Crawley Town Hall- The Boulevard, Crawley, West Sussex. It is a Tory run council.

1. Party-politics has no place in local politics. The people in the community come first, not the political party.

2. Party-politics caused these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’ because councillors put their political party first – not the people in the
local community which they are supposed to represent.

3. Party-politics created the ‘Whipped Vote’ at County Hall last February on Valentine’s Day, which has caused the problems we are now seeing in our local communities*. All 44 party-political councillors voted for these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’. Not one disagreed with this moral insanity. Not even one abstained. Why? Because they put their party first, not the people they represent.

This political decision requires a moral and political response. That means we must vote on Thursday. We must vote for our children’s sake –and for our future.

If we care enough, we will vote on Thursday.

*Cuts to the Crawley Lifeline Service – a critical service for the
elderly & vulnerable.
*Closures to Crawley’s Children & Family Centre Sessions – a lifeline
support to many Mums with their babies.

Yours sincerely

Richard W. Symonds
Independent Candidate for Ifield

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crawley town hall

Dear Editor

There will be a “Cuts & Closures” follow-up protest today (Mon) from Midday to 1pm, outside Crawley Town Hall.

Follow-up to Dec 16 2013 protest : “‘ Suffering and more deaths’ to follow cuts”

A small placard will read : “Councillors Voted For ‘Cuts & Closures’ On Valentine’s Day. Vote Accordingly On Thursday”

Yours sincerely
Richard W. Symonds


My Home Town Crawley: Former leader of Crawley Borough Council accuses fellow councillors of behaving like toddlers

Former leader of Crawley Borough Council accuses fellow councillors of behaving like toddlers by Crawley News


Bedroom Tax victims received spiteful remarks too from some of the Tory Councillors that Tory Cllr Claire Denman is talking about-why isn’t something done about this? It kills our local democracy.

Street Democracy writes:

The boundaries of local democracy fade in Crawley.

Persistent local Tory Councillor’s counter attack principles and methodology towards social citizenship rip’s the soul of democracy away.

What isn’t surprising is how they also use the attack principle towards their own Tory colleagues.


However, Councillor Claire Denamn a Tory Councillor is shocked to receive insults from her colleagues, by other local Tory Councillors despite her being a Tory Councillor herself.


Shocked at how they don’t just play the spiteful blame game of unequivocal opposition and bigotry towards Labour Councillors, as some local Tory Councillor’s do it to members of the public also, and its not the first time towards their own political party.

Maybe now Cllr Claire Denman will appreciate the devastating effects it has when some of her colleagues spit towards us, the public, who have no power, and are completely defenceless.


Some of the poor in Crawley feel socially and politically excluded. Including all vulnerable groups, from the disabled poor, the working poor, the unemployed, those unable to contribute towards working full time alienated and demonised.

It really does discourage local political thought, local critical thinking to exercise a healthy localised democracy, as it exacerbates social enmity providing nothing more than a political hostile environment for us to embrace.


It is no wonder many residents don’t get involved with local politics when local Tory Councillors are so antagonistic.

However, I doubt Cllr Denman comments will change anything and anyway, as a Deputy Leader of Crawley Borough Council, if she is insulted with her powerful position, then it says a lot for the average resident of Crawley.


Local Councillors are servants to us, the political leaders are servants to local Councillors-it isn’t the other way round.


Also if Cllr Denman felt so strongly about certain attitudes, then she would or should, have addressed this matter at the time, but never did.

In fact she is as guilty for sitting back and let her colleagues rip into members of the public with sarcasm and mockery.

This occurred over the Bedroom Tax and Social Housing Tenants concerns over evictions.

The whole process of Benefit Cuts is extremely worrying for many families suffering from financial scarcity and worries of perpetual debt plus rent arrears.

We were met with no empathy, and thrown sterile statistical data back at us, and the blame card was always issued – ‘it’s Labour’s fault’ scenario.

We experienced a rough but sophisticated localised repressive political apparatus that created a collective despair for all of us.

crawley town hall

The Tory-Labour bitch back and throwing is a pointless waste of energy during meetings-unnecessary and time wasting-especially when it is aimed at the public. Why is it allowed even?

Why not publicly complain and let us clean up our local social democracy and our local democratic political infrastructure so we the people are not insulted for daring to attend meetings and speak our minds and exercise critical thought?

As a member of the public and resident of Crawley, when ever we tried to practice democracy, we too received insults from some of the local Tory Councillor’s.

When attending Crawley Town Hall public meetings we are allowed to have 30 minutes to ask questions. We are dictated too however in a stern voice, that our questions may not be answered or if they are we may not be allowed to respond.

It isn’t much of a democracy of encouraging local political innovation to me.


Tory Councillors need to stop regurgitating what their leaders spout and listen to people and get back in touch with poverty issues in Crawley.


It is intimidating, cold and stern as if they don’t want you to waste their time asking stupid questions.

It is as if they don’t want you to disturb the agenda so they can have an easy evening and be done with the public.

We are then silenced for the rest of the public meeting while listening to the Councillors of all parties in their representative democracy.

It is here when we the public are not allowed to speak, or we get thrown out, or the police are called or these Councillors just get up and walk out as they have done before over the public’s very legitimate outrage of the Bedroom Tax.


Our Tory Govt is out of touch so repeating out what they say isn’t going to relate to the local.

