Ian Josephs – ‘Forced Adoption Is Child Trafficking. It’s The Second Oldest Profession In The World

Ian Josephs – ‘Forced Adoption Is Child Trafficking. It’s The Second Oldest Profession In The World


State approves $30 million youth jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults

State approves $30 million youth jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults

Friday 15th May 2015 at 07:20 By David Icke

‘Sate officials approved plans Wednesday to build a $30 million, 60-bed jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults, a step to address years of concern about the practice of housing young city defendants alongside adults.

The U.S. Justice Department has said the state-run Baltimore City Detention Center has been violating the law by keeping the youths in the same facility as grown-ups, where teens often are secluded and do not receive school or other services while incarcerated.

The contract to renovate an existing pretrial facility on North Forrest Street near the detention center represents a compromise to an earlier proposal to build a much bigger youth jail in the city.’

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Street Democracy writes:


Modern schools are plagued by trespassing authors called ‘teachers’ regurgitating government indoctrination ‘toxic’ principles, with bought and paid for text books that are published by controlled publishers for one giant socialisation programme.


Our education system is a worrying or should I say ‘resocialisation centres?’


We as parents willingly hand over to the state to control and raise our children or program them to think a certain way, by strangers (teachers) who are themselves institutionalised.

We surrender our children to government controlled operating programs for intense behavioural training.


Our children are absolutely compelled to be removed from their parents where rules determine atmosphere and where children are forced to comply.

It is a mass group think, a hive mind syndrome, where self determination is replaced by a social collective action.

Our education system is like this animal school I heard someone say:


One monkey, one elephant and one rabbit sit down on the grass and the teacher says ‘today class, we will climb trees to see who can reach the top the fastest and those who fail will be punished!’ Guess which animals get punished because they just can’t do the subject (climb trees)?

So our children are different but expected to produce the same level of regurgitation of lessons and those who fail, those who get frustrated at such education, or are critical, those who dare vent their anger, get in to serious trouble.


So ask yourself, what is the difference between school and prison?


Our moderns schools in Crawley look like detention centres.


Compulsory to wear uniforms.

Corporations are inside each school influencing minds.

Bell sounding system dictating the start and end of projects.

Both have digital CCTV.

Both punish with detentions.

Solitary confinement.

No free thinking unless its set in a controlled parameter, like the subject involved.

Obey authority or your punished.

Food served up on trays like prison.

Regimented like prison.

Erosion of freedom of speech/critical thinking.

Queue for things as do prisoners.

Short recreational breaks as do prisons.

Children clock watch, prisoners scratch days on the walls.

Indoctrination and social programming as with prisons.

Banish free thinking, critical thinking and abstract thought to be told what to think and when.

They are criminalising our children and indoctrinating a punishing state educational program to normalise incarceration, normalise correctional facilities and normalise state punishments and this is shocking!

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.

Tragedy Liverpool mum died penniless after benefits stopped

Tragedy Liverpool mum died penniless after benefits stopped 

unnamed (1)

8 Jun 2014 — A mum-of-one suffering from severe Mental Illness died without any money after her disability benefits …STOPPED. Annette Francis, 30, was found dead at her Garston home two weeks ago, leaving behind 11-year-old son Kieron. Her distraught family say Annette was let down by the authorities in the months leading up to her death.

At the time of the tragedy, Annette had spent six months without receiving a single penny in benefits, her aunt Ann Sorotos claims. She told Liverpool Echo News: “Annette was penniless because she had no money coming in from the benefits people at Department for Work and Pensions – DWP. “I’m disgusted with them and think Annette was really badly let down.”


Annette suffered from a mental illness similar to Bipolar disorder and was unable to hold down a job. Mrs Sorotos, from Childwall, who has taken care of Kieron since her niece’s death, continued: “She had very bad mental health problems and struggled to cope day to day.” RIP http://t.co/WQJ7TFvbE1

Tragedy of Liverpool mum who died penniless after her benefits stopped


Distraught family say Annette Francis, who suffered from severe mental illness, was let down by the authorities A mum-of-one suffering from severe mental illness died without any money after her disability benefits dried up. Annette Francis, 30, was found dead at her Garston home two…For more click here:  http://t.co/WQJ7TFvbE1


