John Hagee: ‘Nasty’ Welfare Recipients Don’t Deserve To Eat

John Hagee: ‘Nasty’ Welfare Recipients Don’t Deserve To Eat






Crawley Town Hall- The Boulevard, Crawley, West Sussex. It is a Tory run council.

1. Party-politics has no place in local politics. The people in the community come first, not the political party.

2. Party-politics caused these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’ because councillors put their political party first – not the people in the
local community which they are supposed to represent.

3. Party-politics created the ‘Whipped Vote’ at County Hall last February on Valentine’s Day, which has caused the problems we are now seeing in our local communities*. All 44 party-political councillors voted for these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’. Not one disagreed with this moral insanity. Not even one abstained. Why? Because they put their party first, not the people they represent.

This political decision requires a moral and political response. That means we must vote on Thursday. We must vote for our children’s sake –and for our future.

If we care enough, we will vote on Thursday.

*Cuts to the Crawley Lifeline Service – a critical service for the
elderly & vulnerable.
*Closures to Crawley’s Children & Family Centre Sessions – a lifeline
support to many Mums with their babies.

Yours sincerely

Richard W. Symonds
Independent Candidate for Ifield

Or tweet: Gatwick City ofIdeas

crawley town hall

Dear Editor

There will be a “Cuts & Closures” follow-up protest today (Mon) from Midday to 1pm, outside Crawley Town Hall.

Follow-up to Dec 16 2013 protest : “‘ Suffering and more deaths’ to follow cuts”

A small placard will read : “Councillors Voted For ‘Cuts & Closures’ On Valentine’s Day. Vote Accordingly On Thursday”

Yours sincerely
Richard W. Symonds

Food bank bashing: when poverty dares speak its name

Food bank bashing: when poverty dares speak its name

he Tories are trying to discredit food banks because the alternative would be to accept that their policies are creating poverty, writes Annie Powell

Food banks imagejToday, Easter Sunday, that paragon of Christian virtue theMail on Sunday has run a story about food banks. Not about how nearly a million people have been driven to such extreme poverty in Cameron’s Britain that they cannot afford to feed themselves, no, but about how one of its reporters lied to a food bank to obtain a free food parcel.

The point of the story? To make out that it’s easy to get free food from food banks and that those who do so are simply on the scrounge rather than in genuine need.

It’s pretty clear what’s prompted this bile. Not only does the soaring rise in food banks undermine the right’s rhetoric about benefit claimants, it also reveals the nature of in-work poverty.

Why would the sick or unemployed be referred to a food bank if they weren’t in desperate need of food? Aren’t they supposed to be living a life of luxury at the taxpayers’ expense? And if food bank users have a job, why can’t they afford to feed themselves?

It gets worse for the Tories. Food banks have captured the imagination of the national press in a way that other experiences of poverty have not. Food bank use is easily counted and easily communicated; poverty statistics are abstract but food parcels are strikingly evocative of aid efforts in developing countries. This is dangerously close to depicting the poor as deserving.

That’s why, with the help of Mail, the Tories are trying to discredit and smear those who run and those who rely on food banks. The unpalatable alternative would be to accept that their policies have created indefensible levels of poverty.

These smears tell you nothing about food banks, but a lot about the Tories. Possibly the most ridiculous attack on the Christian charity the Trussell Trust, the largest food bank provider in the UK, is that it’s a business and all its efforts therefore self-interested. “I understand that a feature of your business model must require you to continuously achieve publicity,” wrote Iain Duncan Smith to the Trussell Trust last year.

This line of attack was continued in recent days, with a “senior Whitehall source” telling the Daily Mail that the charity’s “publicity seeking” was “not entirely surprising given Chris Mould [Trussell Trust chairman] is effectively running a business.”

The Trussell Trust gives food away for free to those who are assessed as in need. Now I’m no entrepreneur, but that doesn’t seem like a particularly promising business model.

This unnamed senior Whitehall source also accused the Trust of being “emotionally manipulative”. Emotionally manipulative, for speaking out about the need to feed the hungry in modern Britain. Goodness knows what they’d have to say about that arch manipulator whose teachings form the basis of the Trussell Trust’s mission.

Bedroom Tax Court Case Win For Disabled Woman Jacqueline Carmichael And Husband ‘Gives Thousands Hope’

Bedroom Tax Court Case Win For Disabled Woman Jacqueline Carmichael And Husband ‘Gives Thousands Hope’

by Huffinton Post pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


An aggressive housing policy the bedroom tax is not fit for purpose-isn’t solving the housing crisis and hasn’t stopped the wealth from hoarding land and property causing scarcity in both areas.

