My Home Town Crawley: Police seek witnesses to Bewbush assault


Sussex Police: Crawley Police Station, Northgate, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 8BF

Police are appealing for witnesses to an incident in which a 19-year old woman with dark curly shoulder length hair, wearing an terracotta coloured mini skirt and dark patterned who was attacked in Sullivan Drive, Bewbush, Crawley on Friday, 1 November. The victim was walking home from a house party when the assault took place at around 11.50pm.

The victim had cuts and bruises to her knees and elbow.

PC Lucy Allen said; “Several members of the public called in to report shouting and screaming. We would like to hear from anyone who may have passed the couple in the street, particularly a man described as black who approached the couple but left before police arrived.”

A 21 year-old man from Crawley was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, and being drunk and disorderly. He was questioned and released on police bail until Monday 2 December.

The 19-year old woman was arrested on suspicion of assault by beating, and was also released on police bail until 2 December.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call 101 or email ‘’ quoting serial 1956 of 1/11. Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


My Home Town Crawley: Beware an ill wind that could blow doorstep conmen to your property

Press release number: PR5734


Householders in West Sussex are being warned to refuse doorstep approaches from so-called builders offering to ‘help’ following the storm on Monday. West Sussex Trading Standards Officers say never accept an offer from anyone who comes knocking and wants to do work on your property.
A number of trees were uprooted during the storm, so householders are advised to be on their guard against all cold callers – especially anyone claiming to be a tree surgeon or roofer.
“There are countless scams that the unwary could fall for, and older people often make easy prey,” said Lionel Barnard, County Council Cabinet Member for Residents Services. “Your property doesn’t even need to be damaged – cowboy roofers, for example, can pretend they’ve seen a loose tile, and offer to fix it for a few pounds. When they come down from the roof, it’s often with the shock ‘news’ that repairs will cost thousands.”
Other tricks include pressuring householders into doing unnecessary work, hiding the cost, or providing false names and addresses.
Anyone who has a problem with a doorstep caller should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506. They will provide advice and pass details to Trading Standards, who can advise the best way forward. This could include intervening when the trader is at the address, or is expected to return.
To find a reliable and trustworthy trader use the Buy with Confidence Scheme. This is a Business approval scheme administered and run by Trading Standards. All members of BWC are vetted and approved by Trading Standards. Residents can visit the website to find a suitable trader.
Best Regards
John Wright MBE
Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation.
Mobile:   07917385213
Business:01444 247368

My Home Town Crawley: 9 Burglaries in Crawley in just 4 days

        Address: Crawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 8BF

From the 18 October to 21 October there have been 9 burglaries or attempted burglaries to homes in the Crawley area.

The roads affected were:

  • Burwash Road
  • Kingscote Hill
  • Colwyn Close
  • Neville Close
  • Nightingale Close
  • Noakes Court
  • Barnfield Road
  • Ifield Road
  • Kirdford Road

Whilst we do not wish for anyone to be upset or alarmed by this we do urge everyone to be aware and vigilant.

STAY SECURE especially as the nights are drawing in and the clocks go back an hour this weekend.  istock_000003015569xsmall

The following is advice that does deter burglars and will make you feel more secure and have peace of mind:


  • Use an automatic time switch on an indoor light to come on at different times.
  • Ensure you lock ALL of the external doors and windows before you go out or go to bed.
  • Again use a time switch that will turn on a radio.
  • Fit security lighting that will come on from dusk to dawn; infrared activated lighting is another option.
  • Trim back any overgrown plants that a burglar could hide in.
  • Keep car keys well out of sight.
  • Think about an intruder alarm (shop around and make sure you chose one that suits your needs).

The very best defence against burglary is prevention.

 For further advice contact your local PCSO (whose details are on the Sussex Police Website) and they will be more than happy to help you.

If you see anything suspicious call the police immediately on 999 please.

My Home Town Crawley: Man stabbed in Crawley street 22 October 2013 ImageGen

Crawley Police Station, Northgate, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 8BF

Police are seeking witnesses to an incident in which a man was stabbed in a Crawley Street.

At 1.20am on Saturday 19 October the 18-year old local man received stab wounds to his legs and chest during an altercation with several other men in Newman Close, Maidenbower.

He underwent surgery at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill and has now been discharged.

