Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters

Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters

‘Some of the recent media coverage about the fact that more than 50 people in Peru – the vast majority of them indigenous – are on trial following protests and fatal conflict in the Amazon over five years ago missed a crucial point.

Yes, the hearings are finally going ahead and the charges are widely held to be trumped-up, but what about the government functionaries who apparently gave the riot police the order to attack the protestors, the police themselves, and – following Wikileaks’ revelations of cables in which the US ambassador in Lima criticized the Peruvian government’s “reluctance to use force” and wrote there could be “implications for the recently implemented Peru-US FTA” if the protests continued – the role of the US government?’

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They Fear Civil Uprising Against Their Corrupt Political Apparatus! Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control

Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control tactic in challenge to Theresa May’s authority

Street Democracy writes:

They fear us.

They need too.

The Tories have innumerable layers of distorted wrong political and social concepts that they are silencing society with their gutter framework with a commanding dialogue, that of water canons.

The Tories biased elite frame work is creating a torturous one for society, especially the poor.

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A biased psychopathic main frame to serve the wealth of our country even more wealth and steal any from everyone else is a corrupt government and a dirty political infrastructure.

The ruling elites,  the disconnected Tories who presuppose ownership over us, use their out of touch ideology to herd us in any direction they want.

They are turning our society into a Punishing State of long hard days of gruel for little but hard struggles.

Gradual erosions of our freedoms is nothing more than a head fast collision with an Oligarchical form of Orwellian control, an authoritarian leadership that is anti-democratic.

Water Cannons ACPO Tory Austerity AAV

Legitimate anger is healthy but the Tories diabolical political principles enshrined into law has enraged innately decent people with all doors to democracy blocked.

By inflicting putrid policies amplifying misery in a carnival of social demonisation towards the working classes, the unemployed and vulnerable across society, these psychopaths are creating a deep social obliteration of any happiness.

They are instead emerging one giant ‘Gulag State’ of controlled impoverishment and financial destitution.

Democracy if we had one, would encourage local political innovation and participation but our political elites don’t wish for this and the demonisation has occurred to criminalise the protester.


To silence freedom of speech with aggressive tactics will only add fuel to the fire. The criminalisation of protesting should be illegal as democracy is only democracy when protesting is active.

The protester is anyone who critiques the government and the criminalisation of this process is also the criminalisation of democracy itself.


Now our UK modern day society is filled with broken people struggling just to survive daily with high cost of living, and low earnings and financial sanctions towards benefit claimants is flooding debt and rent arrears across the board.


It is our natural right to protect ourselves against rogue governments-not that we need one!

A legitimate rage is no longer deemed healthy by our corrupt government. 

Instead they wish to pacify, submit a forced compliance of obedient subjects that never question authority and they feel the use of force by aggressive and dangerous water cannons is the answer to their fear.

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Water cannon coming to London: Boris Johnson approves controversial crowd control tactic in challenge to Theresa May’s authority

If the trenches of democracy are blocked by legions of faceless bureaucrats then what is left but to protest and if this is criminalised…????

‘Boris Johnson has been accused of “playing politics” over the safety of London’s streets by ordering the purchase of three water cannon from Germany before the Home Secretary has given permission for their use.

City Hall officials said the decision had to be made urgently in order to take advantage of a good deal offered by German Federal Police – but it has also been seen as a serious challenge to Theresa May’s authority.

It comes as the latest clash between figures at the very top of the Tory party, with Ms May and Mr Johnson among the leading candidates to succeed David Cameron as the Conservatives’ leader.’

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POLICE STATE USA-Shock Federal Government Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges

Shock Federal Government Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges


Children are being arrested for being free spirits or as government decides is now unruly behaviour or a mental illness. Either way they are socially conditioning our future as one giant open air prison.

Street Democracy writes:

A salacious intrusion, a warrantless invasion by external forces now having the right to destroy your right to privacy, your right to living or just being.

