It’s the Great British sell off: Osborne reveals plan to sell off more government assets than ever before in bid to raise more than £23BILLION this year

It’s the Great British sell off: Osborne reveals plan to sell off more government assets than ever before in bid to raise more than £23BILLION this year

Thursday 21st May 2015 at 09:23 By David Icke

‘George Osborne signalled the start of the biggest ever sell-off of public assets in a speech to the CBI business conference last night.

The Chancellor said the government would raise more than £23billion this year – a new record – by privatising stakes in Eurostar, Lloyds and the student loan book.

He also revealed that Government departments have already been ordered to start finding extra savings ahead of the emergency budget in July, as he bids to wipe out the government deficit within just two years.’

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Rainsbrook G4S youth prison slammed by Ofsted report as children suffer ‘racist’, ‘degrading’ abuse from guards high on drugs

Rainsbrook G4S youth prison slammed by Ofsted report as children suffer ‘racist’, ‘degrading’ abuse from guards high on drugs

Children held at a prison run by the outsourcing giant G4S were subjected to “degrading treatment” and “racist comments” at the hands of staff who were under the influence of illegal drugs, a damning report by the education watchdog has revealed.

Ofsted inspectors who visited Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre in Northamptonshire earlier this year said staff had behaved “extremely inappropriately” towards the young people in their care, causing them “distress and humiliation”.

Frances Crook, the chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, described the inspectors’ conclusions as “the worst report on a prison I have ever seen”. Six members of staff at the jail were sacked in the wake of the incidents.

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Street Democracy writes:


Dignity is not sacred with this sham of a private corporation.


A private security company hiring ‘aggressive attitudes’ is a corporation of unclean and violent wisdom and this is placed within our community of vulnerable people’s.


It isn’t just children filled with anguish, but the unemployed filled with humiliation at the hands of G4S staff.a817d-10325255_762251357148113_5318466948222745598_n

This story highlights the dreadful interval of fierce hosting we can expect from G4S with a seemingly fanatical commitment to continue its agenda of brute force administration upon those they’re responsible for.


Clearly the staff are not trained adequately or are trained to be ‘too institutionalised’ and expect children to follow suit. Children are free spirits, it’s why we love watching them play. It’s squashed out of them and some kids don’t like this and rebel.


A shattering life change as you grow up.7e06c-bpxbsdgiqaa4xfo

Children with added worries of life are troubled, the last ingredient is to be incarcerated with verbalised thugs, shunting uniform in your face, vaunting aloud their unjustly grievances and volleying ‘evil’ in print at them as a threat of punishment!


G4S is a corporation that cannot hide its morally depraved principles.


We’ve seen if before and we’ll see more foul ‘thug-ish’ expeditions from this private security firm.


By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy62ec8-bmfjlrkciaahcuz

‘Illegal’ 30ft mural of David Cameron strangling nurse must be removed – or owner could be prosecuted

 ‘Illegal’ 30ft mural of David Cameron strangling nurse must be removed – or owner could be prosecuted

new Friday 15th May 2015 at 08:50 By David Icke

‘A lifelong Labour voter has been told a 30ft graffiti mural of David Cameron throttling a nurse on the side of his house will have to go.

Retired Tony Davis, 73, is so passionate about politics he commissioned a local street artist to create the giant work on his end-of-terrace property.

The mural, 30ft long and 10ft high, shows the Prime Minister with his hand around a nurse’s throat, with the backdrop of Westminster and Clifton Suspension Bridge.’

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Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF

Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF


Enslaving nations is just business to the House of Rothschild.



Street Democracy writes:

IMF and the World Bank only ever issue death dealing politics to any nation and are the vampires of this world, emotionally traumatising home lands with their exterminated morals.

To meticulously weaken a nation and control the social fabric, you have to own it and the IMF and World Bank are masters at ownership, owning nations indebted to them.

rothschild-banks1 (1)

They are enslaving each nation bit by bit causing civil wars first, propagandising against the government and bankrupting the country with sanctions for trumped up charges-then IMF moves in.

Unprincipled bankster’s will be your caretakers and will herd your nation for you.

These corporate monsters will create an artificial womb for your country, one that is corporately controlled.

