Main Stream Media: Is media just another word for control?

Is media just another word for control?

‘A recent poll asked people in Britain how many Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The answers they gave were shocking. A majority said that fewer than 10,000 had been killed. Scientific studies report that up to a million Iraqi men, women and children died in an inferno lit by the British government and its ally in Washington. That’s the equivalent of the genocide in Rwanda. And the carnage goes on. Relentlessly.

What this reveals is how we in Britain have been misled by those whose job is to keep the record straight. The American writer and academic Edward Herman calls this ‘normalising the unthinkable’. He describes two types of victims in the world of news: ‘worthy victims’ and ‘unworthy victims’. ‘Worthy victims’ are those who suffer at the hands of our enemies: the likes of Assad, Qadaffi, Saddam Hussein. ‘Worthy victims’ qualify for what we call ‘humanitarian intervention’. ‘Unworthy victims’ are those who get in the way of our punitive might and that of the ‘good dictators’ we employ. Saddam Hussein was once a ‘good dictator’ but he got uppity and disobedient and was relegated to ‘bad dictator’.

In Indonesia, General Suharto was a ‘good dictator’, regardless of his slaughter of perhaps a million people, aided by the governments of Britain and America. He also wiped out a third of the population of East Timor with the help of British fighter aircraft and British machine guns. Suharto was even welcomed to London by the Queen and when he died peacefully in his bed, he was lauded as enlightened, a moderniser, one of us. Unlike Saddam Hussein, he never got uppity.’

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Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated

Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated


Street Democracy writes:

To decapitate the minds of the people is to destroy freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of expression when it comes to hidden agendas by the ruling establishments that govern our lives and hold the fate of this planet.


To threaten people with their lives if they speak out against tyranny, against evil or wrong doing, against corruption no matter who is involved, is rules from the highest of psychopathic oligarchical controlling system to impose the heaviest of sanctions upon our freedoms.


Employees have a moral obligation to protect their fellow human beings. It is a criminal act by itself to allow a corrupt corporation or military or governmental institute of some kind and turn a blind eye to it.


We witness the unleashing of a unapologetic repression of critical thought, and when an ordinary man or woman speaks out against criminal activity a corporation may be guilty of, and that the public have a right to know, is shut down, we know the decapitation is beginning.


As people we all share commonality of living on this planet, sharing the atmosphere and living.

We have a moral duty to protect against tyranny, a dictatorship, toxic ruler’s or ruthless thugs whether they wear suits and lead our economy or government or some sleazy back street operation or major institute like a corporation, we must stand together and unite against the dark.


Our ruling leaders are overtly hostile to ‘whistle blowers’ and deeply aggressive to any ‘investigative journalist’ who finds out. This is the emerging ‘gulag state’ of which the UK is one giant detention centre and so is the rest of the global state.

For more on the killing of justice and that includes death threats to Edward Snowden click here: Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated to discover more on this plot or continue reading on.

‘President Obama claims the right to extrajudicially execute American citizens, keeps a so-called “kill list,” and has bragged he’s “really good at killing people.” This isn’t bluster. Obama has backed this up with action, having killed U.S. citizens — including a 16-year-old boy – without charging, much less convicting, any of them with a single crime.

The implications are profound (and profoundly disturbing), and raise questions about Americans’ constitutional right to due process, the most basic constraints on presidential power, and our treatment of whistleblowers. Indeed, how can anyone expect those who witness executive-branch crimes to blow the whistle when the head of the executive branch asserts the right to instantly execute anyone he pleases at any time?’

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Rothschild owned Reuters: Why Modern Society Must Do Away With Privacy ASAP

‘Each of these points argues for “trust” in government. But, as we stated above, trusting government is not generally a good idea; it is an especially bad idea in the 21st century when the globalists – panicked by the Internet – are evidently and obviously getting ready to take increasingly rash action to regenerate control.

The idea that one ought to sacrifice liberties in order to facilitate the “war on terror” is a kind of virtual canard that we have dealt with elsewhere. (See other article, this issue.) There are lots of questions about the war on terror, beginning with its legitimacy. ‘Nuff said.

