Tories could cut a fifth of staff at department that chases tax dodgers, union warns

Tories could cut a fifth of staff at department that chases tax dodgers, union warns

17:09, 18 May 2015
By Dan Bloom

The FDA union claims HMRC will lose up to 15,000 of its 64,000 staff – despite having to find an extra £5bn by cracking down on tax avoidance

Axe: HMRC could face huge job cuts – but George Osborne wants staff to tackle tax avoidance

Tory cuts could axe more than a fifth of staff at the department in charge of chasing tax dodgers, a union has warned.

It’s claimed HM Revenue and Customs will lose out as new waves of cuts spread across Whitehall, ditching up to 100,000 jobs.

That’s despite HMRC being in charge of a new tax avoidance crackdown that George Osborne claims will net Britain £5bn.

Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA civil service union, says HMRC will suffer because other departments like education, health and foreign aid are better-protected.

And it won’t be able to track down tax dodgers without investing in expensive experts, he warned.

He told Mirror Online: “Tax avoidance is just one part of HMRC but it’s a critical one.


Street Democracy writes:

Our Tory ‘principles of the age’ are depraved, filled with unclean wisdom, a biased favouritism and a total cataclysm of our social and political democracy.

The lobbyist’s who paid millions into the Tory ‘general election’ piggy bank, want they’re financial payback.

Their reward is to be able to continue dodging tax payments by the millions and with less staff hounding their complicated private economic system, fraudulent tax dodging can commence unchallenged.


Corporate wealth has replaced our voting system for money as these millionaires run our centralised power.

Favouring themselves, legalizing money trafficking and biased principles favouring corporatisation hierarchy enshrined into biased rich favouring law is now so obvious they may as well just admit it.

With a fanatical commitment, venal economic elite, with their banded powers of corporate principles have rigged Tory policies to favour themselves.get-attachment-405-587x402

Our government is enmeshed with a culture of privilege, power, wealth and entitlements and with blind obedience the Tory puppet MP’s are too willingly obliging.

It is so obvious.


They’re not cutting staff surrounding the ‘Bedroom Tax’, to chase rent arrears from the poorest.

Another grotesque pantheon completely devoid of moral fibre corporate elites financial manoeuvres work our governmental system like a playing a fiddle.

Our democracy serves the corporate oligarchs.

Our democracy favours concentrated wealth and our system is most radically anti-democratic.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare

George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare 00:00, 16 May 2015 ,Dan Bloom

  • The Budget 2015
Second Budget: George Osborne will make spending cuts harsher than we all thought

George Osborne will announce huge cuts to public services and welfare in his first all-Tory Budget.

The Chancellor has revealed he is planning to declare a second Budget of the year on July 8.

The Tory axeman already formed a budget in March, but will now slash spending and support for struggling families even more because his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners.

Mr Osborne said: “On the 8th of July I am going to take the unusual step of having a second Budget of the year.

“I don’t want to wait to turn the promises we made in the election into a reality.”

For more click here: The Tory axeman will slash spending and support for struggling families even more now his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners

Street Democracy writes:

Like banded thieves in the night this Tory budget will steal freedoms from the disempowered, expel them further from mainstream society, economically bludgeoned them to death and assassinate the characters of any in need of welfare.

Dismembering society further a Tory darkness addiction to hurt the poor, war upon the poor and socially disgrace them further by taking money from them is to endure another 5 years of lethal welfare cuts.

They have mastered a sinister art of manufacturing dehumanisation techniques disguised as saintly projects that echo draconian strategies of a brutal oppressive Tory machine of brilliant blue.

The punishing state as already begun, but worse is to come.

Like a ‘Red Briefcase of Doom’ carrying hideous horrors, the budget George Osbourne, a love abandoned soulless suit of blue, will direct a atmosphere to assassinate the welfare state.

