Rainsbrook G4S youth prison slammed by Ofsted report as children suffer ‘racist’, ‘degrading’ abuse from guards high on drugs

Rainsbrook G4S youth prison slammed by Ofsted report as children suffer ‘racist’, ‘degrading’ abuse from guards high on drugs

Children held at a prison run by the outsourcing giant G4S were subjected to “degrading treatment” and “racist comments” at the hands of staff who were under the influence of illegal drugs, a damning report by the education watchdog has revealed.

Ofsted inspectors who visited Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre in Northamptonshire earlier this year said staff had behaved “extremely inappropriately” towards the young people in their care, causing them “distress and humiliation”.

Frances Crook, the chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, described the inspectors’ conclusions as “the worst report on a prison I have ever seen”. Six members of staff at the jail were sacked in the wake of the incidents.

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Street Democracy writes:


Dignity is not sacred with this sham of a private corporation.


A private security company hiring ‘aggressive attitudes’ is a corporation of unclean and violent wisdom and this is placed within our community of vulnerable people’s.


It isn’t just children filled with anguish, but the unemployed filled with humiliation at the hands of G4S staff.a817d-10325255_762251357148113_5318466948222745598_n

This story highlights the dreadful interval of fierce hosting we can expect from G4S with a seemingly fanatical commitment to continue its agenda of brute force administration upon those they’re responsible for.


Clearly the staff are not trained adequately or are trained to be ‘too institutionalised’ and expect children to follow suit. Children are free spirits, it’s why we love watching them play. It’s squashed out of them and some kids don’t like this and rebel.


A shattering life change as you grow up.7e06c-bpxbsdgiqaa4xfo

Children with added worries of life are troubled, the last ingredient is to be incarcerated with verbalised thugs, shunting uniform in your face, vaunting aloud their unjustly grievances and volleying ‘evil’ in print at them as a threat of punishment!


G4S is a corporation that cannot hide its morally depraved principles.


We’ve seen if before and we’ll see more foul ‘thug-ish’ expeditions from this private security firm.


By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy62ec8-bmfjlrkciaahcuz


Worldwide humanitarian vaccination projects are for depopulation

Worldwide humanitarian vaccination projects are for depopulation

‘Just a very few years ago, Bill Gates publicly declared before a live audience that using vaccinations strategically may help reduce the world population by 15 percent. Many claimed it was a slip of tongue, like a verbal typo. The audience and mainstream media apparently ignored it.

However, actual worldwide events indicate that population control is part or the world vaccination agenda.’

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Forced sterilization returning to America by order of the court?

‘A Virginia man and father of children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy in order to reduce his prison sentence by as many as five years from his child endangerment sentence, in a case that has brought up the country’s dark history of force sterilization.

Reports noted that none of the charges against Jessie Lee Herald, 27, involved any sexual offenses, but Ilona White, an assistant prosecutor for Shenandoah County, said that her primary motivation for making the unusual offer was to keep Herald from fathering even more children than the seven he currently has with six mothers.’

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War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal

War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal


Are the poor being hunted down like some Hunger Game society for daring to suffer from financial scarcity?

Street Democracy writes:  

The criminalisation of the poor is reaching new areas of dark and expanding to hit all of the poorest by the heavy weight of the law.

Not only do they make it illegal to feed the homeless, have police officers remove the homeless person’s only and most treasured belongings, force them to move living in a tent on free land, but now even in your own car the homeless are being targeted.


Societies as one giant detention centre expelling the poor as vermin, criminalising poverty as ungainly.

The punishing state, the mass detention of the poor is becoming increasingly intrusive if you are unfortunate enough to become homeless especially in America.

The ‘Gulag’ mentality is becoming aggressively heavy-handed towards the poor at their most darkest hour. 

It is proof our governments are run by soulless suits with no empathy, no compassion following orders of sterile statistical data that has no moral compass of any kind in them.


We are endangering our social freedom’s by ignoring the plights of others heading for a ‘Gulag’ society full of Draconian Laws.

The deliberate impoverishment of the poor is to control them, contain them forcibly by removing them away from their home turf to designated areas. 

