Home Town Crawley: Fight which started night of violence in Bewbush involved 50 youths

Fight which started night of violence in Bewbush involved 50 youths


Sussex Police – Crawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 8BF

Comments (0)THE huge fight which sparked a night of violence on the streets of Bewbush involved up to 50 youths, police have confirmed this morning.

At 7.42pm last night (Sunday) police were called to Dorsten Square, where there were reports that some of those fighting were armed with weapons.

More than 20 separate calls were received from concerned members of the public about the brawl.

Police units from Crawley and neighbouring areas were assigned to the incident.


Six people were arrested on suspicion of affray and at least one on suspicion of assault on a police officer.

A number of people required hospital treatment, but there are not thought to be any serious injuries at this time.

Reports from witnesses claimed that a 15-year-old boy was badly injured by a gang who attacked him with weapons.

It was also claimed that a woman was then hit by a car amid the chaos.

Police have not confirmed at this stage whether these reports are correct, but have also not said they are incorrect.

The mass brawl led to a number of other incidents around Bewbush, with the public being advised to avoid hot-spots of trouble last night while police gained control of the situation.

Police will be providing further updates later in the day on the injuries and other incidents.

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Fight-started-night-violence-Bewbush-involved-50/story-21947635-detail/story.html#ixzz38kwC1owk
Read more at http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Fight-started-night-violence-Bewbush-involved-50/story-21947635-detail/story.html#RR6w09gRXcCIvpl3.99

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Fight-started-night-violence-Bewbush-involved-50/story-21947635-detail/story.html?ito=email_newsletter_crawleynews#ixzz38kvfPhUO


My Home Town Crawley: Appeal for help to find missing Crawley man Jean Dominique Leveque

Appeal for help to find missing Crawley man Jean Dominique Leveque

Street Democracy writes:

For any information contact Crawley Police Station:


Crawley Police Station, Northgate Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 8BF-Description This police station front office is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 8pm. Open to the public Yes Parking There is parking available at the Town Hall car park (charges apply). Building accessibility Access to all areas. Driving directions 51.120011,-0.180957 or Journey Planner



A PUBLIC appeal has been made for help to find a missing man who often spends time in Crawley town centre.


Jean Dominique Leveque, 42, was reported missing to police in Crawley yesterday.


Anyone who has spotted him or knows of his whereabouts is asked to call Sussex Police on 101.

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Appeal-help-missing-Crawley-man-Jean-Dominique/story-21133362-detail/story.html?ito=email_newsletter_crawleynews#ixzz32XYTTDRn





Crawley Town Hall- The Boulevard, Crawley, West Sussex. It is a Tory run council.

1. Party-politics has no place in local politics. The people in the community come first, not the political party.

2. Party-politics caused these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’ because councillors put their political party first – not the people in the
local community which they are supposed to represent.

3. Party-politics created the ‘Whipped Vote’ at County Hall last February on Valentine’s Day, which has caused the problems we are now seeing in our local communities*. All 44 party-political councillors voted for these insane ‘Cuts & Closures’. Not one disagreed with this moral insanity. Not even one abstained. Why? Because they put their party first, not the people they represent.

This political decision requires a moral and political response. That means we must vote on Thursday. We must vote for our children’s sake –and for our future.

If we care enough, we will vote on Thursday.

*Cuts to the Crawley Lifeline Service – a critical service for the
elderly & vulnerable.
*Closures to Crawley’s Children & Family Centre Sessions – a lifeline
support to many Mums with their babies.

Yours sincerely

Richard W. Symonds
Independent Candidate for Ifield

Or tweet: Gatwick City ofIdeas https://twitter.com/GatwickCity

crawley town hall

Dear Editor

There will be a “Cuts & Closures” follow-up protest today (Mon) from Midday to 1pm, outside Crawley Town Hall.