We can only wait as the malevolent murmurs whisper suggestive financial slaughter, and prey for our communities and families sake that the destruction is not devastating.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Baroness Warsi takes aim at George Osborne over Gaza stance: ‘He is a good friend of the Israeli Government’

Baroness Warsi takes aim at George Osborne over Gaza stance: ‘He is a good friend of the Israeli Government’

‘Baroness Warsi has taken aim at the Chancellor George Osborne for failing to address Israel on its bombardment of Gaza, claiming as he is “a very good friend of the Israeli government”.

Lady Warsi dramatically resigned on Tuesday over the Government’s refusal to take a tougher stance on the Israeli bombardment during which 1,800 Palestinians have died…

…”George is a very good friend of the Israeli government and therefore he more than anybody else should have been saying quite frankly to the Israeli government that what you are doing is not in your interests – this is probably the biggest single act of self-harm that the Israeli government have done over the last few years,” she said.’

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Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us

fracking prime minister

Two faced double speak hypocritical David Cameron who is a puppet to corporate powers bringing us a Totalitarian State, wouldn’t have Fracking in his own back yard! WELL DONE GREENPEACE!! BRILLIANT!!

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us. Pictures by Street Democracy.



Street Democracy writes:

Fracking is another blow to our already fragile eco system.

We are witnessing psychopathic greed, selfishly careering us all towards imminent death with the contamination of our natural water’s down underground, with no concerns about this at all.


It is insanity to believe the industrialisation of fracking isn’t going to harm our planet, causing death zones of greater magnitude destroying our wildlife, our plants and eventually cause serious water shortages!

It is the extinction button these greedy corporate psychopaths are willing to press at the expense and great cost of our planet.

The fossil fuel industry with aggressive drilling technology is ecological suicide, by venal politicians fondling their pockets for more profits.


These legions of faceless, nameless bureaucrats are sacrificing our sacred planet and believe themselves to be unaccountable to the damage they are causing.

It is time people started to wake up!


Our deformed corrupt capitalist economic model is a model of death-destruction and pollution. It must be changed!


Hydro fracking is an aggressive and dangerous method of extracting natural pockets of gas and our current political apparatus is ignoring the public’s pleas and much educated demands by saying ‘no’ to this exploitation.


We are under an Oligarchical Hierarchical system of Corporate control of our State and Government. That is equal to a Totalitarian ruler-ship!

The evil’s crippling our economy, are planning to cripple earth also systematically stealing earth’s natural resources with a model of corrupt capitalism, a model of pain and death that has strangled democracy further into obliviation.

For more on our corrupt political apparatus, click here for more or continue reading: 

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us.


Dear Street Democracy,

Shocking news.

Today David Cameron announced plans to let fracking companies drill under our homes without asking us. 

He suggested an appalling change to the law that almost three-quarters of the people in Britain oppose.

The Prime Minister is trying to put fracking company profits before our right to decide what happens underneath our homes. But MPs will have the final say on whether these changes become law.

So we’ve joined up with our friends at Greenpeace to launch an urgent petition to all MPs.

Please add your name


Just last week we celebrated three years of keeping our homes and communities free from dirty, dangerous fracking. The fracking industry and Government know they’re losing this struggle. That’s why they’re trying to change the rules. But we can stop fracking companies from ripping up our countryside and polluting the climate.

Sign our petition asking MPs to oppose this underhand attempt to allow fracking under our homes


These plans are hidden and kept away from public knowledge. This is a serious crime against humanity and we have every right to have our free, clean, unlimited energy.

You’ve helped communities across the country hold back fracking in their area. Now we need your help to make sure MPs don’t let the Government take away the right to object to fracking underneath our homes. Let’s stand up to this disgraceful bullying tactic together.

Best wishes,

Nikki & the fracking team


Fracking is the extinction button ready to be pressed. We cannot allow the destruction of our planet, the pollution of our natural water for the few greedy individuals wishing to profit.

Ask MPs to stop companies fracking under homes without permission

Fossil fuel companies fracking under people’s homes without asking them. That’s what David Cameron wants. And he’s sneakily trying to change the law to make it happen.

