Forced Drugging of Protester Dissidents! Psychotic Drug Haldol

Soviet psychiatric drug for dissidents given to US patients

‘It’s called Haldol. The generic name is haloperidol.

It’s classified as an “anti-psychotic.”

You’ll read that Haldol is being phased out in the US, but PM: The Essential Resource for Pharma Marketers reports that Haldol accounts for 5% of anti-psychotic prescriptions handed out between 2010 and 201l.

That’s 2.7 million prescriptions for Haldol. In one year, in the US.

The major and frequent adverse effects of the drug? Akathisia (the irresistible and painful impulse to keep moving, the inability to sit still), dystonia (severe muscle contractions that twist the body grotesquely), and Parkinsonism.

In short, torture.’

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For Drug Corporations, Aiding the Sick and Poor Is Bad Business

For Drug Corporations, Aiding the Sick and Poor Is Bad Business

‘A simply-worded headline in Monday’s New York Times crystallizes the often ignored tension between the proliferation of disease among the global poor and the interests of the for-profit pharmaceutical industry by declaring: “India’s Efforts to Aid Poor Worry Drug Makers.”

As the Times reports—much to the chagrin of the “business groups, legislators and drug makers in the United States”— India has increasingly challenged patent protections in order to care for their impoverished population by allowing the production of less costly, generic versions of numerous drugs.

Citing just once example, in a country where roughly half those diagnosed with breast cancer die from it, in part due to the soaring cost ($18,000 per treatment) of one of the most effective drugs, India’s pioneering stance against the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations has the business “world watching” as the country strives to bring more affordable medicines to its people, especially the poor.’

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Who Decides Who’s Crazy? – Big Pharma and the DSM

Psychiatric insanity: Over 20% of young boys labeled ‘ADHD’

Street Democracy writes:

Drugging our children is the ‘new spirit of the age’ by corporate crooks cashing in on pseudo medical practices.

Highlighting abnormalities as a for gone conclusion and emphasising the non-existence of ‘normalness’ which no one has, then you can label every one and anyone as having some mental illness.


There is no perfect human, so big pharma, the corrupt pharmaceutical empire has so much power it can label people as having abnormalities that need treatment or be a danger to society, a threat to our very civilisation.

The big fear of a medical diagnosis, the big lie and the big financial fraud that gets bigger each day.

Tomorrow will be another illness, another method to prevent deranged psychopathic individuals that must be drugged from birth.

So picking on our children, these medical experts can draw up a pill for every child, claiming all children have mental illness. Of course they do, we all have.

However, the drugging of our children is serious as they are destroying the very free spirit of the child by suppressing the very spirit, the will of the child to live, as a child.

To suppress the child’s free spirit and diagnose it as something wrong is a crime against the human race. Children don’t want to sit still and be bored stupid in a classroom learning nonsense and junk.


We must not allow the ruling elites to contaminate our children with mind splitting, mind altering drugs to subdued so they question nothing.

Zombification is now a word to describe those children dosed up on drugs. Our paranoid elite are doing everything in their power to stop our children from wondering with their minds, but to remain still, never question authority and no critical thinking.

Hyperactive UK: warning as ADHD drug prescription rates soar 50 per cent in five years

Inventor of ADHD‘s deathbed confession ‘ADHD is a fictitious disease’

ADHD & Criminals: Drug Corporations Want To Create More Lifetime Customers

Mainstream Media, Medical Journals Pushing ADHD Drugs for Six-Year-Olds

Even Pediatricians Want Suicide Warning Placed on ADHD Drugs

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‘It’s no secret that, increasingly, Big Pharma, in cahoots with traditional medicinal practitioners, have created a society of near-zombies with all of the mood altering medications they push on the public. But even these figures are shocking.

According to recently published information from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an astounding 20-plus percent of all 14-year-old boys in the United States have been diagnosed, at one time or another over the course of their lives, with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – a condition that is, of course, treated with dangerous medications.’

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The new statin drug scam: Half the doctors on the recommendation panel have Big Pharma ties

‘Half of the doctors on the panel that recommended a whopping increase in statin drug use have ties to Big Pharma. This past Tuesday, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology issued the first new guidelines in a decade for preventing heart attacks and strokes – guidelines which called for one-third of all adults to consider taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Doctors claim the new guidelines will limit how many people with low heart risks are put on statins simply because of a cholesterol number. However, under the new advice, one-third of U.S. adults would meet the threshold to consider taking a statin, more than twice the 15 percent of adults who are recommended statins under current guidelines.