In the USA, we are concerned about the Fema Camps, all ready to accept families and incarcerate them for being poor, to have all their rights removed, and to be at the mercy of armed prison guards.

This Orwellian Draconian societal enforcement is becoming a reality if you dare fall behind with rent and become like one of thousands, who are evicted and have nowhere to go.


We are witnessing corporate control, totalitarianism and Orwellian agenda sweeping over our societies whilst we remain complacent.

It is the criminalisation of poverty with ruthless efficiency being stamped hard in a ‘Hunger Game’ society type scenario that is forever drawing near.

It is the evil crippling the lower earners of society, the evil in print that incarcerates them for being poor in this corrupt and biased capitalist society that holds no empathy for the under achievers in life.

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War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal

‘You might think it criminal that in the world’s richest countries, some people are reduced to living out of their cars in a desperate bid to remain off the streets. But I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t think it was the act of saving oneself from the elements that should be criminalised – your government disagrees.

Nearly 70 cities are considering such crackdowns on people whose vehicles have become their homes, according to the Wall Street Journal  …

… A war has been mounted on the poor and homeless across the West, as neoliberal governments seek to sweep away the human detritus of capitalism like so much garbage.’

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Police Block Pastor from Feeding the Homeless

Could Nevada Ranch Standoff be the next Waco Tragedy?



Too Many Schools Mimicking Prisons-Concern over Tottenham primary school restraint footage

Concern over Tottenham primary school restraint footage


Street Democracy writes:

Too many schools are strict and regimented like detention centres.

They appear to be styled and coded to infiltrate prisons placing our children in to nothing more than a prison environment at an early age.

The whole schooling infrastructure is an open prison system and teachers are behaving more and more like prison officer’s than teachers.

Instead of being smiley and happy these teachers are cold, curt and most sterile in nature.

Almost to the point of unwelcoming on arrival and they are there to educationally enlighten children of the wonders of the world?


Schools today house children as free range subjects who are actually caged in and are anything but free.

Our children are being literally imprisoned right in front of our eyes.

Parents surrender their children daily to this compulsive government controlled place called school where children serve a day prison sentence without the criminality and are placed under strict behavioural training.

Children who don’t comply face punishment. Solitary confinement, detention and placed in a classroom alone as in solitary confinement.


They are socially out casted, like prisoners are, they are taken from the social group like prisoners are.

They must comply to strict codes of obedience like prisoners are.

They must wear a uniform like prisoners do.

They respond like Pavlov’s dogs to the bells like prisoners do and have a little recreational time, just like prisons do for prisoners.


Schools have CCTV like prisons and built like detention centres and even have security guards just like prisons.

No wonder our children are depressed. 

Schools are controlled and heavily instituted intense behavioural training centres where our little ones are commanded to obey authority, never question authority or face detention, never be critical of authority even if the teacher is wrong.


Here we have teachers or prison officers restraining a small child, and treating the child as a criminal for what ever reason. 

Children are no longer able to express their opinions and are being subjected to mind control to force them into obedient subjects of control.


For more on our schooling system today, click here for the BBC or continue reading:

Concern over Tottenham primary school restraint footage

Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park said the use of restraint was “very rare”

Parents of pupils at a London school have called for an investigation into claims that their children have been restrained without their knowledge.

Footage filmed inside the Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park, in Tottenham, shows pupils being restrained by staff.

Haringey Council said it was investigating the incidents.

An academy spokesperson said the use of restraint was “very rare, but sometimes necessary”.

For more on this story click here for BBC…

Prison of the Mind: Prisoners could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours

Street Democracy writes:


This is very Orwellian and even he didn’t have this scenario to his book ‘1984’.

For those that disapproved of ‘the government’ for those who didn’t love their servitude, were sent into room 101, the windowless building that people feared immensely.

There they were tortured until they loved their servitude and came out never the same again. This is going to be a process of mind control.

A drug to confuse reality with their reality.

A social programming they are already doing to certain people.

This is also ‘Brave New World’ combined from Audous Huxley. Worryingly this is what they are developing and we still trust them with vaccines?

This is where suddenly vaccines will be mandatory, law even..makes you wonder what is in them now and certainly what will be in them then.