The criminalisation of citizens.

They are using the police force as their foot soldiers.


Us, the way we live, as free range people caged by rules and an increasing police brutality. We are being criminalised for daring to speak our minds.


Despite this effecting the police officers and police staff themselves, and their colleagues now in retirement, their civilian families, wives and children and all their non police relatives and friends.

The ruling elites are creating a social form of paranoia and fear amongst authority, criminalising protesters as uncouth animal type barbarians.



We are all beginning to wake up however, even the police. It will only take one injustice and very violent arrest on a police officer’s wife for some minor trivia offence to realise how bad things have got.

Elites are socially engineering a ‘siege mentality’ within police training, highlighting it is for the police officers protection, just in case little granny has a rifle.

Well she might and some grannies do, especially those living on farms.

It is certainly disturbing the freedoms of people just living out their lives.

With just a mere suspicion or assertion to undermine citizenry by modern-day policing, heavy weight erosion of your rights is now being destroyed by our ruling elites.


This is what modern-day policing has become. Is this what modern-day policing should be about? No, but it is becoming.

It is a form of silencing the public, by force, by fear of attracting unnecessary attention by local authorities that stifles public opinion. 

Fear of the police is growing and the poor are viewed as uncouth barbaric ‘useless eaters’ that need strict discipline and societal re-training.

It is certainly shattering the fiction of democracy with governments overtly hostility out in the open for all to see.

It is a ‘1984’ doctrine, an agenda being practised by order of legions of faceless heavy weight bureaucrats demanding social order and control and eroding our freedoms in the name of crime bit by bit.


A form of criminalisation against facial expressions. Thought crime for daring to frown against government decisions and a police force obedient to government with aggressive hostility towards people.

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Shock Federal Government Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges

‘The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution.

In a unanimous decision earlier this month the Court determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.’

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Violation of fucking free speech? Michigan city cops ticket people for swearing

‘The Daily Mail is reporting that two young adults were recently ticketed in the Detroit suburb of Brighton, Michigan for cursing.

The city’s police chief has instructed his officers to enforce a Brighton ordinance that bars anyone from using language which would cause quote, “a breach of the peace”.

Not only that, but each ticket comes with a $200 price tag.’

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PLA Troops Descend on China-Vietnam Border

PLA Troops Descend on China-Vietnam Border

‘Beijing may be considering a military response to anti-China protests that have erupted in Vietnam over the last two weeks, with reports of an “endless stream” of PLA troops, tanks, missile launchers and other heavy artillery heading to Pingxiang city, where the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979 began.

The protests were sparked by China’s attempt to place a huge state-owned oil rig inside Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) on May 2, a move Vietnam treated as an illegal act of provocation. The deployment of the rig was accompanied by 80 ships including 7 PLA warships which were confronted by Vietnamese forces. Chinese ships used water cannons and rammed the Vietnamese ships, fueling a dispute that has raged ever since with violent anti-China riots leading to the death of 21 protesters.

After Beijing sent two planes and five ships to evacuate Chinese citizens from Vietnam last week, assets of a very different nature are heading to the border region as reports emerge of PLA troops in full combat gear on their way to Pingxiang city.”

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Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests

Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests


Is this what modern day policing actually means? Are we now under totalitarian rule a form of corporate oligarchical rule by the corporate rich?

Street Democracy writes:

There is a boundless appetite for a tight grip upon citizens expressing views that clash with governmental decisions.

A large growing paranoia by corporations and their fear of public dissent is increasing at an alarming rate and as our corporate world takes president our police force are ordered to protect it.

The corporate world is morally fragmented and in decay, yet rules over lands, laws and politicians.


Do not question authority only if you’re part of it like this two faced psychopathic liar from Exxon.

The placing of police officers in a predicament, in a situation between a rock and a hard place.

Between corporate operations and what is being labelled socially inappropriate behaviour by citizens, protesting against these corporate operations.