Street Democracy writes:


Our Tory punishing state is no more apparent than the toxic bedroom tax.

It shows nothing but disdain towards the poorest families and individuals by this demonisation slowly being adopted by society, dividing communities and placing the blame of the failing economy upon the poor.

It is an outrage to be down trodden by society, by your own government because of your disabilities and daring to be poor, and daring to hoard a spare bedroom of 6ft v 6ft if that.


Iain Duncan Smith is a psychopath, out of touch, following a psychopathic agenda named the bedroom tax, amplifying misery for hundreds of thousands.

For daring to need a spare room for essential disability equipment. For daring to have a spare bedroom to sleep in if you can’t share a bed with your partner.

It is almost a demonisation of being part of the disabled poor for not being able to run a marathon or climb Mount Everest and be part of the disabled athletics team.

Some disabled people suffer from chronic pain as well making even being a wake a painful and rotten experience they have to deal with.

Pain doesn’t always come with a flag announcing someone is in pain.



However, the bedroom tax is a demonisation process and agenda for any social housing tenant daring to hoard a spare bedroom whilst being out of work, working part time or disabled and not contributing towards a working week.

Those in need of housing benefit in other words.

For if you don’t need housing benefit and you are working enough to cover your rent, then you can have as many bedrooms as you like.

The bedroom tax has created fear of living for many victims of this most putrid and aggressive housing policy. 


It has generated perpetual debt, a housing trap with no smaller properties to move into, it has generated fear of evictions with fear of being in rent arrears.

This housing policy has failed to solve the housing crisis mainly as the wealth of the nation and private commercial interest have bought and hoard all the land creating land scarcity, creating the housing crisis in the first place.


The bedroom tax is therefore not fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped alongside ATOS, we the public are quite prepared to hold and celebrate two funerals for both ATOS and the bedroom tax.

For more on the desperate plight however of fighting the bedroom tax and for once a winning outcome click here for the Huffinton Post or continue reading:


Bedroom Tax Court Case Win For Disabled Woman Jacqueline Carmichael And Husband ‘Gives Thousands Hope’

by Huffinton Post

A couple has won a court case to be exempt from the so-called bedroom tax after arguing they needed two rooms due to the woman’s severe disability, potentially opening the door for thousands in similar circumstances to come forward.

Jacqueline Carmichael, who has spina bifida, and husband Jayson won their civil case against Sefton Council, meaning they will not have to pay an extra £56 a month on their two-bedroom flat in Southport, The Liverpool Echo reported.

Mrs Carmichael, 42, uses a wheelchair, cannot walk and requires an electronic mattress which helps alleviate the pressure of bed sores. Their flat is too small to accommodate two beds, meaning Mr Carmichael has to sleep in the other room.

jayson jacqueline carmichael

The judge said the Carmichaels were entitled to two bedrooms under the Human Rights Act 

The paper reported that a judge ruled: “The appellant is entitled to two bedrooms under the provision of the Human Rights Act and no under occupancy reduction of 14% should be made on his benefit entitlement.”

Sue Bott, the director of policy and development at charity Disability Rights, told The Huffington Post UK she was “absolutely delighted” at the ruling and said she believed it was relevant to “thousands” of people unable to share a bedroom with a disabled loved one.

She added: “We know lots of people in this situation and we would expect councils to take note (of the decision).”

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam


We witness a spiteful blame game of unequivocal opposition and bigotry against the poorer classes by the Tory’s punishing agenda.

Street Democracy writes:

This Tory socially engineered ‘Punishing State’ is forcibly exacerbating a collective social despair amongst those unable to escape this suppressive poverty trap.

It is trying to live in accordance to what society demands, is now impossible.

We are witnessing a sterile, no empathy, society now shunning the poor with no thanks from the spiteful unprofessional psychopathic Tory main frame that socially is demonising the lower classes.


Deliberate engineering of starving the social sector of essential funds while lavishing in 11% pay rise-corporate taxation cuts-tax breaks for the wealthy-bailouts of the criminal bankers-but demonisation for the benefit claimant.

If you buy the cheapest product and you claim benefits, you are now targeted, socially ripped apart and demonised for daring to be spend tax payers money to get it.

