Thousands of parents to be hit by £60 school fines if their children are repeatedly late for class

Thousands of parents to be hit by £60 school fines if their children are repeatedly late for class

new Monday 11th May 2015 at 09:48 By David Icke

‘Schools are to fine parents £60 if pupils are repeatedly late for registration.

The penalty will double if it is not paid within 21 days, and parents who refuse to pay could be prosecuted and even jailed.

One council is deploying so-called late-gate patrols to ask tardy parents why their children are arriving late.

But parents’ groups criticised the move yesterday, and said the fines would ultimately punish the children, not their parents.’

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Two 12-year-old girls stab friend 19 times to appease ‘Slenderman’, a fictitious character

Two 12-year-old girls stab friend 19 times to appease ‘Slenderman’, a fictitious character

‘Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, two 12-year-old girls, are behind bars after stabbing their friend to appease a fictitious Internet character, the Slenderman, who appears on the website in various short stories…

… One of the girls told police the character is the “leader” of Creepypasta, and in the hierarchy of that world, one must kill to prove dedication, the Journal Sentinel reported. After the slaying, the girls planned to run away to the demon’s mansion in the Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin, the complaint said.

One girl said she sees him in her dreams. She said he can read her mind and teleport.’

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‘She couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality’: Brother of girl, 12, who ‘stabbed friend 19-times as offering to mythic Slender Man’ claims she loved paranormal figure

‘The elder brother of a school girl accused of brutally stabbing a classmate to pay homage to an eerie horror story character has said his little sister could not tell the difference between, ‘dreams and reality’.

Anissa Weier and her friend Morgan Geyser, both 12, apparently lured their young victim to a woodland area in their home town of Waukesha, Wisconsin and stabbed her 19 times before leaving her to die.

They both told police they committed the horrendous crime because they wanted to impress a ghoulish fantasy character called Slender Man, who they had become obsessed with after reading a string of scary stories online.’

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Michelle Obama To High-School Graduates: Monitor Your Parents For Thought crime

Michelle Obama To High-School Graduates: Monitor Your Parents For Thought crime


Our children socially condition to prison type schooling of obey or be punished.

Street Democracy writes:

Stealing the minds of the young by paranoid psychopathic elitism should be the crime.

To crush all independent thought, and systematically advertise that we need government’s opinion in every aspects of our lives like a remote controlled mechanism.

The control mechanism is bringing the police state, the siege mentality into the home by our children.


To enforce a passive mass hive minded psychology of the citizen is being indoctrinated by an educational heavy weight schooling system


(Remember Hitler’s youth? – Remember the children in ‘1984’ and how they made their father vulnerable and exposed him for thought crime and was systematically arrested and eventually tortured in room 101?)

Subjecting children hungry for knowledge to toxic feed is a form of brainwashing mind control drivel to socially condition our future generation into obeying authority and to be submissive citizens who never question authoritarian leaders.


Thought crime or mysteriously disappear into room 101 to be ‘re-educated’. Love your servitude-worship your government.

Leaders are people who make mistakes and own personal opinions like anyone else.

So why should the power grid indoctrinate our society into thinking what they believe is correct or even right?

The moral fibre is lost with our power elites.



They want full mental control of the minds of society, to be compliant, a form of passive citizenry.

To love your servitude and government is the power, basically an oligarchical psychopathic main frame of power, control and enforcement.


The State wants our children’s minds to be programmed into a hive mind mass group think, easily controllable by rules predetermined and orchestrated.

Reinforcing racism is just an excuse at indoctrinating our children to forcibly remove their parental bond by treating them as enemies, and socially blackmailing their parents for their freedom of thought is barbaric in its own right.


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Michelle Obama To High-School Graduates: Monitor Your Parents For Thought crime


‘There can be no aspect of your daily life that’s removed from politics. Now you will be monitored by your own children for expressing unapproved opinions. You’d better watch what you say at the dinner table, Mom and Dad.

Pete Kasperowicz, The Blaze:

First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.

The first lady spoke on Friday to graduating high school students in Topeka, Kansas, and in remarks released over the weekend, Obama said students need to police family and friends because federal laws can only go so far in stopping racism.’

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Prison of the Mind: Prisoners could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours

Street Democracy writes:


This is very Orwellian and even he didn’t have this scenario to his book ‘1984’.

For those that disapproved of ‘the government’ for those who didn’t love their servitude, were sent into room 101, the windowless building that people feared immensely.

There they were tortured until they loved their servitude and came out never the same again. This is going to be a process of mind control.

A drug to confuse reality with their reality.

A social programming they are already doing to certain people.

This is also ‘Brave New World’ combined from Audous Huxley. Worryingly this is what they are developing and we still trust them with vaccines?

