Food bank charity ‘was threatened with closure by Iain Duncan Smith’s aide’

Food bank charity ‘was threatened with closure by Iain Duncan Smith’s aide’

‘A senior aide to Iain Duncan Smith was accused last night of threatening to “shut down” Britain’s main provider of food banks, in a bitter row over allegations of the “politicisation of poverty”.

Chris Mould, chair of the Trussell Trust, told The Independent that he had been warned during a private conversation that the “Government might try to shut you down” over its public campaigning on the plight of people unable to feed themselves or their families.

While Mr Mould would not reveal the identity of the person concerned, The Independent understands from sources that it was the Conservative MP Andrew Selous, parliamentary private secretary to Mr Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary.’

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Feckless parents may be stripped of their benefits … unless they take lessons in raising family

‘Benefits will be docked from feckless parents who refuse to take classes on how to improve their children’s discipline, diet and exercise under plans being discussed by senior Tories.

A secret party document photographed in Downing Street reveals MPs preparing the Conservative election manifesto are considering attaching new conditions to welfare.

Carried by MP Margot James, who sits on a policy advisory board which is drawing up proposals for Prime Minister David Cameron, it reads: ‘Apply conditions for parents on benefits (training or parenting classes)’.’

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Is government aid a giant money-laundering scheme?

Street Democracy writes:

Its the ordinary man and woman from rich countries told to pay for poor countries that end up into the ruling elites’ hands. The rich are then meant to disperse this money to their deprived country’s social infrastructure.

However, if you add up all the billions of pounds from the UK alone, it makes you question, why we don’t have documentaries showing you how and where the money is going.

To satisfy the curiosity of the payer that their money is funding the poor children, building schools and look here are the invoices to show where the money has gone!

We get silence instead and we just have assume the rich can be trusted with unregulated, unchecked obscene amounts of money at their disposal.

Live Aid is one I would question, as well as the Haiti fund and in fact I’d go through them all for the past 20 years at least.

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‘Remember something called the War on Poverty? The Great Society?

President Lyndon Johnson declared it and announced it in 1965. Since then, the federal government and state governments have poured staggering amounts of dollars into the program.

How many dollars? Does anyone know?

In his 1992 book, Paved With Good Intentions, Jared Taylor puts the figure (1965-1992) at $2.5 trillion. So, for the sake of argument, let’s accept that.

Yet, by 1992 (and to an even greater degree since then), poverty had accelerated in America. Had gotten much, much worse.’

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You Got To Watch Everything..Including Some Mainstream Charities!

Comic Relief money invested in arms and tobacco shares

Red noses
Comic Relief has raised nearly £1bn for worthwhile causes

Street Democracy writes:

Question everything…for example, where did the billions of pounds from the UK’s pocket’s end up when good people sent money to Haiti?

Live Aid, remember that marathon of an appeal to feed those starving children, where did the millions raised back in the 80’s actually go too?

It is a bit like foreign aid. Poor people from rich countries, send money to poor countries  to rich people. Tax free millions of pounds gets sent directly into the ruling elites deep pockets.

A few pennies pay for something’s especially the governmental infrastructure. Politicians, bodyguards, fancy buildings, furnishing of extravagance and good salaries. Anywhere and everywhere, where it isn’t supposed to go.

It is unfortunate that so many charities do really good work and work hard for no rewards but to help, yet some major charities are controlled by the ruling elite whose only focus is the money.

This is but one dodgy account of exploiting the goodness of people’s hearts in the guise of a well meaning charity.

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ignoranceisachoice n

Millions of pounds donated to Comic Relief have been invested in shares in tobacco, alcohol and arms firms, BBC Panorama has learned.

It includes £630,000 in shares in arms firm BAE Systems and more than £300,000 in alcohol manufacturer Diageo.

The BBC has also seen evidence which suggests Save the Children censored criticism of energy firms to avoid upsetting corporate partners.

Both charities deny any wrongdoing.’ Read more …

The price of charity: Save the Children exposed after seeking approval of energy firms

‘One of Britain’s biggest charities is today accused by a whistleblower of self-censoring criticism of Big Six energy suppliers for fear of upsetting existing – or potential – corporate donors.

Save the Children, one of the UK’s oldest NGOs, which raised almost £300m last year, is alleged to have repeatedly quashed press releases criticising British Gas price rises to avoid damaging its corporate partnership with the company, which was worth £1.5m over 10 years. The charity is also accused of dropping a potential campaign on the effects of fuel poverty on children while it was under consideration for funding from EDF.’

