Farmer turns down £275MILLION to sell his land for housing: Father-of-two says he would be ‘doing a massive disfavour’ to community if he ‘took the money and ran’

Farmer turns down £275MILLION to sell his land for housing: Father-of-two says he would be ‘doing a massive disfavour’ to community if he ‘took the money and ran’

new Monday 11th May 2015 at 09:30 By David Icke

‘A farmer has rejected a £275million offer for his land from housing developers wanting to build a new town.

Robert Worsley said he would be ‘doing a massive disfavour’ to the community where he has lived all his life if he ‘took the money and ran’.

The 48-year-old father of two has run 550-acre farm for the last 15 years. He was approached by agents for housebuilder Mayfield more than two years ago.’

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Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky


The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money

2nd species on this planet with large heads Karen Hudes

2nd species on this planet with large heads Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years. Whistleblower

Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

‘The name ‘Rothschild’ first appeared in the 18th century when Mayer Amschel Bauer established his banking empire in Frankfurt, Germany, and changed the family name. The Bauers were a notorious satanic family in Middle Ages Germany and the major Rothschilds remain master black magicians to this day. Mayer Amschel’s father, Moses Amschel Bauer, was a moneylender and proprietor of a counting house.

The Rothschild dynasty is controlled by the family’s satanic black magicians who know how reality works and how they can manipulate energy and human perception. They know that money, like everything else, is energy and they have set up the financial system to exploit this knowledge. People talk about ‘flows of money’, but it is really flows of energy and they have created an energetic construct that ensures that the energy of money flows to them.

We call this construct the ‘economic system’ or ‘the economy’ and it appears to consist of banks, financial houses, stock markets and other forms of trading; but all of these entities are just acupuncture points on the meridians of money to ensure that the wealth of the world flows to the bloodline families. It is because of this that the Rothschilds count their wealth in multiples of trillions and more.’

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Mega Banks Caught Spying On Anti-Government Citizens

Mega Banks Caught Spying On Anti-Government Citizens

‘Do you dare to question the government online? You are more than likely a target of mega bank spying teams. Teams that recent documents reveal actually work with the federal government to target and track those who associate themselves with organizations that oppose big banks and the corrupt establishment. The good news, however, is that by posting these documents in an exclusive Storyleak article authored by key Storyleak editor Mikael Thalen, we have now launched a nationwide resistance to what can now be termed mega bank spying.

Below, you can read the email for yourself detailing a conversation between Bank of American’s Global Corporate Security Vice President Kim Triplett-Kolerich, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and one redacted recipient:’

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Bank Run Fears Escalate as Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals

Bank Run Fears Escalate as Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals


Street Democracy writes:

The banking cartel are demonstrating how much control they have over our dependency upon money.

The financial corrupt industry that dominates our world is a great rubicorn that needs crossing because of the grotesque but massive financial and economic enslavement of humanity.


We are totally blinded by it. Many kill for it, many go starving because of it, and yet money is paper, printed and comes from the air.

Nations go to war over it, we are enslaved by being indebted to it. We have forgotten food grows for free and industry destroys fertile lands to grow it.

Global tyranny is what our financial banking system really is.

One giant mafia corrupt form of capitalist enslavement who own the money, which makes money a private commodity they charge you endlessly for using it.HSBC_in_court_again_after_found_guilty_of_money_laundering__119597

To survive the rubbish, we need our minds back. We need strong healthy minds to at first see through the banking scam, the money scam and the credit scams of this time.

Once we understand this, we take our power back and money can fly in the air or fall to the ground. It can grow on trees if you like, but we will be in a position not to need it or want it.

We will see money dependency is the dark times we are in.

Our planet grows everything we need in massive abundance and we don’t need the corporate banking whores of this world dictating to us how we live.


For more on the biggest lies of today, click here: Bank Run Fears Escalate as Russian Lender Bans Cash Withdrawals or continue reading.

‘Fears of bank runs have escalated with the news that Russian lender ‘My Bank’ has banned all cash withdrawals until next week.