Our MP’s are not independent but rather corporate puppets, highly connected to their corporate vested interests that commit crime hidden, by laws that are protected by the law makers, themselves.


Passive acceptance is not an option and is as guilty as being evil as the corporate criminality. Fracking is criminal, a violent crime against earth.

The routes and trenches of democracy are all but dug up and are a joke to protest and demand answers to.

Truth and legitimate reasons behind corporations ceaseless expansions is expressed by economic growth which now means more destruction of our planet, to fill the swollen pockets of the few.

All that’s left for citizens is to publicly air the legitimate rage that innately decent people have every right to hold.


Economic growth means exploitation of natural resources meaning corporate take over, control and greed for the destruction and pollution of our much loved home, our planet most sacred.

It of course clashes with rules and laws of disturbing the peace.

Clever sophisticated methods that are enshrined into law are anti-human by design giving protection to corporations who regurgitate this when a crowd gathers around its base.

Some form of public and social order act is enforced to keep the public safe is used against protesters.


Psychopaths following a psychopathic agenda is not against the law-but the toxic politics these law makers make should be.

It makes it impossible to protest without disturbing this law, and committing this crime is now a piece of cake, especially in groups of 3 or more.

The criminalisation of the citizens is now not even privy to protesters, yet, to be one is to have a criminal intent and if you don’t move on you can be arrested, because the police can say so.

We are witnessing deformed values being protected by ruling elites so criminal but who sit above the law.


We are all residents upon this sacred planet and all have a responsibility to protect her, even police officers need clean water, clean air in which to breath and live by.

We witness anti-human gutter politics of repression reminiscent of a despotic regime by powerful faceless, nameless wealthy elites and their anonymity within the corporation they hide within.

Fracking is the extinction button along with all other corporate destruction killing our eco-system and poisoning our bio-diversity and the natural world for profit and gain.


We should be all on the same side-all should be against the toxic poisoning, the moral decay of corporate activities and their incessant creation of death zones upon earth.

The control grid is expanding at the great cost of humanity and fracking is just but one part of this, all be it one colossal size violent method while muzzling the public expression being desperately aired.

We need to reconfigure, adjust and dismantle existing strong hold, the power grid and toxic mind set of ruling elites that dictate laws to suit them and divide us.


We need police in our seriously agitated society, but we need them on the side of life protection and economic expansion does generate this but when it destroys more than it creates we need to question this corrupt capitalist model. We need the police to question it too.

It means upsetting the power balance of now and protesting is one way of publicly displaying this form of non aggressive form of non compliance and a rejection of passive citizen acceptance of fracking.

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Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests

‘Most of the people arrested during a summer of demonstrations against fracking in the village of Balcombe have been acquitted, leading to accusations that police tactics in a £4m operation criminalised peaceful protest.

The last of the criminal trials resulting from 126 arrests made by Sussex police during days of action outside the Cuadrilla site last summer finished this month. Of 114 charges, relating to 90 individuals, only 29 resulted in convictions, according to freedom of information responses from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the police.

Sussex police are accused of using mass arrests, draconian bail conditions and section 14 notices under the Public Order Act 1986 to criminalise peaceful protest at the site in Balcombe, where the energy firm Cuadrilla conducted exploratory drilling.’

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Cuadrilla gets green light for oil test at Balcombe

Cuadrilla gets green light for oil test at Balcombe


Fracking is the extinction button these gluttonous greedy and venal politicians are willing to press and will change the laws to suit so they can industrialised fracking to its maximum!

 Street Democracy writes:

For latest up to date information on Cuadrilla please scroll to the end of this story for information received today from

 (Update about ‘Balcombe Drilling: Cease the oil exploration activities of Cuadrilla in Balcombe.’ on


Our sore and wounded planet is being further ruthlessly exploited by gluttonous corrupt capitalist’s model of destruction and pain for us all and for their profits.