If you don’t buy the cheapest product you are demonised for lowering society’s standards and shame on you.

The benefit cuts have been drastically aggressive, hostile filled with disdain and social enmity towards all those unable to work.

Whether unemployed, whether ill and too sick to work, you are deemed lazy and a scrounger because of a few rotten apples filmed on Benefit Street.


We have lost count of the amount of Tory politicians who over claimed on their expenses. The corruption is off scale and no one can argue this fact.

In fact the propaganda has been a splendid diabolical theme of mainstream biased, bought and paid for corporate news journalist’s photographing single mothers claiming to spend £2,000 of benefit money to holiday, or buy designer clothes is of course going to fuel anger.

That was the intention.

I don’t know anyone on benefits in Crawley, who wears designer clothes.

I know people in Crawley on benefits that never holiday, never have enough money to buy food and wear shoes that hurt their feet and have holes in.

I know of plenty of benefit claimants that are socially ashamed of their predicaments and feel excluded and banished from mainstream society.


It is an outrageous Tory government, double standard pseudo reality of inaccurate assumptions towards those in need of the social sector, especially the benefit system and those in need of it.

I also know benefit claimants who are scared to turn on the lights in their homes, and practically live in the dark, with no television on, no heating on and use candles as a source of light and heat.

They have studied from home as they can’t afford to travel on corporate public transport so they have done educational degrees at home and still they can’t find work.

These people are never highlighted in main stream media.

The Job Centre is a place of localised suppression, localised punishment and localised financial blackmail.


A place of formidable punishment. A place of localised financial slaughter and execution. A place of localised suppression and hostile agendas to attack the poor, is a successful Tory agenda.

This is never again, advertised in mainstream.

The unjust brutal regime of having your benefits slashed was hard enough but to have no empathy, no compassionate benefit agents just blindly follow a Tory psychopathic agenda, has left many impoverished, desperate and destitute within our modern day society.

A disabled individual who is suffering from disabilities with chronic pain who perhaps can’t climb Mount Everest or run a Marathon, have been placed on a tray of severe demonisation by the Tory government.

A public persecution that is regularly regurgitated by Tory Councillor’s up and down the UK as if mocking with sarcasm is the key to a healthy community and society.


Out of touch Tory’s have demonised the poor with psychopathic main frames. The bedroom tax is a psychopathic virus causing perpetual debt, empty 3 bedroom properties, and persistent rent arrears.

The rug pulled out from the sensitive innately decent poor has been done with ruthless efficiency by local authorities without question and has, is, ruining the lives of millions.

The localisation of this rough but progressive repressive Tory political apparatus is being felt by this toxic form of government.

It isn’t solving any of the poverty issues for those forced to work and so depressed, life isn’t worth living.

For those forced to work on work programmes without any pay or loose their benefits, the system is unjust and unfair.


A rough but sophisticated repression machine is the tools of Tory unethical attitude towards the lower classes even towards the working poor or part time workers.

For those who have small children who through no fault of their own have ended up being left to raise their small family alone, life is now torturous.

The state is stealing their children.

Parents have no choice but to allow the State to socialise their child or children and forcing them as a parent to work means they cannot express their maternal instincts.

They cannot experience happiness as a parent, for they are too tired, worry too much about paying bills, putting food on the table that parenting is least enjoyed.

Parenting for the poor is a skill being slowly removed by the Tory government.

For more on this story click here for more or continue reading:

Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam

Not completely biased towards the poor as some can help themselves. This lady may have financial stress and worry, but it cost’s nothing to tidy a back garden or yard. Mine is clean and I am in the same position as this mother. Never the less, life is hard, gruelling and if she has 2 jobs then she is tired, maybe too tired and not motivated to be a mother.

‘Nearly two million of the poorest families in Britain have been made poorer by a “perfect storm” of below-inflation benefit rises and changes to the welfare system, a new report warns.

An analysis by Oxfam and the New Policy Institute found the worst-affected 200,000 families were losing £864 a year as a result of benefit cuts.

It concluded that about 1.75 million households had been hit by one or more changes to welfare payments, including fewer council tax exemptions and the “bedroom tax”.

The charity called on the Government to introduce an “absolute minimum” level of financial support regardless of where people lived, which would be “high enough to prevent people from having to walk the breadline”.’

Read more: Two million poorest families hit by welfare reforms, says Oxfam

Speaker John Bercow has run up half a MILLION pounds in expenses – including £26,000 in formal dresswear and £100,000 in overseas jaunts

‘Commons Speaker John Bercow has run up a staggering half a million pounds in office expenses in just five years, it has been revealed.