Please don’t let him get away with it. Sign our petition below. And share it far and wide. Thank you.

Why the petition? We need as many MPs as possible to vote against this change in law.

A petition with tens of thousands of our names will put great pressure on MPs to vote no.

What’s more, we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace to get as many names as possible.

Please sign now

Dear Members of Parliament,

74% of people in Britain are against changes to trespass laws that would allow fracking companies to drill under homes without permission. I urge you to oppose government plans to change the law and vote against it when you have the chance.



George Osborne: Middle classes LIKE paying 40p tax rate because they feel they are joining the aspirational classes and are a success


Street Democracy writes:

A psychopath has no feelings or empathy when they steal or harm another.

George Osborne is a classic psychopath because he doesn’t place himself in the shoes of those he condemns by his own death dealing policies when he unleashes them upon the poor.

He has no idea of the social, psychological consequences and dire straits he causes when he commits his sterile economics as policy.

He is responsible for the mind rape upon the poorest families in the UK and feels no concern or responsibility towards his actions. 

He instigates a psychopathic Tory agenda that causes colossal damage upon those already struggling to survive and feels no remorse and is never sorry.

For more on what a psychopath looks like and how they behave click here for George Osborne or continue reading: 

George Osborne: Middle classes LIKE paying 40p tax rate because they feel they are joining the aspirational classes and are a success

‘George Osborne was accused of ‘insulting’ middle-class voters last night after claiming that making them pay higher tax rates is ‘good for them’ because it makes them feel successful – and more likely to back the Tories.

Conservative MPs were stunned when the Chancellor made the explosive remark at a secret meeting at his Downing Street office, the contents of which have been leaked to The Mail on Sunday.

The disclosure came as Mr Osborne is poised to announce a Budget boost for the low-paid by raising the threshold for income tax to £10,500, while rejecting pleas to stop more middle earners being dragged into the 40p tax band.’

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UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

UK chancellor demands pro-business reform of European Union

‘UK chancellor George Osborne has called for wholesale economic and political “reform” of the European Union (EU), warning that otherwise Britain will quit its membership.

Osborne was addressing a conference of the Open Europe think tank and the Conservative Fresh Start group, who are pressing for corporate deregulation, a further assault on welfare and for some powers to be transferred back to Westminster from Brussels.

Since the financial crash of 2008, the EU has been the mechanism for forcing through a social counter-revolution—particularly in southern and eastern Europe. Savage cuts in public spending, mass layoffs and wage cuts have created social misery in Greece, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.

Osborne made clear that he welcomed this assault but insisted it had not gone far enough.’

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John Prescott: George Osborne trying to rob the taxpayer again with his latest bank job

John Prescott: George Osborne trying to rob the taxpayer again with his latest bank job


Street Democracy writes:

When Britain does what Switzerland has done which is what Egypt and Thailand is doing now, demanding change by sacking government, then our corrupt officials, our political elite will continue to run our lives to suit their agenda.

To continuously increase the infrastructure of a ‘punishing state’ apparatus upon ordinary men and women in the name of taxation is the Tory ‘iron fists of blue’ agenda.


Taxation in every angle in every field and effectively strike’s heavy economic sanctions upon us for their gain and our losses.

We are witnessing a government descend into moral amnesia. 

Parliament’s political mechanisms are nothing more than a tyrannical machine that vomits massive class war repression upon the poor and working poor of this country.1209102_539900659412800_1664499134_n

The ‘no’ empathy policies wound the most vulnerable, are unjust and cruel are curdled out without concerns by wealthy aristocrats that use sterile economic statistical data that may look good on paper but causes social and psychological despair and torment for ‘real’ people.


Now George Osborne is treating the public again as imbeciles by favouring the corrupt capitalist banker, by protecting the wealthy and destroying the people once again.

