From Merkel to Tymoshenko: NSA spied on 122 world leaders, Snowden docs reveal

From Merkel to Tymoshenko: NSA spied on 122 world leaders, Snowden docs reveal

‘The NSA’s data base contains information obtained during the surveillance of over a hundred world leaders, new leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed.

Der Spiegel has looked through a top secret presentation by NSA’s Center for Content Extraction, which is responsible for automated analysis of all types of text data.

According to the document, the leaders of 122 states were among the high-ranked targets of the US intelligence.’

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Edward Snowden – Minister for secrecy: Transport Secretary suppresses damning report into HS2 with same veto that kept Iraq war papers secret

Minister for secrecy: Transport Secretary suppresses damning report into HS2 with same veto that kept Iraq war papers secret

‘A key report into whether the HS2 rail line would give value for money is being kept secret by the Government.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told Parliament he is using emergency powers to veto publication of the report that says HS2 is in danger of failing. He said that protecting the impartiality of civil servants’ secret advice to ministers has to take priority over disclosure to the public.

But HS2 protesters branded the gagging order an ‘absolutely ­disgraceful’ delaying tactic.’

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Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated

Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated


Street Democracy writes:

To decapitate the minds of the people is to destroy freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of expression when it comes to hidden agendas by the ruling establishments that govern our lives and hold the fate of this planet.


To threaten people with their lives if they speak out against tyranny, against evil or wrong doing, against corruption no matter who is involved, is rules from the highest of psychopathic oligarchical controlling system to impose the heaviest of sanctions upon our freedoms.


Employees have a moral obligation to protect their fellow human beings. It is a criminal act by itself to allow a corrupt corporation or military or governmental institute of some kind and turn a blind eye to it.


We witness the unleashing of a unapologetic repression of critical thought, and when an ordinary man or woman speaks out against criminal activity a corporation may be guilty of, and that the public have a right to know, is shut down, we know the decapitation is beginning.


As people we all share commonality of living on this planet, sharing the atmosphere and living.

We have a moral duty to protect against tyranny, a dictatorship, toxic ruler’s or ruthless thugs whether they wear suits and lead our economy or government or some sleazy back street operation or major institute like a corporation, we must stand together and unite against the dark.


Our ruling leaders are overtly hostile to ‘whistle blowers’ and deeply aggressive to any ‘investigative journalist’ who finds out. This is the emerging ‘gulag state’ of which the UK is one giant detention centre and so is the rest of the global state.

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‘President Obama claims the right to extrajudicially execute American citizens, keeps a so-called “kill list,” and has bragged he’s “really good at killing people.” This isn’t bluster. Obama has backed this up with action, having killed U.S. citizens — including a 16-year-old boy – without charging, much less convicting, any of them with a single crime.

The implications are profound (and profoundly disturbing), and raise questions about Americans’ constitutional right to due process, the most basic constraints on presidential power, and our treatment of whistleblowers. Indeed, how can anyone expect those who witness executive-branch crimes to blow the whistle when the head of the executive branch asserts the right to instantly execute anyone he pleases at any time?’

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We Need Whistleblower’s -World Wide Web founder backs Snowden, saying the world needs whistleblowers and that they should be protected


Street Democracy writes:

The public are treated as uncouth barbaric idiots that couldn’t handle the truth if it bit them on the bum. So we have citizens that mindlessly go about life without asking because they don’t even know the questions to ask.

Hidden in plain sight, information that is rightfully ours is kept from us, shown only in a language unknown to us, called symbols.

Symbology is what rules our world and not law. Its symbols that govern our planet and not legislation. Every piece of paper that is law has symbols stamped over it.


All money has symbols on it, courts, the law of the land all have symbols, police, and all emergency services have symbols, corporations to governments all have symbols.

We are symbolically illiterate and therefore so much information passes us.


Therefore if we cannot read the signs we need those who do to inform us and the ignorant public about what is happening. And even those that guess, still need proof and this is the essential job of the whistleblower.

To keep us who are blind, informed.

We need more Edward Snowden’s as our world is slowly taken by corporate power with corporate values. Unchecked and unregulated, unfettered capitalism leads to a massification of corruption.


Corruption that sits above the law and can govern and influence the most powerful of governments.

Our venal politicians are easily bought and paid for. Easily manufacture policy to protect their corporate interests and that leaves little power of persuasion for citizens, us, the people, in our so called democracy.

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The inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken in support of whistleblower Edward Snowden and said he should be protected.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee said that the former US intelligence contractor and others like him play an essential role in exposing abuses of power, and should not be punished.

The computer scientist also claimed that checks and balances in the US and around the world had failed, and that even with reforms, the system was unlikely to get better.

Protect Real Journalist’s – Truth Leakage Is Not Always Espionage!

Guardian journalists could face criminal charges over Edward Snowden leaks

Street Democracy writes:

Edward Snowden is a hero, a true man in the face of tyranny. He reported evidence of what the public suspected anyway. No one trust’s government.


Terrorism is labelled upon anything and anyone these days. This fictional man made CIA invented attack upon the human race labelled terrorism, is now placed upon all our heads especially if you don’t agree with government. 

The act of terrorism is doing anything the authorities don’t like, that’s it.

It is therefore essential we promote realism in journalism.

Report real news and real truth, and individuals doing so, be protected from the corrupt capitalist paradigm and corporate power and honoured for doing so.


Mainstream news is full of dis-information. There is real ‘meat’ in the story, sandwiched by utter bull, both misleading and confusing the public.

The ordinary man and woman have a real inability to confront the political apparatus as the elite retract behind a gated community, taking all policy making with them. 


Hidden accounts of events, buried truths and secret operations, are forever growing in our modern world. Our current affairs are filled with lies and deception forever placed amongst real news, that it is our natural right and duty to find and receive truth.

Yet the authorities blatantly breach our privacy, invade our personal space and with warrantless power, spy and intrude upon our lives. Our bodies are violated in the name of security upon innocent peace loving people treated as criminals until proven otherwise.


If the only avenues are our ‘real’ journalist’s then it is important they be able to report without fear. Freedom of speech is at stake, and this cannot commence if fear is generated, you are imprisoned or beheaded for daring to speak.

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‘Employees of The Guardian newspaper could face criminal charges over their role in publishing secrets leaked by Edward Snowden, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has signalled.

Cressida Dick, an assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, confirmed for the first time that detectives were examining whether staff at the newspaper had committed an offence.

She also told MPs that her officers are looking at potential breaches of a specific anti-terrorism law which makes it unlawful to communicate information about British intelligence agents. The offence carries up to 10 years’ imprisonment.’

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