Thousands of parents to be hit by £60 school fines if their children are repeatedly late for class

Thousands of parents to be hit by £60 school fines if their children are repeatedly late for class

new Monday 11th May 2015 at 09:48 By David Icke

‘Schools are to fine parents £60 if pupils are repeatedly late for registration.

The penalty will double if it is not paid within 21 days, and parents who refuse to pay could be prosecuted and even jailed.

One council is deploying so-called late-gate patrols to ask tardy parents why their children are arriving late.

But parents’ groups criticised the move yesterday, and said the fines would ultimately punish the children, not their parents.’

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An Appauling Species of the Female Kind! VIDEO: Ann Coulter Joyful Over Dead Palestinian Kids

Ann Coulter Joyful Over Dead Palestinian Kids


This horrific picture divides opinion between the conscious and unconscious

This horrific picture divides opinion between the conscious and unconscious

This beyond shocking image was posted on social media last night, but when I reposted it with a few words suddenly it became controversial. Conscious people passed it on to put into the starkest clarity what is happening in Gaza and the evil behind the merciless genocidal assault on a defenceless people.

Others attacked me for posting it at all, in truth reposting it. It ‘upset’ them and should not be circulated, they said. I was upset when I saw it, but I wonder how upset this tragic child’s loved ones were and the doctors who had to deal with this – and do so hour after hour?

When newsreaders say more children have been killed in Gaza, or children have been hit by shrapnel, and politicians talk about ‘collateral damage’ – THIS is what they mean.

If you don’t face reality, you don’t change it.

Bolivia Passes Law To Allow 10-Year-Olds To Work

Bolivia Passes Law To Allow 10-Year-Olds To Work

‘Bolivia’s Congress has passed legislation to allow children as young age 10 to work as long as it does not interfere with their education and is done independently to help the child’s family make ends meet.

The legislation otherwise lowers the legal working age to 12 — again, as long the job does not interfere with the child’s education.’

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Over 7,000 Ukrainian citizens enter Russian Rostov region in past day

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Over 7,000 Ukrainian citizens enter Russian Rostov region in past day

‘In the past 24 hours 7,335 Ukrainian citizens entered Russia’s Rostov region and 326 Ukrainians, including 164 children, were accommodated, the Rostov region government press office said in a statement on Monday.’

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Four people killed in Slavyansk as Kiev’s artillery resumes shelling, city under fire

Rasmussen Says NATO Does Not Recognize South Ossetia Election Results

‘”NATO does not recognize the election held on 8 June in the Georgian region of South Ossetia. This election does not contribute to a peaceful and lasting settlement of the situation in Georgia,” the statement said.

NATO Allies do not recognize the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia as independent states, while Moscow officially recognized their independence in August 2008, following Georgia’s military aggression against Tskhinvali. In response, Tbilisi severed diplomatic ties with Moscow.’

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Breadline Kids

Breadline Kids by  Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

If you missed the whole film and would like to watch it, you can find it here.

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ATOS: Other Firms Will Find Recruiting Staff Hard

by samedifference1


Atos, the private company quitting its contract to provide assessments for disabilityclaimants, warned that its successor will fare just as badly unless the government improves the system it has to run.

Atos chiefs complained that it and its staff had suffered a public “vilification” simply for carrying out what was asked of it by ministers and suggested other companies would find it hard to recruit staff unless changes were made.

Ministers announced in March that the contract to deliver work capability assessments was being terminated early by mutual consent, amid criticism of delays and the number of disabled people apparently being wrongly judged fit to work.

While campaigners welcomed Atos’s withdrawal, they also said the change should be used to “move away from a fundamentally flawed system”.

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Middle School Students Who Complained Over Dress Code Suspended for ‘Terroristic Threat’

Middle School Students Who Complained Over Dress Code Suspended for ‘Terroristic Threat’

‘Two dozen Spalding County middle school students were suspended after a Facebook post which encouraged classmates to break the dress code was characterized as a “terroristic threat” by the principle.’