So our democracy is really 30 minutes and the Mayor has often closed this time lime before, that really upset the public.

When we question the reduce time we are threatened, jeered at by some Tory Councillor’s all smirking and just rude.

However during the meeting our questions would be sarcastically brought up by some Tory Councillor’s so rude and obnoxious, that they hurt and cause offence to us.


I have seen people walk out because of Tory Councillors mocking them during the meetings-spewing out sarcasm and upsetting locals who won’t ever return and killing our local democracy because of it.

So this statement from the ex-Deputy Leader of Crawley Council by her own Tory party isn’t of any surprise and yes clearly they have lost touch.

Some Tory Councillors would spit back towards the public knowing how desperate some were to get answers and mock them in gesture.

Mocking is the word, as their attitude is ‘nothing we can do’ with a smirk on their face.

Many residents would get up mortified and upset by the slandering insults during the meeting and it kills democracy.

The last public meeting I attended, there were 5 of us, including me, instead of 90 and one of them was a small boy with his father.


It is scary of how out of touch some Councillor’s are. Snobbery fills the public chamber when some of them walk in. Some shouldn’t be Councillor’s. Whether this picture is a true account as Cllr Marshall-Ascough claims it isn’t when we spoke-it is in my view symbolic of how some of the Tory Councillor’s view poverty in Crawley.

It is the rudeness, the sarcasm and the mocking that is allowed at the Town Hall and when you complain you are ignored.

Please read: Conservative councillor says he doesn’t believe anyone in Crawley is going hungry as Labour calls for food bank in Town Hall

Please read: 55,000 food parcels a year handed out to struggling Crawley families – as row continues over whether town needs extra food bank


People in Crawley are missing meals-disabled people are going without food to keep spare bedroom for essential equipment-penalised and demonised for daring to hoard a room of 6ft x 5ft are in perpetual debt and rent arrears. Street Democracy

Please read: Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

I sent an email regarding the abysmal exercise of democracy at Crawley Town Hall, Crawley Borough Council and about the unprofessional conduct of some of Tory Councillor’s behaviour.

I emailed twice and got no reply back, nothing and was ignored.

It is further interesting that Cllr Denman has accused the Tory Councillor’s of ‘losing their humanity and acting like toddlers’, loosing humanity towards other people and loosing touch with reality’ is precisely how we feel too.

However, her words are printed, and no doubt will be commented on. Our words of similar anger are ignored.

It is a sham of a democracy in Crawley sometimes when issues of hardship are mentioned and then ridiculed especially with the Tory leadership’s antagonistic demonisation methodology towards the poor is outrageous.


No democracy, no chance with Tory Henry Smith MP. Voted for Bedroom Tax, Benefit Cuts-Student fee increases, ATOS and sympathises with local Fracking-enough said. He’ll pray for the poor at St.Paul’s church in Crawley, but votes to impoverish them further-hypocritical is what I say.

Some of the members of the Tory’ Councillors of Crawley have lost touch with reality for sure, we could have told Claire Denman this when we as a community regularly attending Crawley meetings.

All we got was a regurgitation of the ‘Punishing State’ their Tory leaders have created and tough luck attitude towards us.

I know of individuals who have had private meetings with Crawley Borough Council to be driven to tears and met with nothing but harsh dialogue.

It is interesting how her son is important, how her home life is important and how she is angry at her fellow Tory Councillors for not showing her the respect she felt she deserved.

How about the Broadfield amputee who is in chronic pain, cannot breath and needs his own spare bedroom to sleep apart from his wife, is targeted as a ‘scrounger’ and ‘lazy’ as he was financially slaughtered, ridiculed by ATOS and Crawley Homes, demanded he pay the Bedroom Tax?

He received the same treatment as everyone else and was even lied to by Henry Smith MP who said he wouldn’t have to pay it.


No empathy, death-dealing politics and victims in Crawley have no voice, nothing has changed and policies have got worse. People in Crawley are missing meals to compensate for the benefit cuts and we need support not demonisation.


This innately decent Social Housing Tenant with severe disabilities has to pay Bedroom Tax and stil does. He’ll never work again and is desperately poor selling his possessions to pay back debt of his permanent rent arrears.

For more on some home truths about Crawley’s social democracy click here for the Crawley News or continue to read.

STEPPED DOWN:  Claire Denman has resigned from Crawley Borough Council

A FORMER acting leader of Crawley Borough Council who resigned as a councillor last week has criticised fellow councillors for losing their “humanity” and acting like “toddlers”.

Claire Denman stood down last Wednesday after ten years as a councillor.

The ward member for Pound Hill South and Worth was also cabinet member for customer and corporate services and left a year before her term was due to expire.

Last year she told the Crawley News she would consider her position after announcing she was moving out of Crawley to Pulborough. Mrs Denman has now said the move, as well as personal factors, led to her taking the decision now.


“One of the challenges is that the political process takes over everything and some councillors seem to lose a sense of humanity towards other people.

“They become so wrapped up in the party politics and lose touch with reality.

“A case that always jumps to mind is when a relative had a brain tumour and a councillor had a go at me for missing a meeting to be with them. I couldn’t believe it.

Read more:

The Killing of Local Democracy At Crawley-The Bedroom Tax Forces Hunger and Debt!


Housing officers make regular demands of money and happily take debt payments from those missing meals to pay for the bedroom tax. These guys localised a brutal punishing housing policy.