These psychopaths relish the acts of sadism to excel their gluttonous greed and dominate their psychopathic main frame over your nation with hyper masculine brutality of their corporate political force.

You can own a nation by lending it money so it is now indebted to you to pay it back at interest levels that will take many many years if at all.


They are psychopaths and very proud of it.


As the loan is paid back, so more loans are encouraged for the nation to take, to build up its health infrastructure or its education infrastructure or its commerce, its public and social sector.

More loans means a never ending repayment scheme that will never be paid back.

In the mean time, the IMF, the World Bank both owned by the Rothschilds are now your owners and will slide in their corporations for your people to further enslave themselves too.


Mortgages and personal loans are just the starters as your society gets goes through the process of re-socialisation, that of Americanisation and westernising itself.

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Ukraine receives first $3.2 billion from IMF

‘Ukraine, a nation on the brink of civil war and bankruptcy, has received its first emergency rescue money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the National Bank of Ukraine reported.

The two-year program will shell out over $17bn in aid to Ukraine’s troubled economy, and was approved by the IMF’s 24-member board at the end of April.

National Bank Chairman Stepan Kubiv said that a portion of the first loan will be used to boost gold and currency reserves and help stabilize the fast-falling hryvnia. Foreign currency reserves have been wiped out as the Bank spends money to prop up the weak currency, and have reached a critically low level of under $12 billion.’

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Huge Population of CIA Agents in Ukraine Says German Expert

‘Yesterday, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that US CIA and FBI agents are consulting Kiev authorities on its crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in eastern Ukraine. What do you make of it? Do you think it could really be the case?

We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy.

There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on.’

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Neo-Nazis in Ukraine Foster ‘Real Democracy’: Mass Murder Caught on Camera

‘This full length video reveals what the mainstream media does not want you to know. The Right Sector Neo Nazis which are an integral part of the coalition “government” are depicted by the NYT and the Washington Post as True Patriots and Nationalists. The horrendous crimes committed against fellow Ukrainians are not mentioned.

Realities are twisted upside down. The CIA is involved in training and advising Right Sector Brown Shirts.

Neo-Nazis heralded as Nationalists and Ultra-Conservatives are tacitly supported by the self proclaimed “international community”.’

Bedroom Tax Blues: UK slum landlords exploit tenants as home ownership at 25-yr low

Bedroom Tax Blues: UK slum landlords exploit tenants as home ownership at 25-yr low


The financial abuse, the economic bias our ruling elites muster up for themselves is outrageously shameful and yet benefit cuts down to £71 a week and bedroom tax pushes destitution upon the poor.

Street Democracy writes:

Like a parasitical psychopathic virus, the bedroom tax is plaguing the lower classes with serious housing issues.

Rather than our Tory government giving a damn, they clearly are creating an even bigger housing crisis that outstrips any other.

The bedroom tax is pushing families into financial destitution and this aggressive housing policy is not helping replace and balance housing needs with the size of families as only 6% have been able to down size.


Out of touch Tory puppets who regurgitate death dealing politics their payroll masters tell them. The bedroom tax creates more social problems than it solves.

For daring to hoard a room of 6ft by 5ft people are being pushed into permanent rent arrears and debt.

The wealthy of course have bought up all the property raising prices as they do.

The wealthy can hoard all the land and own hundreds of thousands of acres of land causing massive land scarcity again making land even more expensive.

The bedroom tax therefore is out pricing locals, and is a sophisticated system of social cleansing by pushing the poor out of cities and making cities too expensive for locals under a certain social wage.


Statistics can be biased to suit any issue, but these figures mark a statement we the poor know. The Tories have fabricated sterile data about welfare claimants and demonised the poor for being in need. The bedroom tax has divided communities also.

Low income families are being forced in to harsher elements of poverty and renting is the paying of someone else’s mortgage, at mortgage cost to me is a scam as most of this is topped by Housing Benefit.

The bedroom tax is an aggressive housing policy that is ripping the social fabric of social housing tenants apart.

Demonisation is also being spewed regularly in a spiteful Tory blame game now causing social divisions within communities as the poor are being blamed for creating the housing crisis and daring to live with a spare bedroom paid for by the government by the tax payer.


