Cop sexually assaults woman at family court then arrests her for questioning it. All in front of a judge.

Cop sexually assaults woman at family court then arrests her for questioning it. All in front of a judge.

A KLAS-TV Las Vegas news clip showing a woman named Monica Contreras attending a family court, where family court marshall Ron Fox had previously ushered her into a waiting room for a “drugs search”, during which she alleged that Fox sexually assaulted her.

Marshal James Kenyon then moves to arrest her and tells her the only way she can avoid arrest is to step up to the microphone and retract the allegations. She agrees to do so, but at the microphone does the opposite, repeating her allegations, prompting her alleged abuser to order her to be taken to jail.

Over a period of approximately four minutes, Contreras pleads with the judge to listen to her, but Donninger never acknowledges Contreras, preferring instead to talk and play with Contreras’ daughter.

A later internal investigation by Clark County courts validated Contreras’ claims.’


Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing

Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing


Ripping the social fabric of the poor, using a spiteful psychopathic agenda of blaming the poor for the failing economy is a lie by our Tory government.

Street Democracy writes:

Does this include the social and psychological crimes against the working classes and the working poor, disabled poor, the unemployed and those unable to contribute towards a working week?

Does it include their corrupt two faced, double speak of criminal theft from MP’s who steal from the taxpayers but it’s only the poor that are labelled lazy, scroungers and thieves?


Yet time and time again we find evidence of financial abuse, crime and theft from top ruling members of our society, including tax dodging, sinister corporate connections and so on.

The Tory psychopathic main frame has ripped the social fabric of communities causing major social divisions by playing a bitter nasty and spiteful blame game that has imprisoned many of the poor.

Being labelled by your government as the reason why the economy failed, or seeing the Tory ‘evil’ in print about you being unfit to work as a lie has forced many of the poor to feel excluded from mainstream society, is in itself a crime against humanity.

The emerging ‘Gulag’ society for the poor is amplified by the Job Centre and other benefit agents, placing the unemployed on detention, forcing conditions that are crucial to receiving any benefits is the raping of the mind of the poor.


Sadistic sexually immoral and degrading levels of sexual depravity committed by top ruling members of Westminster Parliament are covered up regularly.

Poverty is a cruel weapon of social destruction, it is a silent weapon that invades the homes and minds of each family and individual it effects. 

The Tories have weaponised benefits, demonised benefit claimants and exploited the worse type of claimants on ‘Benefit Street’ which I didn’t watch, but knew it would be staged to outrage the tax payer by showing the worst.

Those on benefit’s that got taken to court for crimes like theft and being labelled as living on take away foods each day, buying the latest in high street fashion and computer games and so on.


An outrageous double standard, bare face, two faced lies in the heart of the Tory Lib Dem Coallition government-but that’s ok.

Yet, their MP’s can steal £90,000 on expenses, some MP’s revealing their did so to heat their stables. We have MP’s accused of sexual crimes and stomach turning sexual depravity especially against children being over looked by the law.

The alcohol bill is incredibly high, cocaine has been found in the toilets, pornography found on some MP’s computer’s, pornography being clicked on via the web from private offices of Westminster Parliament and the sleaze of political scandals goes on and on.

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Our democracy is framed, deformed, dysfunctional and degraded by these creatures of office-we the people have a right to our legitimate anger at this government.

Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing

‘Conservative bosses destroyed secret evidence of their own MPs’ sleazy antics, a high-ranking party source confirmed last night.

Damning reports kept by Conservative whips – the party’s disciplinarians – in an infamous “black book” were ripped out amid fears they could be forced to reveal the potentially explosive contents to shocked voters.

The book featured written details of MPs’ indiscretions and drink-fuelled behaviour and was used by the whips to help keep them under control.

A senior Tory source told the Sunday Mirror: “The book was full of intelligence – an aide memoir for the whips. It was officially called Whips’ Notes.’

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Foothill Shooting on Homeless Man- Outrage In Albuquerque!

Crowd spills through downtown Albuquerque protesting Police department

Street Democracy writes:

This first video the news broadcasters try to emphasise the man is ‘threatening police’ while holding a knife.

This is turned around to appear the man is the violent one and the police are gravely concerned. But who encroached upon who’s personal space, but the police. 

By the numbers, the police are clearly staking this guy out and frightening the man very much. This man in my mind was frightened.

Does he not have a right to defend himself?

Isn’t this the criminalisation of homelessness?

Is this the criminalisation of poverty brewing with a deadly lace of death dealing policies this man soon experiences?

