The Eerie Sounds Of Saturn/ The Ringmakers of Saturn

Norman Bergrun – The Ringmakers Of Saturn

David Icke – Saturn & The Moon Matrix



Suspected second moon orbiting the Earth is really a man-made piece of rocket

Street Democracy writes:

Its a shame NASA (Never A Straight Answer) take so long in coming forward with information. I am a firm believer of the ‘Secret Space Program’ and believe we have been to the ends of our universe. I believe we can time travel and have met off worlder’s. However, proof is a stumbling block.

The Moon with Features Labeled – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) 2010

The moon needs some investigating never mind this second one.

Saturn needs investigating, to answer why there is a hexagon moving around on top of the planet.

Have a listen to Saturn, a fascinating sound comes from it, and as I feel Saturn is a giant satellite it could well be, the hexagon is a wireless sound projector, projecting sound waves to earth.

Dark ‘Satanic’ – Saturnic –  Saturn.

Those who were at Wembley or who have  watched the streaming of that event will know exactly what I mean  here.

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It looks like a satellite to me, and the noise could be messages, communication signals, just we are to backward to work the sound codes out.

Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than Planet Earth

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Our own Earth and its one true moon is pictured

Scientists came up with various theories to explain the  identity of the mysterious near Earth object, ranging from an asteroid caught in  a wide orbit around the Earth, to a piece of space debris or even a small second  moon. Our own Earth and its one true moon is pictured

A strange second ‘moon’ orbiting the Earth  that has baffled astronomers for the last month, is actually of human origin,  scientists said.

The mysterious object known as ‘2013 QW1’  was spotted in August as part of the PanSTARRS asteroid survey in Hawaii and  immediately caught the attention of researchers who noticed it is orbiting the  Earth and wanted to know its identity.

Scientists at the European Space Agency observing the near Earth  object moving in an Earth-centred orbit were keen to find out whether it was  natural or artificial.

The mysterious object can be seen moving in a  GIF below.