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Nick Clegg in ‘cover-up’ storm as emails about £12million handout to charity linked to his wife Miriam are blocked from public

Street Democracy writes:

One rule for us, austerity, poverty and financial hardship, and another for the ruling elite, for spineless Nick Clegg and the Tories who just take care of their own.

This story won’t go away, and is a powerful reminder of the toxic poison that has polluted our democracy with the gentry classes providing extravagant wealth for themselves in the face of austerity, where people are struggling to survive.380_Image_PA_nick_clegg_grimace

The Tories policies haunt and disturb with their brutality upon innocent peaceful families while they criminalise poverty, and in the same breath they reinvent it, create it and generate more with an alarming speed.

Nick Clegg and his criminal colleagues the ‘iron fists of blue’ Tories, should be questioned about their integrity, about their morality and about their legitimacy of running this country.

I feel our Tory government is a corrupt elite, a ruthless killing machine causing financial destitution for so many, that suicides are up. The poor are being demonised, blamed for a failing economy and penalised with heavy monetary sanctions. Clegg Pledge Student Fees

Yet here we are witnessing politicians demanding more holidays, more pay, more money to subsidise the corrupt criminal banksters, whilst they dish out millions of taxpayers money to benefit their charities.

Nick Clegg was a disgrace anyway, by lying deliberately to all young people in the UK about not increasing the students debt fees for studying at university.


A blatant bare face lie, and now university places are going begging but the poor students can’t afford places. This government is destroying all the good, and our democracy is in decay.

A public enquiry should be pursued and Nick Clegg and wife, should be arrested and put in prison for theft if nothing else.

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‘Nick Clegg was last night accused of being at the centre of a ‘Coalition cover-up’ over bombshell emails that reveal how he helped to fast-track £12 million of taxpayers’ money to a charity linked to his wife.

A watchdog, acting on the advice of a Cabinet Minister, has banned the release of all correspondence relating to the Booktrust case on the grounds that it would have a ‘chilling effect’ on the Government.

The ban – condemned by one of the Deputy Prime Minister’s own Liberal Democrat MPs – follows a year-long drive by the Cabinet Office to suppress details of how one of Mr Clegg’s advisers successfully lobbied for Booktrust to receive automatic funding, rather than having to bid against other charities.’

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Citizens Advice issue emergency guide to surviving with no food or money as impact of welfare cuts is laid bare

Street Democracy writes:

The Tories egregious and notorious social policies for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society impact them as if they are being crushed, rebuked and almost reprimanded just for being poor, out of work or have a disability preventing employment of some kind.

There is a social administration rigidity occurring from public sector workers with inhuman and a numbing assault upon local communities and those suffering from financial scarcity. They suffer from social disconnectedness and view the poor as plaguing the environment, and the cause of the national economy being drained.

While more money is being taken away, more benefit is being slashed, capped and lacerated leaving a bare agony for all effected. The misery is off the scale and the draconian methods are appearing to be getting worse. This I fear is the warm up, and winter is only around the corner. If people are aiming at pay day loans, debt is going to spiral out of control for too many people.

Oppression is rigid, unforgiving and seemingly relentless by the Tories who are gearing up for more harsh and gutless social polices as they hide behind their gated communities, security staff and police. With deaf ears they are refusing to listen and refuse to use democracy to hear public opinion of the real kind, the poor.


‘The savage impact of welfare cuts was laid bare yesterday as Citizens Advice Scotland launched an emergency guide to surviving with NO food or money.

In an admission that harked back to the time of Charles Dickens, the charity said they were forced to produce the document after being swamped by pleas for help from people left destitute. Many have resorted to taking out payday loans and are using food banks just to keep going.

The charity’s chief executive Margaret Lynch said they are approached every day by people who cannot afford even basic food supplies.’

Charity boss ‘earning more than £100,000’ a year says six-figure salaries ‘aren’t an issue for donors’

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 10:19

‘Pressure was growing on charity bosses last night after it was revealed at least 30 were enjoying salaries of more than £100,000 a year. International Development Secretary Justine Greening said the finances of major aid organisations – which receive hundreds of millions of pounds from taxpayers – must be open to scrutiny.

But as the head of the Charity Commission said the deals ‘risk bringing the charitable world into disrepute’, one aid boss insisted donors ‘don’t mind’ funding executives’ six-figure salaries. In an astonishing outburst, Sir Stephen Bubb said raising the issue was a ‘disgraceful distraction’.’ Read more: Charity boss ‘earning more than £100,000’ a year says six-figure salaries ‘aren’t an issue for donors’