Follow-up to Dec 16 2013 protest : “‘ Suffering and more deaths’ to follow cuts”

A small placard will read : “Councillors Voted For ‘Cuts & Closures’ On Valentine’s Day. Vote Accordingly On Thursday”

Yours sincerely
Richard W. Symonds

Home Town Crawley: Crawley girl, 12, missing and could be at “serious risk”

Crawley girl, 12, missing and could be at “serious risk” by Crawley News click here for full story…


POLICE think a 12-girl-old girl from Crawley who has been missing since Sunday may be in London.


Starlene Dempsey went missing after leaving an address in Portslade on Sunday and has not returned to her home in Crawley since.


Sussex Police have extended their search for Starlene and her friend, Chloe James, who is also missing, to London.


Officers are growing increasingly concerned for their welfare and believe they may be in the Newham or Tower Hamlets area.


Fifteen-year-old Chloe, from Seaford, was dropped at Seaford railway station on Sunday around midday and had a return ticket to Lewes where she was expected to see a friend.


A police officer spoke to her on Sunday and she did say she would be returning home, but has so far failed to do so. The pair are thought to be together.


Detective Inspector Lee Horner said: “Both girls have gone missing before and from previous experience, we believe that they may be putting themselves at serious risk due to the people they are likely to associate with.


“We have information that they are thought to be in the Newham or Tower Hamlets area of London and two Sussex officers have travelled to the capital to link with colleagues in the Metropolitan Police who are assisting with the search.


“I would urge the girls or anyone who knows where they are to contact police now on 101 quoting serial 1385 of 27/04. If they are in danger or need medical assistance, please dial 999 immediately.”

Read more: Crawley girl, 12, missing and could be at “serious risk” by Crawley News click here for full story…


Crawley My Home Town: Woman arrested after cannabis plants seized in Tilgate

Woman arrested after cannabis plants seized in Tilgate by Crawley News.

unnamed (6)

Street Democracy writes:

It is a crying shame a woman is targeted, labelled a drug dealer, has her home raided in full view of her community, is arrested, handcuffed and treated like a criminal for growing a plant that heals.

For growing a plant that is medicine and grows naturally for us to consume because of its healing qualities.

I’m no expert.


None of us really are as local knowledge of the sacred has been unduly removed from us.

However, what I do know about some of the reasons as to why the authorities or should we say the ruling elites do not want us plebs smoking it is because of one highly important thing.

Spiritual enlightenment. The rulers of this world want us all glued to X Factor and other social nonsense.

This is what they want.


If you smoke cannabis correctly, firstly you switch off any corporate noise, that’s all music for now because of their corporate ties and enslavement.

The music industry is not our friends and the music industry is one of the darkest corporations surrounding and infiltrating our lives.

Look up: CELEBRITIES EXPOSED: Satanism in the Hollywood & Music Industry (Illuminati, Masons) (Part 1 of 2)

Smoking correctly in silence without anyone polluting your mind, and you will start to think!

That’s what they are afraid of.

They do no want us thinking. A society of thinkers of deep thought would see through and question the current political infrastructure for sure.

We would question leadership, we would question our corporate world of rights and our economic model of capitalism that is so corrupt it wouldn’t be too hard to pick holes in it.


You become a mini philosopher, you also become non aggressive, holistic towards others and laid back.

It is the opposite to what alcohol does on a Saturday night to our youth out night clubbing.

Look at the drunken state they get into. They can’t stand straight or walk straight never mind think straight. They speak with a slur so points of view are never taken seriously and no one likes listening to a drunk.


If you want enlightenment qualities then you have to smoke a little, treat it gently, inhale gently, lightly and slowly and feel a layer of toxic modern day living peel away. 

Close eyes and ask one question that means something, and give it a little while. Keep eyes closed and listen to your thoughts in silence.

Be careful though, always ask for protection and that is light. Light is organic and is inside of you. Never draw anything in from outside is my advice and I’m sticking to it.