Mr Bercow has incurred £495,592 in taxpayer-funded events, travel, clothes and other supplies since taking up the prestigious role in June 2009.

This includes £100,000 on overseas jaunts and £26,000 in formal dresswear – with £3,700 spent on just two suits.’

Read more …

My Home Town Crawley: Former leader of Crawley Borough Council accuses fellow councillors of behaving like toddlers

Former leader of Crawley Borough Council accuses fellow councillors of behaving like toddlers by Crawley News


Bedroom Tax victims received spiteful remarks too from some of the Tory Councillors that Tory Cllr Claire Denman is talking about-why isn’t something done about this? It kills our local democracy.

Street Democracy writes:

The boundaries of local democracy fade in Crawley.

Persistent local Tory Councillor’s counter attack principles and methodology towards social citizenship rip’s the soul of democracy away.

What isn’t surprising is how they also use the attack principle towards their own Tory colleagues.


However, Councillor Claire Denamn a Tory Councillor is shocked to receive insults from her colleagues, by other local Tory Councillors despite her being a Tory Councillor herself.


Shocked at how they don’t just play the spiteful blame game of unequivocal opposition and bigotry towards Labour Councillors, as some local Tory Councillor’s do it to members of the public also, and its not the first time towards their own political party.

Maybe now Cllr Claire Denman will appreciate the devastating effects it has when some of her colleagues spit towards us, the public, who have no power, and are completely defenceless.


Some of the poor in Crawley feel socially and politically excluded. Including all vulnerable groups, from the disabled poor, the working poor, the unemployed, those unable to contribute towards working full time alienated and demonised.

It really does discourage local political thought, local critical thinking to exercise a healthy localised democracy, as it exacerbates social enmity providing nothing more than a political hostile environment for us to embrace.


It is no wonder many residents don’t get involved with local politics when local Tory Councillors are so antagonistic.

However, I doubt Cllr Denman comments will change anything and anyway, as a Deputy Leader of Crawley Borough Council, if she is insulted with her powerful position, then it says a lot for the average resident of Crawley.


Local Councillors are servants to us, the political leaders are servants to local Councillors-it isn’t the other way round.


Also if Cllr Denman felt so strongly about certain attitudes, then she would or should, have addressed this matter at the time, but never did.

In fact she is as guilty for sitting back and let her colleagues rip into members of the public with sarcasm and mockery.

This occurred over the Bedroom Tax and Social Housing Tenants concerns over evictions.

The whole process of Benefit Cuts is extremely worrying for many families suffering from financial scarcity and worries of perpetual debt plus rent arrears.

We were met with no empathy, and thrown sterile statistical data back at us, and the blame card was always issued – ‘it’s Labour’s fault’ scenario.

We experienced a rough but sophisticated localised repressive political apparatus that created a collective despair for all of us.

crawley town hall

The Tory-Labour bitch back and throwing is a pointless waste of energy during meetings-unnecessary and time wasting-especially when it is aimed at the public. Why is it allowed even?

Why not publicly complain and let us clean up our local social democracy and our local democratic political infrastructure so we the people are not insulted for daring to attend meetings and speak our minds and exercise critical thought?

As a member of the public and resident of Crawley, when ever we tried to practice democracy, we too received insults from some of the local Tory Councillor’s.

When attending Crawley Town Hall public meetings we are allowed to have 30 minutes to ask questions. We are dictated too however in a stern voice, that our questions may not be answered or if they are we may not be allowed to respond.

It isn’t much of a democracy of encouraging local political innovation to me.


Tory Councillors need to stop regurgitating what their leaders spout and listen to people and get back in touch with poverty issues in Crawley.


It is intimidating, cold and stern as if they don’t want you to waste their time asking stupid questions.

It is as if they don’t want you to disturb the agenda so they can have an easy evening and be done with the public.

We are then silenced for the rest of the public meeting while listening to the Councillors of all parties in their representative democracy.

It is here when we the public are not allowed to speak, or we get thrown out, or the police are called or these Councillors just get up and walk out as they have done before over the public’s very legitimate outrage of the Bedroom Tax.


Our Tory Govt is out of touch so repeating out what they say isn’t going to relate to the local.

So our democracy is really 30 minutes and the Mayor has often closed this time lime before, that really upset the public.

