Vaccines Might Not Stop the Midwest Bird Apocalypse

Vaccines Might Not Stop the Midwest Bird Apocalypse

newSaturday 9th May 2015 at 09:34 By David Icke

‘Twenty-four million dead birds on over 120 farms across 13 states. US poultry banned in at least eight countries. Three governor-declared states of emergency. Right now, the United States is experiencing the worst avian influenza epidemic in its history, and all farmers can do about it, at least for the moment, is kill infected birds by the barn.
Government officials, to their credit, are looking beyond the present, scrambling to develop a vaccine that they hope can stop the virus in its tracks. But that may not be enough—and some experts, in fact, worry that vaccinating will only make things worse for the economic and physical health of America’s poultry industry.’
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It’s no joke: The FDA is the Fraud and Death Administration

It’s no joke: The FDA is the Fraud and Death Administration

Street Democracy writes: 
The FDA is ‘evil in print and practise’. Why? 
Because with intense brilliancy it uses the art of ‘newspeak’ playing to our emotions, to make sure we eat safely and correctly with their guidance or in another words, to take over our minds and control us.
Done in stealth by controlling our food intake completely all in the name of protecting us dumb idiots who can’t work out our food intake for ourselves, this corporation will do it for us.
Food rules and predetermined menus of what we can eat, consume what they tell us to and buy what we’re allowed to buy is global governance take over of our lives by private corporation. 

This type of fierce hosting is what happens with unfettered capitalism. 
A ceaseless expansion is allowed and profits before people take president. 
Then we’re left with ‘hideous moral horrors’ enforced into law in a most totalitarian fashion which is what the FDA is all about.

Their forward plans of world domination of our food is a cursed ambition for us and the weaponisation of our food. We loose control of our food cycles, and ‘he who controls the food controls the people.’

It is essential we object and pulverise the FDA mind set of global take over of our foods and allow freedom to flow freely through the veins of our global society.

Please continue researching into this and let us not allow these corporate crooks to take over our lives and control them.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Friday 1st May 2015 at 07:14 By David Icke

‘The FDA serves the bottom lines of Big Food and Big Pharma. After pharmaceutical companies provide questionable testing reports, they pay the FDA licensing fees for the drugs’ approvals. And Big Food has their way with their ingredients with the FDA.
This type of corruption is not new. In the early 1900s, Dr. Harvey Wiley headed the Bureau of Chemistry, the precursor to today’s FDA. He created a guideline to ban bleaching wheat chemically to produce white flour. This process destroys nutrition and leaves toxins in white flour.
Wiley quit his position after he had become frustrated from the lack of enforcement for his ban. The legacy of unhealthy bleached flour white bread dominated until the 1970s, and is still used today unless specifically labeled as unbleached.’
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Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Street Democracy writes: 
Monsanto, a psychopathic corporation is a ceaseless expansion of love abandoned living souls continuing to humiliate and dishonour earth to their exalted highest levels for profit, ownership and control of our planet.

A true burdensome heavy weight of ruthless sinister tactics to manipulate with their Monsanto gluttonous eyes at the sight of ravishment of earth. 

Monsanto are the bullies who have set a furious expedition of banded powers of evil to feast upon our wounded ecological system that is most precious.
Monsanto is a hostile take over and a complete shattering of our democracy, and an agenda for totalitarianism.

We witness a terrible array of ‘virtues failing’, that as the people, we feel powerless to defend ourselves and our planet because of or corrupt capitalist brutal system of control.
Our voices are deemed criminal, and we are criminalised for daring to speak.
Isn’t this the reason for such fierce encounters by protesters who demonstrate because our corporate governmental administration system ignores the individual causing legitimate but inextinguishable rage and frustration of the public?
By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy
newFriday 1st May 2015 at 08:33 By David Icke