We won’t repeat. When it comes to medical privacy, the rebuttal is equally simple. Western medicine is a kind of failing paradigm. The idea that people need to give up privacy in order to facilitate it would make more sense if we had more faith that what is to come will be any better than what has already taken place.’

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Protect Real Journalist’s – Truth Leakage Is Not Always Espionage!

Guardian journalists could face criminal charges over Edward Snowden leaks

Street Democracy writes:

Edward Snowden is a hero, a true man in the face of tyranny. He reported evidence of what the public suspected anyway. No one trust’s government.


Terrorism is labelled upon anything and anyone these days. This fictional man made CIA invented attack upon the human race labelled terrorism, is now placed upon all our heads especially if you don’t agree with government. 

The act of terrorism is doing anything the authorities don’t like, that’s it.

It is therefore essential we promote realism in journalism.

Report real news and real truth, and individuals doing so, be protected from the corrupt capitalist paradigm and corporate power and honoured for doing so.


Mainstream news is full of dis-information. There is real ‘meat’ in the story, sandwiched by utter bull, both misleading and confusing the public.

The ordinary man and woman have a real inability to confront the political apparatus as the elite retract behind a gated community, taking all policy making with them. 


Hidden accounts of events, buried truths and secret operations, are forever growing in our modern world. Our current affairs are filled with lies and deception forever placed amongst real news, that it is our natural right and duty to find and receive truth.

Yet the authorities blatantly breach our privacy, invade our personal space and with warrantless power, spy and intrude upon our lives. Our bodies are violated in the name of security upon innocent peace loving people treated as criminals until proven otherwise.


If the only avenues are our ‘real’ journalist’s then it is important they be able to report without fear. Freedom of speech is at stake, and this cannot commence if fear is generated, you are imprisoned or beheaded for daring to speak.

For more on the attack on our freedom of speech and control of truth click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.


‘Employees of The Guardian newspaper could face criminal charges over their role in publishing secrets leaked by Edward Snowden, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has signalled.

Cressida Dick, an assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, confirmed for the first time that detectives were examining whether staff at the newspaper had committed an offence.

She also told MPs that her officers are looking at potential breaches of a specific anti-terrorism law which makes it unlawful to communicate information about British intelligence agents. The offence carries up to 10 years’ imprisonment.’

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They’ve Done It – Behind Closed Doors The Reptilians Have Killed Free Press! Free Speech! Free Thinking!

Approved behind closed doors, curbs that end three centuries of Press freedom

Street Democracy writes:

A clever strategy devised by suited psychopaths and pathological liars of the ruling and political class to ensure their safety. To safe guard our corrupt officials as their paranoia increases by the day of all the wrong doings, of all the death dealing politics they unleash to us all.

To protect the dodgy dealings of the elite, to protect the corporate whores with their lies and deceit, to protect the shady dealings of the ruling elite, they have won the right to ‘gag’ the press.

The freedom of the press was and still is questionable anyway, considering they are all owned by a few corporate whores who control the content of the news. Nevertheless, less freedom is never a good thing.

Think about all the on going’s of the world as we know it yet Sky News, ABC, FOX News and BBC, ITV and so on all repeat, regurgitate and speak the same language about the same stories all day, every day as if they share the same cue cards.


However this is choking journalism further and now those true investigative journalists will be hushed, silenced and gagged from the beginning.

It is a matter of time before ‘our speech’ is watched and monitored for the ‘thought police’ to slam our doors down at our thought provoking attitudes against government. Yet we must stop secret meetings making law without the wet ink signatures of the public, or without the consent of the public.


The social contract between public and government ignored, violated and disrespected is apparent when behind closed doors our ruling elite go ahead with life changing policies bad for democracy.

A truly fantastic move to isolate the public to stand alone in all our splendour, while our corrupt ruling and political classes protect themselves more from their ever increasing paranoia they suffer from. For more on this story click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.


‘A secretive committee of four ministers yesterday approved a Royal Charter to regulate the Press, provoking claims that politicians are undermining 300 years of freedom of speech.

