist in a giant corporate plantation system where we are chained from birth until death in a vicious debt financial enslavement policy for all. Heating is a commodity, a corporation and yet we have free energy all around us.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

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Fuel poverty killed 15,000 people last winter

newFriday 1st May 2015 at 09:33 By David Icke

‘An estimated 15,000 people died unnecessarily between December and March because they were living in homes they couldn’t afford to heat, new figures show.
The news has led campaigners to hit out at what they claim is an inadequate Conservative pledge to help freezing people by insulating homes.
Fuel poverty campaigners reckon the number of excess winter deaths surged last winter to 49,260, of which around 14,780 were due to people living in cold homes.’
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