Starving British children are looking for food in rubbish bins

Starving British children are looking for food in rubbish bins

‘British children are sifting through bins left outside houses in search of scraps of food because they are starving, it has been revealed.

But Tories and their supporters in rich London won’t have to look at them – because they are in Labour-held Stoke-on-Trent.

The Stoke Sentinel reported that “Youngsters have been searching through bins in the Hollings Street and Brocksford Street area of Fenton before eating any leftovers.”’

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GM crops in England as soon as next year: Outrage as ministers back first commercial planting

GM crops in England as soon as next year: Outrage as ministers back first commercial planting

‘Anti-GM campaigners reacted with fury last night after the Government backed an EU vote that could lead to weedkiller-resistant maize being sowed in England next year.

Other European countries can ban the so-called Frankenstein food after EU ministers said members could opt out of GM planting.

Critics said England’s first commercial GM crops would spell disaster for wildlife and contaminate conventional and organic crops, with ‘catastrophic’ consequences for farmers.

The Government position is also at odds with those of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, which have opted for a ban.’

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Food bank bashing: when poverty dares speak its name

Food bank bashing: when poverty dares speak its name

he Tories are trying to discredit food banks because the alternative would be to accept that their policies are creating poverty, writes Annie Powell

Food banks imagejToday, Easter Sunday, that paragon of Christian virtue theMail on Sunday has run a story about food banks. Not about how nearly a million people have been driven to such extreme poverty in Cameron’s Britain that they cannot afford to feed themselves, no, but about how one of its reporters lied to a food bank to obtain a free food parcel.

The point of the story? To make out that it’s easy to get free food from food banks and that those who do so are simply on the scrounge rather than in genuine need.

It’s pretty clear what’s prompted this bile. Not only does the soaring rise in food banks undermine the right’s rhetoric about benefit claimants, it also reveals the nature of in-work poverty.

Why would the sick or unemployed be referred to a food bank if they weren’t in desperate need of food? Aren’t they supposed to be living a life of luxury at the taxpayers’ expense? And if food bank users have a job, why can’t they afford to feed themselves?

It gets worse for the Tories. Food banks have captured the imagination of the national press in a way that other experiences of poverty have not. Food bank use is easily counted and easily communicated; poverty statistics are abstract but food parcels are strikingly evocative of aid efforts in developing countries. This is dangerously close to depicting the poor as deserving.

That’s why, with the help of Mail, the Tories are trying to discredit and smear those who run and those who rely on food banks. The unpalatable alternative would be to accept that their policies have created indefensible levels of poverty.

These smears tell you nothing about food banks, but a lot about the Tories. Possibly the most ridiculous attack on the Christian charity the Trussell Trust, the largest food bank provider in the UK, is that it’s a business and all its efforts therefore self-interested. “I understand that a feature of your business model must require you to continuously achieve publicity,” wrote Iain Duncan Smith to the Trussell Trust last year.

This line of attack was continued in recent days, with a “senior Whitehall source” telling the Daily Mail that the charity’s “publicity seeking” was “not entirely surprising given Chris Mould [Trussell Trust chairman] is effectively running a business.”

The Trussell Trust gives food away for free to those who are assessed as in need. Now I’m no entrepreneur, but that doesn’t seem like a particularly promising business model.

This unnamed senior Whitehall source also accused the Trust of being “emotionally manipulative”. Emotionally manipulative, for speaking out about the need to feed the hungry in modern Britain. Goodness knows what they’d have to say about that arch manipulator whose teachings form the basis of the Trussell Trust’s mission.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 


People in Crawley, West Sussex are going hungry, missing meals regularly to pay the bedroom tax and other death dealing benefit cuts by the Tories.

Street Democracy writes:

Here in Crawley, W.Sussex I hear and meet local residents who regularly miss meals because of being forced to pay the bedroom tax or have been hit hard by the benefit cuts.

I meet people who tell me democracy for them doesn’t exist for they feel silenced and excluded.

Our local MP, Henry Smith (Tory), doesn’t listen to them or me for that matter, and gives back automated pre-written emails or responses regurgitated from the Tory henchmen Conservative Leaders.