Use the heart energy and bring it out to surround you. This is the light of protection. You won’t see it, but you will feel it. We are very powerful entities, very important beings with so much amazing spiritual skills we don’t know or even recognise.

Surround your body with this light.

It comes out from your gut area and surrounds your body. Failing this just ask for protection to your spiritual family and they will always oblige. 

What knowledge we should have however, about the healing qualities of plants in general has been removed and taken by corporate blackness that now shadows all living with patent laws, with commerce and heavy weight corporate ownership.


So by meditating we un-prison ourselves. Cannabis can help with meditation but you really don’t need it to achieve success.

We really need to take our power back, take back our land of abundance and live free without having to pay someone Mafia family the privilege of doing so.

Earth is free, she has no borders, she has only the law of the land which we must respect.

However, this particular story isn’t about this. It is about the illegal growing of this plant and the criminalisation of those who do so.

It may be about being forced to make money in this tough luck Tory austerity program and making some money, any money is better than not making any.


People missing meals will drive some to make money in areas they wouldn’t normally venture. Hunger can drive a mind into survival mode leading to places not of the norm for them-sometimes.

Let us be clear, by growing cannabis plants this lady was not endangering anybody and was not violent or causing ill harm to her neighbours or to her community.

No one was in danger of her activities illegal or not.

It may be her intention was solely for profit and material gain.

It maybe she ‘is’ a prolific drug dealer and has a record, but we don’t know that.

There are many innately decent people who are criminalised for this plant. For having it in their pocket to growing it for medicinal purposes.

It is shame we don’t know our own selves better to accommodate a much better understanding of this plant by our heavy weight rules of law on cannabis.

For more on this story scroll further down.

Here I have found: for more information on Cannabis.

18 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Images via Current and Street Knowledge

Seriously. Though marijuana is still illegal in the United States, it is legal in 12 states for medicinal purposes, and if a case of poison ivy in the woods isn’t a medicinal purpose, what is? Marijuana was *mostly* legal until 1970 when it became classified as a hard drug.

No one thought of it as a dangerous or illicit drug until the 20th century; in fact, hemp was George Washington’s primary crop and Thomas Jefferson’s secondary crop. The Declaration of Independence is written on it; the Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp, too. There’s actually an environmental dimension to legalizing marijuana – hemp is a remarkable and renewable plant, offering all kinds of foodstuff and product uses that surpass cotton and plastic.

But health benefits are well documented, from depression and anxiety relief to reduced blood pressure, pain alleviation and glaucoma treatment. It is not addictive, does not kill brain cells and is not a “gateway” drug – in fact, when pot is more available, studies show that the use of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine actually decreases.

The bottom line for hikers: when your leg is broken from a misjudged boulder hopping attempt (pain) and a bear has eaten your friend (depression) and you’re lost because you forgot the compass (dumbass), consult the cannabis.

For more click here for:

18 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

For more on the original story click here or continue reading:


Crawley Police Station-Northgate, West Sussex RH10 8DF

Woman arrested after cannabis plants seized in Tilgate by Crawley News.


A WOMAN was arrested after a drugs raid on a property in Tilgate on Monday (April 14).

At 8.50am police raided an address on Hogarth Road and seized a small quantity of cannabis plants.

A 35-year old woman was arrested on suspicion of cannabis cultivation.

She was later released on police bail until July 8 while enquiries continue.

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Woman-arrested-drugs-raid-Tilgate/story-20966291-detail/story.html?ito=email_newsletter_crawleynews#ixzz2z8Y1oixh

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 


People in Crawley, West Sussex are going hungry, missing meals regularly to pay the bedroom tax and other death dealing benefit cuts by the Tories.

Street Democracy writes:

Here in Crawley, W.Sussex I hear and meet local residents who regularly miss meals because of being forced to pay the bedroom tax or have been hit hard by the benefit cuts.

I meet people who tell me democracy for them doesn’t exist for they feel silenced and excluded.

