My Home Town Crawley: Appeal for help to find missing Crawley man Jean Dominique Leveque

Appeal for help to find missing Crawley man Jean Dominique Leveque

Street Democracy writes:

For any information contact Crawley Police Station:


Crawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 8BF-Description This police station front office is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 8pm. Open to the public Yes Parking There is parking available at the Town Hall car park (charges apply). Building accessibility Access to all areas. Driving directions 51.120011,-0.180957 or Journey Planner



A PUBLIC appeal has been made for help to find a missing man who often spends time in Crawley town centre.


Jean Dominique Leveque, 42, was reported missing to police in Crawley yesterday.


Anyone who has spotted him or knows of his whereabouts is asked to call Sussex Police on 101.

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Foothill Shooting on Homeless Man- Outrage In Albuquerque!

Crowd spills through downtown Albuquerque protesting Police department

Street Democracy writes:

This first video the news broadcasters try to emphasise the man is ‘threatening police’ while holding a knife.

This is turned around to appear the man is the violent one and the police are gravely concerned. But who encroached upon who’s personal space, but the police. 

By the numbers, the police are clearly staking this guy out and frightening the man very much. This man in my mind was frightened.

Does he not have a right to defend himself?

Isn’t this the criminalisation of homelessness?

Is this the criminalisation of poverty brewing with a deadly lace of death dealing policies this man soon experiences?

Wouldn’t ‘we’ be scarred too if we were surrounded by police asking us to move on when we don’t have anywhere to move too and would have to leave half of our personal belongings to do so?


The Police are guilty of increasing numbers of public shootings, of citizens public executions and causing unnecessary death.

The man is camping, hasn’t caused any harm and you need knives in order to survive out in the desert, countryside, foothills or where ever you are camping and sleeping rough shouldn’t be illegal.

It is seen that the police are over exaggerating an event.

It appears they are automatically winding this man up by requesting he move. They want him to go to a hotel, but why?

If the man is homeless he can’t afford a hotel, so it was a dumb question to ask in the first place.

Where was this man expected to go?


This is a ‘Death Cult’ of criminalising citizens, guilty before proven otherwise, a psychopathic main frame and it needs to stop!

With a police state ever presenting itself, it is the criminalisation of the public, of ‘face’ crime, of ‘thought’ crime and the police can assume any perspective crime they like.

He had a knife! He had a sharp implement that could be used as a weapon. He was a man on his own maybe lurking around frightening community members. He was trespassing. He is a homeless man and it is now illegal to be homeless and he should be moved on.

He could be a murderer, a mugger, a robber without proper police intervention and accurate investigation.

He could be a drug trafficker and the list could go on and on.

The point we have to remember is, we are now guilty before being proven innocent which is impossible for us to do, think about it.

How can you prove you will never stab someone in the immediate future if you have a camping knife on you? You can’t as it hasn’t happened yet.

How do the police know you don’t have drugs inside of you without a police strip search? You can’t without them searching you to prove otherwise.

This is how the police minds work today and they are following a psychopathic main frame instigating such heavy weight policing.

For more on this account of police killing an innocent member of the public, click here for more or continue reading:

Crowd spills through downtown Albuquerque protesting Police department

‘A protest against the fatal foothills officer-involved shooting took place in Albuquerque Tuesday.

Protesters carried a symbolic coffin through the streets with 22 names of people killed by Albuquerque police since 2010.

The crowd was chanting and carrying signs, as well.

Some of the signs said, “Justice for James Boyd,” the man killed in the shooting. He was a homeless man with a history of mental illness illegally camping in the foothills. The standoff lasted three hours.

The crowd gathered near the Alvarado Transportation Center.’

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Over 1000 Protesters Demand Justice For Homeless Man MURDERED by Albuquerque Cops

After the Protest – Man dies following overnight APD shooting

‘Another fatal APD shooting took place Tuesday night, following a protest against the department just 10 days after the fatal foothills shooting that brought national attention and more scrutiny to the city’s police.

This shooting went down on the far west side of Albuquerque near Central and 60th Street.