Wouldn’t ‘we’ be scarred too if we were surrounded by police asking us to move on when we don’t have anywhere to move too and would have to leave half of our personal belongings to do so?


The Police are guilty of increasing numbers of public shootings, of citizens public executions and causing unnecessary death.

The man is camping, hasn’t caused any harm and you need knives in order to survive out in the desert, countryside, foothills or where ever you are camping and sleeping rough shouldn’t be illegal.

It is seen that the police are over exaggerating an event.

It appears they are automatically winding this man up by requesting he move. They want him to go to a hotel, but why?

If the man is homeless he can’t afford a hotel, so it was a dumb question to ask in the first place.

Where was this man expected to go?


This is a ‘Death Cult’ of criminalising citizens, guilty before proven otherwise, a psychopathic main frame and it needs to stop!

With a police state ever presenting itself, it is the criminalisation of the public, of ‘face’ crime, of ‘thought’ crime and the police can assume any perspective crime they like.

He had a knife! He had a sharp implement that could be used as a weapon. He was a man on his own maybe lurking around frightening community members. He was trespassing. He is a homeless man and it is now illegal to be homeless and he should be moved on.

He could be a murderer, a mugger, a robber without proper police intervention and accurate investigation.

He could be a drug trafficker and the list could go on and on.

The point we have to remember is, we are now guilty before being proven innocent which is impossible for us to do, think about it.

How can you prove you will never stab someone in the immediate future if you have a camping knife on you? You can’t as it hasn’t happened yet.

How do the police know you don’t have drugs inside of you without a police strip search? You can’t without them searching you to prove otherwise.

This is how the police minds work today and they are following a psychopathic main frame instigating such heavy weight policing.

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Crowd spills through downtown Albuquerque protesting Police department

‘A protest against the fatal foothills officer-involved shooting took place in Albuquerque Tuesday.

Protesters carried a symbolic coffin through the streets with 22 names of people killed by Albuquerque police since 2010.

The crowd was chanting and carrying signs, as well.

Some of the signs said, “Justice for James Boyd,” the man killed in the shooting. He was a homeless man with a history of mental illness illegally camping in the foothills. The standoff lasted three hours.

The crowd gathered near the Alvarado Transportation Center.’

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Over 1000 Protesters Demand Justice For Homeless Man MURDERED by Albuquerque Cops

After the Protest – Man dies following overnight APD shooting

‘Another fatal APD shooting took place Tuesday night, following a protest against the department just 10 days after the fatal foothills shooting that brought national attention and more scrutiny to the city’s police.

This shooting went down on the far west side of Albuquerque near Central and 60th Street.

APD Chief Gorden Eden was out in the area at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and said a man came out of his house and shot at police, who returned his fire. Police say the incident started at about 9 p.m. Tuesday when officers responded to a 911 call about a man allegedly threatening two girls with a BB gun.

Police say when they got to the complex on 60th Street and Avalon Northwest, the suspect exited an apartment about an hour later with a gun and fired the weapon. At least one officer returned fire. The suspect was rushed to the hospital and died, according to police. The officers involved were not injured.

Witnesses tell a different story about the shooting.’

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‘A policeman can shoot a blind man in the back and get away with it?’ Fury of Taser attack victim as blundering officer who mistook his white stick for a samurai sword is let off with an order to APOLOGISE

‘A police officer who shot a blind man with a Taser when he mistook his white stick for a samurai sword will keep his job – and has only been asked to apologise to the man.

Colin Farmer, 64, was hit with the stun gun in Chorley, Lancashire, by PC Stuart Wright in 2012 as he walked to his local pub.
Mr Farmer, who thought he was suffering a stroke, was then handcuffed by the police constable – who was responding to reports of a man in the town centre with a sword.

Mr Farmer was not released until the arrival of another officer whom PC Wright told: ‘I think I’ve got the wrong person.’

Lancashire Constabulary held a two-day disciplinary hearing following a recommendation from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) the officer had a case to answer for gross misconduct.’

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The Ridiculous by the Ridiculous – Psychologists To Line Boston Marathon Route


Street Democracy writes:

There are so many photos to announce the Boston bombing was a false flag in the first place.

Why do they do false flags?

To traumatise the public into allow, begging actually for tighter security. This means complete erosion of citizens rights to freedom. More CCTV, more armed militarised policing, more security check points to make sure you are all safe.

Planted actors and actresses on the scene and fake blood is what these photos and many accounts claim.

Now expect tighter security and so called ‘experts’ are being planted around the same area to teach people how to behave is laughable.