Henry Smith MP-Prayed at Northgate Church for the poor but ignores their pleas, supports bedroom tax, benefit cuts and ATOS all death dealing Tory policies-hypocrite!

There is no empathy in this sterile economic torture towards the poor.

The Tory punishing state is expanding as our stomachs rumble for food.

We have some Tory Councillor’s who feel we the poor live lavishly on food take away’s, daily and we don’t need a food bank.


This Tory Councillor is also rude to members of the public who don’t support Tory policy. Mockery is allowed at Town Hall meetings towards the public gallery when the public are not permitted to speak to defend themselves. Outcome-innately decent people walk out.


This particular Tory Councillor is wrong.

He is using in accurate and by out of touch information to make such a crazy statement.

This Tory Councillor cannot hear, or relate to the numbers of Crawley residents who bear the weight of this Tory ‘war against the poor’ and even Iain Duncan Smith stated it was a war.


So it is a war then! A war against the lower classes and financially weaponising benefits and to demonise claimants has been a Tory success.

Crawley, Tory Councillor refuse’s to open their eyes to their political party’s destruction policy aimed at benefit claimants.

It has been a spiteful punishing agenda, especially using the blame game for economic failures being aimed at benefit claimants and calling it a ‘benefit culture’ like it was always easy to survive on.

There are hungry people in Crawley, I know this for a fact. Desperately trying to find work that pays their rent, mortgage and the corporate cost of living is now very difficult without welfare top ups.

Crawley Borough Council and the local Crawley Job Centre amplify this misery, by following the Tory psychopathic main frame with ruthless efficiency.


Bedroom tax victims were regularly mocked by Tory Councillor’s and many walked out feeling worse than what they did walking in. This is Crawley Borough Council where workers are paid not to be political-paid no to think more like.

For more on the ‘war on the poor’ click here for the Mirror or continue reading:


By orders of wealthy ruling families-death dealing policies-this Tory psychopathic agenda is being followed with ruthless efficiency.

UK hunger crisis laid bare in open letter to PM from professional couple forced to resort to food banks 

As a report reveals one million food parcels have been handed out including 330,000 to hungry children, a professional working couple tell how they had to rely on food banks to feed their baby.

Hard working: Hannah, baby Hunter and Dean Chadwick


NHS PA Hannah Chadwick, 31, and her engineer husband Dean, 27, ran out of money to feed themselves and their 16-month-old son Hunter after their car needed £700 of repairs.

In an open letter to David Cameron, the couple, from Wrexham in North Wales, reveal how they had to use a food bank to survive:

Dear Mr Cameron

We are a hard-working family and never buy anything on credit. We are proud of being able to provide for ourselves and didn’t want to beg off someone else. So going to the food bank was our only option. We were a bit embarrassed but in August we turned up at our local centre.

There was a real mix of people there. We expected to see homeless people or those fighting addiction. But there were also professional workers, older people and families.

They gave us three days of food but it lasted a week. It tided us over to payday. Without it we’d have gone hungry. We don’t think the answer is more food banks. Cheaper childcare would have helped us. We are a wealthy country and it is shocking that so many don’t have enough.

We want the Government to come up with ways that people can help themselves. And if you are struggling our message to you is, ‘Don’t be too proud to ask for help’. We wanted to give back so we donate food ourselves.

Hannah and Dean Chadwick 

Orwellian Fingerprinting For Food! Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries


Technological gadgets are great fun unless there is a sinister darker agenda. Where technological scientist’s are paid via an ‘evil’ pay roll.

Street Democracy writes:

It is another psychopathic version of criminalising the citizen, controlling the lives of citizens and crushing communities with severe repression.

Someone once said roughly as I don’t have access to the original quote, ‘who controls the food controls the nation’. This is a similar statement adopted by psychopath Henry Kissinger.


A true socio-psychopath that controls the epicentre of power is dangerous enough, but faceless legions of the same, it becomes a global crisis.


Who ever controls the food will control the people and can be an aggressive way for government to control a social uprising for example.

This particular story is hinting of Venezuela having such repression with some false claim it is to stop people buying cheap on offer food and then selling it on the black market.