Esther McVey, the Conservatives DWP minister, has refused to appear before the Welfare Reform Committee but agreed to a private meeting with members Now McVey has cancelled her planned visit. Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith previously refused to appear at the committee and instead had an informal off the…

Iain Duncan Smith failed on Universal Credit awarded the ‘Peter Principle’

Inside Whitehall: Iain Duncan Smith has failed on Universal Credit. He must be replaced He has proved himself to be inept at managing its implementation over the past three years – Duly awarded the ‘Peter Principle’ by Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants http://t.co/GkKD7kFzpZ


10 Downing Street’s Major Project Authority gave the Universal Credit UC programme a “red” rating which Iain Duncan Smith and the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP campaigned successfully to turn into a neutral “reset” designation. UC was only given a reset rating after furious protests by Iain Duncan Smith and…

The real cost-of-living-crisis: Five million British children ‘sentenced to life of poverty thanks to welfare reforms’

The real cost-of-living-crisis: Five million British children ‘sentenced to life of poverty thanks to welfare reforms’


Street Democracy writes: 

We are forced to follow a ‘conscience conflicting and parasitical economic system’ created by the wealthy to work for the wealthy.

To fine tune a capitalist model that causes wealth disparity has been designed and socially engineered to take wealth away from the poor.


We accept an economic model that amplifies misery, echoes poverty expansion and financially slaughter’s those not in the rich club and it is a biased system by corrupt banking Cabal and equally corrupt greedy ruling elites.

This poverty strips the dignity away from the innately decent people now socially demonised as poor, uncouth barbaric animals by the unsympathetic ruling elites and expands this silent weapon that rapes the minds of the poor.


Financial scarcity crushes the poor, marginalises them from mainstream society.

Our power elites need to be sacked.

We need to reconfigure our economic structure and endorse a balance that doesn’t strip the planet of her natural and essential resources to be placed into the hands of unscrupulous corporations.


Their greed causes death to people, to communities but also to our planet.

It causes social friction and agitation, as well as the new diet’s of malnutrition and cheap chemical based foods by a psychopathic power structure imposed upon us by the psychopathic super rich of our nation states.


It is a disgrace and we are fiercely critical of the DWP a political infrastructure disconnected by our rapacious ruling elites that no longer correspond to the workings of societal values.

For more on this diabolical political sewer, click here or continue reading:

The real cost-of-living-crisis: Five million British children ‘sentenced to life of poverty thanks to welfare reforms’

‘Children in working families, rather than beggars and vagrants, are the face of modern poverty in Britain today – a country which is one of the “most unfair in the developed world.” For five million children face being “sentenced to a lifetime of poverty” by 2020, according to shocking new research from Save The Children.

Cuts to benefits, the rising cost of living and years of flat wages have created a “triple whammy” for the country’s children, warned the charity. Policies such as the so-called bedroom tax combined with the slashing of tax credits and council tax relief mean “the social safety net no longer acts as a sufficient backstop for poor families,” claims the Save The Children report. Recent changes to social security have cut the incomes of the poorest by between eight and nine per cent, it calculated.’

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British taxpayers give away £30million in benefits to other countries each year

‘British taxpayers are giving more than £30million a year in Child Benefit to families in other EU countries, it emerged last night.

Most of the cash is being paid to relatives of migrant workers, with almost two-thirds going to Poland.

Brussels laws mean ministers are powerless to stop the payments which triggered fresh fury about foreigners milking the benefit system.’

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Carney tears into bankers for spreading inequality: Bank of England governor turns his fire on City greed and calls for more to be done about scandal-hit financial markets

‘Bank of England governor Mark Carney has turned his fire on City greed and the problem of growing inequality, calling for more to be done to clamp down on scandal-hit financial markets.

Mr Carney said globalisation had led to huge earnings that were ‘amplifying the rewards of the superstar’ – but ‘disturbing evidence’ suggested social mobility was decreasing.

His remarks are likely to be seen as an attempt by the former Goldman Sachs banker to show he is not a cheerleader for the City, after a speech last year which was viewed as a departure from the scathing tone of his predecessor, Mervyn King.’

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This kind of inequality, eh Mr. Carney?: New Bank of England boss Mark Carney to be paid £874,000 a year

‘Incoming Bank of England governor Mark Carney will pocket an annual £250,000 housing allowance, taking his total pay package close to £1m a year when he takes the reins next summer, the central bank has revealed.