Nothing was reported stolen and there have been no arrests at this stage but enquiries are continuing

Detective Constable Matt Wilson said;

“Anyone who saw what happened or who has any other information is asked to call us via 101 or email ‘ quoting Serial 0123 of 19/10.

You can also call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

My Home Town Crawley: UPDATE: Woman airlifted to hospital after collasping in street An air ambulance has been spotted landing in Northgate Playing Field (stock photo)

  1. AIRLIFTED: An air ambulance has been spotted  landing in Northgate Playing Field (stock photo

A 60-year-old woman has been airlifted to hospital after collapsing in a  Northgate street.

The woman, who is from Crawley, was taken by air ambulance to Kings College  Hospital in South London after she collapsed in Woodgate Road at about  12.40pm.

For more on this story click here for Thisissussex.

Crawley MP doesn’t know how much he pays his wife to work

  1. GOOD VALUE:  Henry Smith says his wife’s pay rise represents good value for money

Street Democracy writes:

This is our local MP for Crawley, a cold and heartless politician.

Henry Smith MP voted for student fees to increase, and couldn’t care less if the students suffer never ending debt afterwards. This is the man who voted for the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and supports ‘Bedroom Tax’. Couldn’t care less if the disabled are evicted, as he supports the heartless and soulless ATOS too.

This is the man who when agreeing to meeting the hard up social tenants effected by the vile ‘Bedroom Tax’ wouldn’t even contribute towards hiring out a hall.

This is the man on£66,000 and he couldn’t spare £25. We all had to put our hands in our own pockets to get a hall to have Henry Smith bless us with his presence.

This is the man that promised to help an amputee disabled person worried about being evicted after having his disability allowanced slashed. He was terrified about this ‘Bedroom Tax’ because Crawley Borough Council couldn’t make up their minds as to whether he was disabled or not to qualify for DHP.

Wheelchair bound, chronic pain suffering amputee clearly wasn’t enough to be classed as disabled and he was at first charged with the putrid housing legislation as he needed a spare room to sleep in.

This MP did nothing to help him. This is an outrageous low life in a suit who is supporting Fracking in Balcombe in Sussex too. He couldn’t care less if it is dangerous, its not in his back yard. For more on this reptile click here for thisissussex or continue reading.

GOOD VALUE:  Henry Smith says his wife’s pay rise represents good value for money


EXTRA HOURS: Jennifer Millar-Smith with husband  Henry

CRAWLEY’S MP has claimed he doesn’t know how much he is paying his own wife  but admitted she has had a pay rise of about £3,000.

Henry Smith’s wife, Jennifer Millar-Smith, is listed as earning between  £20,000 and £24,999 on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)  website. But when asked if that was correct Mr Smith said he did not know and that he  had queried it with IPSA, after receiving a report in the last week on his  expenses claims.

He added that he believes her salary, as his personal assistant, to be about  £19,000. Mr Smith said the pay increase was because Mrs Millar-Smith is working more hours  than previously and that it still represented a good deal for the taxpayer. He said: “I can’t tell you off the top of my head (how much she is being  paid) but I believe it is about £19,000.

“She is working longer hours now, about 30 hours, but the reality is she is  doing more than that because she is working weekends. “If I was employing someone else on that 30-hour contract they would not be  doing the extra hours that she is.” A spokesman for IPSA said the amount shown online was based on a 40-hour week  and that the actual figure would depend  on how many  hours she works.

In 2011 IPSA stated on its website that Mrs Millar-Smith was earning £25,000  to £29,999 when in fact she was earning £16,000. IPSA later issued an apology  for the error. Mr Smith also defended claims he has made for just 80 pence for parking  during the current financial year (2013/14) saying he “had to draw the line  somewhere” when it comes to what he does and doesn’t claim.

Aside from his wife’s wage, in the 2012/13 financial year Mr Smith claimed a  total of £31,747, up from £29,882 the previous year. That figure included £14,052 for constituency office costs, £11,879 for  staffing costs and £5,815 for travel. He put the increase down partly to the fact his constituency office needed to  replace a printer and a PC, which were  both un-repairable.

Mr Smith, whose basic wage is £66,396, explained that his personal rule is to  claim travel and parking costs outside of Crawley but never in his own  constituency. He said: “MPs are never going to be thanked for putting in expenses claims  but you have to decide where to draw the line. “I made a rule that I would never claim for travel or parking around Crawley  but I would claim for anything outside of Crawley.”