These soulless creatures in suits of blue will not stop until we the people denounce their power for them and take back the wealth they have stolen from us.bankster_meme_fiate_curency_debt_central-banks_IMF_BIS_World_Bank

For more on this story click here: John Prescott: George Osborne trying to rob the taxpayer again with his latest bank job or continue reading.

‘Last September, the biggest bank job in history was thwarted in Europe. A smooth-talking operator tried to pull off a remarkable confidence trick, allowing bankers to be paid whatever bonus they liked.

It’s staggering to believe it was a British Government minister. But that’s exactly what George Osborne did. He brought a taxpayer-funded legal challenge to stop Europe capping bankers’ bonuses at 100 per cent of annual salary.

Thankfully his fellow European finance ministers disagreed and he lost. Europe decided there should be a cap and banks would only be able to double bonuses to 200 per cent if shareholders gave approval.

Four months on and Osborne’s doing the bankers’ bidding again.’

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Rothschild Zionist George Osborne insists Britain must make £25bn more welfare cuts in 2014

Rothschild Zionist George Osborne insists Britain must make £25bn more welfare cuts in 2014


Street Democracy writes:

This title indicates the Rothschild’s own government. They fund both political parties and control both sides labelling our democracy as only illusionary at best.

To divide and conquer one has to decimate the classes, mainly the poor with crippling financial cuts that are designed to crush, obliterate and destroy the psyche of the poor. One more step closer to ending the welfare state.


Our ruling political elite have rendered the poor as powerless and protesting is to be criminalised and with the gradual privatisation of prisons, G4S thugs are only to happy to accommodate the poor.

George Osborne is subservient to his pay masters, the Rothschild’s, the wealthy bloodlines oligarchical reptiles and its their agenda this puppet is pursuing. Not the public’s.

Hermetical ideologies means these out of touch, far right, politicians are impervious to outside needs.


Demands by public opinion bounce off the walls of Parliament as if sealed by some toxic adhesive to keep citizens political thought outside and remain there and what is conjured up inside by unprincipled suits, makes it to policy, legislation, law.

The Tories, aristocratic agenda is to protect their wealth, give themselves an 11% pay rise, invest in fracking and act like parasites sucking up the misery they cause with not only human beings, but with our planet also.

For more on this out of touch, iron fist of blue, click here for The Independent or continue reading.

‘George Osborne was accused of targeting the poor and vulnerable and sparing the rich as he outlined £25bn of new spending cuts, with half of them coming from the welfare budget.

The Chancellor kicked off the political year with a bleak warning that the job of clearing the deficit is “not even half done.” But his suggestion of £12bn of welfare cuts in the two years after the 2015 election provoked an angry backlash from the Liberal Democrats and pressure groups.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, accused Mr Osborne of launching an “unrealistic, unfair” attack on the poor while demanding no sacrifices from the wealthy. He told his monthly press conference: “You’ve got a Conservative Party now who are driven, it seems to me, by two very clear ideological impulses. One is to remorselessly pare back the state – for ideological reasons. Secondly – and I think they are making a monumental mistake in doing so – they say the only section in society which will bear the burden of further fiscal consolidation are the working-age poor.”’

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Taxpayers spend £20million on interpreters to help foreigners claim benefits – with Polish, Slovak and Czech in most demand

‘The taxpayer has spent £20million in four years on translators for foreigners on benefits, it emerged today.

The Department for Work and Pensions said most money was spent on interpreters for people from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

But there are fears that the bill will rise after restrictions on migrants from Romania and Bulgaria were lifted at the start of this month.’

Read more …

Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies

Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies


Street Democracy writes:

The Tories assert a bias, hostile view towards the poor like they are exercising a class war upon those guilty of financial scarcity.

With an unrelenting disconnected view, the Tories ‘clan dimension’ based upon the poor is in accurate, wrong and misrepresented.


These aristocrats with ‘iron fists of blue’ address harsh and heavily sanctioned economic cuts that effect the poor with devastating consequences.

The Tories inaccurate ideology of the lower classes is evident with aggressive policies that do more harm than good, but the ruling elite fail to see as they are not qualified too.