Carney will receive the allowance as part of a generous package put together by the chancellor, George Osborne, to lure him from his current job in Ottawa as boss of the Canadian central bank.

It was already known that Carney would be paid a salary of £480,000 and pension contributions worth £144,000. He will also receive free health and dental insurance and the use of a chauffeur-driven car.’

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Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D.

Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D.

‘More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder outside established pediatric guidelines, according to data presented on Friday by an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report, which found that toddlers covered by Medicaid are particularly prone to be put on medication such as Ritalin and Adderall, is among the first efforts to gauge the diagnosis of A.D.H.D. in children below age 4. Doctors at the Georgia Mental Health Forum at the Carter Center in Atlanta, where the data was presented, as well as several outside experts strongly criticized the use of medication in so many children that young.’

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Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam


We witness a spiteful blame game of unequivocal opposition and bigotry against the poorer classes by the Tory’s punishing agenda.

Street Democracy writes:

This Tory socially engineered ‘Punishing State’ is forcibly exacerbating a collective social despair amongst those unable to escape this suppressive poverty trap.

It is trying to live in accordance to what society demands, is now impossible.

We are witnessing a sterile, no empathy, society now shunning the poor with no thanks from the spiteful unprofessional psychopathic Tory main frame that socially is demonising the lower classes.


Deliberate engineering of starving the social sector of essential funds while lavishing in 11% pay rise-corporate taxation cuts-tax breaks for the wealthy-bailouts of the criminal bankers-but demonisation for the benefit claimant.

If you buy the cheapest product and you claim benefits, you are now targeted, socially ripped apart and demonised for daring to be spend tax payers money to get it.

If you don’t buy the cheapest product you are demonised for lowering society’s standards and shame on you.

The benefit cuts have been drastically aggressive, hostile filled with disdain and social enmity towards all those unable to work.

Whether unemployed, whether ill and too sick to work, you are deemed lazy and a scrounger because of a few rotten apples filmed on Benefit Street.


We have lost count of the amount of Tory politicians who over claimed on their expenses. The corruption is off scale and no one can argue this fact.

In fact the propaganda has been a splendid diabolical theme of mainstream biased, bought and paid for corporate news journalist’s photographing single mothers claiming to spend £2,000 of benefit money to holiday, or buy designer clothes is of course going to fuel anger.

That was the intention.

I don’t know anyone on benefits in Crawley, who wears designer clothes.

I know people in Crawley on benefits that never holiday, never have enough money to buy food and wear shoes that hurt their feet and have holes in.

I know of plenty of benefit claimants that are socially ashamed of their predicaments and feel excluded and banished from mainstream society.


It is an outrageous Tory government, double standard pseudo reality of inaccurate assumptions towards those in need of the social sector, especially the benefit system and those in need of it.

I also know benefit claimants who are scared to turn on the lights in their homes, and practically live in the dark, with no television on, no heating on and use candles as a source of light and heat.

They have studied from home as they can’t afford to travel on corporate public transport so they have done educational degrees at home and still they can’t find work.

These people are never highlighted in main stream media.

The Job Centre is a place of localised suppression, localised punishment and localised financial blackmail.


A place of formidable punishment. A place of localised financial slaughter and execution. A place of localised suppression and hostile agendas to attack the poor, is a successful Tory agenda.

This is never again, advertised in mainstream.

The unjust brutal regime of having your benefits slashed was hard enough but to have no empathy, no compassionate benefit agents just blindly follow a Tory psychopathic agenda, has left many impoverished, desperate and destitute within our modern day society.

A disabled individual who is suffering from disabilities with chronic pain who perhaps can’t climb Mount Everest or run a Marathon, have been placed on a tray of severe demonisation by the Tory government.

A public persecution that is regularly regurgitated by Tory Councillor’s up and down the UK as if mocking with sarcasm is the key to a healthy community and society.


Out of touch Tory’s have demonised the poor with psychopathic main frames. The bedroom tax is a psychopathic virus causing perpetual debt, empty 3 bedroom properties, and persistent rent arrears.

The rug pulled out from the sensitive innately decent poor has been done with ruthless efficiency by local authorities without question and has, is, ruining the lives of millions.

