Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

Palestinians blocked from riding on buses with Israelis

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:47 By David Icke

‘Israel has banned Palestinian workers from riding common buses with Israelis and forced them to return to the West Bank through the same Israeli checkpoint they left.

The pilot program separating Israeli and Palestinian bus travel was initiated on Tuesday under the directive of Israel’s military affairs ministry, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The new regulations could increase the commute of Palestinians working in the West Bank for as much as two hours each day, said human rights organizations that are set to issue an appeal against the new restrictions.’

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Miko Peled – ‘There’s Nothing Racist in Boycotting Israeli Goods And Services. It’s About Justice’


Homelessness increases by 34 PER CENT under Coalition as soaring rents and benefit cuts bite


Street Democracy writes:

In a commodity culture, if you don’t have the Rothschild’s bank notes in your pocket, you deemed worthless, unimportant and discarded. This is the treatment of our homeless whose only crime is poverty.

With the rich hoarding ungraspable amounts of property, bumping up prices so unreachable by the average person, that even couples combined wages struggle to meet rents and even the basic mortgages.62835_364568370320347_552155377_n

The young of today have little chance of becoming independent and renting or buying a property unless they have wealthy families. For the rest of us, we experience the heavy weight of bureaucratic persecution, a degrading process and humiliating experience of not being able to afford a home.

It would be nice to break the monopoly of wealth excessiveness and property hoarding by the ruling elite with several homes, holiday homes and country retreats.


With excessive land scarcity also, and extortionate property prices, land is unavailable for the cheaper end of the housing market and no political expression whether red, blue, green with pink spots is pushing for social housing.

These sanctimonious pompous policies protect wealth and destroy those suffering poverty.

Our homeless have every right to shelter, but that shelter is no longer reachable, adequate or easy to obtain.

Their civil liberties are assassinated, with the death of their free speech and their democracy obliterated. 1378703_613337442064147_1666671474_n

We need land reform where it is illegal for land and property to be hoarded. Hundreds of thousands of acres of land to be kept by elites who don’t need it, don’t use it and don’t even acknowledge this land.

For more on this click here for the Mirror or continue reading.

On the rise: Homeless people sleeping rough in London

Savage benefit cuts and soaring rents have sparked a homeless crisis, says a damning report.

The number of people forced to sleep rough rose 6% across England last year – and 60% in London since 2011.

Temporary accommodation is being overwhelmed – after a 10% rise in those seeking it last year. Bed and breakfast placements are also up, by 14%.

In total homelessness – which covers people in squats, hostels and shelters – has risen by 34% since the Coalition came to power, says the joint study by homeless charity Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Some hidden forms of homelessness – including secret sharing and overcrowding – are also rising.

Overcrowding has reached 5% across England, 12% on average in London, but up to 25% in some areas.

The Homelessness Monitor report also blames the Bedroom Tax for causing severe hardship.

It reveals that it has led to a sharp rise in families falling into arrears, particularly in the Midlands and the North. The revelations came after it emerged the government had sneaked out plans to slash benefits even further.

George Osborne buried a £600million welfare cut in the small print of last week’s Autumn Statement.

It’s Land, stupid


Street Democracy writes:

To me, never mind location, location, location how about the concentration of wealth who ‘buy, buy. buy. all the land. Leaving the general public to have land scarcity, with more land scarcity, on top of even more land scarcity. The wealth of our nation has bought the major lands and corporations seem able to buy even more for commercial uses rather than for social.

Now the working poor, large communities are all crammed into what land is available to be shunted around from pillar to post in order to solve the housing crisis. To see what green belt is left be threatened with concrete housing sites and eradicate all the beauty of nature working class towns have to offer.

We need urgent land reform, but the wealth of the nation will not give up their greed. Housing estates also do not have to mirror concrete jungles but could be cheaply built green and environmentally friendly to be social housing of our current times and future.


Well maybe a bit more put together and children safe friendly but the concept is there. I’d live in one..ha ha. For more on this story of land deprivation click here for Inside Housing…or continue reading below: 

‘What makes a house valuable? It may seem a stupid question but bear with me. Take this Georgian house in Bath’s Royal Crescent, built in 1770, which has been on the market for £3.2 million. A studio flat of just 19.5 square metres (that half a metre is so important!) is also on sale in the Crescent for a staggering £225,000.

Yet the historic cost (and the present value) of the stone, bricks, timber, glass and the labour costs of the architect and the craftsmen who designed and built these properties are a tiny fraction of their current value. When we insure our house, the rebuild cost is usually much less than the value of the property. The difference is made up, of course, by the value of the underlying land, or more precisely the location of the land. Location, Location, Location.’