It is an aggressive, siege mentality of basic human rights under a commanding dialogue of force will sweep across each nation making it illegal to hoard food if we are not careful.


Legions of unelected unknown bureaucrats making life changing decision’s without our consent or knowledge. What happens if they adopt psychopathic ideologies of a compulsory fingerprint microchip population?

This political and savage ideology is the localising of great repression, will see mounting scarcities for the average citizen.

It is also, a process of barbaric, rotting ‘death dealing policies’ that will magnifying destitution and bring forward a psychopathic methodology of social control.

In it’s cold psychopathic form it is a diabolical but brilliant practice of localising blackmail, destroying all forms of freedom, framing and hijacking democracy.

More importantly like in North Korea, the political leaders get all the social political support they need and even get the public to love their servitude because it is socially conditioned by force, to associate applause with food and life survival.

If it psychopathic suits, the ruling elites, believe starving a nation or certain social groups or individuals if critical against governmental decisions will disempower the people, with a fantastic form of controlling their opinion they may adopt this strategy.

It’s been done before.


The weaponisation of food has been done before and is being done now with food sanctions to Palestine. It is forever present with power elites decision making processes.

People have to eat, so if the only way to get food is to agree, what will most people, families with children be forced to do?

We as people, as individuals need to wake up before this does sweep across our nations.

Officialdom is filled with cold reptilian psychopaths who are designing an Orwellian infrastructure that is some form of malicious draconian archetype for the masses to be herded into.


Bilderburg want depopulation programmes installed for the New World Order. Less people to control, enough to work the cogs of the machine of subservience to the elites.

For more on this grotesque ugly deformed politics of our future, click here for more or continue reading:

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries

‘What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries? And what if, through that registration, the food you bought could be tracked and quantities could be limited?

That’s exactly the plan in Venezuela right now. The AP reports that in an effort to crack down on “hoarding” that ID cards will be issued to families. These will have to be presented before foodstuffs can be purchased.

‘President Nicolas Maduro’s administration says the cards to track families’ purchases will foil people who stock up on groceries at subsidized prices and then illegally resell them for several times the amount…

Registration began Tuesday at more than 100 government-run supermarkets across the country. Working-class shoppers who sometimes endure hours-long lines at government-run stores to buy groceries at steeply reduced prices are welcoming the plan.

“The rich people have things all hoarded away, and they pull the strings,” said Juan Rodriguez, who waited two hours to enter the government-run Abastos Bicentenario supermarket near downtown Caracas on Monday, and then waited another three hours to check out.’

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Can’t Pay for School Lunch, Kids? Have Fun Starving While The School Throws Your Food Away

Can’t Pay for School Lunch, Kids? Have Fun Starving While The School Throws Your Food Away

‘What in the hell is going on in our schools today?

No, I’m not just talking about the atrocity that is common core. All over the country, stories are surfacing of hungry public school children who don’t have enough money to pay for school lunches getting their food seized and thrown in the garbage instead.

That’s right. When a student can’t afford to pay for the government-subsidized tripe our education facilities pass off to our kids as food, or if they are even short a few measly cents in some cases, these children have to stand there hungry and watch in humiliation as the school employees throw their food in the garbage!

The schools aren’t billing the parents and giving the student this food which they are apparently just going to completely waste by tossing it in the trash anyway. Nope. Because that might, you know, make at least a modicum of sense.’

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Mad New Jersey professor angrily claims Stalin killed nobody

Mad New Jersey professor angrily claims Stalin killed nobody

Police going easy on mothers who steal food ‘simply to live’


Street Democracy writes:

Poverty is the rape of the mind. With ‘far right’ heavy financial sanctions endorsed by benefit staff, unaccountable and faceless, those reliant upon benefits for good reason, are being decimated by the Tories welfare benefit cuts.

Their devastating and gun shot policies effect our behaviour by force as their ‘evils in print’ cripple ordinary people, especially the poor with children.


It depends on our perception of poverty, and this monetary system.

It depends on how much corruption we will tolerate with this economic system, that is the slow kill for those with financial scarcity, who have nothing, even to trade with. 