The localisation of this rough but progressive repressive Tory political apparatus is being felt by this toxic form of government.

It isn’t solving any of the poverty issues for those forced to work and so depressed, life isn’t worth living.

For those forced to work on work programmes without any pay or loose their benefits, the system is unjust and unfair.


A rough but sophisticated repression machine is the tools of Tory unethical attitude towards the lower classes even towards the working poor or part time workers.

For those who have small children who through no fault of their own have ended up being left to raise their small family alone, life is now torturous.

The state is stealing their children.

Parents have no choice but to allow the State to socialise their child or children and forcing them as a parent to work means they cannot express their maternal instincts.

They cannot experience happiness as a parent, for they are too tired, worry too much about paying bills, putting food on the table that parenting is least enjoyed.

Parenting for the poor is a skill being slowly removed by the Tory government.

For more on this story click here for more or continue reading:

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam

Not completely biased towards the poor as some can help themselves. This lady may have financial stress and worry, but it cost’s nothing to tidy a back garden or yard. Mine is clean and I am in the same position as this mother. Never the less, life is hard, gruelling and if she has 2 jobs then she is tired, maybe too tired and not motivated to be a mother.

‘Nearly two million of the poorest families in Britain have been made poorer by a “perfect storm” of below-inflation benefit rises and changes to the welfare system, a new report warns.

An analysis by Oxfam and the New Policy Institute found the worst-affected 200,000 families were losing £864 a year as a result of benefit cuts.

It concluded that about 1.75 million households had been hit by one or more changes to welfare payments, including fewer council tax exemptions and the “bedroom tax”.

The charity called on the Government to introduce an “absolute minimum” level of financial support regardless of where people lived, which would be “high enough to prevent people from having to walk the breadline”.’

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Speaker John Bercow has run up half a MILLION pounds in expenses – including £26,000 in formal dresswear and £100,000 in overseas jaunts

‘Commons Speaker John Bercow has run up a staggering half a million pounds in office expenses in just five years, it has been revealed.

Mr Bercow has incurred £495,592 in taxpayer-funded events, travel, clothes and other supplies since taking up the prestigious role in June 2009.

This includes £100,000 on overseas jaunts and £26,000 in formal dresswear – with £3,700 spent on just two suits.’

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The Demonisation of Housing Benefit Claimants-Unfair Housing System Excludes Poor!

London Housing: Landlords Refuse Housing Benefit Claimants And Terminate Their Tenancy Agreements Early, London Assembly Finds 

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


A psychopathic Tory main frame following some form of social cleansing, washing out the poorest, in a silent but aggressive war against the poor.

Street Democracy writes:

A wilful arrogance by private landlords furthering the demonisation towards the poorest is a continuation of the Tories nonsensical, illogical and sterile, no empathy treatment upon the lower classes.

To ridicule further some of the poorest individuals and families in the UK.

It is a Tory political agenda of humiliating the poor, the removal of dignity by denying them access to homes owned privately.

The fact the Tories are not building social housing, on a mass scale but rather cheap affordable housing that is still owned by private landlords is going to further the housing crisis with literally no where for the poor to live.


Landlords no longer content for a ‘free mortgage’ even if it’s paid 4 weeks later. For this the poor are being evicted and excluded from their homes.

A natural right to shelter has been conquered by the ruling elites.

The private sector, the affluent and often unscrupulous private landlord’s in a no empathy and seemingly psychopathic main frame is to totally exclude those with financial scarcity from the housing market, even as tenants.

This punishing infrastructure is herding the poor out of their home turf, out of their own communities by the greed and profit mentality of today’s housing network.

It is shunting the poorest families, students, minimum wage earners, those unable to contribute to a working week and benefit dependants to be excluded and expelled from mainstream society.


Social exclusion, social expulsion and social demonisation has been the Tory’s spirit of the age against those in need of welfare financial assistance.

Amplifying misery, localising suppression and pushing forward a commanding dialogue this is because of the Tory’s idiocy of threatening benefit claimants with the universal credit system comprising of Housing Benefit to be paid in arrears.

Landlords don’t like arrears.

Landlords like their mortgage to be paid on time so this is the key to evict thousands who depend upon Housing Benefit even if it is just a small amount of a top to help those on the lowest incomes pay their rent.