Are these psychologists more actors, so I’d be weary of standing near one.

Is this the first of ‘thought crime’ in motion where some nosey busy body leeches on to watch your facial expressions just in case you become anxious and could be there to blow up the street.

It get’s the public socially conditioned and used to being under heavy surveillance. Closely monitored facial expressions just in case you start to become agitated and have a bomb under your bra.

For more on this story click here but take a look at some of the photos I have collected a long the way.

The Boston Bombing Cover Up (Full Story) 

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Psychologists To Line Boston Marathon Route

‘Psychologists will be on hand at various points throughout this year’s Boston Marathon to address mental issues incurred from last year’s race.

The unprecedented effort is being taken in attempts to accommodate spectators or racers who “may be feeling a little more on edge. A little more tearful perhaps or a little more irritable and less patient,” a psychologist tells CBS Boston.

Dr. Chris Carter, a Director of Behavior Medicine at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, says this year people will be “more reactive” as they relive trauma inflicted during last year’s race, where the FBI says two suspects planted bombs which killed three people and injured dozens.

Dr. Carter, however, neglects to recognize that more than just racers and race attendees have experienced undue emotional distress in the fallout from the bombings.’

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‘Yard corruption probe files destroyed in 2 days’: Fury at ‘mass shredding’ of documents linked to Lawrence

‘The mass shredding of files from a major Scotland Yard corruption inquiry was yesterday branded ‘an out and out disgrace’ by a murder victim’s brother.

Alastair Morgan, whose private eye brother Daniel was killed by an axeman in a plot allegedly involving police officers, hit out following reports that a ‘lorry load’ of documents from a top-secret corruption probe had been destroyed over two days.

The latest revelations deepened the Metropolitan Police ‘shredding scandal’ and prompted new claims of a cover-up at the force.

The large-scale destruction of corruption files was a key finding of a review of the Stephen Lawrence case, published earlier this month, which suggested possible links between an allegedly corrupt officer involved in the Lawrence case – former Detective Sergeant John Davidson – and the investigation into the Morgan murder.’

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Warning: Video Graphic Detail: Jail Officer Beats Tiny Inmate to Death

Street Democracy writes:

This slight youth is picked up like a rag doll and slammed down upon his head and neck twice.

It is beyond reasonable force, especially for his trivial crimes.

You can see moments later the prison guard calming down at the realisation that this kid is not moving.

How then he just walks away from the young lad is anyone’s guess?

Poor kid, may he rest in peace.

‘Wake County detention officer Markeith Council is being charged with voluntary manslaughter after killing an inmate. The departed, Shon Demetrius McClain had been in custody just over two weeks due to the misdemeanor charges: possession of drug paraphernalia and drinking alcohol in public. McClain was 40-years-old and a mere 119 lbs.

The footage deptics the 290 lb officer repeatedly slamming McClain onto the floor like a rag doll. McClain passed away 13 days after the altercation from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.’

‘On October 24, the Houston Police Department announced the results of its yearlong investigation into the shooting death of Brian Claunch, a mentally ill double amputee killed by an officer last September after refusing to drop a pen. HPD cleared the officer, Matthew Marin, of any wrongdoing.

That may not come as a surprise, since HPD hasn’t found a single police shooting unjustified in at least six years. Between 2007 and 2012, HPD officers fatally shot 109 people and injured another 111. All those shootings were found justified.’

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Shocking video shows police officer ‘punching’ a protester at University of London

Street Democracy writes:

The criminalisation of our young, of our students and of protesting is becoming increasingly the attitude from our British police. It is no crime to protest, disagree or voice your opinions.

However in this video you see a male standing idly by with a crowd of student protesters, and clearly not showing any movements of aggression and yet the police officer just launches into him.

This is outrageous as our young try to express themselves, try to voice their opinions and are physically assaulted for their efforts to be heard.

How to silence the voice of our children, just get mindless police officers to hurt them by punching them in the face.

Serious violations of basic rights, a savage attack upon the pulse of our youth for exercising democracy, his very duty as a citizen.

Inside False Flag of Kid Mind Controlled To Kill.

Inside the sinister bedroom of the Sandy Hook shooter: Photos reveal blacked-out windows and ammunition stash in the room where Adam Lanza plotted school massacre of 26 innocents
Gunman: Nancy Lanza was her son Adam's first victim after he shot her in her bed before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School

Gunman: Adam Lanza weighed only 112lb and was  six-feet-tall when he committed the massacre, refused to take medication for his mental health issues and would not let anyone cut his hair

Street Democracy writes:

Look at the poor kid’s eyes.

