Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:47 By David Icke

‘Israel has banned Palestinian workers from riding common buses with Israelis and forced them to return to the West Bank through the same Israeli checkpoint they left.

The pilot program separating Israeli and Palestinian bus travel was initiated on Tuesday under the directive of Israel’s military affairs ministry, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The new regulations could increase the commute of Palestinians working in the West Bank for as much as two hours each day, said human rights organizations that are set to issue an appeal against the new restrictions.’

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Miko Peled – ‘There’s Nothing Racist in Boycotting Israeli Goods And Services. It’s About Justice’


G4S says it will end contracts with Israeli prisons

G4S says it will end contracts with Israeli prisons

‘Prolonged international pressure seems to have had an impact on the world’s largest security company G4S. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Ashley Almanza has said it will not renew security contracts with Israeli prisons and checkpoints. The announcement was made after Almanza’s first meeting with the company’s shareholders on the fifth of June.

G4S maintains it is not complicit in any Israeli human rights violations. Almanza told the Financial Times, “We do not operate prisons, we supply prisons with security equipment.” However, after the current contracts end, the company has said it will not be renewing them.’

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Britain’s child poverty ‘social apartheid’: Problems faced by the young are worse than 1960s claim researchers

Street Democracy writes:

Social apartheid is part by forced exposure to celebrities, pointless and talentless but wealthy young and beautiful, as the way to live which isn’t helping to connect us but divide. Being poor means you live a life far removed from this glamour even with cheap imitation.

The Government demonises poverty, singling out one section of society, discriminating against disabled citizens on benefits. Brutalising the minimum wage income level gives lethargy and misery to work, only enjoyed by the poor.

The rich don’t work, we work for them. We are enslaved to worshipping the rich, those who have too much and yet logos, brand names, celebrity images does not equate a ‘real’ human being. Possessions does not equate a life and meaningful experience. The best things in life are for free and this we need our earth for.

It should be the other way round. If you have more than you need, you have taken from earth her vital resources she needs to survive. How selfish, how criminal for you to just take from her. If you have too much you should be guilty of decimating our planet for your gold, your riches and selfish wants.

The poor who live on subsistence living, live without possessions, without excess should be excelled as being kind to the most precious life of all, ourselves, and our planet. The rich should be despised for their contribution to being far removed from what life actually should and does mean.

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Child poverty is now a bigger problem than  during the 1960s, a damning report to be published this week  has found. The report was carried out by the National  Children’s Bureau and warns that Britain is at risk of becoming  a place where ‘children’s lives are so polarised that rich and poor live in  separate, parallel worlds.’

It blames a ‘failure of political will’ has  resulted in poorer children having fewer chances in life today. The report compares children’s lives with  data collected from a study called Born To Fail published in 1969.