This is the extinction button waiting and wilfully demanding it be pushed by the gluttonous greed or corporations today.

It is DNA damaging for all life concerned.

For our local wildlife, for our natural water table it is the essential life giving natural resources that is being seriously threatened by unaccountable heavy weight bureaucrats, a dysfunctional corrupt and ravishing commerce.


Public opinion is being disrespected, democracy is in tatters over this fracking and many other issues too.

In fact our ruling elites are impervious to outside interference and treating the voices of the public as hermetically as they can.

Closing the avenues of democracy and herding opinions that don’t match theirs in some place the mainstream media can’t or won’t get too.


You can’t make this up!

It is an outrage and total disgrace towards a country where elites send fit and healthy men and women out to other countries to blow them up, machine gun down and obliterate their political infrastructure to bring the democracy and yet we are denied this very process here.

There is legitimate rage, legitimate anger and legitimate fear and fracking is in the centre and needs to be halted to listen to the people speaking out at this.

Our sore and plundered planet is being pushed to create even more death zones as the inability of corporate monsters are in denial about the toxic pollution fracking has and will cause.

The industrialisation of fracking must be stopped.

Flammabe tapwater fracking gasland

Corporations will never halt their wealth accumulation tactics of exploiting earth, destroying her eco-system and fast tracking our planet to mass extinction by toxic chemicals polluting our water.

This aggressive method of extracting shale gas entangled in a web of greed and political venal politicians desires is creating a bitter conflict by the get rich from destroying our lands to the innately decent people who fight this.


Balcombe is experiencing such an aggressive attack a dirty engine of corrupt capitalism of ceaseless expansion and economic exploitation.

They are bringing a model of moribund of death and dying upon our locals lands and all for money and profit.

This psychopathic attitude has to stop!

For more on the story of returning to Balcombe click here for the Guardian or continue to read:


Cuadrilla gets green light for oil test at Balcombe

Shale gas explorer gets approval from county council to test oil flow rates at site that saw anti-fracking protests

A view of the drill site operated by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd on 17 August, 2013 in Balcombe, West Sussex.
A view of the drill site operated by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd on 17 August, 2013 in Balcombe, West Sussex. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

UK shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla has been given the green light to test oil extraction in Balcombe, the West Sussex village that sawmajor anti-fracking protests last summer.

At a planning committee meeting that had to be adjourned at one point due to people disrupting it, West Sussex county council approved the company’s application to undertake tests to see how fast oil would flow at a site on the outskirts of the village.

The committee’s decision at County Hall North in Horsham on Tuesday was announced to cries of “shame on you” by some residents. Over 100 people attended the meeting.

Heidi Brunsdon, chairman of the committee, said: “I thought the debate was robust. Members gave all the issues a good airing and the further conditions we agreed might not go as far as some would have wanted, but we feel they were proportionate and fair in addressing the issues that members of the committee had surrounding this application.” Monitoring of light and sound from the site were two of the conditions imposed on the approval.

Cuadrilla submitted a planning application in January for an oil flow test at the well it drilled last year.

For more on the return of to Balcombe click here for: Guardian or continue reading latest information. Street Democracy. Progress Report on the Balcombe Campaign,

Thank you for all those who sent in comments to WSCC or lobbied their Councillors. Cuadrilla’s application for planning permission to flow-test their Balcombe well (acid wash and flare) will be decided on Tuesday 29th April by West Sussex County Council’s planning committee. 10.30 start, 12.30 end of the Cuadrilla case, in the Park Suite, County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1XH. At this meeting we intend to present this petition (although it will continue to grow we hope, in case of further applications). The current total, including our paper copies is 5445, a big thank you to all who have signed! The decision will be made at the end of this meeting, after which we will be able to give you more information on how we intend to proceed with our campaign.

You may also wish to sign this anti-fracking petition from Greenpeace, endorsed by 38 degrees, WWF and a number of other notable bodies, which comes in the wake of Cameron’s wish to change legislation to allow companies to drill under our land without permission.

‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little’.
-Edmund Burke

Best Wishes,
The No Fracking in Balcombe Society.

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The Killing of Local Democracy At Crawley-The Bedroom Tax Forces Hunger and Debt!


Housing officers make regular demands of money and happily take debt payments from those missing meals to pay for the bedroom tax. These guys localised a brutal punishing housing policy.

Street Democracy writes:

The Bedroom Tax is a ‘spirit of the age’ Tory punishing policy.

The social housing tenant now live’s in a ‘punishing state’ if suddenly their dwelling has been deemed inappropriate for them to live in because of this ‘under occupancy or bedroom tax’.

The bedroom tax has and still does evoke legitimate anger and outrage and the needs of this aggressive housing policy to be scrapped is an under statement.


A sophisticated method of social cleansing with one failure, the Tories forgot to make way for the shipment of poor effected by the bedroom tax to go too!

Local bedroom tax campaigners worked tirelessly to speak for the poor, to speak out against the bedroom tax but to no avail and were socially shut down and disempowered.

My point is how our local Crawley based, civil servants ignored the suffering of their tenants and still do.

There is no empathy, compassion within the sterile statistical data and housing policies agenda installed.

These professional’s are making financial demands upon those unable to work, who are not fit to work, are disabled or are unemployed and have been discriminated and demonised by the Tory political party to point score.


The austerity measures for us, prosperity for the ruling elites is an outrage even through our fluoridated minds.

A malicious method, a spiteful attack upon the poorest families that has been localised in a nasty aggressive blame game.

Blaming social housing tenants given the green light to accommodate council dwellings only to have the rug under their feet get ripped out by a sudden drastic change in policy.

Where does it say this is appropriate behaviour in any code of ethics for social landlords to follow?


Narcissistic psychopathic main frame Tory agenda has socially demonised social housing tenants blaming them for the economic failings while they give themselves an 11% pay rise.

When we the social sector speak out, it is a social disgrace and the police get called, we are silenced and socially demonised.

The social fabric of social housing tenants has been slashed and ripped to shreds, all applied by the hands of those who are meant to look out for us, defend us, our housing officers and benefit agents.

Crawley Borough Council the social landlord of my area, completely ignored us at first. When they did finally speak to us, it was individually and with disdain.

They soon became ruthless with great efficiency over summoning us to pay for this very aggressive and most putrid housing policy, the bedroom tax.


We all see the world through fluoridated eyes, but that doesn’t give them permission to speak to bedroom tax victims with such disdain. 

They didn’t stand up for us as a council should in order to defend and protect their communities.

They just said ‘we are not paid to be political’ yet they follow the Tory political agenda.

Not paid to think is my interpretation of this statement.

Crawley Borough Council staff members of  housing, didn’t question such ‘death dealing’ and very ‘Orwellian’ policies and didn’t refuse to administer and process such a draconian strict code of aggressive housing policy for us at all.


It was and still is a war on the poor after all. This is what housing officers and social landlords localised for us, with brutal and ruthless efficiency. That’s ok as it wasn’t them.

These housing officers and benefit agents localised the Tory’s bullying, amplified the misery and gave the punishing state its power.

Read how poor these housing officers are.

Click here: 

Councillors’ pay in the spotlight-

In total, councillors in Crawley took away £438,405 in that period.

Crawley Borough Council rejects calls to resist bedroom tax

Up to 183 people in Crawley “could have lost homes” after benefits were wrongly cut

This is Councillor Richard Burrett Tory, and one of the most rudest of all.


Councillor Richard Burrett spoke so rudely to one poor woman, that she just got up and left close to tears. She’ll never return to any public meeting after feeling humiliated and how it was a waste of her time. We the people in Crawley felt then, that we were silenced by mockery and rude statements from these Councillors, when the public were no longer able to speak. It was a horrible experience to try to be politically active from the social sector and discouraged many from doing so.