Our local MP, Henry Smith (Tory), doesn’t listen to them or me for that matter, and gives back automated pre-written emails or responses regurgitated from the Tory henchmen Conservative Leaders.


Henry Smith MP-Prayed at Northgate Church for the poor but ignores their pleas, supports bedroom tax, benefit cuts and ATOS all death dealing Tory policies-hypocrite!

There is no empathy in this sterile economic torture towards the poor.

The Tory punishing state is expanding as our stomachs rumble for food.

We have some Tory Councillor’s who feel we the poor live lavishly on food take away’s, daily and we don’t need a food bank.


This Tory Councillor is also rude to members of the public who don’t support Tory policy. Mockery is allowed at Town Hall meetings towards the public gallery when the public are not permitted to speak to defend themselves. Outcome-innately decent people walk out.


This particular Tory Councillor is wrong.

He is using in accurate and by out of touch information to make such a crazy statement.

This Tory Councillor cannot hear, or relate to the numbers of Crawley residents who bear the weight of this Tory ‘war against the poor’ and even Iain Duncan Smith stated it was a war.


So it is a war then! A war against the lower classes and financially weaponising benefits and to demonise claimants has been a Tory success.

Crawley, Tory Councillor refuse’s to open their eyes to their political party’s destruction policy aimed at benefit claimants.

It has been a spiteful punishing agenda, especially using the blame game for economic failures being aimed at benefit claimants and calling it a ‘benefit culture’ like it was always easy to survive on.

There are hungry people in Crawley, I know this for a fact. Desperately trying to find work that pays their rent, mortgage and the corporate cost of living is now very difficult without welfare top ups.

Crawley Borough Council and the local Crawley Job Centre amplify this misery, by following the Tory psychopathic main frame with ruthless efficiency.


Bedroom tax victims were regularly mocked by Tory Councillor’s and many walked out feeling worse than what they did walking in. This is Crawley Borough Council where workers are paid not to be political-paid no to think more like.

For more on the ‘war on the poor’ click here for the Mirror or continue reading:


By orders of wealthy ruling families-death dealing policies-this Tory psychopathic agenda is being followed with ruthless efficiency.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 

As a report reveals one million food parcels have been handed out including 330,000 to hungry children, a professional working couple tell how they had to rely on food banks to feed their baby.

Hard working: Hannah, baby Hunter and Dean Chadwick


NHS PA Hannah Chadwick, 31, and her engineer husband Dean, 27, ran out of money to feed themselves and their 16-month-old son Hunter after their car needed £700 of repairs.

In an open letter to David Cameron, the couple, from Wrexham in North Wales, reveal how they had to use a food bank to survive:

Dear Mr Cameron

We are a hard-working family and never buy anything on credit. We are proud of being able to provide for ourselves and didn’t want to beg off someone else. So going to the food bank was our only option. We were a bit embarrassed but in August we turned up at our local centre.

There was a real mix of people there. We expected to see homeless people or those fighting addiction. But there were also professional workers, older people and families.

They gave us three days of food but it lasted a week. It tided us over to payday. Without it we’d have gone hungry. We don’t think the answer is more food banks. Cheaper childcare would have helped us. We are a wealthy country and it is shocking that so many don’t have enough.

We want the Government to come up with ways that people can help themselves. And if you are struggling our message to you is, ‘Don’t be too proud to ask for help’. We wanted to give back so we donate food ourselves.

Hannah and Dean Chadwick


My Home Town Crawley- In Memory of PCSO Ken Oldershaw 07/10/49-28/03/14

In Memory of PCSO Ken Oldershaw


Crawley Police Station where they all the police officers lined up to give PCSO Ken Oldershaw a Police Guard of Honour send off- It was a wonderful touching tribute.

Crawley PCSO stalwart Ken Oldershaw to receive guard of honour at funeral by Crawley News

Street Democracy writes:

In memory of PCSO Ken Oldershaw, my local police officer and friend. ‘You will be surely missed’.