The cost of living, the private sector, the decrease slave wage is forcing the poorest to apply for welfare top up’s. This isn’t their fault yet they are being demonised and penalised.

Less social housing means more low earners, the unemployed, single parents, disabled people, those too unwell to work, being forced towards privately rented homes.

If no landlord will accept them as tenants, then this means less private homes available means more homelessness issues, more temporary accommodation that is expensive like B & B’s and hotels renting rooms out to families.

Bedroom tax has forced many social housing tenants out of their  homes through rent arrears placing them in private accommodation forcing a massive increase in Housing Benefit.

Completely defeating the object of saving money!

This is an insane ‘out of touch’ Tory strategy to follow which is causing more social problems than before.


The wealth disparity has increased at the social cost to the lower classes. It’s austerity for the poor, prosperity for the rich.

For more information click here or continue reading The Morning Star:

London Housing: Landlords Refuse Housing Benefit Claimants And Terminate Their Tenancy Agreements Early, London Assembly Finds 

Capital’s private-sector renters dealt double blow as profiteering landlords refuse access to crisis-hit housing market to the quarter of city households on housing benefit

London landlords are refusing to rent to housing benefit recipients because of welfare cuts, the London Assembly has found.

An assembly housing committee report published today showed that landlords are increasingly likely to terminate tenancy agreements prematurely.

There has been a four-fold increase in the number of tenancy terminations since 2010, rising from 300 to over 1,400 per quarter.

The committee said that the majority of landlords, and particularly buy-to-let landlords, are concerned about the benefit cap and other welfare reforms and are cautious about letting to housing benefit claimants as a result.

Housing committee chairman Darren Johnson AM said: “We have heard evidence of a range of problems, including more evictions and rising homelessness, and councils are having more difficulty finding affordable accommodation for their residents.”

One in four London households — approximately 843,000 — receives housing benefit.


Cinderella Law-Anything Deemed Emotional Upset to Your Child-Could Now Mean Child Abuse!

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could soon face up to 10 years in jail (just the latest in the war on parents and child kidnapping by the state)


For emotional crime? For saying ‘no’ to your child, unscrupulous Social Workers the new SS, can and will remove your child?

Street Democracy writes:

This policy ‘sounds’ good as we all want children to be loved and emotionally stable.

We all want to see, well-adjusted and balanced children happy and free-spirited.

However, if you step aside from this policy for a moment you may see this as being not so innocent but definitely another severe social control mechanism.

In fact this is another psychopathic main frame, of no empathy infrastructure to force parents to become obedient cogs of the machine.


The removal of freedom of thought and creativity away from family upbringing. It is the removal of your basic human rights to raise your family as you see fit.

It is a numbing assault upon parenting demonising us all as ‘child abusers’.

All of us make mistakes, in fact we never know if we have been successful or if something was a good idea until usually after we have done it.

Are we to be punished for organic and natural progression, as mistakes bring wisdom an integral part of being human and how we learn?

We learn regularly from our mistakes! It is almost how we learn in everything we do!


The drugging of our children is child abuse but its by the corporate state so that’s ok then!

Never let your child cry, shout or scream whether at home or in public outside, just in case someone ‘hears’ scenario is a nightmare for all parents.

It is a warrantless invasion into homes.

It is localising some form of punishing agenda to all parents who do not comply.

This isn’t about extreme child abuser’s but about the ordinary man and woman within each community being judged as unfit and uncouth barbaric members of the public who do not belong to the wealthy elite.


Imprisoning children subjecting them to intense behavioural programming of submissive obedience never question authority to be a good citizen and never listen to your parents!

Children test the boundaries of their parents daily, some more than others, where it is down to the parent to say ‘no’ or ‘enough’ or to set the social rules for children to learn from!

It is how we learn as families as to what is tolerated, acceptable and not acceptable behaviour by both the child and parent.

Sometimes as parents we may discipline to heavily and feel bad after wards and apologise to the child but explain if you push the patience of people, they sometimes get cross so a child knows not too push people too far in the future.

Sometimes children over react in a given circumstance, but it is how they learn.

Learning how to behave, what is right what is wrong, is an organic progression of normal psychological growth and social learning.

It is normal behaviour and not to be punishable by the state.


If you haven’t read this book, read it and you will recognise immediately similar tactics leading us forward to an Orwellian punishing police state.

