14 of 22 recent ‘potential terror plots’ involved FBI informants.

14 of 22 recent ‘potential terror plots’ involved FBI informants.


NATO false flags in Ukraine

NATO false flags in Ukraine

Ukraine: pro-Russia rebels killed attempting to storm border guard base

‘At least five pro-Russia rebels were killed and another eight injured after they attempted to storm a military base in Ukraine close to the border with Russia.

The separatists ambushed a guard post near the city of Luhansk early Monday morning. About 100 gunmen took part in the original offensive, with some firing rocket-propelled grenades from the roof of a nearby residential building.

The border guards returned fire. The battle raged for hours, with 400-500 rebels reinforcing the attack.’

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Kiev Cluster Bombs Lugansk

‘On June 2, Itar Tass headlined “Administration building in Luhansk caught by fire after air strike, five dead, ten injured,” saying:

“The fourth floor of the Luhansk regional administration building was caught by fire after an air strike carried out by a Ukrainian fighter jet.”

“A huge number of ambulances and fire crews have arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire and evacuate the injured.” ”According to reports, five people were killed and at least 10 were injured in the attack.”‘

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Right Sector ‘looting, attacking citizens’ in eastern Ukraine – Donbass battalion commander

‘Right Sector units are obstructing efforts to restore order in eastern Ukraine, said Semyon Semenchenko, commander of the “Donbass” territorial voluntary battalion, Interfax reports.

“In fact, the Right Sector has not been involved in the fighting. But it has spent two months looting, attacking citizens and engaging in extortion. They can only deal with civilians, or with the scared police. They won’t cope with a real enemy,” Semenchenko told reporters on Independence Square in Kiev on Sunday when asked to speak about the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.’

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FALSE FLAG! “Start A False Flag War With Syria” Leaked Recording That Erdogan Wanted Banned

 “Start A False Flag War With Syria” Leaked Recording That Erdogan Wanted Banned


FALSE FLAG! Turkey Plans False Flag Against Syria; Blocks YouTube and Twitter

Turkey Plans False Flag Against Syria; Blocks YouTube and Twitter

‘In what appears to be the revelation of yet another attempt to instigate foreign military action on Syrian soil, a video posted to YouTube from an anonymous account allegedly provides the audio of Turkish intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and Deputy Chief of Military Staff Yasar Guler as well as other top Turkish officials discussing a possible attack on Syria.

The operation, if implemented, would have been publicly predicated on the basis of “securing the tomb of Suleyman Shah,” the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire. As Reuters reports, “Ankara regards the tomb as sovereign Turkish territory under a treaty signed with France in 1921, when Syria was under French rule. About two dozen Turkish special forces soldiers permanently guard it.”

As a result, Turkish authorities have moved to block access to YouTube, describing the recording as “villainous,” and a “wretched attack” on national security. This reaction has lent even more credence to the veracity of the recordings.’

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Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff

‘While people around the world were told the plane was “lost” or “crashed,” it was being monitored by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its regional defense partners through secret systems installed in the plane.

In 2006, Boeing announced the following, from a John Croft article in Flight Global:

Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all controls from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.

The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.’

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School Safety Expert: ‘Sandy Hook was a scripted event, at least two years in planning’

‘After only filing Connecticut Freedom Of Information requests about the alleged Sandy Hook ‘massacre’, School Safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig (photo, above) was visited by homicide detectives warning him that if he keeps making inquiries he would suffer the legal consequences.

Halbig also discovered that the report on the Sandy Hook event was the first school shooting in US history to be sealed as ‘Classified’, held by the FBI. Smells like a cover-up.

The points brought up in this interview are some of the best ever on this subject.’



More Staged Propaganda For More Illegal War’s….New terrorist video threatens Sochi Olympics

New terrorist video threatens Sochi Olympics

Picture courtesy of whatreallyhappened.com

‘With only three weeks before one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, yet another threat has been issued against the Sochi Olympic Games.