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Peaceful Protest in America is Now Categorized As ‘Terrorism’

‘The Partnership for Civil Justice (a public interest legal organization which the Washington Post called “the constitutional sheriffs for a new protest generation”) reported this week that the Obama administration treated a peaceful boycott as a terrorist threat:’

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‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile


Will this shut Parliament? There is sufficient reason too, for these are heinous crimes against children.

Street Democracy writes:  

Will this shut our government down?

There is a colossal unsightly and very sadistic diet being consumed within the epicentre of our political governing body.

Our government is up to their necks in paedophilia or it’s cover up’s and I am suspecting this may even ‘shut down’ Parliament as a result.

proxy (1)

These children are put through hell all alone with no where to escape these psychopathic sex fiends and something has to be done.

Even then it will be a white wash but it will send the shock waves up and down the corrupt spines of power that sexually molesting children is not for a staple diet and is not to be ignored and the people of Britain have had enough.

Children are not born for the purpose of sexual pleasures for the sick minded paedophiles and they are not born for the purpose of slavery or abuse. 


Mainstream media with its in appropriate cover. On the one hand selling the idea of a beautiful baby and then diving into paedophilia. Do you think they are trying to normalise child abuse?

Its our sickened, unhealthy societal infrastructure that deforms the way of living to incorporate such avenues and we as parents, or as sounded minded as we can be in such a society need to act for the purpose of protecting such sweet little ones.

We must protect our children but when protection derives from those guilty the protection is weak, porous and virtually non-existent.


This is symbolic of all those involved in paedophilia hidden under the official secrecy act-hidden within the walls of secret societies protection of brotherhood is atrocious behaviour from and of the elite world.

This disease of impurity has spread like a psychopathic virus infecting those weak-minded ruling elites with added protection of secrecy, of special and elite societies of ultimate protection of the ‘Brotherhood’ and so on.

When we find out the trafficking of children illegally enters the UK is one thing, but to knock on the doors of MP’s and wealthy bloodline family members, the top end of society, is another.


Sick minded circles take the children away from innocent parents or parents that need just a little help in life branded too quickly as ill fit parents and children to easily are being stolen.

This is where Customs turn a blind eye, special shipment not for inspecting, for this is on an industrialised scale for decades if not centuries.

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‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

‘Allegations that one of Tony Blair’s ministers was involved in a child sex ring were covered up after he was accused of abusing children at a home run by a paedophile, it was claimed today.

The suspect was allegedly implicated in a 16-month investigation into attacks believed to have taken place at a private flat inside the children’s home in Brixton, south London, in the early 1980s.

The Angell Road children’s home was run by convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll, who was arrested in 1998 and convicted of a string of child sex attacks dating back three decades.’

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Politician suspected of child abuse ‘would spend evenings with convicted paedophile’

‘The retired social services boss told detectives how the politician suspected of child abuse would spend evenings with the convicted paedophile who ran the home.

The witness said the man would arrive alone and then join Michael Carroll in an annex where the beast is known to have attacked a string of youngsters.

She said Carroll and the public figure would take young boys to the top-floor flat in Angell Road children’s home in Brixton, South London.

She said: “John would sometimes come down and select one of the boys to go up to the flat. He would say, ‘Uncle John wants to talk to you’ and the child would go up holding his hand.”’

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Cyril Smith abuse: council may face cover-up investigation

‘Police are reportedly reviewing whether there is evidence that alleged sexual abuse committed by the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith was covered up by individuals at Rochdale council.

An investigation is already under way into allegations that Smith raped boys at Rochdale’s Knowl View residential school, which closed in 1992, and abused boys at the privately run Cambridge House children’s care home, which closed in 1965.

Greater Manchester police is now examining whether to widen the force’s inquiry to look into whether there was a coverup by individuals at Rochdale council, one of the local authorities that ran the Knowl View school.’

