FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 1]

FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 1]

FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 2]

Street Democracy writes: When you next go shopping for food, look at the label and read the contents. It is all there hidden in plain view of the chemical based foods we are now eating. It isn’t just one piece of food it is all the food on our plate is no longer organic and contains some chemical in it.ayoub_51

Science, the food companies and the drug companies have been adulterating our foods for a while now, it isn’t anything new. What is new is we are now more educated and people whistle blowers finding out toxic certain chemicals are coming forward.

It is almost as if we are being used as a human and organic filtering system or do they just want us to die young?

Try to eat organic, try to grow your own, try to promote organic growing and we need organic supermarkets. Be careful what you eat.


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