You only now need some ‘bitch’ of a neighbour to ring social services to say the last final bit of some part of a conversation they may have heard – ‘and she shouted at her child saying ‘enough!’ and I could see the child crying….’

Is this enough to bring the Child Police round, Social Workers armed with judged signed warrants to take your child?


To have the state-owned by corporations that control our corporate government means they will own our children. Corporations owned by Satanic wealthy families of bloodline decent.

We are seeing more staged propaganda of paedophilia being bombarded in the news and yes it is good to recognise the evil and name and shame, but on the other hand they may have a darker agenda.

To normalise paedophilia and remove our outrage as the state has spoken.

Also, the increasingly paranoid ruling elite do not like us biological or guardians of the ‘real’ world teaching our children.

Influencing our children the way we want them influenced.

The state, owned by corporations that control our corporate government want our children to think in a preferred manner.

It is ‘George Orwell’s 1984’, or an exaggeration of ‘Hitler’s Youth’ to condition children to be obedient citizens of the state’s choosing or parents will be punished for raising rebellious children!


The state criminalise’s free thinking children who do not comply or conform and don’t wish to obey authority are severely punished.

School is a factory of heavily indoctrinated intense behavioural training, of state preferred, corporately trained, hived minded, common core, submissive subjects that are taught by authority figures that never like being questioned.

So children are being taught, never question authority.


Robotic social programming-we surrender our children to be controlled and remove their free creativity by rules, and submissive obedience.

To remove, snatch or abduct a child by Social Workers can so easily be done.

They just turn up with a referral and that doesn’t have to be accurate or true as how does anyone know at that stage unless something traumatic or an incident was filmed. 

What if everything you do is deemed wrong!

We make mistakes as a natural part of being human to gain our experiences in life.

What if they ask how many mistakes you have made in one day?

What if it gets this intensive?

How do you know a crime of child abuse has occurred without investigation which is equally as traumatic, socially invasive and indoctrinated by leading and suggestive questioning?

They forcibly remove the children against the parents or guardians consensus and will.

What if you question this and disagree?

Wanted By The State: Your Children. UK.

Or click here to watch Staffordshire Social Services remove a one day old baby from it’s mother. Warning though it is traumatic to watch just scroll down to see video. They have removed this video from You Tube so to watch it you have to enter another topic:

Angelina Jolie and Corrupt MP William Hague Protecting Military Rape Victims

Do Social Services (SS) write down on report your rebelling against governmental legislation and therefore deemed a bad citizen with questionable judgement even though you’d be right to question.

What if you show a legitimate rage at their accusations of child abuse for you simply disciplining your child?

Will they suggest you are an unreasonable and aggressive citizen that shouldn’t have your children for sure!


The removal of self determinism, of self awareness of organic growing, of truth by serious governmental deception is not going to equate with a healthy well-balanced future.

They then drug the children to subdued them claiming the child was unsettled.

Later they will say the child has to be drugged (now the child is addicted or naturally emotionally traumatised) and has mental health problems because the child is screaming for their parents and is now deemed inappropriate behaviour.

We all have our mental health issues.

No one is ‘normal’ or ‘perfect’ but they are now playing on this as serious risks of normal members of society as having mental illnesses that need to be recognised.


That we need ‘their’ society that ‘they’ deem fit for ‘us’ to follow or be punished.


Be investigated in other words to prove your sanity as a ‘fit parent’ which is impossible to do as there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

It is an impossible statement, mission and a dangerous agenda to follow.

Will they say normal parents raising their own children will be encouraging their own issues to be naturally indoctrinated by their own children, social family habits for example and this needs to be watered down?

For social habits of families programmed into their children’s minds then according to the state there is a need to wipe out this and the child’s own mental health issues before they reach adolescence.

Like it is a major threat to society by labelling and socially classifying mental health as potentially dangerous and justifying drugging children.


Legalisation of child drugging for submissive behaviour easily controlled dumbing down which I call child abuse by the state.

It is becoming increasingly frightening for parents.

Never mind whether good parenting can lead to a rebellious child and bad parenting can lead a child to significantly high moral characterisation within themselves.

Growing up knowing what not to do as their bad parents did.

Bad parenting has given valuable lessons of knowledge.