It was a wonderful sight to see so many people turn up for Ken’s funeral. All still in shock as poor Ken passed away last Friday, 28th March.

We were all hoping he would make a full recovery, but it wasn’t to be.

Our thoughts are with his loving family, his wife and children especially.

During the service we sat and listened to both his children speak very moving tributes towards their father as well as Neighbourhood Watch Chairman Mr John Wright.

Ken was always keen to promote community projects within our community of Northgate, Crawley and Mr Wright spoke very movingly about Ken’s dedication towards Neighbourhood Watch.

I am myself a Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator, and I know too well at the level of passion he showed towards it, helping me organised my NHW meetings.

Ken always kept us informed busily keeping Northgate in Crawley in touch with Sussex Police with regular policing updates.

He will be surely missed.


So very proud of Crawley police that afternoon.

We waited outside the crematorium and saw the endless police cars, police vans and Ken’s much-loved (yellow) Police CCTV van, turn up too with blue lights flashing.

That was what brought tears to many eyes, who stood outside for Ken to turn up with his family.

When that time came, Crawley police officers, all lined up, held their hats and looking so smart in their uniforms, saluted Ken as his coffin was carried inside.

A full police guard of honour.

It was also great to see Labour Cllr Chris Oxlade and also Labour Cllr Geraint Thomas there

This was at Balcombe crematorium held on the 3rd April at 4.30pm.

Thank you Crawley Police, you did us all proud that day.


Very proud of Crawley Police. All the officers lined up just outside the entrance, looking very smart in their uniforms saluting to Ken for his dedicated services to the police force.

ONE of Crawley’s first ever PCSOs is to receive a guard of honour from colleagues at his funeral today (Thursday).

Ken Oldershaw died last Friday, March 28, just six months before he was due to retire from Sussex Police.

Mr Oldershaw, 64, had been battling cancer since last year but died of pneumonia in The Royal Marsden Hospital, in London.

Mr Oldershaw became a PCSO 10 years ago, starting the role at Gatwick Airport before moving on to cover Northgate and then Three Bridges.

Police and members of the town’s Neighbourhood Watch will stand a guard of honour at his funeral.

It is taking place at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium at 4.30pm.

Instead of flowers, the family request donations are given to Mr Oldershaw’s dream fund – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ken-oldershaw-s-dream-fund

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Crawley-PCSO-stalwart-Ken-Oldershaw-receive-guard/story-20906355-detail/story.html#ixzz2y6AP5QSn

My Home Town Crawley: Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

Street Democracy writes:

In Crawley like most towns, the Tory’s ‘spirit of the age’ has been to support a psychopathic political main frame by forcing ‘austerity’ upon us and blaming us for the colossal economic failings.

Crawley has been dealt the ‘Tory death dealing’ politics penalising like most working class towns with heavy financial sanctions especially upon those finding themselves unemployed, disabled or on the minimum wage. 


Town Hall public meetings held with an empty public gallery because the Tories mock the poor and laugh at the mounting bedroom tax issues.

Benefit claimants especially in our Town have been ruthlessly demonised as lazy.

Stripped of all dignity by the benefit agents who hold no empathy or moral compass within their job descriptions, have systematically economically butchered the poor.

They have localised financial blackmail, localised also a heavy sadistic suppression by socially labelling the benefit claimant as some form of ‘uncouth barbaric lazy social annoyance’.


We have to deal with local Crawley Tory Councillors like this man and his out of touch ideologies surrounding poverty issues. He is most rude and always mocks the poor in Crawley.

The silencing of the poor has been administered and localised by the Crawley Job centre, while the poor face financial destitution and psychological depression of the greatest magnitude.

Poverty is the rape of the mind, it is a silent weapon most cruel.

I know of locals who regularly miss meals, fear turning on the electricity, and have none when the meter runs out and these innately decent people sit in the dark at home freezing cold too.