When we question the reduce time we are threatened, jeered at by some Tory Councillor’s all smirking and just rude.

However during the meeting our questions would be sarcastically brought up by some Tory Councillor’s so rude and obnoxious, that they hurt and cause offence to us.


I have seen people walk out because of Tory Councillors mocking them during the meetings-spewing out sarcasm and upsetting locals who won’t ever return and killing our local democracy because of it.

So this statement from the ex-Deputy Leader of Crawley Council by her own Tory party isn’t of any surprise and yes clearly they have lost touch.

Some Tory Councillors would spit back towards the public knowing how desperate some were to get answers and mock them in gesture.

Mocking is the word, as their attitude is ‘nothing we can do’ with a smirk on their face.

Many residents would get up mortified and upset by the slandering insults during the meeting and it kills democracy.

The last public meeting I attended, there were 5 of us, including me, instead of 90 and one of them was a small boy with his father.


It is scary of how out of touch some Councillor’s are. Snobbery fills the public chamber when some of them walk in. Some shouldn’t be Councillor’s. Whether this picture is a true account as Cllr Marshall-Ascough claims it isn’t when we spoke-it is in my view symbolic of how some of the Tory Councillor’s view poverty in Crawley.

It is the rudeness, the sarcasm and the mocking that is allowed at the Town Hall and when you complain you are ignored.

Please read: Conservative councillor says he doesn’t believe anyone in Crawley is going hungry as Labour calls for food bank in Town Hall

Please read: 55,000 food parcels a year handed out to struggling Crawley families – as row continues over whether town needs extra food bank


People in Crawley are missing meals-disabled people are going without food to keep spare bedroom for essential equipment-penalised and demonised for daring to hoard a room of 6ft x 5ft are in perpetual debt and rent arrears. Street Democracy

Please read: Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

I sent an email regarding the abysmal exercise of democracy at Crawley Town Hall, Crawley Borough Council and about the unprofessional conduct of some of Tory Councillor’s behaviour.

I emailed twice and got no reply back, nothing and was ignored.

It is further interesting that Cllr Denman has accused the Tory Councillor’s of ‘losing their humanity and acting like toddlers’, loosing humanity towards other people and loosing touch with reality’ is precisely how we feel too.

However, her words are printed, and no doubt will be commented on. Our words of similar anger are ignored.

It is a sham of a democracy in Crawley sometimes when issues of hardship are mentioned and then ridiculed especially with the Tory leadership’s antagonistic demonisation methodology towards the poor is outrageous.


No democracy, no chance with Tory Henry Smith MP. Voted for Bedroom Tax, Benefit Cuts-Student fee increases, ATOS and sympathises with local Fracking-enough said. He’ll pray for the poor at St.Paul’s church in Crawley, but votes to impoverish them further-hypocritical is what I say.

Some of the members of the Tory’ Councillors of Crawley have lost touch with reality for sure, we could have told Claire Denman this when we as a community regularly attending Crawley meetings.

All we got was a regurgitation of the ‘Punishing State’ their Tory leaders have created and tough luck attitude towards us.

I know of individuals who have had private meetings with Crawley Borough Council to be driven to tears and met with nothing but harsh dialogue.

It is interesting how her son is important, how her home life is important and how she is angry at her fellow Tory Councillors for not showing her the respect she felt she deserved.

How about the Broadfield amputee who is in chronic pain, cannot breath and needs his own spare bedroom to sleep apart from his wife, is targeted as a ‘scrounger’ and ‘lazy’ as he was financially slaughtered, ridiculed by ATOS and Crawley Homes, demanded he pay the Bedroom Tax?

He received the same treatment as everyone else and was even lied to by Henry Smith MP who said he wouldn’t have to pay it.


No empathy, death-dealing politics and victims in Crawley have no voice, nothing has changed and policies have got worse. People in Crawley are missing meals to compensate for the benefit cuts and we need support not demonisation.


This innately decent Social Housing Tenant with severe disabilities has to pay Bedroom Tax and stil does. He’ll never work again and is desperately poor selling his possessions to pay back debt of his permanent rent arrears.

For more on some home truths about Crawley’s social democracy click here for the Crawley News or continue to read.

STEPPED DOWN:  Claire Denman has resigned from Crawley Borough Council

A FORMER acting leader of Crawley Borough Council who resigned as a councillor last week has criticised fellow councillors for losing their “humanity” and acting like “toddlers”.