A child now grown realising certain qualities were missed with their childhood and not wanting to be bad parents to their own child in the future is a lesson most priceless that can never be taught in school.

We all need to be natural and unique in our own individual ways to raise our families as organically as we can.

What isn’t healthy is to conform to a hive mind mentality whether natural or not, to be dictated too by ‘experts’ corporately trained by corporate text books on ‘how to raise children’.


Forced adoptions by Secret Family Courts by unscrupulous Social Workers who get paid lots of money per child taken into care.

It is a sterile progression far removed from the natural nurturing of mother and fatherhood.

It is the decimation of organic love and bonding between parents and children by removing the organic characterisation, the individualism of families.

We are all different and unique, we are not ‘Leggo’ pieces, unemotional, detached and disconnected.

What isn’t healthy is to create a society of highly paranoid mothers and fathers scarred to discipline their child fearing someone over hearing (half the conversation or situation with your young) putting 2 and 2 together to make 7.

As poverty is increased by the state, it is making life more difficult for parents and poor families to behave in a certain way that is socially conditioned as the norm if the norm costs money.


Criminalising poverty may make it impossible for poor parents to financially invest in their children giving the SS another reason to take the child away. ‘You can’t afford to be parents scenario’

This is especially if the state raises the bar of what is deemed financially acceptable and demonising the poor to be too poor to raise children.

‘Your too poor! You’re unemployed! You’re a disabled citizen relying on benefits! ‘You are poor and cannot afford your children!’

This may be a real ‘coming to a community near you’ scenario especially if they remove and bankrupt the Welfare State.


What will happen to children of poor families? They’ll be taken away as poverty will be viewed as unnecessary child abuse

If everything becomes privatised, the NHS in particular, it maybe like having pets ‘if you can’t afford to insure your pets, then you can’t afford to have them!’


What if they take away benefits or demonise benefits as socially wrong, therefore ‘you cannot afford your children or you are socially damaging them by claiming benefits.

The removal of your children will be taken this coming Monday, your’s truly ‘The SS’ (Social Services).

Are we going to see an increase in child snatching by the SS, (Social Services) because of that ‘bitch’ of a neighbour who is jealous of you and your life style?

Are parents especially fathers changing nappies going to be accused of sexually touching their child by some unscrupulous walker by?

What if Daddy is checking for nappy rash in the folds of skin which is normal of a child wearing nappies?

What if he has to apply cream with eyes of concentration and what if this is read wrongly as something else, something sexual by some idiot glancing from across the street?

A mother who says ‘I will not listen to your whining any more’ after the child has gone on and on, and carries on walking to then be spotted by some idiot nosey busy body on the street who makes that phone call.

‘Oh yes, she raised her voice and the poor child is being deliberately traumatised by the mother-come quick?


Corporate hive mind worker bees who are dumb enough to follow the program but smart enough to work the cogs of the machine- those who don’t are punished.

Are schools going to intimately question children who may be scolded at home and feeling cross with their parents tell the teachers anything the leading questions suggest, which will be designed to suggest child abuse at home?

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Parents who emotionally abuse their children could soon face up to 10 years in jail (just the latest in the war on parents and child kidnapping by the state)

‘Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face prosecution for the first time under a new “Cinderella Law”.

Starving offspring of love and affection could lead to up to 10 years in prison in a move to be unveiled in the Queen’s Speech in early June.

Currently, the law on child neglect, which affects as many as one in ten children, covers physical harm only.

Under the new proposals, anything that intentionally harmed a child’s “physical intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development” would be a crime.

Offences could include deliberately ignoring a child, damaging their emotional growth by not showing them any love and forcing them to see domestic violence.’

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The bedroom tax is domestic violence and abuse

The bedroom tax is domestic violence and abuse– SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites) Joe Halewood writes about welfare rights and welfare reform. Pictures displayed by Street Democracy


A psychopathic agenda like a virus is the bedroom tax designed to antagonise and financially blackmail the poorest families

The bedroom tax is domestic violence and abuse

At times I have mildly vented my spleen at the bedroom tax. Today I am going the whole hog and with good and informed reason in light of a joke of an article in the Sunday People.

I am also calling for the Chief Executive of Womens Aid to resign over it.  I am also stating that it is time the Labour Party grew a set of balls and also sacked their spokesperson on domestic violence and abuse – and it is telling that I do not even know the name of who that person is!