I know residents in Crawley who don’t go out as they don’t have decent shoes to wear and only go out in the evenings as their old clothes and worn shoes don’t show up as much.

I know people who feel excluded from mainstream society, from their own community because of their poverty.

In Crawley there are no professional local authority figures with any empathy or compassion. Rather you are spoken too with disdain at your financial scarcity and predicament. There is no respect especially from Crawley Borough Council.

It is almost like they have been trained to be ruthless with high efficiency towards those on Housing Benefit, those who are victims of the bedroom tax and those unable to find work suitable for them.


An insensitive budget has made the poor worse off. The Tories standing by their psychopathic political agenda of no empathy for the poor.

Crawley Job centre actually sanctioned a man for being 1 minute late for his appointment. The stone faced woman just glared at him as she destroyed his life and felt no compassion for him but just thought of her bonuses for doing so.

This man, completely stunned by her coldness just sat their in silence. It was the silence from him that told me the impact having no money for the week meant to him. How was he to buy food? How was he to live?

It is a psychopathic Tory main frame being followed and we have some of the most callous Tory Councillors imaginable.

This Tory Councillor (Liam Marshall-Ascough) and there are others, really are out of touch when it comes to poverty issues. 

They mock the poor during public Town Hall meetings to which I am surprised it is allowed.

However, then you find out the Mayor is a Tory, the leader of the Council is a Tory and while they don’t mock in public, they don’t reprimand the rude gestures from these Councillor’s either.

So mocking the poor is allowed and exercised.


Welcome to Tory run Crawley Borough Council where we mock you if your are poor, and treat you with the disdain you deserve.

In fact some Tory Councillors behave themselves, as sanctimonious pompous prigs at the best of times, snobbery leading them through their days with total disregard for those on minimum wage, working part time and in need of financial assistance just to get by.

Let us also include their distaste for single mothers as Tory Councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough displayed his thoughts about single mothers deliberately getting pregnant to gain social housing.

Read more:Conservative councillor says he doesn’t believe anyone in Crawley is going hungry as Labour calls for food bank in Town Hall

Tory’s comments on single mums labelled ‘bigotry’

(A TORY councillor has been accused of “bigotry” for claiming that women are getting pregnant to increase their chances of getting a council house.

Liam Marshall-Ascough told the News last week he feared some women were having children to help their housing situation.

He added that he was sick of hard-working taxpayers footing the bill for benefit claimants who have no interest in getting a job.)

Read more at by clicking above.

Tory Councillor ‘out of touch’ Liam Marshall-Ascough regularly mocks the poor at public Town Hall meetings. He is what he is…a rude and arrogant Tory.

They’re disdain for those suffering from the bedroom tax is borderline scornful and certainly close to morally bankrupt.

Our local Tory Councillor’s support the highly aggressive housing policy and mimic the Tories sadistic inclinations towards the poor, the working poor and those unable to contribute to a working week.

For more on this coverage of my home town however, click here for Crawley News or continue reading:

Labour councillor claims Crawley families are £2,900 worse off than in 2010

AMILIES in Crawley are £2,900 a year worse off – in real terms – since the 2010 General Election, the Labour councillor hoping to become the town’s next MP has claimed.

Chris Oxlade says figures showing how much less money the town’s residents have compared to when the coalition government came into power, when you take into account cost-of-living rises, are revealed in the House of Commons Library.

Cllr Oxlade says on average Crawley residents have suffered a fall in annual wages of 11.3 per cent, in real terms, since 2010.

And he added: “Bills are soaring in Crawley. The price of electric, gas and water is going up, as are child care costs, while wages are going down fast.

“A wage drop of £2,900 is almost twice the national average of £1,600. The average drop in the South East is £2,061.

“People’s pay in Crawley has got to crisis point.

“The gap between what people earn and what they pay out is getting wider and wider.”