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Outrage As Paint Thinner is Found In Children’s Cereal!

Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereal Exposed


We are herded into being human filter systems to filter toxic chemicals rather than corporations disposing of it properly.

Street Democracy writes:

We are witnessing a very corrupt capitalist system that because it is unfettered and unregulated, allows for hidden agenda such as this.

Toxic waste is difficult to get rid of so why not hide it in cereal. Without the public knowing these unscrupulous companies are forcing us human beings to be human filter systems to get rid of their toxic waste.

We know Sodium Fluoride is toxic and a man made waste product which is not to be confused with Calcium Fluoride that is found naturally in rocks.

They can’t dump it, so they put it in toothpaste and tell dentist’s it’s good for teeth.


This is not Calcium Fluoride found naturally in rocks but a man made toxic sludge called Sodium Fluoride. Does this look good for teeth to you?


Most college students trust corporately controlled text books as containing truths and facts.

Here we have another corrupt food company poisoning us, treating the masses as an unimportant herd that can consume such toxic waste as paint thinner then it saves them having to dump it.

It is a corporate crime beyond all reason when we feed our children such substances. Where are the health checks on food and safety?

For more on the corrupt capitalist system forced upon us click here or continue reading: 

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‘A lot of home builders and painters will know what trisodium phosphate (TSP) is. But a lot of them don’t know that they eat it for breakfast!

Even though it appears right on the ingredients label, a lot of people don’t realize it’s an industrial cleaning agent. It gets worse, the government doesn’t even want you to clean with it because it’s considered bad for the environment. It’s an okay part of a complete breakfast though!’

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Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS


Children enslaved to social programming of obedience and submissive hive mind -no critical thinking allowed in schools

Street Democracy writes:

This billionaire cares little for the ordinary man or woman and the dumbing down of our children is proof.

This is an attempt to program all children to become obedient hive minded, socially collective mentality of obey and never question authority.

A corporate collective preferred behaviour for our children to think in a common way of love your servitude.


A heavily indoctrinating program to induce behaviour of a corporate preferred submissive citizen is education today

This is not to educationally and spiritually enlighten children into critical thinking. It isn’t a program to educate our children into political innovation and political analysis but to dumb them down to not think at all.

We as parents surrender our children over to the state in the belief the government has our best interests at heart.

We are finding however, that schools are an institute of intense behaviour programs to indoctrinate children and force obedience and a submissive atmosphere for our children to comply too.


When did we ever feel educationally enlightened at school? Answer: we never did.

Failure to do so and they are punished.

Failure to conform to this programming and they are labelled with some mental disorder.

Childhood is not a mental disorder, children instinctively know when information is unhealthy and the child’s natural response is to say so.


Herd mentality is imposed upon the free will of children to produce a worker bee hive mind of no importance is what they are taught.

This behaviour is likely to get a child detention.

Detention is what prisoners get, that of  solitary confinement.

The child is removed from the class and left alone in a classroom.

They are also socially embarrassed in front of their class mates and labelled as a disruption and inadequate child incapable of being good.

Humiliated and punished is a program to eradicate freedom of thought and expression for our future, our youth of today.

Our children should feel educationally enlightened each day but instead most really hate school for what it is.

For more on the oligarchs of this world trying to control the minds of our youth and consequently our future click here or continue reading:

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS

‘Billionaire software tycoon Bill Gates has poured millions of dollars into efforts to develop and promote the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a set of K-12 math and language arts curriculum benchmarks and high-stakes standardized tests now being implemented in 46 states.

Strangely enough, though, Common Core isn’t quite good enough for Gates and his wife, Melinda, when it comes to the education of their own three children.

Diane Ravitch, a self-styled education policy iconoclast who tends to oppose Common Core (and charter schools, and much else), noted this irony on her blog earlier this week.’

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