Street Democracy writes:

The Bedroom Tax is a ‘spirit of the age’ Tory punishing policy.

The social housing tenant now live’s in a ‘punishing state’ if suddenly their dwelling has been deemed inappropriate for them to live in because of this ‘under occupancy or bedroom tax’.

The bedroom tax has and still does evoke legitimate anger and outrage and the needs of this aggressive housing policy to be scrapped is an under statement.


A sophisticated method of social cleansing with one failure, the Tories forgot to make way for the shipment of poor effected by the bedroom tax to go too!

Local bedroom tax campaigners worked tirelessly to speak for the poor, to speak out against the bedroom tax but to no avail and were socially shut down and disempowered.

My point is how our local Crawley based, civil servants ignored the suffering of their tenants and still do.

There is no empathy, compassion within the sterile statistical data and housing policies agenda installed.

These professional’s are making financial demands upon those unable to work, who are not fit to work, are disabled or are unemployed and have been discriminated and demonised by the Tory political party to point score.


The austerity measures for us, prosperity for the ruling elites is an outrage even through our fluoridated minds.

A malicious method, a spiteful attack upon the poorest families that has been localised in a nasty aggressive blame game.

Blaming social housing tenants given the green light to accommodate council dwellings only to have the rug under their feet get ripped out by a sudden drastic change in policy.

Where does it say this is appropriate behaviour in any code of ethics for social landlords to follow?


Narcissistic psychopathic main frame Tory agenda has socially demonised social housing tenants blaming them for the economic failings while they give themselves an 11% pay rise.

When we the social sector speak out, it is a social disgrace and the police get called, we are silenced and socially demonised.

The social fabric of social housing tenants has been slashed and ripped to shreds, all applied by the hands of those who are meant to look out for us, defend us, our housing officers and benefit agents.

Crawley Borough Council the social landlord of my area, completely ignored us at first. When they did finally speak to us, it was individually and with disdain.

They soon became ruthless with great efficiency over summoning us to pay for this very aggressive and most putrid housing policy, the bedroom tax.


We all see the world through fluoridated eyes, but that doesn’t give them permission to speak to bedroom tax victims with such disdain. 

They didn’t stand up for us as a council should in order to defend and protect their communities.

They just said ‘we are not paid to be political’ yet they follow the Tory political agenda.

Not paid to think is my interpretation of this statement.

Crawley Borough Council staff members of  housing, didn’t question such ‘death dealing’ and very ‘Orwellian’ policies and didn’t refuse to administer and process such a draconian strict code of aggressive housing policy for us at all.


It was and still is a war on the poor after all. This is what housing officers and social landlords localised for us, with brutal and ruthless efficiency. That’s ok as it wasn’t them.

These housing officers and benefit agents localised the Tory’s bullying, amplified the misery and gave the punishing state its power.

Read how poor these housing officers are.

Click here: 

Councillors’ pay in the spotlight-

In total, councillors in Crawley took away £438,405 in that period.

Crawley Borough Council rejects calls to resist bedroom tax

Up to 183 people in Crawley “could have lost homes” after benefits were wrongly cut

This is Councillor Richard Burrett Tory, and one of the most rudest of all.


Councillor Richard Burrett spoke so rudely to one poor woman, that she just got up and left close to tears. She’ll never return to any public meeting after feeling humiliated and how it was a waste of her time. We the people in Crawley felt then, that we were silenced by mockery and rude statements from these Councillors, when the public were no longer able to speak. It was a horrible experience to try to be politically active from the social sector and discouraged many from doing so.

It seems mocking the poor at Crawley Town Hall is allowed after all, who are you going to complain too.

The Mayor who chairs the meetings is a Tory.

Head of Housing is another Tory.

Crawley Council has a majority that are all Tory.

If any of these Councillors read it, then learn from it and never speak with such sarcasm again to members of the public as it is unprofessional and undemocratic.

There is no way it can be challenged by any of these Tory Councillors.

Councillors Richard Burrett, Liam Ascough Marshall and Duncan Crow are all Crawley local Councillors and all Tories and can be incredibly rude and sarcastic to those seated in the public gallery, who are not Tory supporters.

Fact’s are fact;s and the truth is here and all took place publicly.

They don’t even hide their disdain for the local social sector.

I was there when we were spoken too like vermin and how democracy died in Crawley on those particular evenings.

It discouraged many local residents from becoming politically active.

The whole point of public meetings is to encourage it not destroy it.


Innately decent people victims of sudden benefit cuts, disabled people wrongly accused of being fit to work, bedroom tax victims all were mocked here at our local council. It is Councillor’s like this that destroy what little democracy there is.

We demonstrated, we begged and pleaded for them to take note but to no avail.

Now we miss meals, we are going hungry, we are forced into perpetual debt, we are in serious financial state of affairs, suffering from permanent rent arrears and more. 


We need a food bank in Crawley. We are hungry through no fault of our own. Most benefit claimants are genuine and sincere being punished and demonised as scroungers.

The point is money.

Financial scarcity is no joke, it means living in this corrupt deformed and biased in favour of the wealthy capitalist system and social housing tenants effected by serious benefit cuts and forced to pay council tax, bedroom tax are living sub-human standards and desperately under the poverty line of acceptance.

Some of us need help and going through the accepted avenues have been blocked by faceless and nameless bureaucratic nonsense digging up the trenches of democracy for us to be halted.

