Caught on camera: Shocking moment autistic man slammed to floor by policeman just two days before he died

Caught on camera: Shocking moment autistic man slammed to floor by policeman just two days before he died

This is the moment an autistic man was slammed to the ground by a police officer just two days before he died.

Shocking CCTV footage has been released showing the moment David Levi Dehmann was grabbed by Deputy Chase Wright, picked up and thrown to the floor.Sheriff body-slam man

According to police reports, 33-year-old Mr Dehmann, who suffers from autism and Tourette’s Syndrome his family claim, was arrested for disorderly conduct on April 21 in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

It is claimed he was drunk and had fallen down near some toilets and could barely stand when officers arrived.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff body-slam man
Flashpoint: Dehmann is caught on camera moving towards the officer and raising his arms

He was put in a car and taken to Knox County jail but once inside, began joking with police.

CCTV shows Mr Dehmann apparently trying to pat officers on the back and shake their hands, but when he gets to Deputy Chase, things turn sour.

The officer seems to knock the arrested man’s hand out of the way which causes Mr Dehmann to move towards him and raise his own hands towards the Deputy.

It is at this point the officer grabs the other man and slams him into the ground.

The footage shows Mr Dehmann’s head hit the ground at which point he no longer moves as stunned officers look on.

Street Democracy writes:

Darken ‘figures of fiends’ wearing costumes that legalises overtly hostile treatment with a crushing force of violence represents our police force of today.

It is most horrifying to watch freedom and safety be forcibly removed in an explosion of dynamic tyranny, a spontaneous erosion of human dignity at the hands of those meant to protect us.

The demonisation of society, the criminalisation of individuals by sadistic inclinations of physical butchery is our ‘police state society’ now implemented to the highest level.

Are we to tolerate an inchoate ‘gulag’ society and live in fear of authority?

Are our home towns secretly named ‘open air detention centres’ by our corrupt political authorities?

Are we secretly all under house arrest to be treated as criminals whether we’ve broken the law or not, the potential is there perhaps?

With our Human Rights hanging in the balance, the Tories menacing ambition towards us to remove our strength, deprive us of our civil rights.

It is unclean wisdom, a rotten stench of decayed democracy that is reaching our streets by a ruling elite sophisticated oppressive machine.

This mounting repression is dangerously violent, aggressive and sadistic creating a collective despair, fear and a legitimate rage.

Our policing seems to hold a badge giving them the license to harm, injure and kill members of the public and we cannot stand the stance of tolerance because one day, they’ll be at our door, body slamming us to the ground.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy


New Tory disabilities minister opposed protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients


Street Democracy writes: 


Our government is a ferocious machine shelling out a hideous vigour of rage towards those unable to support themselves financially.

A government intent on vollying sour principles promoting ‘evil in ink’ with a horrendous array of fierce Tory hosting. 

These are love abandoned soul’s, MP’s who will socially destroy those unable to contribute towards a full working week or pay their taxes.

Our disabled communities across our country will be marginalised and expelled from mainstream society with severe brutish expeditions socially discrediting them as ‘scroungers’. 

Not all disabled people can run marathons and climb mountains! Many find it hard just to survive each day with pain and misery for comfort.

With soulless suits of blue we’ll witness a dreadful and painful interval upon our society degrading those unable to work, expelling further disabled people by a legalised power centre of prejudice.

The Tories wish to gain a pay rise of £7,000 but cut disabled people’s benefits to below subsistence levels at the same time proves they are morally bankrupt, and incapable of empathy.

Justin Tomlinson is to bring on the Tory toxic onslaught creating more disabilities as lack of medical treatments, equipment, even counselling, will lead to a cruel world mind set, and not ideal for any recovery.


It is clear his principles are a fallen from grace faded splendour and like thieves huddled in the night will steal freedom away and imprison innately decent people across the UK without conscience. 


Basically placing disabled people under house arrest, a barrless prison.


By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

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New Tory disabilities minister opposed protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients

Wednesday 13th May 2015 at 09:56 By David Icke

‘The Tories’ new disabilities minister voted against protecting extra benefits for disabled children and cancer patients.

Justin Tomlinson opposed giving the safeguards in the controversial Welfare Reform Bill – despite pleas from the House of Lords.

Today David Cameron named the 38-year-old North Swindon MP as disabilities minister in the Department for Work and Pensions as part of his Cabinet shake-up.

He’ll be tasked with helping Iain Duncan Smith cut £12billion from the welfare bill.’