‘Future biotechnology could be used to trick a prisoner’s mind into thinking they have served a 1,000 year sentence, a group of scientists have claimed.

Philosopher Rebecca Roache is in charge of a team of scholars focused upon the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. Dr Roache claims the prison sentence of serious criminals could be made worse by extending their lives.

Speaking to Aeon magazine, Dr Roache said drugs could be developed to distort prisoners’ minds into thinking time was passing more slowly.

“There are a number of psychoactive drugs that distort people’s sense of time, so you could imagine developing a pill or a liquid that made someone feel like they were serving a 1,000-year sentence,” she said.’

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Canadian Police & Child Ministries, Corruption Murder & Rape: Carrie Ruph

Canadian Police & Child Ministries, Corruption Murder & Rape: Carrie Ruph

Carrie Rupt names every person who was involved in the murder of her child years back in Victoria, B.C. and all the present players who brutally raped her while in prison and who also conspired to force her to testify against Frank Frost in order to have him arrested and incarcerated.

The list is damning and includes not only MCFD staff but RCMP officers and Crown Counsel McDonald himself. The video is less than 6 minutes in length but it includes enough explosive information to blow up in the face of the courts and the ministry of children and family development and the RCMP; shattering the illusion that any form of justice whatsoever has been seen throughout the Frost and Rupt case.’

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Justice For Hollie -Robert Green arrested by Scottish Police, the same Police he accuses of operating a paedophile ring

Robert Green arrested by Scottish Police, the same Police he accuses of operating a paedophile ring

‘The UK Column team were informed this morning that Robert Green had been arrested at his home in Warrington Cheshire by Sgt Robinson Cheshire Police PC3158 and Detective Inspector Drummond of the Aberdeen Police, a unit of Police Scotland. Drummond claimed to have a Search Warrant for Robert Green’s home but told family members that they would wait for Robert to return home rather than just breaking in.

It is understood that Robert Green was arrested at about 1130 today and had his home searched and computers and other possessions taken by Det Insp Drummond. It is also understood that this officer was involved in the previous arrest of Robert as he campaigned to protect children from high level abusers in Scotland.

Police Scotland confirmed at 1915 this evening that Robert was in custody at Queens Road Police Station Aberdeen Scotland.

According to close family members, Drummond stated this morning that Robert had been arrested for breach of a Non Molestation Order which is believed to have been issued with regard to recent court actions by former Head of Law Scotland Procurator Fiscal Elish Angiolini. Robert Green has campaigned vigorously in recent years for justice for child sexual abuse victim Hollie Grieg and has alleged that the Scottish Establishment has covered up the abuse and that Angiolini failed to take appropriate action when informed of the abuse.’

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Six Companies That Make Their Money Ensnaring People In Our Prison System

Six Companies That Make Their Money Ensnaring People In Our Prison System

‘To be ensnared in America’s mass incarceration system means being in prison, on parole or probation. After three solid decades of rising arrest rates, there are now approximately 7,163,000 people in the penal system: nearly 10 percent of the population over the age of 18.

It’s not just drug charges that have landed people in jail or on probation; laws criminalizing innocuous acts have proliferated across the country, and people find themselves locked up for crimes like smuggling flowers or jaywalking. Cash-strapped municipalities and states have hardly been able to keep up with ballooning arrest rates. Where public funds have fallen short, private corporations have readily picked up the tab, with generous compensation assured by our elected leaders.’

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Female inmates at Alabama prison ‘raped by guards, forced to use toilet in front of staff and take part in strip show contests’

Female inmates at Alabama prison ‘raped by guards, forced to use toilet in front of staff and take part in strip show contests’

‘Inmates at an Alabama women’s prison have been raped, sodomized and sexually abused by guards and in some instances allegedly forced to perform sex acts to obtain basic sanitary supplies, a U.S. Department of Justice report released on Wednesday revealed.

The report was the result of a year-long investigation into conditions at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, which is located in central Alabama and holds more than 900 inmates. It is also home to the only death row for women in the state.

‘The women at Tutwiler universally fear for their safety,’ federal officials wrote in a 36-page letter to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.’

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