“These are reportedly the young men who carried out a terror attack not far from Sochi … You can see them preparing a bomb and also issuing a fresh threat.” (Via ABC)

The video was posted on a Chechen extremist site. One of the men is quoted by ABC saying, “If [the Olympics] happens, we’ll have a surprise for you. This is for all the Muslim blood that is shed every day around the world. … This will be our revenge.”

The two men featured in the video claim responsibility for the back-to-back bombings in the Russian city of Volgograd last month that killed more than 30 people and injured dozens more.’

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The FBI Appears To Be Involved In Staging Or Covering Up Active Shooter And Terror Hoax Events Every Six Weeks

‘It is a known fact that the FBI is the biggest source of domestic terrorism in America.

Since there are no legitimate domestic terrorists for these clowns to catch, they are creating them instead.  The reason they are engaging in such ridiculous behavior is because they have to justify their pointless and ridiculous jobs.  It also serves as a great way to justify different political agendas and boost cable television ratings.  For years they have been entrapping useful idiots and masterminding various terror plots.  They’ve also been involved in the investigation of various staged hoaxes so the hoax itself can be covered up properly and the official narrative propagated to the masses.

Perhaps even more insane is that many of these staged events appear to now be occurring roughly every six weeks.  It is true that these events don’t always happen six weeks apart but usually the FBI doesn’t go much longer than two months before they are involved in another highly questionable event.  After all, there are undoubtedly a number of logistical challenges that go along with staging these elaborate hoaxes so perhaps they can’t always stick to the planned schedule.

The guys over at the No Agenda podcast have been observing this phenomenon for quite some time now and it looks like they could be on to something.’

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Sandy Hook Police Report Contains No Evidence That Mass Shooting Took Place And Strengthens Notion That Event Was A Fabricated Hoax

‘The full police investigation into the alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting has finally been released to the public.  The release contains thousands of documents including hours of video footage and numerous photographs pertaining to the investigation.  As expected the content is heavily redacted which alone raises more questions about the official story.  Perhaps even more interesting is the content that hasn’t been redacted which by itself provides more evidence suggesting that this so-called shooting incident is a complete and total fabrication.’

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Horrific Paedophilia Jersey Cover Up- Now Another!

Francis Oldham QC to head new Jersey abuse cover-up

Street Democracy writes:

The disgrace of some prominent members of the ruling elite picking children’s homes for their sordid and brutal sex crimes and their savage rape upon children should be a national out cry and complete exposure of facts and truth.

Instead, the secret societal organisation belonging to the elite’s world of law, The Law Society, and all affiliations to these top Judges, Barristers and QC’s and we find a web of deceit, a web of entangled deception and serious grid lock of all investigations into actually naming the guilty.


These creatures most vile hover like a rotten smell above the law, and above our children. Picking them like sweets in a sweet shop to defile them and harm them most cruelly.

We hear these little ones have the face of sheer fear and terror during these barbaric episodes and are zombies afterwards. Their lives ruined forever.

Our legal system is designed to protect the ruling elite, why is that?

Why do they never seem to get caught?


In the mean time these reptiles still pick children, they do not stop and paedophilia is healthily running as norm. It is down to the public to shout corruption at this system.

Please watch this video Bill Maloney does what he can to highlight the sordid hidden corruption and it is high time we awoke to just how bad paedophilia is:


Amnesty for whistleblowing paedophiles

‘They have chosen the panel to investigate horrific child abuse in Jersey and who do they put at the head Frances Oldham QC! Barrister Olham is head of chambers at 36 Bedford Row and a friend of Barrister Felicity Gerry, also of 36 Bedford Row, who set-up child abuse whistle blower Andrea Davison.

If anything presages a cover-up this does. On twitter today we read that it was not a coincidence Francis Oldham was chosen to head the new cover-up.’

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Lenny Harper on The People’s Voice.