It seems mocking the poor at Crawley Town Hall is allowed after all, who are you going to complain too.

The Mayor who chairs the meetings is a Tory.

Head of Housing is another Tory.

Crawley Council has a majority that are all Tory.

If any of these Councillors read it, then learn from it and never speak with such sarcasm again to members of the public as it is unprofessional and undemocratic.

There is no way it can be challenged by any of these Tory Councillors.

Councillors Richard Burrett, Liam Ascough Marshall and Duncan Crow are all Crawley local Councillors and all Tories and can be incredibly rude and sarcastic to those seated in the public gallery, who are not Tory supporters.

Fact’s are fact;s and the truth is here and all took place publicly.

They don’t even hide their disdain for the local social sector.

I was there when we were spoken too like vermin and how democracy died in Crawley on those particular evenings.

It discouraged many local residents from becoming politically active.

The whole point of public meetings is to encourage it not destroy it.


Innately decent people victims of sudden benefit cuts, disabled people wrongly accused of being fit to work, bedroom tax victims all were mocked here at our local council. It is Councillor’s like this that destroy what little democracy there is.

We demonstrated, we begged and pleaded for them to take note but to no avail.

Now we miss meals, we are going hungry, we are forced into perpetual debt, we are in serious financial state of affairs, suffering from permanent rent arrears and more. 


We need a food bank in Crawley. We are hungry through no fault of our own. Most benefit claimants are genuine and sincere being punished and demonised as scroungers.

The point is money.

Financial scarcity is no joke, it means living in this corrupt deformed and biased in favour of the wealthy capitalist system and social housing tenants effected by serious benefit cuts and forced to pay council tax, bedroom tax are living sub-human standards and desperately under the poverty line of acceptance.

Some of us need help and going through the accepted avenues have been blocked by faceless and nameless bureaucratic nonsense digging up the trenches of democracy for us to be halted.

We have no luck talking to our local MP.


Henry Smith MP Tory. Voted for student fee increases and is the reason many of our young fear further education. Voted for the bedroom tax, benefit cuts, sympathetic to the industrialisation of fracking and supports ATOS. Enough said.


Henry Smith MP Tory doesn’t listen and supports benefit cuts and regurgitates what his heavy weight corrupt Tory MP politicians keep saying without realising it doesn’t relate to real life.


We the poor were openly and publicly humiliated and mocked during the several times we attended the Crawley Town Hall open public meetings held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. We got silenced.

Bedroom Tax victims got silenced by rude Tory Councillors who mocked us during Town Hall public meetings.

We got silenced by their disdain and their regurgitation of Tory heavy weight out of touch ‘gutter’ politics.

We bedroom tax victims of Crawley shall just remain in perpetual debt, missing meals to pay, before the housing officers send out threatening letters of eviction. We live in constant fear of evictions.

Housing office in north London

We bedroom tax victims and those against the benefit cuts were bulldozed by civil servants unwilling to listen and challenge such brutalisation of the social policies from the 2012 Welfare Reform Act.

These hypocrites are out of touch, selfish and self serving local psychopaths with no empathy for their social housing tenants.

Its all about them.

As long as they continue to receive their healthy salaries, its fine they will continue to blindly follow the tail of the one in front and shame on them.

Here in Crawley, in the heart of West Sussex, 20 miles or so outside of London, we have modern day families, individuals, missing meals to pay catch up on the housing rent because of the bedroom tax.

It is a disgrace upon innately decent people, poor working class social housing tenants that need Housing Benefit as the minimum wage covers little and part time workers need help and so the list goes on.

Citizens Advice office

Many local residents sat in tears having their private lives ransacked and penalised for daring to hoard a spare room of 6ft by 5ft. These housing officer sat behind their desks and held no empathy but smiled while they deprived us for essential monies to survive.

Please feel free to comment if you are a victim of the bedroom tax especially Crawley.