Claire Denman stood down last Wednesday after ten years as a councillor.

The ward member for Pound Hill South and Worth was also cabinet member for customer and corporate services and left a year before her term was due to expire.

Last year she told the Crawley News she would consider her position after announcing she was moving out of Crawley to Pulborough. Mrs Denman has now said the move, as well as personal factors, led to her taking the decision now.


“One of the challenges is that the political process takes over everything and some councillors seem to lose a sense of humanity towards other people.

“They become so wrapped up in the party politics and lose touch with reality.

“A case that always jumps to mind is when a relative had a brain tumour and a councillor had a go at me for missing a meeting to be with them. I couldn’t believe it.

Read more:

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 


People in Crawley, West Sussex are going hungry, missing meals regularly to pay the bedroom tax and other death dealing benefit cuts by the Tories.

Street Democracy writes:

Here in Crawley, W.Sussex I hear and meet local residents who regularly miss meals because of being forced to pay the bedroom tax or have been hit hard by the benefit cuts.

I meet people who tell me democracy for them doesn’t exist for they feel silenced and excluded.

Our local MP, Henry Smith (Tory), doesn’t listen to them or me for that matter, and gives back automated pre-written emails or responses regurgitated from the Tory henchmen Conservative Leaders.


Henry Smith MP-Prayed at Northgate Church for the poor but ignores their pleas, supports bedroom tax, benefit cuts and ATOS all death dealing Tory policies-hypocrite!

There is no empathy in this sterile economic torture towards the poor.

The Tory punishing state is expanding as our stomachs rumble for food.

We have some Tory Councillor’s who feel we the poor live lavishly on food take away’s, daily and we don’t need a food bank.


This Tory Councillor is also rude to members of the public who don’t support Tory policy. Mockery is allowed at Town Hall meetings towards the public gallery when the public are not permitted to speak to defend themselves. Outcome-innately decent people walk out.


This particular Tory Councillor is wrong.

He is using in accurate and by out of touch information to make such a crazy statement.

This Tory Councillor cannot hear, or relate to the numbers of Crawley residents who bear the weight of this Tory ‘war against the poor’ and even Iain Duncan Smith stated it was a war.


So it is a war then! A war against the lower classes and financially weaponising benefits and to demonise claimants has been a Tory success.

Crawley, Tory Councillor refuse’s to open their eyes to their political party’s destruction policy aimed at benefit claimants.

It has been a spiteful punishing agenda, especially using the blame game for economic failures being aimed at benefit claimants and calling it a ‘benefit culture’ like it was always easy to survive on.

There are hungry people in Crawley, I know this for a fact. Desperately trying to find work that pays their rent, mortgage and the corporate cost of living is now very difficult without welfare top ups.

Crawley Borough Council and the local Crawley Job Centre amplify this misery, by following the Tory psychopathic main frame with ruthless efficiency.


Bedroom tax victims were regularly mocked by Tory Councillor’s and many walked out feeling worse than what they did walking in. This is Crawley Borough Council where workers are paid not to be political-paid no to think more like.

For more on the ‘war on the poor’ click here for the Mirror or continue reading:


By orders of wealthy ruling families-death dealing policies-this Tory psychopathic agenda is being followed with ruthless efficiency.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 

As a report reveals one million food parcels have been handed out including 330,000 to hungry children, a professional working couple tell how they had to rely on food banks to feed their baby.

Hard working: Hannah, baby Hunter and Dean Chadwick


NHS PA Hannah Chadwick, 31, and her engineer husband Dean, 27, ran out of money to feed themselves and their 16-month-old son Hunter after their car needed £700 of repairs.

In an open letter to David Cameron, the couple, from Wrexham in North Wales, reveal how they had to use a food bank to survive:

Dear Mr Cameron

We are a hard-working family and never buy anything on credit. We are proud of being able to provide for ourselves and didn’t want to beg off someone else. So going to the food bank was our only option. We were a bit embarrassed but in August we turned up at our local centre.

There was a real mix of people there. We expected to see homeless people or those fighting addiction. But there were also professional workers, older people and families.

They gave us three days of food but it lasted a week. It tided us over to payday. Without it we’d have gone hungry. We don’t think the answer is more food banks. Cheaper childcare would have helped us. We are a wealthy country and it is shocking that so many don’t have enough.

We want the Government to come up with ways that people can help themselves. And if you are struggling our message to you is, ‘Don’t be too proud to ask for help’. We wanted to give back so we donate food ourselves.