Any governing body that lacks the wisdom of poverty is not qualified to govern a country and our government is run by the aristocratic, ruling blood lines that know nothing of ‘want’.


Their economics is based not on sadness, so there is no empathy within their statistical data and exacerbate social enmity towards the poor who they view as one hive minded social annoyance beyond recognition.

There is no respect for the poor, those unable to work, those not fit to work, basically all those reliant on the welfare state who do not pay taxes.

For more on this click here for The Guardian or continue reading.

‘A £180m-a-year hardship fund providing emergency help for low-income families who suffer sudden financial crisis as a result of domestic violence, ill-health or natural disaster such as flooding is to be scrapped, it has emerged.

Technical documents released just before Christmas suggest the Department for Work and Pensions plans to cut its cash allocation to local authority welfare assistance schemes in 15 months’ time.

Charities warned this would lead to a postcode lottery in local welfare help and trigger a rise in the number of people becoming dependent on loan sharks or charitable support, such as food banks.’

Read more: Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies


George Osborne’s ‘stealth cuts’ will force millions to miss economic recovery

‘More than three million low-income families risk missing out on the economic recovery even if wages start to keep pace with inflation, according to an analysis for The Independent.

The Resolution Foundation, an independent think-tank which aims to improve living standards for the less wealthy, accused George Osborne of burying a £385m “stealth cut” in the small print of last year’s Autumn Statement, which will force the working poor to “run uphill” and earn an extra £1,000 a year just to stand still.

The foundation has analysed the impact of the Chancellor’s decision to freeze the “work allowance” – the amount people can earn before their payment under universal credit starts to be withdrawn. The freeze means that even if their wages rise in line with the cost of living, their income will fall in real terms because the allowance does not keep pace with inflation.’ Read more …

George Osborne: Tories will slash welfare state by ‘billions’


Street Democracy writes:

A psychological warfare upon the poor is the Tories ‘spirit of the age’.

To ransack with death dealing politics, of slow kill, to impoverish and disregard poor people will fill Britain with broken souls, broken families and broken societies everywhere.

To extract wealth from the poorest, means nothing more than facilitate destitution, a third world type poverty within the streets of the UK. 1374847_539931546076378_846200727_n

The fictional sterile digits that focus upon the lower classes as expendable, a social annoyance and marginalise them further will not equate a healthy future, healthy communities and a healthy state of mind set.

Instead we will have a ‘Broken Britain’, a failed state with citizens discarded and dispossessed.

The Tories understanding of poverty is minimal. I believe they watch soaps on the tv to understand. Soap tv is another false staged sequences of events that does not reflect reality, in the real world of being poor.


Poverty is exclusion from mainstream society, mainstream living and is the rape of the mind. Unprincipled policy makers from privately educated hold no ‘sadness’ and have never experienced ‘poverty’.

These two social elements alone would bring empathy and awareness within the digits, the statistical data that ends up flooding the infrastructure that effects the poor.

As it stands we have bureaucratic heavy weight thug like policies that are the iron fists of blue to slam down upon those in need of the welfare state. Like a bureaucratic form of financial strangulation, that leaves the poor choking in desperation.Robert Livingstone

We cannot dictate such harsh policies believing that destitution is the key to forcing the poor to find work fulfilment and prosperity. They find instead limited social mobility, austerity measures that stifles growth and a humiliation programme defining them as worthless.

Do Not Vote – If You Do, Then Don’t Vote Tory!

For more on this story click here for the Telegraph or continue reading.

‘A future Conservative government will slash the welfare state by “billions” to protect schools, hospitals and investment in science from further cuts, the Chancellor has said.

Mr Osborne hinted he is prepared to further lower the £26,000 cap on the amount households can receive in benefits, in a move likely to put the Tories in conflict with their Coalition partners.

He said he expected any cuts to the benefits cap to be the subject of “fierce debate” ahead of the next election. The Liberal Democrats are satisfied with the current level of the cap.’

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