Sen. Harry Reid: Bundy Dispute ‘Not Over’

Sen. Harry Reid: Bundy Dispute ‘Not Over’

‘After remaining silent for days, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid made comments regarding the ongoing dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy today, accusing the Bundy family of violating the law.

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid told News 4.

Despite telling the Bundy family that a deal had been reached Saturday after federal agents were forced to retreat, the BLM reversed its promise Monday and told reporters that they planned to go after Bundy “administratively and judicially.”

“The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this,” BLM spokesman Craig Leff said. “The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything, there was no deal we made.”’

Read more …

Flashback: Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch

‘Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who was exposed last Friday as the mastermind behind the Bureau of Land Management’s persecution of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, can be seen in this March 2014 photo breaking ground for a new solar farm near the Bundy Ranch, emphasizing that the senator’s plan for solar projects in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved solar farm near Laughlin.

Signaling the first day of construction of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project, which is about 35 miles from the Bundy homestead in Bunkerville, Nevada, Sen. Reid joined representatives from the Moapa Band of Paiutes, executives from First Solar, Inc. and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for the groundbreaking ceremony on March 21.

“First Solar is thrilled to celebrate this important milestone with Sen. Reid and distinguished guests, and honored to work with the Moapa Band of Paiutes on this landmark project,” Jim Hughes, the CEO of First Solar, said at the time.

The development of solar farms just like this one is exactly why Sen. Reid was using the BLM, whose director is Reid’s former senior advisor, to push Bundy out of the Gold Butte area his family has worked for over 140 years.’

Read more …

Barack Obama and the BLM Land Grab: The Evil Agenda of Communist Takeover

‘Though there may have been a time when this was somewhat true, during the Barack Obama presidency this theory has been ripped to shreds.

Harry Reid and the Bureau of Land Management are easy targets in the Cliven Bundy land grab case but, as usual, there are higher powers that are pulling the strings. The White House was quiet during this incident, which should have been our first clue that Barack Obama was involved and simply attempting to avoid the bad public relations that might result.

But, before I get to Obama, I want to suggest an article. All of the details of Harry Reid and the Chinese company, that is looking to open solar manufacturing and service in Nevada, first emerged in April of 2012. It has been two years. The original Bloomberg story goes deeper than anything I have seen in the past few days. If you have some time, it is worth a read. I will give you a brief snippet here that will give you a good idea of why Clark County was willing to sell to the Chinese.’

Read more …

Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested

Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested


It is illegal to be critical of those speaking of global warming when it could be global cooling? Either way, it is not an arrestable offence is it!

Street Democracy writes:

When ever the agenda of full corruption and distortion of truths get’s questioned, the paranoid liars become aggressive, and try to force compliance if bribery or their lies go no where.

This is a corrupt form of control method being initiated as all Orwellian societies must do.

If you don’t agree, then you are against and if you are against you are a disturber of the peace, rebel, protester or worse a domestic or political terrorist.

It is outrageous when the findings of climate change are distorted for facts to be hidden, blurred and smothered with false claims and statistics from rogue scientists on the black pay roll.

Even worse is when mis-information get’s critiqued by the critical mind, is deemed illegal for some reason, and is then threatened with arrest!

For more on this outrageous blow to social democracy and our basic human rights of speaking, click here for more or continue reading:

Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested

‘The thinly-veiled totalitarian bent of the unhinged left has reared its ugly head once again with a demented rant by Gawker’s Adam Weinstein which calls for thought criminals who question man-made global warming to be arrested and thrown in prison.

“We have laws on the books to punish anyone whose lies contribute to people’s deaths. It’s time to punish the climate-change liars,” blathers Weinstein, before claiming that man-made climate change kills 150,000 people a year.

Weinstein cites the example of six Italian seismologists who were convicted of manslaughter in 2009 after they failed to connect a series of tremors the week before to a subsequent earthquake that killed 309 people, arguing that public figures who openly express the thought crime of questioning the scientific establishment should face similar punishment.