We have no luck talking to our local MP.


Henry Smith MP Tory. Voted for student fee increases and is the reason many of our young fear further education. Voted for the bedroom tax, benefit cuts, sympathetic to the industrialisation of fracking and supports ATOS. Enough said.


Henry Smith MP Tory doesn’t listen and supports benefit cuts and regurgitates what his heavy weight corrupt Tory MP politicians keep saying without realising it doesn’t relate to real life.


We the poor were openly and publicly humiliated and mocked during the several times we attended the Crawley Town Hall open public meetings held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. We got silenced.

Bedroom Tax victims got silenced by rude Tory Councillors who mocked us during Town Hall public meetings.

We got silenced by their disdain and their regurgitation of Tory heavy weight out of touch ‘gutter’ politics.

We bedroom tax victims of Crawley shall just remain in perpetual debt, missing meals to pay, before the housing officers send out threatening letters of eviction. We live in constant fear of evictions.

Housing office in north London

We bedroom tax victims and those against the benefit cuts were bulldozed by civil servants unwilling to listen and challenge such brutalisation of the social policies from the 2012 Welfare Reform Act.

These hypocrites are out of touch, selfish and self serving local psychopaths with no empathy for their social housing tenants.

Its all about them.

As long as they continue to receive their healthy salaries, its fine they will continue to blindly follow the tail of the one in front and shame on them.

Here in Crawley, in the heart of West Sussex, 20 miles or so outside of London, we have modern day families, individuals, missing meals to pay catch up on the housing rent because of the bedroom tax.

It is a disgrace upon innately decent people, poor working class social housing tenants that need Housing Benefit as the minimum wage covers little and part time workers need help and so the list goes on.

Citizens Advice office

Many local residents sat in tears having their private lives ransacked and penalised for daring to hoard a spare room of 6ft by 5ft. These housing officer sat behind their desks and held no empathy but smiled while they deprived us for essential monies to survive.

Please feel free to comment if you are a victim of the bedroom tax especially Crawley.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 


People in Crawley, West Sussex are going hungry, missing meals regularly to pay the bedroom tax and other death dealing benefit cuts by the Tories.

Street Democracy writes:

Here in Crawley, W.Sussex I hear and meet local residents who regularly miss meals because of being forced to pay the bedroom tax or have been hit hard by the benefit cuts.

I meet people who tell me democracy for them doesn’t exist for they feel silenced and excluded.

Our local MP, Henry Smith (Tory), doesn’t listen to them or me for that matter, and gives back automated pre-written emails or responses regurgitated from the Tory henchmen Conservative Leaders.


Henry Smith MP-Prayed at Northgate Church for the poor but ignores their pleas, supports bedroom tax, benefit cuts and ATOS all death dealing Tory policies-hypocrite!

There is no empathy in this sterile economic torture towards the poor.

The Tory punishing state is expanding as our stomachs rumble for food.

We have some Tory Councillor’s who feel we the poor live lavishly on food take away’s, daily and we don’t need a food bank.


This Tory Councillor is also rude to members of the public who don’t support Tory policy. Mockery is allowed at Town Hall meetings towards the public gallery when the public are not permitted to speak to defend themselves. Outcome-innately decent people walk out.


This particular Tory Councillor is wrong.

He is using in accurate and by out of touch information to make such a crazy statement.

This Tory Councillor cannot hear, or relate to the numbers of Crawley residents who bear the weight of this Tory ‘war against the poor’ and even Iain Duncan Smith stated it was a war.


So it is a war then! A war against the lower classes and financially weaponising benefits and to demonise claimants has been a Tory success.

Crawley, Tory Councillor refuse’s to open their eyes to their political party’s destruction policy aimed at benefit claimants.

It has been a spiteful punishing agenda, especially using the blame game for economic failures being aimed at benefit claimants and calling it a ‘benefit culture’ like it was always easy to survive on.

There are hungry people in Crawley, I know this for a fact. Desperately trying to find work that pays their rent, mortgage and the corporate cost of living is now very difficult without welfare top ups.

Crawley Borough Council and the local Crawley Job Centre amplify this misery, by following the Tory psychopathic main frame with ruthless efficiency.


Bedroom tax victims were regularly mocked by Tory Councillor’s and many walked out feeling worse than what they did walking in. This is Crawley Borough Council where workers are paid not to be political-paid no to think more like.

For more on the ‘war on the poor’ click here for the Mirror or continue reading:


By orders of wealthy ruling families-death dealing policies-this Tory psychopathic agenda is being followed with ruthless efficiency.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 

As a report reveals one million food parcels have been handed out including 330,000 to hungry children, a professional working couple tell how they had to rely on food banks to feed their baby.

Hard working: Hannah, baby Hunter and Dean Chadwick


NHS PA Hannah Chadwick, 31, and her engineer husband Dean, 27, ran out of money to feed themselves and their 16-month-old son Hunter after their car needed £700 of repairs.

In an open letter to David Cameron, the couple, from Wrexham in North Wales, reveal how they had to use a food bank to survive:

Dear Mr Cameron

We are a hard-working family and never buy anything on credit. We are proud of being able to provide for ourselves and didn’t want to beg off someone else. So going to the food bank was our only option. We were a bit embarrassed but in August we turned up at our local centre.

There was a real mix of people there. We expected to see homeless people or those fighting addiction. But there were also professional workers, older people and families.

