Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF

Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF


Enslaving nations is just business to the House of Rothschild.



Street Democracy writes:

IMF and the World Bank only ever issue death dealing politics to any nation and are the vampires of this world, emotionally traumatising home lands with their exterminated morals.

To meticulously weaken a nation and control the social fabric, you have to own it and the IMF and World Bank are masters at ownership, owning nations indebted to them.

rothschild-banks1 (1)

They are enslaving each nation bit by bit causing civil wars first, propagandising against the government and bankrupting the country with sanctions for trumped up charges-then IMF moves in.

Unprincipled bankster’s will be your caretakers and will herd your nation for you.

These corporate monsters will create an artificial womb for your country, one that is corporately controlled.

These psychopaths relish the acts of sadism to excel their gluttonous greed and dominate their psychopathic main frame over your nation with hyper masculine brutality of their corporate political force.

You can own a nation by lending it money so it is now indebted to you to pay it back at interest levels that will take many many years if at all.


They are psychopaths and very proud of it.


As the loan is paid back, so more loans are encouraged for the nation to take, to build up its health infrastructure or its education infrastructure or its commerce, its public and social sector.

More loans means a never ending repayment scheme that will never be paid back.

In the mean time, the IMF, the World Bank both owned by the Rothschilds are now your owners and will slide in their corporations for your people to further enslave themselves too.


Mortgages and personal loans are just the starters as your society gets goes through the process of re-socialisation, that of Americanisation and westernising itself.

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Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF

‘Ukraine, a nation on the brink of civil war and bankruptcy, has received its first emergency rescue money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the National Bank of Ukraine reported.

The two-year program will shell out over $17bn in aid to Ukraine’s troubled economy, and was approved by the IMF’s 24-member board at the end of April.

National Bank Chairman Stepan Kubiv said that a portion of the first loan will be used to boost gold and currency reserves and help stabilize the fast-falling hryvnia. Foreign currency reserves have been wiped out as the Bank spends money to prop up the weak currency, and have reached a critically low level of under $12 billion.’

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Huge Population of CIA Agents in Ukraine Says German Expert

‘Yesterday, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that US CIA and FBI agents are consulting Kiev authorities on its crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in eastern Ukraine. What do you make of it? Do you think it could really be the case?

We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy.

There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on.’

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Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Foster ‘Real Democracy’: Mass Murder Caught on Camera

‘This full length video reveals what the mainstream media does not want you to know. The Right Sector Neo Nazis which are an integral part of the coalition “government” are depicted by the NYT and the Washington Post as True Patriots and Nationalists. The horrendous crimes committed against fellow Ukrainians are not mentioned.

Realities are twisted upside down. The CIA is involved in training and advising Right Sector Brown Shirts.

Neo-Nazis heralded as Nationalists and Ultra-Conservatives are tacitly supported by the self proclaimed “international community”.’


Legal Loan Shark Thugs – Slam into the Poor, the Vulnerable and Easy Prey!

Undercover MoS film exposes top payday loan firm preying on poor and heavy drinkers: Waving wads of cash, this man brags he will lend to anyone and if they can’t pay, he can raid their bank accounts
Easy money: Manager Stephen Hunt holds cash in the loan shop

The shameful tactics used by one of Britain’s biggest payday loan companies can be exposed by The Mail on Sunday today.

An undercover investigation into high street chain The Cheque Centre – which claims to be ‘a responsible lender’ – reveals how it preys on vulnerable customers and cash-strapped families, locking them into spiralling debt. Our shocking investigation reveals how:

  • The company targets hard-up families on council estates, offering loans with sky-high interest rates of up to 3,000 per cent.
  • A manager boasted: ‘I’ve never turned anyone down,’ and said it was acceptable to issue loans even to customers stinking of alcohol.
  • Predatory salesmen were instructed to cold-call previous borrowers to sell them new loans.
  • The firm flouts official guidelines which condemn repeatedly renewing loans – plunging borrowers into ever deeper debt.
  • Staff raid customers’ accounts when they default using a heartless practice known as ‘swiping’.
  • A member of staff told our reporter how he suspected phones bought from failed loan applicants for cash were probably stolen.

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The Higher Education Bubble: Student Debts and the Bankers’ New Socially Engineered Trap

The Higher Education Bubble: Student Debts and the Bankers’ New Socially Engineered Trap


Street Democracy writes:

A dirty engine of corrupt banking cartel’s. Ceaseless expansion of economic exploitation upon our young.

An aggressive policy of pure ‘blackmail plus’. If you wish to get educated you’ll have to get a debt loan with unprecedented interest rates, a massive financial chain around your neck.