This is where suddenly vaccines will be mandatory, law even..makes you wonder what is in them now and certainly what will be in them then.

‘Future biotechnology could be used to trick a prisoner’s mind into thinking they have served a 1,000 year sentence, a group of scientists have claimed.

Philosopher Rebecca Roache is in charge of a team of scholars focused upon the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. Dr Roache claims the prison sentence of serious criminals could be made worse by extending their lives.

Speaking to Aeon magazine, Dr Roache said drugs could be developed to distort prisoners’ minds into thinking time was passing more slowly.

“There are a number of psychoactive drugs that distort people’s sense of time, so you could imagine developing a pill or a liquid that made someone feel like they were serving a 1,000-year sentence,” she said.’

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‘Education For All’ – The Elite’s Mono-Minding Global Plans for All Children

‘Education For All’ – The Elite’s Mono-Minding Global Plans for All Children


Street Democracy writes:

Our schooling system is bombarding children, our future home dwellers of earth, a fake and controlled version of reality that they are forced and conditioned to accept.

Our children are being heavily indoctrinated to conform by the elites agenda, regurgitated in bought and controlled text books, constantly repeating this agenda and enforcing life as they want our children to see it.

To obey authority, never question authority figures, to specialise in working the cogs of the system, enjoy working as the cog in the system and feel rewarded if they do.


Our children are punished if they don’t regurgitate the spoon fed indoctrination programme, and they are only rewarded if they can memorise this intense behavioural systems of social conditioning.

It is the dumbing down of your youth and is most successful.

It is giving children a subject and giving them the questions to ask about the subject.

Like television, our children are being taught when to think, and in what framework to think it.



They are not being taught of freedom of expression as positive emotion and freedom of thought is being persuaded to them as a mere social annoyance. They are not being taught how to think.


It is not asking the youth to actually question the subject, no critical thinking and not to focus upon the designing of the subject, just the content inside.

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‘Education For All’ – The Elite’s Mono-Minding Global Plans for All Children

‘The implementation of the new global education agenda uses the Common Core curriculum in public schools to get students away from traditional classroom education instruction and instead learning will come primarily from computers for their educational needs throughout our public schools. Common Core is based around “the greatest change in education in decades”, according to President Obama.

This essay, Part III, covers the global education corporation known as CORE International where big business is funneling their products and services through. Also discussed is the United Nations “Education for All” agenda.

CORE International, a privately owned corporation, works hand in glove with the United Nations and not-so-coincidentally dovetails with the same folks who are aggressively implementing their Agenda 21, TPP and ALEC plans for stated global uniformity and compliance to a one world order. CORE has been the fastest growing company in India for the past three years with over 40% growth per annum.

CORE International is already operating in over 30 country’s throughout Europe and Asia as of the end of 2013, but not more so than in the United States and England.’

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To Socially Indoctrinate Our Children – Yet Again -Working class kids should act posher if they want to get on in life, government advisor says

Working class kids should act posher if they want to get on in life, government advisor says


Street Democracy writes:

This is socially indoctrinating a form of behaviour, a tight form of conformity and is nothing more than training children to be obedient subjects and not be themselves.

To repress their creativity, their freedom of expression but to surrender this to a robotic sterile form of behaviour deemed suitable for society according to pusher’s of the Orwellian agenda of a controlled society.

It is denouncing the freedom of expression. Starting when they are so young, our children who are individual characters to be taught and re-trained to blot out innate emotions to a standardised form of acceptance.

It is the massification of group think, an accumulative hive mind where self determinism is replaced with collective passive mind atmosphere.

Thinking deemed anarchaic, wrong and socially excluded from mainstream society is in itself drowning the mind, killing thought and the murdering of the human creative accent that should be marvelled. 

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Working class kids should act posher if they want to get on in life, government advisor says

‘Working class children should act middle class if they want to succeed in higher education and land the best jobs, a government advisor has said.

Peter Brant, head of mobility at the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, claimed less well off pupils needed to change appearance and mannerisms.

He also said in a blog on the Commission’s website that they needed “shared cultural values” such as choice of clothes, restaurants and having varied hobbies.’

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Brain Washing, Social Control and Programming – Why You Should Kill Your Television

Brain Washing, Social Control and Programming – Why You Should Kill Your Television

‘Schooling plays a big role in programming the population, but the most potent and prevalent educational tools are the mass media. These are devised to reach a large audience via the broadcasting of information through natural means (spoken or written language, posters) or technological ones (radio, television, cinema, the Internet). With time, the elite has come to control all the important mass media outlets and are now able to dictate their contents.