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Disabled Man attacked by G4S Security at Newcastle Jobcentre by samedifference1

Disabled Man attacked by G4S Security at Newcastle Jobcentre

by samedifference1

Click to visit the original postThe culprit!

A sick & disabled man attends Newcastle JCP to use the phones to make an enquiry when he was attacked by G4S guard for using his mobile when they refused his request. How is that acceptable?  The JCP’s are now removing telephones which is another obstruction claimants now face, not every person has a mobile or a landline. It is now policy that you are intimidated BY G4S security to turn off your mobiles after many used them to film maladministration of JCP staff.

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Benefit Reform “Shambles” Pushing Disabled People To Suicide, Says Whistleblower

Benefit Reform “Shambles” Pushing Disabled People To Suicide, Says Whistleblower

Sick and disabled claimants are experiencing severe distress and some are even close to suicide due to botched disability benefit reform, an insider has revealed.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Britain’s sick and disabled, but the assessment process which should take no longer than 26 weeks is sometimes taking twice as long.

For more click here for Welfare News Service:

Benefit Reform “Shambles” Pushing Disabled People To Suicide, Says Whistleblower

Disabled man left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was owed

Disabled man left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was owed

‘A disabled man was left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was due.

The shocking case of Thomas O’Donnell was revealed in Parliament by Liverpool MP Luciana Berger, who said she was “ashamed” to live in a country where desperately ill people are facing serious delays in getting help.

She told how Mr O’Donnell suffered from epilepsy, depression, arthritis and memory loss – yet was made to wait eight months for his Personal Independence Payment (PIP).’

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IDS loses legal appeal to keep universal credit problems secret

‘Iain Duncan Smith’s latest effort to prevent the publication of documents warning of the dangers of universal credit has been dismissed by a judge.

You can see the desperation quite clearly now. IDS’ team are throwing any old legal argument at the wall to see if it will stick. The judge’s casual dismissal of the arguments seems to show a flicker of resentment at having to hear them at all.’

For the latest in DWP Sanctions and financial blackmailing click here: Benefits and Work community

There’s lots more news on the site than we have room for in this newsletter, including:

The PIP chaos reveals the government’s contempt for disabled people

DWP leads the way on statistical complaints

Thousands left in limbo in benefit appeals system grinding to a halt

Labour pledges to ‘pause’ universal credit if elected in 2015

Deprivation Britain: Poverty is getting worse – even among working families, according to major new study

Government ‘could breach its own welfare spending cap’

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The truth about Employment Support Allowance by Mike Sivier

The truth about Employment Support Allowance by Mike Sivier

Originally posted on Carer Watch’s Blog: Pictures displayed by Street Democracy

? Congratulations to Dame Anne Begg who has finally spoken the truth about the Employment Support Allowance  “work related activity” group (WRAG). Speaking on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme, Dame Anne Begg, chair of the work and pensions select committee,  said last Friday that large groups of people appear to have been “parked” on the benefit in the “work-related activity” group, which covers all those found neither to be fully fit for work nor so disabled that they cannot be expected to look for employment.


Disability activists across the country will be as delighted as Pat’s Petition and CarerWatch that politicians are finally admitting to the false premise on which Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) was based.

ESA is a failed experiment conducted live on sick and disabled people.

Sick and disabled people who are assigned to the WRAG are found not fully fit for work. Almost none of them are…

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Educating Dr Litchfield – a few facts about the Work Capability Assessment

by Mike Sivier

Ignorance is most definitely not bliss for Dr Paul Litchfield. The man was hand-picked by the Coalition government to review its hated Work Capability Assessment system of handling Employment and Support Allowance claims, amid rumours that previous incumbent Professor Malcolm Harrington had been unhappy with political decisions that ran against his findings. But he delivered a […]

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The bedroom tax discriminates against the social tenant

The bedroom tax discriminates against the social tenant by SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)


Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

I did not emphasise the real issue when I reported on the Wirral MBC case a day or so ago choosing to seek permission directly from the Upper Tribunal to appeal against a bedroom tax case with a room measuring 36.53 square feet.  My error was in focusing on the decision taken and not what the decision meant as the REAL issue is the overt discrimination the social tenant suffers in the bedroom tax policy and this specific case highlights the general discrimination which is deserving of much more attention than the ridiculous decision Wirral MBC has taken.

In short if a private landlord had attempted to rent out the 36.53 square feet room as a bedroom then: –

  1. The private landlord would not be allowed to deem this room a bedroom, and
  2. Would not receive the higher HB towards rent – a 3 bed rather than a 2 bed HB payment
  3. Likely to be prosecuted (and knowing the facts of this case they would be)

YET because it is a social landlord the tenant gets persecuted and hit with the bedroom tax deduction and that is discriminatory and this case highlights this general discrimination in the bedroom tax policy.