“Bloomberg reports that ‘My Bank’ – one of Russia’s top 200 lenders by assets – has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week. While the Ruble has been losing ground rapidly recently, we suspect few have been expecting bank runs in Russia. Russia sovereign CDS had recently weakened to 4-month wides at 192bps,” reports Zero Hedge.

The source of the story is a person working inside the ‘My Bank’ call center, although officials for the bank have refused to comment.’

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Small firms betrayed as Lloyds culls advisers: 120,000 firms face having to get lending help on the phone

‘Lloyds Bank was accused of betraying small firms last night after sacking hundreds of business advisers – and leaving employers to get lending advice by phone.

The taxpayer-backed bank will axe half of its travelling small business relationship managers, hitting up to 120,000 firms in every part of the country. From May, minnow companies and start-up firms will be left relying on phone banking or the internet to get in touch with the lender.’

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Savers’ hopes of seeing rise in interest rates being dashed by banks with £130 billion war chest of cheap cash

‘Savers’ hopes of seeing a rise in interest rates are being dashed by banks and building societies who have built up a £130 billion war chest of dirt-cheap cash. Money Mail has discovered that the big High Street names are stockpiling savers’ cash on which they pay no interest — and have seen it swell by a fifth in the past year.

As a result, banks and building societies are awash with funds and don’t need to do anything to pay struggling savers extra interest.’

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Barclays Bank ‘to close hundreds of UK branches’

‘Barclays Bank is preparing to close a quarter of its 1,600 UK branches and shed hundreds of investment banking jobs, it has been reported.

The decision comes as the bank tries to cut costs.

It will replace around 400 branches with smaller sites in Asda supermarkets, the Financial Times said.’

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UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

‘UK chancellor George Osborne has called for wholesale economic and political “reform” of the European Union (EU), warning that otherwise Britain will quit its membership.

Osborne was addressing a conference of the Open Europe think tank and the Conservative Fresh Start group, who are pressing for corporate deregulation, a further assault on welfare and for some powers to be transferred back to Westminster from Brussels.

Since the financial crash of 2008, the EU has been the mechanism for forcing through a social counter-revolution—particularly in southern and eastern Europe. Savage cuts in public spending, mass layoffs and wage cuts have created social misery in Greece, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.

Osborne made clear that he welcomed this assault but insisted it had not gone far enough.’

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Ireland vs the Banksters (Isn’t It Time Britain Sacked It’s Corrupt Banker’s Too!)

Ireland vs the Banksters


Street Democracy writes:

Isn’t it time we jailed our corrupt bankers that have stolen hard earned wealth from the people?

Suppression by these vile financial elites should as Iceland have done, mean imprisonment.

These aggressive commanding institutes are totally divorced from the running’s of the real world and care not for the ordinary man or woman and even less for their young families.


These bankers print on cheap paper, and therefore make money out of ‘thin air’ but charge astronomical rates for us people to hold it, have it in their bank accounts and go crazy when we fail to repay with real wealth by charging us even more.

I found out that the origins of the word ‘mortgage’ actually means ‘death grip’.

They have a death grip upon all those who take one, or have one as you are enslaved for the duration to pay, and pay on time or loose your home.


The bankers are guilty of a lot of things, defrauding the people, theft and placing crimes against humanity in the way of heavy financial sanctions and causing slavery that is meant to be illegal.

However, their unapologetic repression placed by heavy weight draconian rules means a ruthless social existence with people desperate to gain this money, spend it to survive and not try to loose it or ever run out of it.27106-jpg

For more on the legalised loan sharks and corrupt capitalist’s called ‘bankers’ click here: Ireland vs the Banksters or continue reading.

‘The Icelandic way of dealing with financial fraud committed by bank executives is spreading to other countries of Europe, including now Ireland.

The Nordic island was the first country in decades to expel or imprison corrupt moneylenders oppressing the people, with incredibly positive results. A handful of other nations, notably Hungary, also have gone after the debt slavers. But add Ireland to the growing list of those which have found the courage to confront the problem of bankers conspiring to deprive honest citizens of their hard-earned wealth. After four years of investigations and public outrage, the Irish republic has charged six top financiers with crimes related to the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank (AIB) in 2008.’

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