In response, Crawley’s current MP, Conservative Henry Smith, said that Labour are in no position to lecture on the economy.

He said: “Regarding the figures, I have not seen them so it is difficult to comment.

“They are not figures I recognise.
Read more from Crawley News.

Aristocratic Far Right Tory Prime Minister: Cameron lies to parliament again about the bedroom tax


Street Democracy writes:

They lie with style or just lie with their corporate base power, but lie they do about this most vile housing policy, the bedroom tax.

With political chicanery, Prime Minister David Cameron uses trickery and deception within an empty speech void of empathy, truth and integrity. Now housing staff up and down the country have blindly accepted such aggressive policies, they too have become just as toxic, and just as out of touch.563729_671029656270284_148532872_n

Crawley Borough Council for example is just an extension of the ‘iron fists of blue’ that erases the dignity of social housing tenants forced to attend meetings and declare their private lifestyle to then be unfairly judged and harshly spoken too. It is a numbing assault upon the poorest of families.

16426My local council has mistaken the way to justice and all avenues of democracy and accepted tyrannical far right mafia type of centralised government’s ideologies of fairness.

The actual rot surrounding our Tory government sends a stench of decay that most people are waking up too, it is unfortunate Crawley Borough Council noses are so far up their own backsides they fail to notice the smell. In the meantime they ridicule the poor, and Tory local councillors mock them further.

The disabled community are effected and many live in fear of loosing their specially adapted homes, or the spare room they desperately need for the disability equipment. In fact there is an almighty list as to reasons why many disabled people need spare rooms, and quite frankly its no one’s business but their own.1240652_656743937683675_789644844_n

The fact that our government is humiliating the poor, disabled people and those unable to contribute to a working week is a break with the social contract. This government is in breach of trust of the people, and shows how weak and vile they must to be to result in name calling and financially slaughtering the poorest in the first place.


The reason is if our own Prime Minister can lie through his teeth, it sends a clear signal to Tory followers that the poor are not even worth the truth. You can vomit up Tory values and incorporate lies to further the agenda, that is anything but democratic.

Our government is corrupt, they are unprincipled men and women, with reptilian agendas of Draconia, especially with regards to disabled people, and the poorest of social housing tenants daring to have a spare room of 6ft x 6ft.

The wealthy can rob us of land, hoard hundred of thousands of acres of land they don’t need, never use or even bother about. They can hoard property and leave land scarcity and limit homes for everyone else. This should be against the law.

For more on this click here for SPeye or continue reading.


‘Today David Cameron once again lied to parliament about the bedroom tax during Prime Ministers Questions.

Watch the above recording and just after 15 minutes in response to a question on the bedroom tax Cameron states:

“Obviously what we’ve done is exempt disabled people who need an extra room”

There are no exemptions at all for disabled people in the bedroom tax.

Cameron must surely know this policy by now and it cannot be said that he is just ignorant of the bedroom tax policy. He must have deliberately and knowingly lied and that is the end of it.’

Read more …

Crawley My Home Town: Woman attacked while walking dogs in Crawley


Address: Northgate Avenue, Crawley, RH10 8BF

19 November 2013

Police are appealing for information after a woman was attacked while walking her dogs in Crawley on Saturday night (November 16).

The 49-year-old woman was walking her two dogs on the footpath leading from Winchester Road in Tilgate towards the K2 Leisure Centre at around 11.50pm when she was grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground.

The victim was fighting against her attacker when her German Shepherd dog bit the man and he ran off.

Detective Sergeant Steve Tattersall said: “The woman bravely fought the man but has only able to describe him as a largely built man wearing a dark hoody and dark trousers. During the attack he did not speak and it was unclear what his intention was. We are appealing for witnesses to anyone who saw someone acting suspiciously in the area or anyone they know has suffered a dog bite and haven’t been clear about how it happened.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting serial 1699 of 16/11. Alternatively contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”