‘Natural Society reported on organic farmer Steve Marsh’s dilemma with GMO cross pollination of his organic farms a while back, but some shocking news has recently bubbled to the surface about Monsanto’s involvement.
One of the secrets of monopolizing Monsanto is that it contributed big bucks to the defense of the Australian farmer whose GMO canola crop infected Steve Marsh’s organic fields. If you aren’t privy, a ruling by the Supreme Court of Western Australia had no sympathy for Steve Marsh’s plight, and sided in favor of Michael Baxter and Monsanto.
“An organic farmer in Western Australia lost his bid to claim damages from a neighbour after genetically modified (GMO) canola seed heads blew on to his property, causing him to lose his licence as an organic grower.”’
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Disbelief over state plan to spray neurotoxin into oyster beds

newFriday 1st May 2015 at 08:41 By David Icke

‘As a retired nuclear power-plant operator, Ross Barkhurst, 70, is by no means an environmentalist. In fact he spent his career clashing with them.
But even he’s shocked by what just got approved in our supposedly green Washington state: They’re going to use crop-dusting helicopters to spray into the oyster beds of Willapa Bay a neurotoxic pesticide that has a warning right on the bottle: “Do not apply directly to water.”
“I’m no greenie, but this state’s going to make one out of me yet,” says Barkhurst, who lives on Willapa Bay, near South Bend. “They have no idea what this is going to do to the ecosystem. Their program is ‘spray and hope.’”’
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Agribusiness and the The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. The Globalized System of War, Poverty and Food Insecurity

Agribusiness and the The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. The Globalized System of War, Poverty and Food Insecurity

Street Democracy writes: 
A ‘ferocious corporate rape’ of our political arena, of unchecked oligarchical powers puppeteering bought and paid for venal politicians who are forcing our governmental infrastructure hostage to favour the corporate world. 

A perpetual plethora of ‘draconian policies’ for brutal extermination of our natural planet now careering towards her imminent death.

We witness ‘atrocity producing’ corporate policies that is furthering the total genocide of our eco-system and the natural beauty of our much beloved and sacred planet.

The death and destruction of our planet is carefully masked but the devastation is sweeping with speed across earth. 
It is unmitigated evil. Evil in print, evil indoctrinated and evil mass produced to serve the goddless, loveless crowd and soulless suits of the oligarchs.

We witness the dark foundations of an alternative agenda of controlling our planet and privatising her for profits and commodify all life and living things, including ours to their calling. 
They wish to pillage, rape and plunder in abundance the precious natural resources into private interests and control what is inevitably free. Our planet grows in abundance all our needs for free.

We live on this planet for free. Our babies are born for free and are free. So why are we paying corporate thugs to survive? 

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

‘US citizens constitute 5 percent of the world’s population but consume 24 percent of global energy. On average, one person in the US consumes as much energy as two Japanese, six Mexicans, 13 Chinese, 31 Indians, 128 Bangladeshis, 307 Tanzanians and 370 Ethiopians.
The US is able to consume at such a level because the dollar serves as the world reserve currency. This means high demand for it is guaranteed as most international trade (especially oil) is carried out using the dollar. US dominance and wealth accumulation depends on maintaining the currency’s leading role.
The international monetary system that emerged near the end of the Second World War was based on the US being the dominant economic power and the main creditor nation, with institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund eventually being created to serve its interests.’
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Organic milk ‘is less healthy than regular milk and could harm child IQ’

Read more: Organic milk ‘is less healthy than regular milk and could harm child IQ’ 

Street Democracy writes: 

Another ‘Silent Weapon for a Quiet War‘ by William Cooper – Behold A Pale Horse (Audio Book) Scroll down for video…

Relevant as William Cooper sussed out the corporate assault and aggressive attack upon society years and years ago, that eventually cost him his life.

He was right, we should be convulsed with anger at what is happening to us and more importantly, our planet. Our beautiful, priceless, most precious ecosystem is being rampaged, ravished and obliterated by corporate criminals determined to control it and us.

We permit the most degrading actions towards our society that we should be disgusted and horrified by. Our food, is infused by high principles of corruption, social injustice and deep moral betrayals by corporations such as Monsanto.