The issue gives rise to further room size bedroom tax appeal arguments and potentially a judicial review of the policy itself and that is where the emphasis should have been.  It comes about for a few reasons and it is useful to compare the social rented sector (SRS) position to the private rented sector (PRS) position to the same situation of a room of less than 50 square feet being deemed a ‘bedroom’ by the landlord.

Firstly, the PRS landlord claiming a property has 3 bedrooms can and invariably has that property inspected for the validity of such a claim by the independent rent officer service.  The Rent Officer comes out to check and the last yearly figures I have reveal 219,000 yearly inspections.  YET such inspections and the opportunity for these to be conducted on social housing properties was taken away by this government in April 2013 when the bedroom tax started.

For more click here:  SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

RBLI-Work Programme Consultant Treating Disabled as Personal Slave or Don’t Get Benefits Outrage!


You are expected to join the Work Programme but are then treated as a slave to do as your told, by consultants or loose your benefits at any time or stage during these meetings is a sadistic method of blackmail by no empathy work consultants.

Street Democracy writes:

I can only apologise for this mornings writings. I am finding writing very difficult at the moment after my experience from the RBLI Work Programme.

Still shaking from the Consultant who rang me and completely ignored my work on this website as not worth looking into. I was then threatened with ‘you have to do as I say, when I say or I will stop your benefits’.

How do you respond to this?

You have to be as assertive as possible to try to convey your message but then you are accused of being rude.

So I am still shaking and do not know if I have been financially sanctioned.

So apologies if my writing isn’t the normal manner, I keep hearing these words and I am visibly still shaking while trying to focus on what I am doing.

It is localised bullying for sure and bullying with financial loss enshrined into law and silencing the poor that you cannot speak out. 

You cannot be critical, you cannot disagree or face serious economic sanctions.

This method is mocking the poor, trying to achieve a work programme while dealing with extreme physical ailments at the same time. 

We are not uncouth lazy barbaric animals to be hauled in by some fictional localised power grid filled with no empathy consultants to force some kind of re-socialisation upon us.

To force obedience and compliance despite it not being relevant or beneficial needs to be addressed but clearly isn’t allowed to be pointed out.

We the disabled poor are being totally silenced and I am shocked by Royal British Legions business strategies by members of staff. Or do they not know?

These consultants need to remind themselves that we the disabled poor, are innately decent people.

We are good citizens, maybe sensitive but in severe poverty while in chronic pain struggling daily to survive is an achievement.

For many getting out of bed is an achievement without heavy weight demoralising and punishing dialogues from strangers who really don’t care about you down your phone.

I am in shock still.

Work Programmes are compulsory, that I know but I didn’t think it would be made clear I am some body’s slave to jump when told or loose essential money.

When a Consultant rings you from RBLI Work Programme, and refuses to listen and then dictates you have to do what they say and when they say it in order for you to get your benefits, things change.

You have to join this Work Programme and therefore your free will isn’t applicable.

I know you don’t have any choice but to join if you wish to receive life saving essential money within your benefits.

However, to be treated as a slave is outrageous even for this modern day age. 

Do you have a complaint at how your treated on this RBLI Work Programme, then contact:

Services to Individuals

To find out more about how we can support you or you: Call 0800 319 6841 or e-mail

Unemployed lad 20yrs commits suicide after being worn down by Job Centre !

Unemployed lad 20yrs commits suicide after being worn down by Job Centre !


Imagine being labelled as this when walking into a Job Centre? The Tories unsophisticated demonisation about the lower classes has vomited up insensitive and unrealistic views about the poor.

Please sign this petition to get Iain Duncan Smith expelled from Parliament if nothing else, but also to humanise the benefit system.

To banish our ‘Punishing State British work camps’ system at the Job Centre.  

To banish this highly ‘vocally intensified’ social disdain controlled by a Tory psychopathic main frame of job seeking for all unemployed job seekers.

To rid of scorn and place empathy and compassion into the welfare system towards innately decent, sensitive poor.


The very same poor who if found a decent work position available, where all workers regardless of position were paid a decent wage and spoken to nicely, would happily oblige in a full working week.

This is unrealistic as the lowest paid jobs come with the lowest amount of respect.

We however at the Job Centre, experience a commanding dialogue.

A work camp economic plantation filled with aggressive monetary sanctions by benefit advisor’s who regurgitate the Tories gutter politics about the unemployed.