Hannah and Dean Chadwick 

War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal

War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal


Are the poor being hunted down like some Hunger Game society for daring to suffer from financial scarcity?

Street Democracy writes:  

The criminalisation of the poor is reaching new areas of dark and expanding to hit all of the poorest by the heavy weight of the law.

Not only do they make it illegal to feed the homeless, have police officers remove the homeless person’s only and most treasured belongings, force them to move living in a tent on free land, but now even in your own car the homeless are being targeted.


Societies as one giant detention centre expelling the poor as vermin, criminalising poverty as ungainly.

The punishing state, the mass detention of the poor is becoming increasingly intrusive if you are unfortunate enough to become homeless especially in America.

The ‘Gulag’ mentality is becoming aggressively heavy-handed towards the poor at their most darkest hour. 

It is proof our governments are run by soulless suits with no empathy, no compassion following orders of sterile statistical data that has no moral compass of any kind in them.


We are endangering our social freedom’s by ignoring the plights of others heading for a ‘Gulag’ society full of Draconian Laws.

The deliberate impoverishment of the poor is to control them, contain them forcibly by removing them away from their home turf to designated areas. 

In the USA, we are concerned about the Fema Camps, all ready to accept families and incarcerate them for being poor, to have all their rights removed, and to be at the mercy of armed prison guards.

This Orwellian Draconian societal enforcement is becoming a reality if you dare fall behind with rent and become like one of thousands, who are evicted and have nowhere to go.


We are witnessing corporate control, totalitarianism and Orwellian agenda sweeping over our societies whilst we remain complacent.

It is the criminalisation of poverty with ruthless efficiency being stamped hard in a ‘Hunger Game’ society type scenario that is forever drawing near.

It is the evil crippling the lower earners of society, the evil in print that incarcerates them for being poor in this corrupt and biased capitalist society that holds no empathy for the under achievers in life.

For more on this story click here or continue reading:

War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal

‘You might think it criminal that in the world’s richest countries, some people are reduced to living out of their cars in a desperate bid to remain off the streets. But I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t think it was the act of saving oneself from the elements that should be criminalised – your government disagrees.

Nearly 70 cities are considering such crackdowns on people whose vehicles have become their homes, according to the Wall Street Journal  …

… A war has been mounted on the poor and homeless across the West, as neoliberal governments seek to sweep away the human detritus of capitalism like so much garbage.’

Read more: War on the Poor Reaches New Low as Living out of Your Car Becomes Illegal

Police Block Pastor from Feeding the Homeless

The Demonisation of Housing Benefit Claimants-Unfair Housing System Excludes Poor!

London Housing: Landlords Refuse Housing Benefit Claimants And Terminate Their Tenancy Agreements Early, London Assembly Finds 

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


A psychopathic Tory main frame following some form of social cleansing, washing out the poorest, in a silent but aggressive war against the poor.

Street Democracy writes:

A wilful arrogance by private landlords furthering the demonisation towards the poorest is a continuation of the Tories nonsensical, illogical and sterile, no empathy treatment upon the lower classes.

To ridicule further some of the poorest individuals and families in the UK.

It is a Tory political agenda of humiliating the poor, the removal of dignity by denying them access to homes owned privately.

The fact the Tories are not building social housing, on a mass scale but rather cheap affordable housing that is still owned by private landlords is going to further the housing crisis with literally no where for the poor to live.


Landlords no longer content for a ‘free mortgage’ even if it’s paid 4 weeks later. For this the poor are being evicted and excluded from their homes.

A natural right to shelter has been conquered by the ruling elites.

The private sector, the affluent and often unscrupulous private landlord’s in a no empathy and seemingly psychopathic main frame is to totally exclude those with financial scarcity from the housing market, even as tenants.

This punishing infrastructure is herding the poor out of their home turf, out of their own communities by the greed and profit mentality of today’s housing network.

It is shunting the poorest families, students, minimum wage earners, those unable to contribute to a working week and benefit dependants to be excluded and expelled from mainstream society.


Social exclusion, social expulsion and social demonisation has been the Tory’s spirit of the age against those in need of welfare financial assistance.

Amplifying misery, localising suppression and pushing forward a commanding dialogue this is because of the Tory’s idiocy of threatening benefit claimants with the universal credit system comprising of Housing Benefit to be paid in arrears.

Landlords don’t like arrears.