They gave us three days of food but it lasted a week. It tided us over to payday. Without it we’d have gone hungry. We don’t think the answer is more food banks. Cheaper childcare would have helped us. We are a wealthy country and it is shocking that so many don’t have enough.

We want the Government to come up with ways that people can help themselves. And if you are struggling our message to you is, ‘Don’t be too proud to ask for help’. We wanted to give back so we donate food ourselves.

Hannah and Dean Chadwick 

My Home Town Crawley: Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

Street Democracy writes:

In Crawley like most towns, the Tory’s ‘spirit of the age’ has been to support a psychopathic political main frame by forcing ‘austerity’ upon us and blaming us for the colossal economic failings.

Crawley has been dealt the ‘Tory death dealing’ politics penalising like most working class towns with heavy financial sanctions especially upon those finding themselves unemployed, disabled or on the minimum wage. 


Town Hall public meetings held with an empty public gallery because the Tories mock the poor and laugh at the mounting bedroom tax issues.

Benefit claimants especially in our Town have been ruthlessly demonised as lazy.

Stripped of all dignity by the benefit agents who hold no empathy or moral compass within their job descriptions, have systematically economically butchered the poor.

They have localised financial blackmail, localised also a heavy sadistic suppression by socially labelling the benefit claimant as some form of ‘uncouth barbaric lazy social annoyance’.


We have to deal with local Crawley Tory Councillors like this man and his out of touch ideologies surrounding poverty issues. He is most rude and always mocks the poor in Crawley.

The silencing of the poor has been administered and localised by the Crawley Job centre, while the poor face financial destitution and psychological depression of the greatest magnitude.

Poverty is the rape of the mind, it is a silent weapon most cruel.

I know of locals who regularly miss meals, fear turning on the electricity, and have none when the meter runs out and these innately decent people sit in the dark at home freezing cold too.

I know residents in Crawley who don’t go out as they don’t have decent shoes to wear and only go out in the evenings as their old clothes and worn shoes don’t show up as much.

I know people who feel excluded from mainstream society, from their own community because of their poverty.

In Crawley there are no professional local authority figures with any empathy or compassion. Rather you are spoken too with disdain at your financial scarcity and predicament. There is no respect especially from Crawley Borough Council.

It is almost like they have been trained to be ruthless with high efficiency towards those on Housing Benefit, those who are victims of the bedroom tax and those unable to find work suitable for them.


An insensitive budget has made the poor worse off. The Tories standing by their psychopathic political agenda of no empathy for the poor.

Crawley Job centre actually sanctioned a man for being 1 minute late for his appointment. The stone faced woman just glared at him as she destroyed his life and felt no compassion for him but just thought of her bonuses for doing so.

This man, completely stunned by her coldness just sat their in silence. It was the silence from him that told me the impact having no money for the week meant to him. How was he to buy food? How was he to live?

It is a psychopathic Tory main frame being followed and we have some of the most callous Tory Councillors imaginable.

This Tory Councillor (Liam Marshall-Ascough) and there are others, really are out of touch when it comes to poverty issues. 

They mock the poor during public Town Hall meetings to which I am surprised it is allowed.

However, then you find out the Mayor is a Tory, the leader of the Council is a Tory and while they don’t mock in public, they don’t reprimand the rude gestures from these Councillor’s either.

So mocking the poor is allowed and exercised.


Welcome to Tory run Crawley Borough Council where we mock you if your are poor, and treat you with the disdain you deserve.

In fact some Tory Councillors behave themselves, as sanctimonious pompous prigs at the best of times, snobbery leading them through their days with total disregard for those on minimum wage, working part time and in need of financial assistance just to get by.

Let us also include their distaste for single mothers as Tory Councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough displayed his thoughts about single mothers deliberately getting pregnant to gain social housing.

Read more:Conservative councillor says he doesn’t believe anyone in Crawley is going hungry as Labour calls for food bank in Town Hall

Tory’s comments on single mums labelled ‘bigotry’

(A TORY councillor has been accused of “bigotry” for claiming that women are getting pregnant to increase their chances of getting a council house.

Liam Marshall-Ascough told the News last week he feared some women were having children to help their housing situation.

He added that he was sick of hard-working taxpayers footing the bill for benefit claimants who have no interest in getting a job.)

Read more at by clicking above.

Tory Councillor ‘out of touch’ Liam Marshall-Ascough regularly mocks the poor at public Town Hall meetings. He is what he is…a rude and arrogant Tory.

They’re disdain for those suffering from the bedroom tax is borderline scornful and certainly close to morally bankrupt.

Our local Tory Councillor’s support the highly aggressive housing policy and mimic the Tories sadistic inclinations towards the poor, the working poor and those unable to contribute to a working week.

For more on this coverage of my home town however, click here for Crawley News or continue reading:

Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

AMILIES in Crawley are £2,900 a year worse off – in real terms – since the 2010 General Election, the Labour councillor hoping to become the town’s next MP has claimed.

Chris Oxlade says figures showing how much less money the town’s residents have compared to when the coalition government came into power, when you take into account cost-of-living rises, are revealed in the House of Commons Library.

Cllr Oxlade says on average Crawley residents have suffered a fall in annual wages of 11.3 per cent, in real terms, since 2010.

And he added: “Bills are soaring in Crawley. The price of electric, gas and water is going up, as are child care costs, while wages are going down fast.