APD Chief Gorden Eden was out in the area at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and said a man came out of his house and shot at police, who returned his fire. Police say the incident started at about 9 p.m. Tuesday when officers responded to a 911 call about a man allegedly threatening two girls with a BB gun.

Police say when they got to the complex on 60th Street and Avalon Northwest, the suspect exited an apartment about an hour later with a gun and fired the weapon. At least one officer returned fire. The suspect was rushed to the hospital and died, according to police. The officers involved were not injured.

Witnesses tell a different story about the shooting.’

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‘A policeman can shoot a blind man in the back and get away with it?’ Fury of Taser attack victim as blundering officer who mistook his white stick for a samurai sword is let off with an order to APOLOGISE

‘A police officer who shot a blind man with a Taser when he mistook his white stick for a samurai sword will keep his job – and has only been asked to apologise to the man.

Colin Farmer, 64, was hit with the stun gun in Chorley, Lancashire, by PC Stuart Wright in 2012 as he walked to his local pub.
Mr Farmer, who thought he was suffering a stroke, was then handcuffed by the police constable – who was responding to reports of a man in the town centre with a sword.

Mr Farmer was not released until the arrival of another officer whom PC Wright told: ‘I think I’ve got the wrong person.’

Lancashire Constabulary held a two-day disciplinary hearing following a recommendation from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) the officer had a case to answer for gross misconduct.’

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Dad Arrested For Asking Questions At School Meeting About Common Core

Rape Incest and Pedophilia of a Young Girl Required Reading for 11th Graders re: Common Core

‘Math and English language arts are the two sections of the common core. In the English language arts standards, Common Core lists recommended reading materials appropriate for each grade level, and according to the common core, rape, incest and pedophilia is appropriate for 11′th graders.

One book on the exemplar reading list for 11′th graders is a 1970 novel by Toni Morrison called ‘The Bluest Eye.’ The book was written from the point of someone rapes, commits incest and commits pedophilia by preying on young girls. The book may be more appropriately found in an adult book store, not the public school system.’

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Like nearly all other mass shooters, ex-Navy shooter Aaron Alexis was also being treated with psychiatric drugs

Aaron Alexis

Street Democracy writes:

There are so many similarities behind these supposedly deranged lone gunmen. There always seem to be on medication of some kind, always seem to have military connections and are loners or vulnerable in some way. Scroll down to see what coverage I have done on this. For more on this story continue reading below.

‘We weren’t planning to cover this story until the Associated Press confirmed that Aaron Alexis, the shooter believed responsible for the recent mass shooting at the Navy yard, “had been treated since August by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems.”

This is proof that Aaron Alexis was on psychiatric drugs, because that’s the only treatment currently being offered by the Veterans Administration for mental problems. Alexis’ family members also confirmed to the press that he was being “treated” for his mental health problems. Across the medical industry, “treatment” is the code word for psychiatric drugging.’

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GMOs Now in Beer

‘I have to confess, I’m not a beer drinker, but there’s someone in my household that loves it, so I had to figure out the truth. Is beer really healthy? Why are the ingredients not listed on the label? Which brands can we trust? Which brands are trying to slowly poison us with cheap and harmful ingredients? All of these questions were going through my head at once at lightning speed. So a year ago, I started to research what was really in beer and after questioning several beer companies, reading books about food science, and talking to experts, the information I discovered was downright shocking.

I see it all the time. Someone who eats organic, makes the right choices at the grocery store, is fit and lives an extraordinarily healthy lifestyle but then drinks beer like it is going out of style.’

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Eric Pickles’ officials ‘tried to suppress emails’

Street Democracy writes:

Our politicians are unprincipled, unlawful and practice illogical political absurdities as a regular routine discarding democracy by ignoring it and muttering how important they are to themselves. Completely self absorbed these politicians have a conflicting and demeaning conscience with low level ethics who contaminate our political arena in Westminster.

Re-writing the rules for themselves these unelected individuals place their superiority above the common folk in the UK as they design their own power structure which imposes their Draconian rules over us.