The Privy Council, which advises the Queen, rubber-stamped the plans after newspapers lost two last ditch legal bids to halt the process.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg chaired a meeting at Buckingham Palace at which Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary Maria Miller and Liberal Democrat peer Lord McNally were also present. The Queen was then obliged to grant the Royal Charter.

It grants politicians the right to meddle in Press regulation for the first time since the licensing of newspapers was abolished in 1695.’ Read more …

Queen sets seal on cross-party politicians’ charter for press regulation

‘After a succession of last-gasp legal attempts by the newspaper industry to thwart the process, the Queen has given her approval to a government-backed royal charter governing the regulation of the press.

At a meeting of the Privy Council, the Queen set her seal on the document, which is backed by the three main political parties but is almost universally opposed by the publishers it is intended to oversee.

Hours earlier, senior newspaper representatives had gone to the High Court to seek an injunction to stop the Privy Council hearing, claiming that the industry’s own version of a reform charter had been unfairly rejected.’

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True Journalist Interviewed By Moronic BBC Interviewer Puts NSA in its Place Over Snowden

NEWSNIGHT: Glenn Greenwald full interview on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and spying

Street Democracy writes:

We lack an influx of truth seekers, free press and freedom of speech Journalism to infiltrate dark areas of capitalism, politics and power heads. Like the man in this video, free Journalists are essential as the un-uniformed police to uncover corruption, whether accidentally as an oversight of government officials or deliberate.

Instead, we get bought and paid for corporate controlled puppet sludge Journalists who regurgitate what they’ve been told to us. The very kind this BBC female reporter is speaking when trying to denounce the heroic antics of Snowden.

Her corporate chains are invisible but clearly affecting her as she tries to vomit down Snowden’s actions for exposing the toxicity of NSA spying. To even try to justify NSA for spying on civilians to this woman is essential for catching terrorists.


However, this brilliant man is awake, and responds by saying to investigate areas of normal people doing their normal routines are being accused of hiding terrorism, or concealing it, therefore it justifies being spied on is ludicrous.

They have been caught being corrupt, their power needs regulating, their power needs reigning in and needs to be checked and this is how it is done by free Journalism.


Are TV detector vans just a cunning con trick? For decades it’s been claimed they trap licence cheats. In fact, they’ve never led to a single prosecution

Street Democracy writes:

They are a rogue corrupt private firm that uses draconian tactics to force members of the public to pay for every second of every day, just for having a television in their homes. This money is not optional, no choice is given it is there as a law. Rogue capitalism normally can’t get away with forcing people to pay if they don’t have their services.

Can you imagine McDonalds charging you a compulsory fee for receiving a whiff of their product as you walk past one of their zillions of restaurants?

What about car manufacturers demanding money for seeing their car drive around?

We would say no, there would be out cry if they tried, so how is the BBC can get away with it?

Biased Botched Corruption is what the BBC should stand for.

It is a catastrophic collapse of democracy, as the BBC do not listen to the people and the pulse of the nation of millions like myself who never watch BBC. They are a rogue privatised corporation, beyond regulation and beyond the rules of the land.

Here are more stories to enlighten you on just how corrupt the BBC is, that it can’t contain the volume of it anymore and stories of corruption now fly out the BBC’s front doors.

A lesson in BBC propaganda

Auditors banned from scrutinising BBC pay deals

Mark Thompson accuses BBC of misleading MPs over payoffs

BBC recruits army of unpaid workers while bosses get huge payoffs

For more on this story click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.


‘‘Detector vans are a myth,’ the UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, a long-time campaigner against the licence fee, told me this week.

‘Prosecution [for not having a TV licence] depends on the accused being caught in the act of watching live broadcasts, or admitting to it. The non-existent threat of Detector Van evidence is just a means of getting suspects to incriminate themselves.’

Sceptics such as Batten point out there isn’t a single documented case in British legal history in which so-called ‘detection evidence’ from vans has been used to prosecute a licence fee evader.

This was, sheepishly, confirmed by the BBC in 2011 in response to a (hitherto unreported) Freedom of Information request.’