Back breaking heavy weight gruel for peanuts and a social demonisation with full social exclusion all part of the low paid go no where job. Who wants that?

The poor being lazy and are a bunch of scroungers!

Well who wants to work for minimum wage that gets you nothing but sore hands, aching feet and placed into a social black hole?

Who wants a meaningless job with some psychotic power head no body desperately hungry of their tiny power, with no people skills as their supervisor? 


Who wants to be treated like garbage by work employers equally unhappy with their jobs, who take out their frustrations upon those in lesser roles?

Who wants the social stigma of worthless and pointless, working hard heavy weight back breaking labour with no job prospects, no decent pay, but long hours and spoken too like your crap?

No one, so don’t expect the poor to jump up early every day to fill such job vacancies and be made to feel like crap even before they start their work day.


Dealing with disabilities for some means the athletic team but for most it means a gruelling day of pain, and an achievement just to get up and feed one self, never mind this dreadful social stigma from the Tories forcing disabled people to work.

So the poor visit the Job Centre in the hope of finding a job of self satisfaction and fulfilment.

A life changing career to elevate themselves, those closet to them like their families to a higher level of social grace is sorely disappointed when face to face with grey stone cold faces of discontent glaring back at them.

If life is measured by economic systems then the poor are de-valued every day and is hardly the incentive to drive the work force into a healthy economic environment.


Greeted by G4S heavy weight bouncers welcoming you and silently screaming to you not to disagree or be critical in any way within these walls.

It is essential we caste out the disdain treatment from Job Centre staff penalising people by financially sanctioning their benefits is both nasty and cruel.

For more on this click here:

We the ‘people’ demand a Public Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions, Targets & Workfare – Iain Duncan Smith to be expelled from the House of Commons


Unemployed lad commits suicide after being worn down by Job Centre ‘bullying bureaucracy’ Martin Hadfield, 20, an unemployed gardener desperate for work killed himself after he was left “demoralised” by hours of form-filling at his local Jobcentre.

According to his family his period out of work and 10 Downing Street red tape left him feeling “put down with no self worth.” Just 24 hours after a meeting where job centre staff invited him to a “follow up” meeting, Martin was found #hanged at his flat in Tottington, near Bury, Greater Manchester.

Following an inquest today, his stepfather Peter O’Gorman, 47, a car valeter said: “Martin was obviously never a #statistic to us but in the last months of his life he became a statistic to other people.

“He was a statistic by being out of work, a statistic when he went into the job centre and now he a statistic by #killing himself. “Sadly this statistic seems to be growing especially in boys Martin’s age who are….

For more on this story click here:

DWP caught out after falsifying figures about disabled people


Iain Duncan Smith is not fit for purpose and should be sacked and expelled, fined and never to be re-hired as a politician again!

Street Democracy writes:

Sign this petition to get Iain Duncan Smith expelled.

He is corrupt, he is a liar and he is destroying the lives of millions of working poor.

He has demonised also, part time worker’s, the disabled poor, those unable to contribute towards a working week and those vulnerable in society.

Iain Duncan Smith has created a ‘Punishing State’ and has socially demonised the poor as a social annoyance the rest of society can blame for the economic failures of our country.

It is a social unreasonable out of touch, toxic political crime of the Tories. 


We the ‘people’ demand a Public Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions, Targets & Workfare – Iain Duncan Smith to be expelled from the House of Commons


This despicable character is following an out of touch psychopathic main frame against innately decent people who happened to be poor and out of work. Maybe they are disabled and cannot contribute to a working week. He has created a Punishing State!

DWP caught out after falsifying figures about disabled people

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been caught out by the official statistics watchdog for repeatedly making false claims about the numbers of people living on disability benefits.

Departmental ministers continually stated that the majority of people on disability living allowance (DLA) were given benefits for life without any supporting medical evidence.

The DWP’s official press releases claimed that “more than 50% of decisions on entitlement are made on the basis of the claim form alone, without any additional corroborating medical evidence.”

But the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) investigated and discovered that the real figure for claims passed without supporting medical evidence was actually 10%.

The DWP, which is run by Iain Duncan Smith, also claimed that up to 71% of claimants get “indefinite awards without systematic reassessments” under the current system of DLA.

But, once again, the UKSA discovered that this was untrue and that in the last two years of the DLA only 23% and 24% of claimants were given indefinite awards.

The department has admitted that its claims have been “ambiguous” and “had not been rechecked by the department’s analysts as is the usual practice”.

For more click here:

DWP caught out after falsifying figures about disabled people