Only the stupid and sleepy public lap this type of story up and not question anything. Only the bought and paid for mainstream media who don’t question anything can print this type of story.

Look again at his eyes and then look at the eyes of all the other supposedly mass shooters.mku2

They are under hypnosis by the most ruthless evil in white coats you can imagine. This child is under some form of mind control and was triggered to act in a certain way at a certain time.


There are too many questions about Sandy Hook, but it is clear it is another staged false flag to terrorise the public into handing guns over to the ruling elite.721f1be3d7d1552a8d159bd7c6178dd2_1024-copy

A staged photo, or he was given instructions to become paranoid. Whatever happened to him he suffered immensely as they plagued his head with voices and disturbing thoughts. They do this all the time.s

Newly released crime scene photos have given a glimpse into the disturbed mind and sinister, blacked-out bedroom of Adam Lanza, as it is revealed he played an ominous computer game called ‘School Shooting’ and his mom planned to buy him a gun for Christmas.

The long-awaited report into the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting investigation Monday revealed Lanza was obsessed with Columbine and other mass murders and drove by the Newtown, Connecticut school the day before his heartbreaking rampage. He also plotted his own death by watching videos of suicides and had taken pictures of himself holding a rifle and separately a handgun to his head.

The explosive 44-page report, released by the lead investigator State’s  Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, offers a detailed  look at the massacre that rocked the nation but no  motive could be established.

Street Democracy writes:

Now read from Vigilant Citizen and hear what mainstream media should be saying.

Who is Adam Lanza?


Let’s say that Adam Lanza was the only shooter in this tragedy. Who is he anyway? Why is there only one eerie black and white picture of his face available?  How come there is little to no information about him, about his story, about his last whereabouts and so forth? Was he truly autistic or mentally ill? Aren’t there medical records about this? How come he was so efficient during the shooting? Aren’t there surveillance tapes available?

In the weeks following the shooting, these questions were only partially answered and things will probably remain that way. The official story appears to be established, a face was attached to the event and that’s pretty much what mass media will divulge to the public. When many basic questions surrounding an event remain unanswered, chances are, something is being hidden. Or something was fabricated.

Could both the Sandy Hook shooting and the Aurora shooting have been carried out by mind controlled patsies in order to push a dark agenda? Given the lack of transparency in both of these events, it is honestly quite difficult to NOT consider this option. In this age of spy satellites, Internet access, wireless communication and so forth, it is nearly impossible for authorities to not have any relevant information about Adam Lanza. However, for now, all of this will remain Top Secret and in the meantime, public attention has been shifted to a new agenda.

I personally do not have any exclusive information about Adam Lanza, but there are many hints pointing towards him being a product of Delta Mind Control programming – aka “Killer Programming”. He was apparently “off the radar” for several years (was he being programmed?), he was skilled with guns and was very calm and efficient while carrying out the massacre.


Like all events that bear a somewhat ritualistic aspect, the Sandy Hook shooting is surrounded by strange synchronicities. For instance, several articles across the web mention that the words “Sandy Hook” are seen on a map during the movie The Dark Knight Rises. In the movie, the Sandy Hook island holds the Gotham stadium that super-villain Bane demolishes.

The words "Sandy Hook" appearing on a map during The Dark Knight Rises.

An area named “Sandy Hook” tagged as a “strike zone” during The Dark Knight Rises.

A strange fact is that a promo kit sent out to influential media industry individuals contained two items: A t-shirt and the map of Gotham City as seen in the movie.

Screen capture taken from

The promo kit contained a t-shirt featuring Bane and the words “Fire Rises” along with a map of Gotham City including an island named Sandy Hook. Screen capture taken from

On the map, we can clearly read that “Sandy Hook” is a “strike zone”. leadtom1

That is certainly a strange connection between the Aurora shootings (which occurred during the premier of The Dark Knight Rises) and the Sandy Hook shootings. Is this all coincidence? Are the same people behind both attacks? Was this all preplanned? Are these “coincidences” actually synchronicities as defined by Carl Jung, which appear to materialize in order to highlight a layer of truth?

The Sandy Hook shooting also has an odd relationship to the movie The Hunger Games. As stated in the article  “The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the Future?, the movie basically portrays the ritual killing of young people taken from the masses in order to amuse and to appease the elite. Strange fact: the author of the story, Suzanne Collins, resides in Newtown, Connecticut.

For more click here for Vigilant Citizen and learn about this shady world of mind control.