These guys oil the engine of our Government which is causing economic and monetary despair for normal working class people, decimating the poor and badly discriminating disabled people who cannot work.

It appears Eric Pickles cares little for democracy, cares little for the public but is all for protecting himself and his fellow peers who remain loyal also to self protection. They certainly support their unquestioning power, hidden agendas, secret meetings and are not transparent at all.

You can measure your Government’s ethical standing by their minions and so far it hits rock bottom when politicians such as this man desire nothing more but to hide, conceal and withhold information. For more information on this story click here for the Independent or continue reading below.


‘Officials working for Tory minister Eric Pickles have been accused of an extraordinary attempt to suppress internal government emails – on the grounds that publishing such correspondence could lead to unwelcome “political and media exposure”.

In a bizarre intervention, civil servants in Mr Pickles’ Department of Communities and Local Government claimed that they should be exempt from complying with a Freedom of Information request because of the risk that if they routinely had to release such documents they could cause embarrassment to ministers or officials. The officials added that the fact that the FOI request came from the Opposition should in itself count against disclosure, as it was likely to be used for political attacks.’

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Kiss of Death: Kissenger and Chile: The Declassified Record on Regime Change

Street Democracy writes:

How old is this man? 156 perhaps, and still going.

If you listen to his voice, it sounds as it does, causes nothing more than violent and shocking grisly deaths. His voice sums up his mental state that of a ruthless psychopath and soulless cold blooded reptile with a voice that sounds of death and dying. kissinger1

A voice drenched in diabolic politics attached to a rotten and diseased mind. His  loyalty to the dark realm has no creases, no flaws and no boundaries. This man works tirelessly all his life to satisfy the bloodlust of who he serves.

He sank under his weight years ago, from the rot he has caused life, due to the many humanitarian atrocities he is responsible for. He is the ‘Kiss of Death’ and has no concerns over the public, families from any place in any country at any time.

Henry Kissenger warehouses death and unleashes it for his gain and profit, and he is the die hard of the New World Order and wants to see it fully implemented before his foul body of rotten meat gives up its life force.

Only dark times ahead for this soulless creature, as he leaves a train of misery and lifeless corps every step of his life. For more on this story, click here for Global Research or continue to read below.


Henry Kissinger urged President Richard Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government in Chile because his “‘model’ effect can be insidious,” according to documents posted today by the National Security Archive.

The coup against Allende occurred on this date 40 years ago. The posted records spotlight Kissinger’s role as the principal policy architect of U.S. efforts to oust the Chilean leader, and assist in the consolidation of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.’

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My Home Town Crawley: Man suffers broken jaw at Crawley newsagents

A man suffered a broken jaw after being punched outside a newsagents in Crawley just after 2.30pm on Friday (September 6).   The 27-year-old man from Northgate, Crawley was punched as he walked out of a shop on Langley Parade while out shopping with his mum and after a brief altercation, his attacker left. The victim visited Crawley Hospital later on that day and found he had a broken jaw.

DC Julie Chambers said: “The victim needed surgery over the weekend to repair his jaw. We are trying to establish what happened and are appealing to anyone who witnessed the attack. The victim describes the suspect as Asian, mid 30s, 5′ 5″- 5′ 6”, medium build with shoulder length slicked black hair wearing a white T-shirt, black trousers and black trainers.

ImageGenCrawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 8BF

“Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 or email quoting serial 977 of 6/9. Alternatively contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

My Home Town Crawley: BREAKING NEWS: Crawley man arrested over attempted rape

CHARGED: Crawley resident Boguslaw Giba will  appear in court, charged with the attempted rape of a woman in a  pub

A MAN from Crawley has been charged with attempting to rape a woman in the  town. Boguslaw Giba, of Shepherd Close, Tilgate, was arrested in the early hours of  Sunday morning at the Dr Samuel Johnson pub in Langley Parade.​ The 46-year-old victim dialled 999 and reported being approached by a man in  the toilets when the attack occurred shortly before 1am.

But she managed to get away and police arrived to make the arrest soon  afterwards.

For more on this story click here for This is Sussex.