The justification for the panel having half its members with ties to Big Pharma: Ties between heart doctors and Big Pharma are so extensive that it is almost impossible to find a large group of doctors who have no industry ties. How reassuring!’

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Millions more Britons could be put on statins to cut risk of heart attacks and strokes after US study says a third of adults should take them

‘Millions more Britons could be given statins to cut their risk of heart attacks and strokes after US guidelines recommended a third of adults should take them.

The new advice tells doctors to consider a patient’s lifetime risk and may result in a doubling of prescriptions. It will be closely monitored by British experts who are preparing two updated sets of guidelines on statin use.

But the number of people taking the drugs in the UK is unlikely to increase by as much as in the States.’ Read more …


Education Program Conditions Kids to Accept Government as God; Parents Need to Get Involved to Halt Hijacking of Education System

Street Democracy writes:

Mainstream education is a cultural degradation system, indoctrinating children by brainwashing them at an early age to force conformity by regurgitating a corporate system in to their young fresh and eager to learn minds.

This evil in print seems to be destroying the abstract thought process, the critical thinking ability that all young people have and should be enhancing in school.

Critical thinking in life is essential. To incorporate this skill  is to always question authority who sometimes make mistakes, to maintain a healthy society and banish tyranny from ever gaining power. It is a natural safety mechanism.


Children dance freely into school when they are young, as free spirits eager to be enlightened with the delights of life and living skills. However by the time they leave school, they are depressed, gloomy, confused at what the world is about, with a growing apathy of their place in it.

Our education system lies with style to our youth and manipulates their thought process with accurate ruthlessness by teachers well groomed and indoctrinated themselves.

By teachers who do not question their authority, do not have the energy to question their educational pay masters and assume their elders know what they are doing.

It is almost like some teachers bowed down in ceremony and gave up being intrigued, gave up working on intuition and starved their own curiosities to be robotic and mind numbingly asleep.

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‘Former Montessori school teacher, investigative reporter Lisa Elkins has a warning for parents: A new school program conditions youngsters and their families to accept social controls that discourage ownership of private property and encourage corralling people into housing developments and urban areas.

On September 26 she told AMERICAN FREE PRESS, “Under the guise of humanitarianism, our kids are being desensitized to accept Agenda 21 ideas such as the climate change hoax, gay marriage, and how breaking down color barriers makes us all one people.”

Agenda 21 is a radical environmental program created by the United Nations that imposes severe land-use restrictions on private property owners. It begins with the assumption that individuals are incapable of making decisions about their own property and proposes that governments around the world should be able to dictate what can be done with private land.’

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The Con of Flu Jabs – Sell The Fear To People

Street Democracy writes:

You could call this ‘a fear base reality’ where we have been socially conditioned to believe and obey authority, which includes suits and white coats. They can say anything, with the added bonus of being on television with some official looking logo and the story is sold to the masses.

A gradual encroachment against our own common sense is every time the expert claims to have first hand knowledge. Or a government study concludes X,Y and Z. As we don’t have access to the latest laboratories and we didn’t study physics, chemistry or any other science we have no choice but to rely on mainstream information.

With the intellectual boom from use of the internet however is changing this one way street to a mosaic of alternative knowledge which we are lapping up to fit our interests. We are having experts not bought and paid for by the Illuminati, by corporate whores but are individuals who want ‘freedom of knowledge’ to be exactly that, free.

Do some research or just look at the headlines coming from alternative sources of expertise in the matter of vaccinations, drug medications, what’s good what isn’t. The is list goes on and on.

Despite Thimerosal (Mercury) Ban Imposed By The FDA, 60 Percent of All Flu Vaccines Still Contain This Deadly Neurotoxin

Pharmaceutical company asks FDA to withdraw approval for its own drugs since agency is too corrupt to protect public safety on its own

The government knows it’s a medical killing machine

The Violent Side Effects of Antidepressants that Many Ignore

Vaccines in shock failure: Whooping cough vaccine stops working very quickly, warn scientists (you mean it works at all??)

Nearly two dozen medical studies prove that vaccines can cause autism

Just remember, the pharmaceutical companies are out for profit. They need sick people for financial gain, they need more sick people all the time for business growth. It is about economics profit and financial gain and the people are just the means to an end. In other words we are being used as ‘human drug trafficking’ only this is legal.

For more on this story however, click on Gaia Health or continue reading.


‘Influenza vaccines are killers, life destroyers, and provide little or no benefit. The evidence is clear. A report published in the BMJ clarifies how these facts are ignored by health agencies. To get around them, they simply push fear of disease well past the point of absurdity. But the CDC and other health agencies have no other way to sell the unsellable.’

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