Here is yet another propaganda spill of lies to deceive the sleepy public. 

Morally bankrupt faceless oligarchs are careering our planet into a ecological suicide, but its ok, as they’ll control the food supply and poison it with the right toxins to drug us, change us and our DNA.

This article proves they are reconstructing and reconfiguring our realities by control, by changing our perceptions towards food. Organic food is now deemed dangerous unless its been chemically processed via the corporate system.

A true death dealing sophisticated oppressive machine, that of Big Brother by Big Pharma. Enjoy your meals.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE! Scroll down further for more on William Cooper, otherwise continue reading this article. By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 10:16 By David Icke

‘Organic milk is less healthy than regular milk and could cause unborn babies to have lower IQs, a study suggests.
Compared with conventionally-produced milk, organic milk contains around one third less iodine which is essential for maintaining a strong metabolism.
Pregnant women who switch to organic thinking it will be healthier may also be putting the brain development of their unborn child at risk, experts have warned.’
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 William Cooper – Behold A Pale Horse (Audio Book) Scroll down for video…


Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

Street Democracy writes:

Monsanto’s divine corporate take over bathed in ruthless privilage has produced a mass of elite global sanctioning over us all with inescapable damage to our organic food chain.

GMO, Monsanto has made an art of stealing precious resources, especially our organic foods, splicing and forcing DNA with uncompatible DNA helped with chemicals to make Frankenstien foods for us to eat.

Monsanto are globalised corporate thugs and what ever corporation takes GMO to mass produce for the greater good, the greater good is being poisoned by slow kill, throwing chemical torture into our organic ecosystems. 

A corporate industrialised model and system of death that mimicks earth and nature.

These Mafia capitalists order gunshop policies to suit their agendas and their plundering and raping of our organic ecosystem is legalised and fully endorsed by financially owned political puppets who incorporate Monsanto’s plans further for a dollar.

Deception is one part truth and two parts lies mixed in a bag of other ingredients making their story sound plausable but with hidden knowledge of falsehood that is definately off centre stage so you don’t notice.

Gunshot policies to dispossess us with what we need to live healthily. Good health doesn’t help profits with their other owned corproations that of Big Pharma. A healthy population is bad for business.

If we change the DNA on our foods, might it not change the DNA of us? Like landing on a strange planet and start to eat the foods grown there. Do we know the long term effects, no we don’t?

( Look up Codex Alimentaurius by clicking here.Or click here:Codex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind)

It is like seeing someone fill their car with petrol when it should be diesal. Seeing a child eat dirty food and hearing the mother scream but fail to stop her child from swallowing, or seeing your dog gulp something down in the grass that has been vomited up earlier. We go nuts!! We feel helpless as we can’t stop the consumption in time.

Now walk into your local supermarket and all dirty foods, forbidden foods are there on the shelf for you to eat, only no one is running to you to say ‘no!’ I believe the sign ‘SKULL AND BONES’ should be above every supermarket door and down every aisle for our information.

Yet this is over ruled on a global scale with Monsanto owning the monopoly on dictating what we eat, how we eat and the effects upon our organic biological natural bodies as none of our concern.

We are the rats in the maze, we are owned by the oligarchs in a global system of serfdom.

The ruling elites of our nations are hoarding wealth and buying earth’s natural resources, and selling to us what should be free, at considerable cost causing serious deprivation. Then they have the nerve to create GMO foods to provide food for all. As long as they control it, we can afford to buy it and they can profit from it and we gain the chemical bio effects they desire.

Now read the article below on how the deception is increasing in speed and power. Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Click here: Who Granted The GMO Evangelists The Monopoly On Compassion?

‘Abuse laced with rhetoric is deliberately designed to mislead, deflect and stir up public emotion. Such tactics are part of a wider agenda that includes making dubious claims about the efficacy of GMO technology and are intended to divert attention away from the true nature and causes of hunger and food poverty.’
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