“Those denialists should face jail. They should face fines. They should face lawsuits from the classes of people whose lives and livelihoods are most threatened by denialist tactics,” barks Weinstein.’

Read more: Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested

Totalitarianism-Corporate Control Is Here! Australia’s government is considering making it illegal to boycott a company for environmental reasons

Australia’s government is considering making it illegal to boycott a company for environmental reasons


Corporations too big to jail, too big to fail with government blessings and enshrining into law against the people from critiquing is totalitarianism-government dictatorship and protection of corporate crime.

Street Democracy writes:

They fear of class dissent.

Fearful of embarrassing government for allowing further corporate destruction towards our already devastated, sore and wounded eco-system.

They fear citizen’s awaken state of mindful and legitimate questioning of corporate agendas.


Our governments are working in opposition to us the people when they should be working with the people to protect our one and only planet.


Citizens now all to aware we are careering to irreversible environmental damage to our most blessed and sacred planet as ever increasing citizens condemn corporate crimes globally.

They fear people empowerment and grass root knowledge that goes against corporate power base control.

How society is recognising the corrupt form of capitalism that is unleashed, unregulated, unfettered and out of control grid locking and strip mining all over our planet to the detriment of our eco-system and health of our earth. 

Corporations do great harm exploiting earth for their profit and by industrialising her natural resources.

In the process they create death zones by pollution, deforestation and over killing wildlife.


Even better to enshrine such an ideology into law.

Corporations are often guilty to murder not only of our planet but of our voices, our opinions and silencing social democracy.

Now the Australian government want to enforce a form of passive citizenry and the only way government can silence the people is by making it illegal to ‘boycott a company for environmental reasons’.

They want to reconstruct our political apparatus that excludes public opinion by enshrining such Orwellian draconian ideologies into law.

They want to legally stop people from publicising any and all corporate crime which is absolutely essential to curving corruption.

Exposure of criminal corporate dealings is the only way to stop such corruptions on a world wide basis.


Top of the chain is now trickling down for full corporate control of our societies, from global to local.

It is essential to saving our planet of limiting such excessive damaging corporate exploitations that it is vital such draconian laws do not surpass parliaments. 

I am assuming if someone on the internet states ‘boycott’ a certain corporation for deforestation reasons or child slavery, or pollution reasons like with fracking, then that person may soon, be liable for an arrest.

We are witnessing the construction of an authoritarian, oligarchical form of totalitarian state where we are subordinate to governmental control, governmental dictatorship and power.


We need to boycott-we don’t boycott enough against corporate out of control crimes against humanity!

The government is bought and paid for corporations, by our venal politicians with their financial vested interests.

It is why so many policies serve to protect corporations by enshrining into law, policies that allow corporations to operate regardless as to what the people believe should happen.

For example making it legally plausible for fracking companies to frack right under your home for you do not ‘own’ the under ground bit of your land, giving fracking companies the right of way.


Fracking is the extinction button waiting to be pressed by gluttonous corporate greed, we need to address all corporate crimes.

We are witnessing a ‘coup ‘d etat’ a slow corporate take over, by our corporate government’s, that this type of empowerment over the population is echoed through out public policy.

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Australia’s government is considering making it illegal to boycott a company for environmental reasons

‘Coalition MPs and industry groups are using a review of competition laws to push for a ban on campaigns against companies on the grounds that they are selling products that damage the environment, for example by using old-growth timber or overfished seafood.

The parliamentary secretary for agriculture, Richard Colbeck, said the backbench rural committee and “quite a number in the ministry” want to use the review to remove an exemption for environmental groups from the consumer law ban on so-called “secondary boycotts”.

“I do think there is an appetite in the government for changing these laws,” Colbeck said.

The exemption also applies to campaigns related to “consumer protection” but Colbeck said he would not be seeking to change that provision.’

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