I have worked with domestic violence and abuse organisations for more than ten years mostly female yet also with the odd male domestic charity so this is not a rant of ignorance and it concerns what is called a sanctuary room.

A sanctuary room is is where a room in an abused home is made a strong room with strong doors and bars on windows for example so if the perpetrator gets into the property the woman and children can lock themselves away….in terror until the police can arrive.

Yet the bedroom tax is charged on such a room!

Does anyone in their right fucking mind think anyone ever sleeps in such a room!  Would you be able to sleep at all in circumstances where your life is in imminent danger?  No of course you would not be able to and so how can a room that is not used for sleeping in be a bedroom and have the bedroom tax applied?

How can it be that a room that is used once in every blue moon be deemed a bedroom?  There dear reader is why the bedroom tax is a back of a fag packet policy in a nutshell.

So what are the Women’s Aid Federation of England (WAFE) doing about this?  Are they advising their members the refuges and other domestic abuse services to support their tenants and clients to appeal the bedroom tax?  Are they lobbying government to take away the bedroom tax from a sanctuary room which is a situation they have known about for at least two years?  No, they are simply moaning about it with a quick comment in today’s Sunday papers…oh and it is Mother’s Day to boot!

Just what the hell does WAFEs chief executive think her role is if not to defend the rights of women victimised and affected by violence and abuse.

Then there is the Labour Party.  If ever there was an issue on which to go big in opposition to the bedroom tax then it is the sanctuary room.  It is outrageous that Her Majesty’s Opposition (giving Labour their official misnomer of a title) who also have had two years and more to highlight the sanctuary room issue and the absurdity that such a room has the bedroom tax levied on it to have stayed silent on this.  They are not ignorant of the issue they are just incompetent and ineffective.

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Out of touch no empathy Tory politicians have bullied, demonised innately decent social housing tenants

The Face of Poverty: Homeless Jobless Single Mom Arrested For Being Homeless Jobless Single Mom

The Face of Poverty: Homeless Jobless Single Mom With Lousy Options Arrested For Being Homeless Jobless Single Mom Who Chose One of Them


The criminalisation of poverty, the poor mainly deemed as a social annoyance and causing social harm to their children.

Street Democracy writes:


We are living in amongst a punishing state especially if you are poor.

This is the criminalisation of poverty and this is a failed state but more importantly, it is an Orwellian police state that terrorises those trapped in poverty.

The poor are now being demonised as being inappropriately and unable to raise their children because they are poor.

They are now viewed as causing child abuse for not having the finances to fund them through life in accordance to certain standards of living now being ruthlessly interjected into mainstream society.


It excludes them, financially rapes them and corporately spits people out with their psychopathic no empathy corporate agendas

This story may have many sides to it, but a mother who does what she can may have to break some of the more menial social rules in order to achieve a satisfactory social position in life.

It is frowned on to leave children in the car alone, but locked up and sleeping while the mother attends a life changing event to improve her status for herself and of her children, has to be applauded rather than frowned upon.


In other words the state have ownership of all children especially those of the poor, no questions asked.

In any case, arresting her and snatching her children from her isn’t the solution and will cause more heart ache and psychological issues for all involved than it will of cleaning society up of the poor, deemed now as a mere social annoyance to society.

It is discrimination enshrined Orwellian draconian law against those in destitution.

The western political apparatus is nothing more than highly aggressive death dealing politics enshrined into localised suppression and the poor don’t stand a chance.

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The Face of Poverty: Homeless Jobless Single Mom With Lousy Options Arrested For Being Homeless Jobless Single Mom Who Chose One of Them

‘The awful story of Shanesha Taylor is what’s wrong with the state of our union: The mother of two from Scottsdale, Arizona got called to a job interview she urgently needed. With no place to leave her two young kids – no neighbors because she’s homeless, no co-workers because she’s jobless, no paid childcare because she has no money, no free childcare because our government, which at the same time is trying to restrict birth control so women have to have more kids they don’t have the resources to care for – she left them in her car, with the windows cracked, at naptime. When she came back from the interview 45 minutes later, someone had called the police, who arrested her, charged her with two child abuse felonies, put her in in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Jail, and put her kids in state custody. ‘

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