Our commerce, our monetary system is poisoned by toxic men and women in suits. Psychopaths who are permanently instigating financial assaults by heavy economic sanctions to tie and weigh down children wishing to pursue university.collegedebt_500_355

Wishing to educate themselves with knowledge is now a heavy price and burden to carry. Predatory banker’s zoom in on the vulnerable and most young people will not see any other way, will see others succeed before them and assume success will be reachable for them also.

What they don’t do is equate debt enslavement with real money repayments for decades in their futures. Never leaving them and never ending. They will have to deduce their spending, work out future rents and what this will leave them.

How much will they need to earn to live above the poverty line and for how long before their debt is finally paid off?

It is also social cleansing for the poor have limited chance of ever breaking out of the cycle of deprivation. They will fear the debt where as the rich children will have wealthy families to buy them homes to live in, nice cars to drive and debt payments won’t effect them.

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‘According to recent figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, there is only one job vacancy for every five college graduate applicants in America today. In the last 15 years, college tuition in the US has risen a staggering 900%, while wages have jumped an impressive… well, err, an average 10%. For the bright, young, and gifted, this equation should really be studied very carefully.

Regardless of how bleak the outlook is, America has always been the land of positive thinking and no wonder, as there is no shortage in the US government loan window queue of 17 year olds dying to (literally) sign their life away to JP Morgan, Citi Bank and Wells Fargo in exchange for a debt pile of around $60K – $100K in student loans.

Add another $2K-5K per year on additional student credit card debt and you can see students even deeper in the red. It’s the ultimate ‘head start’ in the game of debt slavery, with the odds in favour of landing either an unpaid internship, or if you are lucky – some paid work as a waiter or bartender upon graduation.’

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Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into ‘perilous debt’

Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into ‘perilous debt’

‘More than a million homeowners will be at risk of defaulting on their mortgages and losing their properties in the wake of even a small rise in interest rates, a bombshell analysis reveals. Borrowers who have failed to pay down their mortgages when interest rates have been at record low levels now face being overwhelmed by “perilous levels of debt” when the inevitable hike comes.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, warned of a “financial ticking timebomb”: “The rising cost of energy, food and travel has been absorbing any spare income people may have. This means that in some cases there is little or nothing left to cope with larger mortgage repayments.”‘

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UK rents increase twice rate of weekly earnings


Street Democracy writes:

The corporate glorification of a capitalist system bringing misery to billions world wide by those few concentrated elites with more wealth than they could ever need.

The trickle down theory was a lie, a bare face double speak, fork tongue lie by the ruling elite so we would support such a system. We have supported them to our financial downfall.


In actual fact the gross infringements of our basic human rights is off scale.

Brutal wealth disparities, the corrupt machine of greed is reconfiguring our society for their gain and prosperity as we are enslaved to a corporate society just to make ends meet.

Repugnant lies mouthed by reptilian aristocrats laughing at our stupidity as they became rich beyond insanity.


We now have land scarcity as the wealth of the nation buys up all the property, has bought up all the land and hoards it, cocoon’s it away from the masses unable to obtain it, unable to pay for it and therefore unable to live quality of life.

By hoarding all land and property the rich raise prices that the poor, the locals soon get out priced.


The loser’s are many, the loser’s are the majority and private landlords do nothing but sit back and watch the poor pay for their mortgages, which is nothing more than ‘dead’ money to the poor.

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A new research finds that rents have risen at twice the annual rate of weekly earnings in the United Kingdom. (File photo)

A new research has revealed that house rents in the United Kingdom have risen at twice the annual rate of weekly earnings with the average rents in England and Wales now standing at £753 per month. The study, conducted by Britain’s leading provider of residential property services LSL Property Services and published on Saturday, found that rents have jumped 1.6% in the last year.
It also showed that whilst wages have risen by just 0.8% on an annual basis, average rents across England and Wales have climbed 1.6% compared to last year.

“For so many households, the dream of homeownership is still relegated to the imagination,” David Brown, commercial director of LSL Property Services, said.

He added, “It’s not just wages. Savings rates have been swamped by inflation for half a decade – so building up even a 5% deposit is a real struggle.”

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Fury as high-rolling bankers’ pay rockets by 35%

‘The earnings of ­Britain’s highest-paid bankers soared 35 per cent last year to an average £1.6million.

And the number taking home such whopping pay packets was also up 11 per cent.

Figures from the European Banking Authority showed bankers received bonuses averaging 3.7 times their salary in 2012, up from 3.5 in 2011.

More than three-quarters of the EU’s highest-earning bankers work in the UK, where 2,714, individuals each pocketed more than £833,000 last year.’