“A wage drop of £2,900 is almost twice the national average of £1,600. The average drop in the South East is £2,061.

“People’s pay in Crawley has got to crisis point.

“The gap between what people earn and what they pay out is getting wider and wider.”

In response, Crawley’s current MP, Conservative Henry Smith, said that Labour are in no position to lecture on the economy.

He said: “Regarding the figures, I have not seen them so it is difficult to comment.

“They are not figures I recognise.
Read more from Crawley News.

Crawley Councillor ‘Out of Touch’ With Poverty – Again!

Tory Crawley Councillor Out of Touch With Poverty – Again!


A Tory psychopathic main frame, death dealing policies and demonisation of the poor is the Tory ‘spirit of the age’

Street Democracy writes:

SPEAKING OUT: Liam Marshall-Ascough said he was fed up of taxpayers forking out for claimants who have no interest in working


Our local Tory Councillor Liam Marshall – Ascough has again offended those suffering from serious financial scarcity in Crawley, West Sussex.

‘Out of touch’, this Councillor believes there is ‘no poverty’ and how people in Crawley are not hungry, and are not in need of ‘food banks’.

He is wrong on all counts and Crawley is in desperate need of a food bank. 


This Councillor is guilty of mocking the poor during public meetings, guilty of destroying our localised democracy.

This Tory Councillor is an avid fan of persecuting the poor and he doesn’t hide from this fact and is so ‘out of touch’ with issues surrounding poverty it is hard to believe he is a Councillor. 

He supports the putrid and highly controversial  ‘bedroom tax’ mocking those who fell victims to it and who attended many Town Hall meetings to try to prevent Crawley Borough Council from evicting those unable to keep up with payments.

This Tory Councillor really couldn’t care less if a family were economically struggling anyway, to now after the brutal welfare cuts to be totally close to financial destitution.

His beliefs supports this most aggressive housing policy despite it putting social housing tenants, innately decent people by the way, into perpetual debt and rent arrears.

Read more about him by clicking here: 

Nightmare Tory Councillor, Single Mum Hater wants Crawley Council Leadership! (Councillor Liam Marshall-Aschough)


I personally am aware of people in Crawley, first hand who miss vital meals on a daily basis.

I know the poor in Crawley do not spend their £71 a week benefit money on fast food take away’s as this is too expensive. 

They do not go out, and feel socially excluded from mainstream society because of their poverty.


Legions of Tory faceless bureaucrats composing sterile, no empathy policies that cause more social harm than they solve.

I know of those who are unemployed feeling so demonised by Tory Councillors they don’t attend public meetings just to sit in the public gallery and hear Tory Councillors mocking the poor and making them feel as if they are ‘scroungers’ or ‘lazy’.

There have been members of the public turning up to public meetings with full Councillor attendance only to get up and leave after being mocked so rudely.


Crawley Borough Council Town Hall – The Boulevard – Crawley where Tory Councillor’s mock the poor during public meetings.

I am also aware of our local Job centre localising suppression and financial blackmail which can destroy even the hardest of souls.

Attending there myself I witnessed bullying upon a man in desperate need of his benefits but he turned up one minute late.

The Job centre woman actually penalised him and sanctioned him to a loss of one week’s pay. The man sat there stunned the silence said it all.

With G4S bouncers hanging close by, you don’t feel you can legitimately question decisions without fearing them accusing you of causing a problem once a decision has been made.

Intimidation at best, the benefit infrastructure is Tory designed to humiliate and socially out cast, those in need of welfare support, and this demonising attitude is mimicked by our local Tory Councillors.

I am aware of children having little for lunch at school because their parents who are both working are being penalised with the minimum wage, high corporate bills to pay and not much left for anything else, especially food.

It is a shame the Tory agenda is so psychopathic, with no empathy or compassion and it is people like this Councillor who are dangerous with decision making in Crawley.

He is a no empathy, no compassion Tory Councillor.


A psychopathic political main frame and Tory agenda and local Tory Councillors with no empathy mimic this attitude.


My Home Town Crawley: Crawley Town Hall Meeting – The Failure of Democracy


Street Democracy writes:

The more I hear Russell Brand the more I like him. He has now become something of a people’s champion and I only hope he continues. (Watch Russell Brand put Jeremy Paxton in his place)

I agree we need a revolution but not a violent one. A peaceful non compliant revolution of truth. Truth will save our planet from death, truth will decrease global wealth disparities and truth will not produce war and allow corporations to control.

The democratic meeting at Crawley Borough Council was a total failure.


No body from the public turned up therefore democracy was non existent.

I was there and in total there were 5 of us, with myself included, sitting in the large public gallery, that should have held 100 people.

The people of Crawley spoke in volumes by not turning up only the deaf and blinded councillors failed to see this. The people were saying by their massive absence ‘why bother as you don’t listen to us when we do turn up and attend public meetings?’

I sat and watched the Councillors drone on the same old stuff. I heard the Cllr Tories smugly unite together their empty words of attack against Crawley’s poor completely disinterested in issues of poverty and couldn’t care less about the victims of the ‘Bedroom Tax’. 

They were rude in their answers as Cllr Richard Burrett (Tory) always is, and unwilling to move or listen to moral reasoning. The minds of our local Tory councillors was nothing more than typical ganging up style drivel that mocked the general public, especially those vulnerable including the elderly. 