The trick is easy. All the elite need to do is repeat the same simplistic lies in all the media and the population will believe them without a doubt. This is how lies acquire an irresistible aura of credibility. A specialist of mass brainwashing, L. Wolfe, explains it further:

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.”’

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TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture

TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture


Street Democracy writes:

Tel -LIE – vision is full of programmes to program all those who watch it. Notice the daze expression on those around you watching the tv!

They are put into a trance and even if the programme is rubbish they will sit through it, with an underlying urge to put closure to the mind programming being played out in front of them.


Even a rubbish film sees actors or actresses in distress and the human mind needs to correct such trauma and will sit and watch the mindless dribble until success comes at the end of the film.

Our minds are hijacked, ransacked and redefined, re-wired and re-programmed every time we watch. Now your thoughts are influenced by the tv. The people around you are influenced by the tv.


People change their clothing, their style of wear, they change their opinions and their whole attitude towards life because of the tv. TV is mass mind control and the socially re-engineering of the people.

The tv is a CIA invention did you know that?

For more on the mass mind control device called ‘tv’ click here: TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture or continue reading.

‘Few subjects present an undisputable window into modern society than the electronic version of reality that is dispensed through television broadcasts. This technology does not require interactive skills or critical thinking acumen. Just watch and fall into a daydream trance. TV is the stealth killer that penetrates 114.7 million American households. According to Nielsen, the 2012 Universe Estimate (UE), reflects a reduction in the estimated percent of U.S. homes with a television set (TV penetration), which declined to 96.7 percent from 98.9 percent. Should this turn down suggest promise or is it merely a result of internet substitution?

‘With the proliferation of cable channels and 24 hour programming, the landscape of TV addiction vastly impacts perception and dramatically excludes normal interpersonal relations. Melissa Melton cites the following in her article, TV: Your Mind. Controlled.

“According to last year’s Nielsen report, the average American over the age of two years old watches more than 34 hours of television per week, plus at least three more hours of taped programming. The report also noted that the amount of time we spend watching television increases as we get older.”

This overwhelming intrusion into and over personal time and space are often called entertainment. Broadcasts that bill themselves as news or business shows claim to provide useful information. Sport coverage makes no pretense of presenting socially significant content. Yet, vast segments of the public are wrapped up in the childish exercise of false hero adoration.’

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Schools Criminalising Children For More ‘Trauma’ Based Mind Control!!

Zero Tolerance: Chicago School Officials Suspend 11-Year-Old Boy Under ‘Dangerous Weapons’ Policy for Voluntarily Turning in Non-Firing Toy Gun


Street Democracy writes:

The criminalisation of children is all part of the diseased minds of the controlling paranoid elites desperately trying to socially engineer heavy weight police state tactics to condition children into believing this is normal.

Schools atmospheric conditions mimic prison systems, detention centres and probation institutions to forcibly indoctrinate children into a commanding state, a punishing state if they fail to obey.


Staff members blindly follow the tail of the one in front, never question their authority and obey even the most ridiculous policies that are marinated with absurdity and topped up with child traumatisation.

Do staff members, probably parents themselves, really not see this trauma based mind control being unleashed upon themselves but to children?

Schools are mass incarceration centres denouncing children’s freedom of expression, opinion or thought, critical or otherwise.

They are there to repress the minds of our young for intense behaviour training, like an indoctrination camp that punishes those that don’t follow orders.


For more on this disturbing fate of our schooling system click here: Zero Tolerance: Chicago School Officials Suspend 11-Year-Old Boy Under ‘Dangerous Weapons’ Policy for Voluntarily Turning in Non-Firing Toy Gun or continue reading.

‘Criticizing Chicago school officials for being overzealous, misguided and incapable of distinguishing between an impotent toy and a dangerous weapon, The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of an 11-year-old boy who was suspended from school after he voluntarily turned in a non-firing plastic toy gun that had been forgotten in his jacket pocket.

Caden Cook, a sixth grader at Fredrick Funston Elementary School, was suspended for allegedly violating the school’s weapons policy against dangerous objects, in addition to being ordered to undergo counseling, and subjected to intimidation tactics, interrogation, and dire threats by school officials—all without his mother being present. Rutherford Institute attorneys have asked that the suspension be rescinded and all references to the incident be removed from Caden’s permanent school record.’

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Soros To Fund Free Wi-fi From Space – Blasting Whole Planet

Soros To Fund Free Wi-fi From Space – Blasting Whole Planet

‘You might think you have to pay through the nose at the moment to access the Internet.

But one ambitious organisation called the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is planning to turn the age of online computing on its head by giving free web access to every person on Earth.

Known as Outernet, MDIF plans to launch hundreds of satellites into orbit by 2015.

And they say the project could provide unrestricted Internet access to countries where their web access is censored, including China and North Korea.’

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