Our Coalition Tory-Lib Dem government has designed a punishing state for the poor. One giant detention centre full of strict codes, immoral policies and harsh conditions.

Now it is seemingly outrageous for the poor to be able to afford to switch on the light, to have food in their fridge if they are unemployed or disabled and unable to contribute to a working week.

The bedroom tax is unfit for purpose and hurting the poor is the sole aim of its existence.

With the morally bankrupt Iain Duncan Corrupt Smith Tory MP, the Universal Credit and Housing Benefit (soon to be paid to the tenant and to be paid in arrears), means landlords are evicting tenants if they claim Housing Benefit.


Psychopaths, immoral creatures of cold. The Tory ‘spirit of the age’ is slamming down the Iron Fists of Blue upon all Social Housing Tenants.

This means landlords no longer have to offer clean, comfortable living accommodation for tenants now have limited choices and this is shown in this You Tube video.

Landlords will evict if you complain about mould, damp, infestations or bad drainage.

The war on the poor is taking a strangulating hold further and until people begin to wake up to realise what the Tories have done to us, and our fellow human’s.

The war on the poor will continue and expand to include all lower classes and increase this punishing state, a detention centre filled with a ‘Gulag’ mentality, a psychopathic Tory main frame.

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Bedroom Tax Blues: UK slum landlords exploit tenants as home ownership at 25-yr low

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from lucrative jobs on the side

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side


They fondle their pockets in anticipation of industrialising fracking and privatising the NHS. There greed is exceptional to none.

Street Democracy writes:

Our venal politicians are greed on a colossal scale using their privilege status which is nothing more than abusing their positions focusing on wealth accumulation rather than the social political agenda of our country.

The epicentre of Parliament and of Westminster is a merge of corporate interests and biases that turn our government’s political agenda into a corporate democracy.

Our framed, distorted and now dysfunctional social democracy is because of gluttonous interests and priority given to corporate paradigms.


How did he know what British politics and The Houses of Parliament would ultimately operate?


In other words corporations get the politicians and politicians look after the corporate interests rather than their moral duty towards the public domain.

Even our education system for our children are factories systematically installing corporate preferred behaviour.

Text books are corporately owned and heavily indoctrinate a hive mind for the future obedient worker bee.

What they don’t do is educationally enlighten young mind filled with creative freedom of thought and ideas, of critical and alternative ideologies.


Colossal corruption puts corporations owning and running the state, the state dictating policy to government controlling politicians via economic interest is totalitarianism.

We live in a corporate democracy, our government is a totalitarian doctrine of tyrannical corporate control and we have been taken over by this, in stealth and in secret.

A government that is controlled by the state and the state is one giant corporate machine that dictates subservience from financially connected politicians.

Our politicians are controlled by corporate minds of no empathy and follow a ruthless cold and psychopathic agenda.

They want to privatise everything, as it is in their interest to do so.


So lets under fund the NHS and then the people will demand it be privatised and we win, win, win all the way to the bank!


The NHS has politicians foaming at the mouth and they are deliberately under funding it so the citizens of the UK make an emotional plea for help.

By deliberately crashing the NHS it will fail time and time again, until the people have had enough. It is a cold and callous agenda by corporate minds and greedy politicians.

For more on the corrupt capitalist agenda avidly followed by salivating greedy politicians click here for more or continue reading:


Venal corrupt politicians financially investing in ecological murdering ventures with out concern for profit and gain

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side

‘Greedy Tory MPs raked in £4milllion last year through lucrative second jobs away from Westminster.

Two top-earning Tory barristers earned more than £350,000 each – FIVE times their taxpayer-funded salary of £66,396.

Geoffrey Cox topped the league table of MPs for outside earnings by making £397,039 between March 2013 and February 2014. The Torridge and West Devon MP often charges upwards of £600 an hour for his legal services.’

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Tories want to privatise NHS as cuts fund profits for fatcats while front line staff struggle to cope

Tories want to privatise NHS as cuts fund profits for fatcats while front line staff struggle to cope


Street Democracy writes:

The Tories lie with style, or just with heavy weight bullying tactics, but lie they do and are becoming exceedingly repetitive and overtly hostile in their preferred method of deception.