My Home Town Crawley: “Stop making it so easy for drunks to get booze in Three Bridges”


Street Democracy writes: 

To exterminate codes of morals on a social collective scale, to subdued and dumb down the mind to thinking clap trap nonsense give them alcohol. To control the populace and stop them from being philosophical astute critical thinkers then give them alcohol.

To help turn some decent human beings into violent aggressive moronic drunks, and allow some women to be taken advantage of when drunk give the alcohol. To have corporations gain massive amounts of profit, and have a regular income from all addictive alcoholics so the brewery whores make money from people suffering through alcohol.

Alcohol is addictive, brain damaging, liver damaging and on the whole not good for the soul, hence it is legal and widely encouraged.

Localised unchecked, unfettered capitalism means business can set up to make money  and sell what they like in order to do so. To encourage alcohol sales on a mass scale is not healthy, as restaurants, some petrol stations, all of the super markets, off licenses that seem to appear on every corner, and the endless online sales mean alcohol is easily obtainable.

  1. BOOZE BLUES: Concerned residents (From left) Lillian Kirby-Comber, John Cooban, Mary Grace, Gordon Robson and Joyce Bennett

    BOOZE BLUES: Concerned residents (From left) Lillian Kirby-Comber, John Cooban, Mary Grace, Gordon Robson and Joyce Bennett

The whole point of alcohol is to dumb the brain down. People can’t walk straight when drunk, never mind think straight. The military set up pubs for one reason only, get the nation drunk. For more on this story click here for the Crawley News or continue reading below.

That’s why pubs are called ‘arms’ like ‘The Tavern Arms’, all military based and a classic biological weapon of mass destruction if ever there was one.


RESIDENTS have demanded action to reduce the impact of alcohol sales in Three Bridges after it was revealed the neighbourhood has 21 different businesses selling it.

This is far higher than neighbouring wards such as Furnace Green which has just three.

With a high number of street drinkers in the area, residents are concerned not enough is being done to limit the places they can buy alcohol.

Residents arranged a meeting last Thursday to ask Sussex Police and Crawley Borough Council what is being done about it.

My Home Town Crawley: Crawley postal worker stole £4,000 worth of packages

  1. GUILTY: Jane Davies admitted five counts of theft from Royal Mail at Crawley Magistrates Court

A POSTAL worker stole thousands of pounds worth of packages to fund her own lavish lifestyle. Long-serving Royal Mail employee Jane Davies went “wildly off the rails” as she embarked on a major crime spree at Gatwick Mail Centre.

The 55-year-old, of Falcon Close, Langley Green, stole scores of items including retail vouchers, gift cards and cash between February 1 and May 24 this year. She is also alleged to have stolen a packet containing £1,000 in cash addressed to Debbie Matheson from her uncle.

Davies, who has been employed with the firm since January 2000, pleaded guilty to five counts of theft when she appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court today (Wednesday). The court was told the thefts amounted to a total value of more than £4,000.

To read the full story, see next week’s Crawley News.

My Home Town Crawley: Crawley police investigating laptop burglary from house

  1. BURGLARY: A laptop was stolen from a house in Springfied Road on Wednesday

Police are seeking witnesses after a laptop was stolen from a Southgate home. Sometime between 4am and 4pm on Wednesday, September 18, a house in Springfield Road, was entered via a front window and a Compaq laptop computer was stolen.

Detective Constable Sue MacCallum-Stewart said: “Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area during that period is asked to call us via 101, or email us at ‘’, quoting serial 0689 of 16/9.

“You can also call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously via 0800 555 111.”

My Home Town Crawley: Man suffers broken jaw at Crawley newsagents

A man suffered a broken jaw after being punched outside a newsagents in Crawley just after 2.30pm on Friday (September 6).   The 27-year-old man from Northgate, Crawley was punched as he walked out of a shop on Langley Parade while out shopping with his mum and after a brief altercation, his attacker left. The victim visited Crawley Hospital later on that day and found he had a broken jaw.

DC Julie Chambers said: “The victim needed surgery over the weekend to repair his jaw. We are trying to establish what happened and are appealing to anyone who witnessed the attack. The victim describes the suspect as Asian, mid 30s, 5′ 5″- 5′ 6”, medium build with shoulder length slicked black hair wearing a white T-shirt, black trousers and black trainers.

ImageGenCrawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 8BF

“Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 or email quoting serial 977 of 6/9. Alternatively contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”