Starwater Confirmed – Proves Life Is Universal

Starwater Confirmed – Proves Life Is Universal

‘A sprinkling of stardust is as magical as it sounds. The dust grains that float through our solar system contain tiny pockets of water, which form when they are zapped by a blast of charged wind from the sun.

The chemical reaction causing this to happen had previously been mimicked in laboratories, but this is the first time water has been found trapped inside real stardust.

Combined with previous findings of organic compounds in interplanetary dust, the results suggest that these grains contain the basic ingredients needed for life. As similar dust grains are thought to be found in solar systems all over the universe, this bodes well for the existence of life across the cosmos.

“The implications are potentially huge,” says Hope Ishii of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, one of the researchers behind the study. “It is a particularly thrilling possibility that this influx of dust on the surfaces of solar system bodies has acted as a continuous rainfall of little reaction vessels containing both the water and organics needed for the eventual origin of life.”’

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Suspected second moon orbiting the Earth is really a man-made piece of rocket

Street Democracy writes:

Its a shame NASA (Never A Straight Answer) take so long in coming forward with information. I am a firm believer of the ‘Secret Space Program’ and believe we have been to the ends of our universe. I believe we can time travel and have met off worlder’s. However, proof is a stumbling block.

The Moon with Features Labeled – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) 2010

The moon needs some investigating never mind this second one.

Saturn needs investigating, to answer why there is a hexagon moving around on top of the planet.

Have a listen to Saturn, a fascinating sound comes from it, and as I feel Saturn is a giant satellite it could well be, the hexagon is a wireless sound projector, projecting sound waves to earth.

Dark ‘Satanic’ – Saturnic –  Saturn.

Those who were at Wembley or who have  watched the streaming of that event will know exactly what I mean  here.

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It looks like a satellite to me, and the noise could be messages, communication signals, just we are to backward to work the sound codes out.

Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than Planet Earth

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Our own Earth and its one true moon is pictured

Scientists came up with various theories to explain the  identity of the mysterious near Earth object, ranging from an asteroid caught in  a wide orbit around the Earth, to a piece of space debris or even a small second  moon. Our own Earth and its one true moon is pictured

A strange second ‘moon’ orbiting the Earth  that has baffled astronomers for the last month, is actually of human origin,  scientists said.

The mysterious object known as ‘2013 QW1’  was spotted in August as part of the PanSTARRS asteroid survey in Hawaii and  immediately caught the attention of researchers who noticed it is orbiting the  Earth and wanted to know its identity.

Scientists at the European Space Agency observing the near Earth  object moving in an Earth-centred orbit were keen to find out whether it was  natural or artificial.

The mysterious object can be seen moving in a  GIF below.

What is NASA Hiding ? by Chris Everard

WEST SUSSEX: Mystery over deaths of 50 ducks, rats and fish found floating in water by families at boating lake

Brooklands Pleasure Park: A popular park area for families in Worthing, West Sussex

Brooklands Pleasure Park: A popular park area for  families in Worthing, West Sussex 

Mysterious: The Environment Agency and local council have yet to discover what lies behind the deaths

Mysterious: The Environment Agency and local council  have yet to discover what lies behind the deaths

Street Democracy writes:

Could be symbolic to show how precious and fragile our wildlife is. To demonstrate death at our recklessness. Proving pollution kills and any more will devastate our wildlife. We have of course Fracking in Balcombe which is only up the road, which will cause catastrophic death of our animals.

If the water is suffering from chemical pollution already, if our animals are suffering under the strain of modern day chemical living, then Fracking is just going to exemplify this problem.

Do you know how upsetting it is to see innocent wildlife die prematurely, because of our filthy toxic and chemically based life styles? We are heading for more unless we do something, and more of us write into complain. We loose them, we loose us, we kill our planet, we kill ourselves.

How is it then we carry on? Our wildlife, our insects our own lives, the life of our planet are all in jeopardy because of our occupation and a culture of toxicity. This is our life and we treat this planet our home as if we have another one to go too. Even if we did, it still wouldn’t give us the right to decimate this planet. No rights what so ever. 


More than 50 animals have died mysteriously  in a picturesque boating lake. Duck, rat and plaice bodies have all been  found in the family-friendly park. The Environment Agency is carrying out tests  at Brooklands Pleasure Park in Worthing, West Sussex, but the deaths remain  unexplained. Experts have ruled out the theory that deadly  blue-green algae is to blame.

Worthington Borough Council has also  investigated the deaths, but concluded the cause of death was ‘not  apparent’. Senior animal rescue officer Billy Elliott,  from Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service, said: ‘I have been down to the  lake every day for the past three weeks and have had to pull out at least two  dead animals a day.

‘The situation has never been this bad  before. Our charity is meant to help the animals before it is too late, and I  feel like we are letting them down. ‘Just last week a mother came down with her  child to feed the ducks, and was horrified to discover dead floating  ducklings.’ Ruled out: Experts have said deadly blue-green algae is not to blame for the deaths

                                 Ruled out: Experts have said deadly blue-green algae is  not to blame for the deaths