Who Exactly Are The Rothschilds? Amazing…


Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother. Summary of Book By Anne Sebba.
WINSTON Churchill always claimed that he was the political heir of his father, the brilliant but maverick Lord Randolph Churchill, but he undoubtedly got his indomitability and joie de vivre from his mother.

jenny churchill
She was born Jennie Jerome in New York in 1854, one of three daughters of the millionaire Leonard Jerome. Beautiful, musical and extremely vivacious, she met and captivated Lord Randolph, the second son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough, at Cowes in August 1873.
Marrying an American heiress was, or later became, a common response from impoverished members of the British aristocracy to their financial problems. There was also in this case a strong physical attraction. The couple seem to have been remarkably quick off the mark, with Winston born six months after the wedding in April 1874.

Things, however, soon went wrong. Exiled to Ireland after ostracism by the Prince of Wales, the couple spent much of their time apart. Winston’s brother Jack, born in 1880, was almost certainly the son of Lord Falmouth.
For all Lord Randolph’s brilliance and his huge popularity among Tory voters, neither fully brought out by Anne Sebba, he made enemies among the leadership. He overplayed his hand once too often over a misjudged resignation in 1886 and this brought an end to his political career. Randolph’s erratic behaviour was almost certainly due to the long-term effects of syphilis, leading in the years after his resignation to a painful decline, near insanity and death. Leonard Jerome also lost most of his money, leaving Jennie with expensive habits but a permanently inadequate income.

Jennie was a distant mother to the young Winston, who turned instead to his beloved nanny, Mrs Everest; but mother and son’s later relationship became a very strong and mutually supportive one.

Widowed in 1895, Jennie married again twice, to beautiful men much younger than herself. She clearly also had many affairs, including probably one with the Prince of Wales. Her Reminiscences, however, were an exercise in non-revelation, and she was good at covering her tracks, so any sort of body count remains inconclusive. Martin Sheppard

edward 7th
Another source, Greg Hallett, is definite that Churchill was the son of The Prince Of Wales (later Edward 7th) and Jennie Jerome Churchill. Why did the P.O.W. ostracise the Churchill family to Ireland otherwise? She was three months pregnant when she got married to L.R. Churchill. Young Winston does resemble the young Prince Of Wales, but he doesn’t resemble Lord Randolph Churchill very much.

One person who looks quite like Winston Churchill in his later years, is The Prince Of Wales’ (Edward 7th’s) mother, Queen Victoria. He also resembles Nathan Rothschild, Queen Victoria’s father, according to Hallet. Read on.

If that isn’t already enough for you to absorb, try this. Hallett’s ‘certain’, on the basis of secret service informants, that Queen Victoria’s real father was Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Hallett also alleges that Nathan Mayer Rothschild fathered the Prince Of Wales, making Winston Churchill’s grandfather and great grandfather the same person! You have to admit to there being some kind of similarity. The second of Hallett’s allegations is impossible, due to the respective dates of birth and death, suggesting Hallett is reporting rumours without making any checks, but there is a possibility of the former. King Edward 7th could have been fathered by Nathan Mayer Rothschild. See The Daily Mail which states that Victoria was probably illegitimate. Her ‘father’ (George 3rd’s 4th son) died when she was only eight months old.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild. His eyes and face are very similar to Winston Churchill’s. That should not be a surprise, if he was indeed his great grandfather. As a Jew he was not allowed to sit in the House Of Lords, yet Queen Victoria made a special dispensation for him, and he became the first Jewish member of the House. Hallett states that by such means the Rothschilds obtained power over the Royal Family and the British political system. Having such terrible secrets in their pasts is enough to keep them all in check, not to mention the financial ability in the hands of the Rothschilds. Shame is the ultimate method of control.


4 thoughts on “Who Exactly Are The Rothschilds? Amazing…

  1. My grandfather came to Mexico after the first war world, he cross from Belgium to Canada and last almost two years to reach the pacific coasts of Mexico, where his parents represent the british empire as Vice-consul in Mazatlan Mexico. His mother (my great grand mother) Jessica Louth was a close friend of Winston S. Churchill, to whom she keept in touch until her death in the early sixtyes.
    In my family there are letters of Churchill wrote to my great grand mother Jessica, I have two of them from from 1956.
    My great grand father Jorge Edward Schooley Watson (Esquire) were brithish vice-consul for more than fifthy years in Mazatlan, they never returned to England. My grand parent married a mexican and had six children, he became a farmer as the rest his sons.
    In Mazatlan on those days he was pointed by society as an adopted son, since he had no phisical similitude to his father. He was very short, bold and so much like Mr. Churchill. All this has always been a tabu subject in the family.
    Looking at pictures of my relatives makes me believe he was son of Mr. Churchill.
    He was born in April 1898 at Braunton Mansions, Rosbery Avenue in London.


    • Be interesting to see photos of the two together. It would be a similar situation to Alistair Crowley and Barbara Bush. She is meant to be the illegitimate daughter of Aleister and does look like him in many pictures I’ve seen of her. Also, there is rumour of Angela Merkal, the German Chancellor. She to me is the grand daughter of Hitler. She has his eyes and similar facial features. Thanks for your imput and good luck in your life journey my friend.
      Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


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