It is blatantly obvious they wish to privatise everything.

These venal psychotic politicians fondle their deep pockets in anticipation of vested interests in all of the public and social sector. To privatise the lot!


Our venal economic elites stand in the epicentre of our government, all bought and paid for, all ready to sell the soul of the country if it means making profits for them.

Our venal Tory government are uncompassionate by design.

It is impossible so it seems to curb their lust for power, wealth accumulation and their disdain for the people.


The NHS is being fought for in a war from the people to government. It is no way a democracy.

Bit by bit a creeping totalitarian model is masking our nation state with its dark demonic values of corporate power, greed and growth.


If we are not careful they will consume the NHS in one full swoop such as the corporate sharks circling around it.

For more on the corrupt capitalist venture of devouring our NHS click here: Tories want to privatise NHS as cuts fund profits for fatcats while front line staff struggle to cope or continue reading.

‘Before the 2010 election, the Tories promised “no top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. They were lying. They were secretly planning the biggest ever.

The shake-up, signed off by the Lib Dems, has cost £3billion and rising.

To pay for it, the PM took cash off the NHS front line he promised not to cut. The result? Six-figure payoffs for hundreds of managers and P45s for thousands of nurses. It stinks.

Cameron’s reorganisation has left the NHS weakened, confused and short of staff.

And now the vultures are circling. Agencies are profiteering off the problems of the NHS by charging it exorbitant fees to fill a single shift.’

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Struggling families caring for disabled relatives face £1bn cuts

‘Families caring for seriously ill and disabled relatives face £1 billion in cuts to financial support over the next four years, a major study shows.

The Government was accused on Sunday night of dealing callously with some of Britain’s most vulnerable families, as cuts to full-time carers’ benefits mean many are forced into debt and to rely on food banks.

The cumulative effect of a slew of welfare changes has been devastating for those who give up their lives to care for loved ones, experts say. The benefit changes contributing to carers being £1bn out of pocket by 2018 include: the ‘bedroom tax’, the benefit cap and fewer people being eligible for Carer’s Allowance.’

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The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions

The Destabilization of Africa. A Machiavellian Intrigue of Colossal Proportions


Street Democracy writes:

They want Africa, minus the masses of black African’s.

They are working towards disposing the many African’s but maybe just keep enough to work the cogs of their dirty corrupt, oil corporate machines.

These elites are the whores of Babylon, completely parasitical in nature and foaming at the mouth over profits, wealth creation and mass land take over.

They want Africa for their own back garden as their own lands.

They have been biologically weaponising vaccines for ever to reduce the populations, to disease the people of life and free up the land.


These sick and twisted ruling elites have no empathy for the black African and have propagandised to create war torn situations of division, civil war and unrest.

Divide and conquer is an old method these psychopathic corporate whores know too well and it never fails.

Manufactured wars are both experimental, depopulation programmes, money making death machines from death squads of governments all over the so called civilised world.


War clears precious lands so soldiers are the corporate land grabbers. They legalise murder on a mass scale, genocide, to land create for corporate intervention and move in.

For more on this continue reading.


South Sudan, which contains vast oil reserves, borders Ethopia, Uganda, Kenya, Central African ‘Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Spread of its crisis would further destabilize a significant part of Africa. Clearly, Western-style “democratic elections,” the panacea touted by Western agencies such as National Endowment for Democracy, and related Western NGOs, have not only failed to provide stability and enhanced standards of living for many countries where they have been implemented (or imposed, militarily by US-NATO intervention, such as in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan), but are beginning to appear to be the precursor of ethnic and social violence and disintegration in many notable instances in Africa, and not only in Africa.

On September 20, 2013, at the opulent Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya endured a deadly terrorist attack that slaughtered more than 40 people, including several Europeans. The Al Qaeda affiliated Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group based in Somalia took responsibility for the attack, ostensibly in reprisal for Kenya’s participation in the African Union’s mission to combat Shabab’s domination of large areas of Somalia.’