Landlords like their mortgage to be paid on time so this is the key to evict thousands who depend upon Housing Benefit even if it is just a small amount of a top to help those on the lowest incomes pay their rent.


The cost of living, the private sector, the decrease slave wage is forcing the poorest to apply for welfare top up’s. This isn’t their fault yet they are being demonised and penalised.

Less social housing means more low earners, the unemployed, single parents, disabled people, those too unwell to work, being forced towards privately rented homes.

If no landlord will accept them as tenants, then this means less private homes available means more homelessness issues, more temporary accommodation that is expensive like B & B’s and hotels renting rooms out to families.

Bedroom tax has forced many social housing tenants out of their  homes through rent arrears placing them in private accommodation forcing a massive increase in Housing Benefit.

Completely defeating the object of saving money!

This is an insane ‘out of touch’ Tory strategy to follow which is causing more social problems than before.


The wealth disparity has increased at the social cost to the lower classes. It’s austerity for the poor, prosperity for the rich.

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London Housing: Landlords Refuse Housing Benefit Claimants And Terminate Their Tenancy Agreements Early, London Assembly Finds 

Capital’s private-sector renters dealt double blow as profiteering landlords refuse access to crisis-hit housing market to the quarter of city households on housing benefit

London landlords are refusing to rent to housing benefit recipients because of welfare cuts, the London Assembly has found.

An assembly housing committee report published today showed that landlords are increasingly likely to terminate tenancy agreements prematurely.

There has been a four-fold increase in the number of tenancy terminations since 2010, rising from 300 to over 1,400 per quarter.

The committee said that the majority of landlords, and particularly buy-to-let landlords, are concerned about the benefit cap and other welfare reforms and are cautious about letting to housing benefit claimants as a result.

Housing committee chairman Darren Johnson AM said: “We have heard evidence of a range of problems, including more evictions and rising homelessness, and councils are having more difficulty finding affordable accommodation for their residents.”

One in four London households — approximately 843,000 — receives housing benefit.


Job Centre Staff – Starved & evicted: Britain’s poor now treated worse than animals

Starved & evicted: Britain’s poor now treated worse than animals


Street Democracy writes:

The mounting scarcities for the poor is seen localised by benefit staff who blindly follow orders, obey the most death dealing politics ever, and question nothing at all.

They don’t question the validity or the legitimacy of such gutter policies they are administering, and the don’t question whether such harshness is even right, they just obey and blindly follow the tail of the one in front.

Benefit staff are a dreadful breed when you walk in to the Job Centre.



You are greeted with grunts and eye movements by the G4S bouncers who hang around like a bad smell.

You enter a grey open plan room with artificial plants as even real ones would die in such a miserable place.

The staff are rude and obnoxious, they are out of touch and play a deadly power game with the bouncers standing behind them.

The one in Crawley, West Sussex, told a man he would lose a week’s benefit because he was 1 minute late and I am not joking.

I sat there in shock, the poor man sat there in shock and she, the benefit’s adviser was stone faced and ruthless without a care.

Iain Duncan Smith Self Aggrandising Narcissist AAV

The staff have no inspiration to help their fellow man or woman, no inspiration to resist barbaric slow kill, gun shot policies as there is no warmth or empathy within them.

It is here they treat people worse than animals.

Discarding them as useless and worthless, speaking to the unemployed as unclean beings as they toy with the idea they can stop that claimants benefits at any time as if daring them to make them beg.

Depression is a legitimate rage, a fundamental emotion just without the anger as this is suppressed in a necessity move to just sit and endure the interview, sign on and get benefit money without any hiccups. 

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‘If someone had told me a decade ago that the British government would deliberately starve my fellow countrymen in an attempt to bully them into slave labor jobs that wouldn’t even pay the bills, I would have laughed in their face.

But now I know I would have been the fool. This is indeed the breathtaking strategy of David Cameron’s LibDem-Tory coalition.

A vast underclass of between 5 and 10 million people has been created in Britain of desperate, destitute and now-dying people. While government and media alike tell of “hopeful signs” that the nation’s getting better off, they are just ‘talking it up’ from their ivory towers.

Even Lord Rothschild, who invests over 2 billion pounds of his own dynasty’s and other depositors’ cash through RIT Capital Partners, is ringing alarm bells this week: “With the world recovery still fragile and reliant to a large extent on policy support [QE/money printing]“, he warns, “it is not hard to envisage markets having to deal with shocks in the coming year.” Yes, “shocks.”’

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