The meeting was diabolical with empty words completely soulless thrown around from one side to the other as in a game of tennis. Pointless words that in the end made for local policy not to help the poor but hinder them. Not for logical morality but of Tory treachery, suppression and tyranny.

As I left the meeting I saw in the wind the tattered remains of democracy whirl around with the leaves on the ground. Our system is failing, the councillors system is failing, representative democracy has failed.​smith

  1. GOOD  VALUE: Henry  Smith says his wife’s pay rise represents good value for money

However, I went to my local church last Sunday and saw our local Tory MP, Henry Smith sitting there. I am filled with disgust as the service continued the speaker spoke about the local poor and times of hardship. How this man sat there without the souls of his feet burn I don’t know.

File:St Paul's Methodist Church, Northgate, Crawley.JPG

St Paul’s Church, Woodfield Road, Northgate, Crawley, West Sussex

Henry Smith MP voted for the increase in student fees because the banks are not earning enough in interest clearly. He increased the debt enslavement around our young’s necks without concern. He voted for the disbanding of the welfare state and benefit cuts that has lead a massive increase in poverty, destitution and suicide.

This is the man who voted for the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and supports ATOS brutal treatment of disabled people regardless of their genuine disabilities. So how on earth does he sit in a church and feel for the poor when he signs or supports policies that devastate?

He is a hypocrite and so blatant I am shocked he was able to walk in to St.Paul’s Church in Northgate in Crawley that morning. How he did it shows you how bankrupt his morals are to not feel any guilt.

Crawley MP doesn’t know how much he pays his wife to work

David Cameron criticises Crawley MP for calling Putin a “tosser”

County councillors vote to increase own allowances​FOR:  Councillor Bob Lanzer said it is up to each individual

  1. FOR:  Councillor Bob Lanzer said it is up to each  individual

COUNCILLORS have voted to increase their own allowances after  making £79  million  of cuts in the past three years. Members of West Sussex County Council  approved the  rise  at a meeting at  County Hall, Chichester, on Friday.

Despite opposition from Crawley Labour members, a proposal to increase  allowances by 1 per cent,  travelling expenses from 53.8p a mile to 59.25p per  mile and a 2.7 per cent increase in subsistence costs, was passed. The Labour county councillor for Bewbush and Ifield West, Chris Oxlade, spoke  out against the proposal at the meeting.


Street Democracy writes:

The soulless public meeting at the Town Hall last night Wednesday 23rd October, is anything to go by, these self indulged and self aggrandizing Tory councillors are failing democracy.

Democracy is just supporting excessive Tory agendas that take ruthlessly from the poor, the much needed social programs, and decimating the welfare state whilst the bankers, the politicians and now these guys give themselves a pat on the back with more money.

Their morality is boundless and bare.

These councillors become as vile as their Tory counterparts, rapacious policies that cause us harm but they support and endorse. The rudeness from smug Tory councillors is the reason why the public don’t turn up. As a member of the public you are forced to sit and listen to this spiral of dribble and numbing attacks that go against your principles of justice and what is right.

Your not allowed to talk. So when they snap at the poor, when they are sarcastic and rude, ‘pay your bedroom tax paupers’ ‘ATOS who? and just not listening to the poor people of Crawley, they really mean it and show how disengaged they are with reality and life.

This is Crawley in West Sussex with a diminishing modern day democracy.

I am not voting for any of them.

I refused to vote for a corrupt system that endorses excessive wealth to the few and screw everyone else. These mindless idiots are not awake and blindly follow the lies and deceit from government without question. The councillors just say ‘there’s nothing we can do, its law’.

Law, agreed by the oligarch, to protect their interests but to invade the poor with warrantless savagery.

Law, written on a piece of paper and stamped with some occult symbol.

Law, with no wet ink signature from the public but we have to do what this piece of paper says.

Law controlled by the Freemasons.


My Home Town Crawley: Crawley Council Full Public Meeting, 7.30pm Wednesday, 23rd Oct. BEDROOM TAX!

_Documents/PUB203717         Click here for details.


Crawley Borough Council is holding a FULL PUBLIC COUNCIL MEETING

This meeting of the Full Council which will be held in the Council Chamber,

Town Hall, Crawley, on Wednesday 23 October 2013

at 7.30 p.m.

crawley town hall

Discussion put forward on Bedroom Tax.

10. Notice of Motion

To consider, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 12, the following Notice of Motion to be moved by Councillor Lamb and seconded by Councillor Joyce:-

“This council notes with concern the reductions in housing benefit for tenants in social housing on the basis of ‘under occupancy’, popularly known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

Tenants hit by the Bedroom Tax are often on the lowest incomes and, according to the Government’s own impact assessment, two-thirds of the households affected contain at least one disabled member.

Even before the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, the demand for smaller social rented properties in Crawley was considerably greater than the demand for larger properties and vastly greater in the case of one-bedroom properties.

Whatever the intentions of the scheme, the shortage of smaller properties in the town and the low incomes of those affected means that increasing homelessness is an inevitable consequence of the Government’s policy.

The impact of enforcing this policy locally comes at a financial cost to the council and a much greater social cost to the wider community.

This council also notes the actions taken by other local authorities to protect their residents from the Bedroom Tax and the recent announcement that, if elected in 2015, the Labour Party will make ending the policy a matter of priority.