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Nearly £1 Billion of UK Student Loans to be Sold Off to Private Debt Collectors and Overseen by Rothschilds

Street Democracy writes:

The grinding realities for our children to endure.

Loans, loan debt collectors and exorbitant interests rates to screw them permanently to the floor.

They are slaves to an insidious system, debt enslavement or financial noose around their young necks. That is those young people who’s parents cannot afford to help them, or buy them a life despite their debts.


It is our youth, our future who wish to learn to improve themselves and society, yet are enslaved to a harsh monetary system that is inhospitable, hard hitting intrusive bureaucracy that will never leave them.

As soon as they start to earn a reasonable salary it comes to strip mine their salaries.

They can’t afford to rent a place to live, they certainly can’t afford to buy anywhere to live and our youth continue to struggle. The poorer young will continue to be this lost generation, unsure as to where they are going, apart from one assured route, the debt payment route.

It is evil in print, policies or rules of payments inflicting permanent discomfort for our young people just hungry to learn and start living. collegedebt_500_355

Corporations with fiend like expressions banging on doors to get their money, forever hounding, forever aggressively expressing their want.

It is a big scam, a corporate crime against all youth and young people wishing to get out of poverty, only to be stamped upon to remain there.

With the Rothschild’s involved it is wealthy bloodline families with no compassion or empathy.

Their empathy gene was removed centuries ago by constantly inbreeding with psychopathic other rich families. It is why they look like horses and breed cold hearts in every generation.

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‘Sky News can reveal that ministers will announce to the London Stock Exchange that the Government has agreed a deal to privatise a £900m portfolio of loans made to students who were enrolled at universities during the 1990s.

The disposal, to a debt recovery specialist, will be for a fraction of the debts’ face value, and encompasses mortgage-style loans that are the last of their kind still in public ownership.

The sale, which does not include Income Contingent Repayment loans like the ones currently offered, comes as student groups step up their protest over the disposal of the loan portfolios. The Coalition is drawing up plans to sell the entire outstanding student loan-book, which has a face value of roughly £40bn.

Investment bankers from Barclays and Rothschild were appointed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) last month to oversee the sale, which more than 15,000 people have signed an online petition to oppose.’

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US Government Has Technically ‘Shut Down’! Will There Be Civil Unrest or War?

Street Democracy writes:

The social infrastructure is in serious danger for the normal people who are needy, pregnant single mothers, low income earners, disabled people. The law enforcers are safe, but the social programs are at risk. Social security cheques will be late and this could be the ‘civil war’ these Satan followers want.

If they create civil war, then the authorities can relate to violence and will send in the army. The Chinese army as their troops will be sent off to fight another illegal war. Too much money is being frisked away to corporate giants the banks want their billion dollar loan money from government. Obama wants to spend that on illegal wars all over the globe.

I do think this is the ‘civil war mongering’ the ‘wind up’ for people of America who trusted their government for too long. Have as we do, allowed corporate powers and psychopaths to control seats of power. The debt in the UK is just as high. Will we see Britain bankrupt too? Is this part of Agenda 21 also?


Top UK Politicians Who Protect The Criminal Banking System


Street Democracy writes:

Our financial British Establishment is based on the foundations of corruption. Feeding a corrupt currency through the system with blood money, dirty money and fictitious money, to control, regulate and divide us. This paper base reality we have encoded into our lives has destroyed us and won’t stop unless we say so or until it dies through exhaustion.

When the major players are secret (occult) societies like the Council of Foreign Affairs who connect with Knights of Templar, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, The Illuminati, the Majestic 12 and many others, Skull and Bones and the Jesuits, you know already nothing democratic is happening in this Bretton Woods institution.

This banking fraudulent system just creates debt enslavement as the vampiric suits ravish this common burden on a global scale from the individual to whole nation states. The World Bank has members mostly people connected to secret societies that have a different agenda, one we are not privy too.

Unprincipled power, by sociopaths that don’t mind lying, numb to the debt pain they cause, and numb to the death debt creates, they continue to sacrifice innocent people to this rot of money lending. They will watch the starvation of millions and feel nothing, they will watch debt fracture whole nations, and feel nothing.

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Just how corrupt is British politics? The answer can be found by analysing the knavish relationships fostered between those responsible for policy decisions and the banking system, which barely weathered the economic crisis capitulated by the ‘credit crunch’ and double-dip recession, from which the United Kingdom is haltingly emerging.

So typical are the everyday media exposes of MP scandals and financial reward for dishonest wielding of political power and influence, it could be argued that the British public have normalised corruption. Political dishonesty is now the usual state of affairs, the expected behaviour of those privileged few in which we no longer place our trust. So who are the top political players in recent British banking corruption?