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Mainstream Sewer and the Real Media

Street Democracy writes:

Mainstream media before my own awakening, never satisfied my hunger for truth. Their glazed look, their robotically reading of the screen in front of them, the same words used to describe most stories just a different place, time and names involved.

Now we know main stream media is bought and paid for, controlled and neatly packaged by corporations, with corporate values are nothing more than propaganda exercise machines pumping out their versions of world wide current affairs.

We know history was written by the elites and the winners. A form of corporate democracy, of mass indoctrination.

Mainstream could be described as one mass mind control, controlling our thoughts on the subjects they choose to air. I personally never feel enlightened listening to them, and found if I want the news, alternative news sites are the ones to visit.

Mainstream are loosing the war for an audience as we dispel the corporate democracy and to organise a cultural conformity on matters. No depth is given, and it seems the public are not encouraged to question further if its not reported. We feel hungry for truth, we feel denied this.

We get more satisfaction from alternative news reporting and this isn’t going to stop now.

For more on this click here for or continue reading.


‘While sharp-looking guys on TV are transmitting the state approved “news’’ readily packaged for public consumption, the American people are waking up to the televised lies and mechanized deception of so-called mainstream media.

Recent attacks on the Constitution and consequently on the American people, have shaken many more minds out of the hypnotic trance perpetuated by the mainstream propaganda machine which falls apart when met with critics.

An attack on the freedom of speech and freedom of the press has never been as vicious as it’s seen today. Senator Feinstein is taking the lead in attempt to ban citizen’s journalism by redefining the Constitution.’

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British media distort Iran president’s UN speech in favour of ‘special relationship’ with U.S.

‘Although the reports of both events on Tuesday have the same basis of information- dissemination, but they clearly contain some distortion as far as the British government’s policy of maintaining a “special relationship” with the US is concerned.

The Independent, a liberal to radical centre British newspaper, stepped over the mark and accused Iran of seeking a nuclear weapons capability in its report of the event. The report referred to president Obama’s address, saying Obama told the General Assembly to setup talks with “Iran over nuclear weapons”, when without a doubt the G5+1 meetings have been discussing Iran’s nuclear energy program, uranium enrichment and other medical needs for purified uranium and not what they paper refers to as “nuclear weapons”.

The centre-right newspaper, the Telegraph, portrayed Obama as the diplomat that calls the shots over Iran’s nuclear energy program. It claimed that Obama intends to use military force to “protect” the US policy and the international community’s interests in the Middle East.’

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Paul O’Grady backs Corrie star Michael Le Vell and claims TV stars are hounded while corrupt sportsmen, politicians and bankers escape scrutiny

Paul O'Grady has spoken out in support of soap actor Michael Le Vell, who was recently cleared of sex abuse charges

Paul O’Grady has spoken out in support of soap actor  Michael Le Vell, who was recently cleared of sex abuse charges

Street Democracy writes:

There maybe a ‘chameleonic quality’ to famous celebrities being named and shamed as paedophiles if it takes the limelight away from certain high profile names. The politicians for example, members of the monarchy, certain leaders in the banking industry seem not to be chased.

We hear how many high profiles are being hidden, covered while exposing lower level celebrities to take the spot light further away. For more on this story click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.1010436_10151530178932989_2142883658_n

Comedian Paul O’Grady has thrown his support  behind soap star Michael Le Vell, claiming the Coronation Street actor has been  the victim of a ‘witch hunt’. Le Vell was cleared of child sex charges just  two weeks ago and O’Grady, the presenter of ITV’s For The Love Of Dogs, called  the claims made against the TV veteran  ‘completely false’.

He also said prominent sports stars get away  with shocking behaviour while TV stars are relentlessly pursued. ‘Grady said: ‘It seems to be one rule for  one and one rule for the other. If you’re a sportsperson you can get away with  murder.

‘You can get as many prossies and snort as  much coke as you like and get paid billions a week.’ Instead of celebrities like Le Vell, O’Grady  says ‘villains’ like corrupt bankers and politicians should be  hounded. He told the Daily Mirror: ‘It’s shocking what  they put him through and what they put his family through. ‘That stigma, it’s the worst stigma. Imagine  being accused of that? It’s dreadful, it’s completely falsified.’