As a result, this council resolves:

(1)  To call on the Government to reverse the changes to housing benefit, changes which cut housing benefit from some of Crawley’s most vulnerable residents on the grounds of ‘under occupancy’;

(2) To instruct officers to investigate the ways other local authorities have protected their residents from the Bedroom Tax (including the re-classification of bedrooms in a property) and bring forward a scheme to that effect at the next meeting of Full Council;

(3) To require that Crawley Homes officers make every conceivable effort to find alternatives to evicting families who cannot afford to pay the Bedroom Tax.”1379342_654257877947462_3589181_n

Crawley MP to say sorry to David Cameron after calling Vladimir Putin a tosser  Henry Smith called Russian president Vladimir Putin a 'tosser' after becoming frustrated at insults aimed at Britain

  1. CRITICISED:  Henry Smith called Russian president  Vladimir Putin a ‘tosser’ after becoming frustrated at insults aimed at  Britai​nOUTSPOKEN: Crawley MP Henry Smith is due to meet David Cameron for the first time tonight since insulting Vladimir Putin
  1. OUTSPOKEN: Crawley MP Henry Smith is due to meet  David Cameron for the first time tonight since insulting Vladimir  Putin

Street Democracy writes:

This is my local MP! Not worthy of the title. This man is responsible for voting for the savage cuts and the massacre of the Welfare State. He voted for an increase in student fees so our children have a perpetual ever lasting debt around their necks.

He also voted for the ‘Bedroom Tax’ because this MP doesn’t give a damn. He supports ATOS, and the  social carnage, the humiliation they put disabled people through and those suffering of sickness or illness.

This man dares to stand as a democratic Member of Parliament, when all he has done is fire evil print on discomforting, disheartening and ruthless social policies like bullets to slaughter the poor with. Not even coming up for air, he refuses to listen to disabled people desperately trying to get heard by speaking to him about the putrid ‘Bedroom Tax’.

When they complained about Crawley Borough Council’s incompetence at managing this housing policy, all you got was political jargon as to why it is a good idea. He never offered to help anyone being threatened of eviction. Financial difficulties doesn’t cross his mind, if you can’t pay it, tough! The fear some have of bailiffs round to evict you, is a worrying and distressing thought for anyone.

This Tory MP promotes the unrealistic corporate ideals and by passes human rights, and degrades our democracy as he refuses to listen to the public. His answer to listening is to you is to send you political pre-made and pre-typed jargon to justify poor decisions and then hide behind his office door to say no more.

He is weak minded and not worthy of the title MP. For more on this story click here for Crawley News or continue reading below.OUTSPOKEN:  Crawley MP Henry Smith is due to meet David Cameron tonight after insulting Vladimir Putin

  1. OUTSPOKEN:  Crawley MP Henry Smith is due to meet  David Cameron tonight after insulting Vladimir Putin

HENRY Smith will personally apologise to David Cameron tonight (Wednesday)  for any embarrassment caused after he called Vladimir Putin a “tosser”. Crawley’s MP said his outburst last   Friday against the Russian president  was borne out of frustration at the way Britain had been “insulted” at last  week’s G20 summit.

An unnamed Russian official told reporters at the summit in St Petersburg  that Britain was “just a small island” that “no one pays any attention to”. Having read the comments, the   outspoken MP took to his Twitter account   on Friday  morning and wrote: “Putin really is a tosser”.

New Tory leader laughs off call for entire cabinet to resign CHANCE: Howard Bloom has laughed off a call by Labour for the entire Tory cabinet to resign

  1. NO CHANCE: Howard Bloom has laughed off a call by  Labour for the entire Tory cabinet to resign

Street Democracy writes:

The mess our Tory local councillors are in with their internal squabbling and the usual drivel that Tories come out with, has left the stability of our council, Crawley Borough Council in tatters. We have masonic v non-masonic in their own party, we have incapable leaders demanding leadership, and one Tory claiming sexual harassment from the last council leader.

What are they getting up too one might ask. What we do know is they blindly follow the putrid policies the rapacious Tory liars of Westminster have implemented. The financial rampage of the Welfare State is controversial in the fact it is causing high levels of suicide.

We have had our first suicide here in Crawley with a man named Lee Robinson. Our local Tory councillors couldn’t care less and only care about banging on and on about their power.

The snobbery is high when they walk in to the Crawley Town Hall public chamber. It’s almost worth going to a public meeting to see this parade of noses in the air. Well if the Tories hadn’t left such a stench in their trail perhaps they wouldn’t need too. They have blood on their hands, they have ignorance across their faces but determined they are to continue forward, and ignore this.

I don’t agree any council should be political party biased as if you have a rubbish leadership like what we have now in Parliament, then it is induced locally no questions asked. Councils should be biased to the local community and Parliament should be on their knees to request their policies be implemented. It shouldn’t be the other way round.

For more on this story click here for thisissussex or continue reading below.


THE newly-appointed leader of Crawley’s Conservative group has laughed off a  call by opposition councillors for the entire cabinet to resign. Labour group chairman Chris Oxlade said the Conservative cabinet should stand  down because of recent infighting and because it “has proven that they cannot  deliver and it’s time for them to go.”

However Tory group leader Howard Bloom, who could become the leader of the  council if approved by the full council on September 26, said: “How can they  question the way we have administered the council?

“We have achieved significant improvements in council services under [former  council leader] Bob Lanzer’s leadership.