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Hawaii lawmaker ‘solves’ homeless problem by destroying their stuff with a sledgehammer

Street Democracy writes:

Our sacred planet has land in abundance for all to share and enjoy, not for the concentrated few,  the aristocracy, the oligarchs, the monarchy and super rich.

With the ruthless corrupt cancerous system of property ownership, land ownership and a mindless commerce, it means those who are poor loose their natural right to live on land if a piece of paper says they can’t.

It is a mafia style capitalist system, dirty, rotten and exclusively to aid the wealthy.

Our corrupt system of capitalism serves the elites and spreads a rot surrounding our freedom because the rich hoard hundreds of thousands of acres of land they never see, don’t use or don’t even care about. 425527_2968169894701_1310427243_n

The system  of ownership is a disorder of morals, a decay of rot surrounding the rule makers, unprincipled reptiles who walk with the stench of corruption that punctures their brains into unethical decisions. Those that harm the poor, and in this case, the homeless.

Ungraspable destruction of the law of nature, our natural right to shelter has been forcibly removed by unscrupulous political leaders who only serve themselves and the wealthy elites.


This story is a catastrophic blow to the homelessness democracy, their civil liberties and the rich have looted their home turf, their home land without a care. It is theft from humanity for sure.

For more on this injustice to human life click here for Raw Story or continue reading.


‘A Democratic state representative in Hawaii says he wanted to do something constructive to solve the state’s homeless situation so he has taken to the streets and is destroying people’s possessions with a sledgehammer.

“I got tired of telling people I’m trying to pass laws,” state Rep. Tom Brower told Hawaii News Now. “I want to do something practical that will really clean up the streets.”

Brower showed the TV News crew how he scours streets for shopping carts that homeless people use to transport their belongings and then and uses a sledgehammer to destroy them.’

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A third of UK households lack financial safety net

Street Democracy writes:

A catastrophic blow to citizens when corporate minds dictate low wages for workers to earn and for the corporation to maximise profit but high enough for workers not to qualify for welfare hand outs.

The corporate think tanks will manipulate the employment market for minimum wages, to be reduced slowly over time until the bare essential living standard can be facilitated.


We have a corporate democracy, a democracy for the super rich to decide the workers of the world a worker bee policy. Innocent people, peace loving families are forced to work long endurance hours of hard labour just to feed their families.

Our corporate world demands loyalty in the workplace, but holds great disdain for all workers.

Corporations do not visit you at home to see if you are comfortable, but they will if you owe them money. Our corporate society is a ruthless mechanism, with unrealistic corporate ideals.

They run society like a machine, like a computer which is totally inhuman, against natural law, is unlawful to the highest level and completely disconnected from human values.


Unchecked capitalism will turn into a giant human computer, the people being the pixels to service each program, each program is a corporation. Our lives are run by remorseless, unmerciful corporate rodents who are unrelenting, unprincipled cold suited men and women who orchestrate such evil in our society.

Now to survive ordinary people don’t have a safety net, no savings that would sustain them in an emergency like a sudden loss of employment either by, redundancy, illness or death. It is why the welfare state is a much needed system when corporations operate as ruthlessly as they do.


Our principle economic policy makers themselves hold no sadness within their genes. It means these privilege creatures of greed, document legislation of welfare or of commerce without empathy, or any human values.

Never being skint themselves, never having their last pound coin in their pockets, never living under fear of debt, or failed payments, the threat of loosing your home, security, your income. It means the produce ‘evil in print’ for every avenue.

Poverty and all related issues are important lessons in this artificial man made economic corporate system that has gradually taken over all avenues of life. 

These ruling elite hold none however, and hence there is no understanding , no empathy, no compassion in any policies thus families left financially short will suffer cold and a brutal treatment from every aspect of life and daily living.

For more on this story, click here for Press TV or continue reading.


‘A new research has found that almost nine million households across the UK would collapse in a week if they suddenly lost their income, local media reported.

The research commissioned by HSBC found that one in three UK households or 8.8 million have less than £250 in savings set aside as a financial safety net, and they would be brought to their knees if they suddenly lost their income, British media reported.

According to the study, the number of households with £250 or less set aside as a financial safety net was eight million last October and it has now gone up by 800,000 to 8.8 million.’

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