Disabled people, those too sick to work, single parents torn between abandoning the children at expensive day care or remain at home, both will leave them economically ruined.hgiuu

Our oligarchical control are too far removed from the ‘real’. They have messed up managing the globe in all histories and practically every time they breath, every time the aristocracy think and they are messing it up still.

Savage financial attacks enshrined into inappropriate, ill fitting law, rendering people powerless and impoverished. Desperate times fills the mind with ways of surviving and the poor need to eat.

I am in no doubt the human psyche is constantly being damaged by a corrupt system where the rich steal the wealth of the lands. They leave scarcity for everyone one else.


Our corporate world demands a high cost of living and a high cost of spending and what happens when you don’t have enough money. Not enough paper in your pocket from an oppressive economic system designed by the powers of the oligarchical hierarchy.

Even the police are waking up to how hard it is to survive. The Tories ‘iron fist of blue’ slams down without concerns and Labour will not be any better.

Our monetary system creates poverty, it creates scarcity of land and property and the wealth of the nation consume it all.

For more on this story click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading.

Police forces have announced they will take a softer approach to mothers caught stealing food to feed their families as the number of people struggling to eat is reportedly on the rise

Police forces have announced they will take a softer approach to mothers caught stealing food to feed their families as the number of people struggling to eat is reportedly on the rise

Police forces have announced they will take a softer approach to mothers who are caught stealing food to feed their hungry families. One police chief said his force will use more ‘humane’ tactics when dealing with such offenders who have resorted to theft ‘just to live’. The news comes weeks after it was revealed the level of theft of ‘basic food items’ such as bread and milk has risen in the past year.

County Durham Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Ron Hogg said the increase of such incidents is ‘very concerning’. ‘What we are beginning to see is an increasing element of crime because people are struggling to make ends meet,’ he told local authorities in Darlington, County Durham.

‘We don’t charge them, we don’t want them to go to court. We help them get through their difficulties,’ the Mirror reports.


Food bank debate saw Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey write their own political obituaries


Street Democracy writes:

A ceaseless expansion of economic exploitation with the dirty engine of a corrupt capitalist system that creates wealth disparity, economic biases and brutal lives for the poor, received more unwanted attachments from the Tories yesterday.

Unleashing more brutal policies the Tories in their full colour of frozen ice blue are totally impervious to outside public opinion and disempowering social democracy by doing so.

Non-empathetic reptilian suits drivel on and on with a sadistic nature of ruthlessness with high efficiency as if believing state repression is essential and necessary.


With the ordinary man and woman’s living standards plummeting, with the draconian methods of rules hovering above their heads, the Tories ‘spirit of the age’ is both savage and demeaning.

Their evil in print is increasing poverty and poverty is the ‘rape of the minds’ of the poor. There are better ways at managing people’s perceptions of life, force is never it.

It is the ransacking of lives, burdening the poor with heavy financial sanctions as debt or the threat of it towers above them or follows them around.

Here we have the Tories ‘iron fists of blue’ slamming down upon those hungry in our society. The poor were mocked about the use of ‘food banks’. Mocked by the necessity of them, and mocked by the Tories of those who needed them.

Yet Iain Duncan Smith has been caught lying so why is he still in office?

He has been caught manipulating statistics to suit his far right agenda, and caught fixing strategic evidence to fit his ideology.


It means all civil servants, benefit agents, housing officers , jobcentre staff and all others who follow the tail of the one in front, and never question their authority are issuing death sentences to vulnerable people who don’t have enough Rothschild debt notes in their pockets.

All without validation of facts behind them, which staff never question, why is that?


Staffing eagerly showing their abilities to follow blindly the most savage economic sanctions by administering such brutal policies where clearly their foundations are based on flawed information, the wrong information, lies and more lies from DWP.

They don’t question the legitimacy of these policies, they don’t question the morality, they just process them forward and watch from their desks the destruction of the poor’s psyche. One administrator from Crawley, telling me how he enjoyed his job.

There are better and more holistic methods of helping people step out of the cycle of deprivation, aiding a pathway back to work.

Programs of force however, never produce a healthy mind set. Forcing work programmes but denying real education without debt enslavement isn’t a healthy option for a healthy mind and healthy community.

For more on the war against the poor, click here for the Mirror or continue reading.

‘This government likes to show contempt for the poor its policies have created.

Yesterday was no exception as Tory ministers once again revealed their true nasty colours in the Commons.

Heartless Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey, a couple of nonentities relishing dirty jobs gifted to them by David Cameron, enjoy comfortable lifestyles yet spend their days making life harder for working people.

In a calculated snub they both vanished from the frontbench during a debate on the rise in foodbanks , the growth of which illustrates the crisis in living standards. But their actions were also a colossal misjudgment.’

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Rothschild Zionist David Cameron: Our welfare reforms are ‘compassionate’


Street Democracy writes:

Lying with style or just lying with his suit on, either way the Tories, David Cameron are lying through their teeth to suggest they are being compassionate towards capping, slashing and cutting essential monies from the poorest families while giving tax breaks to fracking corporations.

Whilst giving themselves a 11% pay rise, another salary to top up their salaries. Whilst receiving food allowances and child cost care that runs into the thousands of pounds each year.


There seems a Tory collective hatred towards the poor by turning the UK into a giant ‘gulag state’. If you are a benefit claimant then your life is to live in one big detention centre forced to comply or loose your benefits is no more than blackmail.

To have a government use poverty as a silent weapon to mass destroy the psyche of the poor, to ransack their lives and rape their minds with this torture.

Are our government nothing more than sending out ‘death squads’ to destroy the poor, disabled people unable to work and those unemployed unable to find appropriate employment.


Financially sanctioning those with financial scarcity to further their poverty shows their policies hold no signature of compassion to them.

Members of the aristocracy inbreed and have had the empathy gene removed, wiped out of their gene pool and the nasty, psychopathic gene enhanced.

How else can they be so cold and ruthless and not just towards ordinary men and women but to each other, their own kind.

Their policies are prosaic, spiritless and reptilian.

They are void of life, love and light but are dark shadows upon the vulnerable an unwanted closeness and intrusion of privacy are the Tories ruthless policies.

Our British Prime Minister David Cameron can sugar coat his brutality and numbing assault upon the most disadvantaged in the country but reality will continue to sting and fooling no one, especially those effected by these predatory rulings.

For more on the absolute vomit the Tories often spew up click here for more from The Telegraph or continue reading.

‘Welfare reforms are “compassionate” and the government should “not be concerned” with growing criticism from senior religious figures on the moral legitimacy of its policies, David Cameron has said. His comments come amid a growing row between senior bishops and the Prime Minister over recent changes to welfare and immigration laws.

Last Sunday the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols attacked new immigration targets as “inhumane” and warned that families were being split up due to the scandal” of tougher rules on spouses from outside the EU coming to Britain.’

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Watch Iain Duncan Smith SNEAK OUT of food banks debate as Tories LAUGH at stories of starving families

‘The nasty side of the Tories was laid bare today as their MPs laughed and sneered when told how hungry families were turning to food banks.

Callous Conservative politicians smirked and shouted when Labour MPs explained in a Commons debate how some shoppers were so desperate they fought for discount food in supermarkets.

Astonishingly, all the Government ministers from the responsible departments – including Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith – left the Commons after just an hour of the debate.

By then Mr Duncan Smith had already ducked questions in the Commons by choosing not to speak, putting forward his deputy instead.

In one of the most shameful episodes witnessed in Parliament, Tory backbenchers could be heard laughing dismissively when Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart told how shoppers at her Tesco in Slough, Berkshire, were now fighting each other for cheap food.’

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Tory Council Sends Out ‘disgusting, threatening and insulting’ Christmas Card

‘A flagship Tory council has caused outrage after sending out a Christmas card which appears to stereotype social housing tenants as feckless drinkers who will not pay their rent.

The card (pictured), sent by Hammersmith and Fulham Council, warns tenants not to over indulge at Christmas ending with a stark warning to ‘Pay Your Rent’.

Speaking to BBC London, local resident Tina Buckley said a card had even been sent out to her 81 year old mother who has been a tenant for 60 years and never been behind with her rent. Slamming the council’s campaign Ms Buckley said the cards were a: “disgusting, threatening and insulting piece of literature masquerading as a Christmas greeting”.’

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