Tory Cuts Could Push Tens Of Thousands Of Home Carers Onto the Dole, Warns Charity

Tory Cuts Could Push Tens Of Thousands Of Home Carers Onto the Dole, Warns Charity

Posted by Welfare Weekly -May 17, 2015


Tens of thousands of home carers who look after vulnerable elderly relatives could be pushed into unemployment, warns the Alzheimer’s Society.

Government cuts are leaving local authority social care budgets “at breaking point”, while struggling home carers are left juggling work and caring duties.

Within ten years, up to one million Alzheimers patients will be dependent upon the care they receive from relatives. This is estimated to save the economy around £11.6bn each year, which is greater than the £8.8bn spent on the NHS.

Head of policy at the Alzheimer’s Society, George McNamara, said: “Further government cuts to social care could lead to tens of thousands of working people forced to give up their jobs to look after elderly relatives over the next five years.”

“Workers can’t fit caring responsibilities into a lunch break”, said Mr McNamara.

“Looking after an elderly parent with dementia takes huge amounts of time, energy and emotional stress. Many carers will have no choice but to give up work unless they get better public services.”

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By Welfare Weekly

Street Democracy writes:

Our political system is a massive psychological machine to devour moral decency within our societal system of care and welfare services.

Carers work dedicated hours of long back breaking heavy workloads, time utterly spent providing the attention we all appreciate when where in need.  This career model goes largely unnoticed, ignored and deeply underpaid for their efforts, unless it is to sabotage it further.

We know the Tory bullying agenda, their destruction of the welfare state expedition and a ferocious path of evil, to destroy the poor’s voice and power.

This punishing infrastructure is ripping to pieces at rapid speeds of vigour, to dismantle our welfare state, and all practises and commitments to it. A deliberate manufactured Tory dialogue of force to collapse our social caring community structures to fall and fail.

The agenda is for the private sector to infiltrate their corporate power and control, to eventually privatise the whole system by stepping in to ‘rescue’ the starved of funds avenues.

This punishing infrastructure is on a ceaseless expansion that is hijacked by ruthless corporate politicians who hold power to instigate and frame debates, basically control decision making to favour private interests and this sector is no different.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


‘Illegal’ 30ft mural of David Cameron strangling nurse must be removed – or owner could be prosecuted

 ‘Illegal’ 30ft mural of David Cameron strangling nurse must be removed – or owner could be prosecuted

new Friday 15th May 2015 at 08:50 By David Icke

‘A lifelong Labour voter has been told a 30ft graffiti mural of David Cameron throttling a nurse on the side of his house will have to go.

Retired Tony Davis, 73, is so passionate about politics he commissioned a local street artist to create the giant work on his end-of-terrace property.

The mural, 30ft long and 10ft high, shows the Prime Minister with his hand around a nurse’s throat, with the backdrop of Westminster and Clifton Suspension Bridge.’

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Student nurses being forced to take on second jobs in MCDONALDS to make ends meet

Student nurses being forced to take on second jobs in MCDONALDS to make ends meet


A Tory deliberate engineering destabilising policy that financially slaughters the salaries and wages of nurses to financial destitution is outrageous after giving themselves more holiday time and pay rise of 11%

Street Democracy writes:

The priorities of our government is of no empathy financial predators towards our hard-working nurses.

They enforce slave labour and remove the dignity of salary away from those who deserve it.

Our NHS is being bludgeoned to death by the iron fist’s of blue, by starving our nurses forcing them to leave their jobs or take on second jobs just to survive is an outrage and utter scandal of yet more gutter Tory politics.


Our system designed by the establishment is corrupt as it serves the ruling elites nicely but savagely obliterates hard working nurses.

I don’t believe our government is worthy of its title as it is run by psychopathic no conscience aristocratic puppets with no allegiance towards us, or our infrastructure.

The Tories spirit of the age has been to dish out death dealing and psychologically violent policies that enslave innately decent people into perpetual debt, stealing their lives of happiness away.

Our nurses work tirelessly but how many have we lost to the private sector in health and medical care because of the deliberate economic butchery towards the NHS?


Psychopaths following a sterile psychopathic main frame to destroy the NHS, starve it of funds to force it into private corporate hands.

It seems the Tories ethics are to agitate, upset and destroy our nurses. A kind of stalking hostility towards them for daring to support the NHS which the Tories so badly want to privatise. 

They are engineering social conflict, engineering the death of our health service for we need the life line and they are our nurses.

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An outrageous network of gluttonous greed by Tory politicians whose financial interest lies in privatising the NHS.

Student nurses being forced to take on second jobs in MCDONALDS to make ends meet


Nearly 85% of student nurses are having to take on jobs in places like McDonalds on top of their unpaid work in hospitals and surgeries.

The hard-working trainees are under so much strain that 47% have considered quitting, according to a new poll.

Student nurses must do 4,500 hours of training over three years – half of which is practical work for no pay.

About 92% are eligible for a £4,395-a-year bursary but 84% said they had to get jobs in supermarkets, bars, cafés and call centres to cover their food and bills.

Trainee Louise McGarrell, 20, of Lurgan, Co Armagh, works 16 hours a week in ­McDonald’s to make ends meet.

She said: “Last July I had one day off in the whole month – it can be exhausting.

“I didn’t anticipate having to work outside my nursing commitments but quickly realised I would have to.

“Everyone on my course had to do the same.”

£10 a month to use NHS-£20 a night to stay in hospital! I Thought Taxes Paid For This?

Call for £10 a month fee to use NHS and £20 a night to stay in hospital: Former Labour health minister says out-of-date service needs the cash


To be aware of dirty rotten governmental sinister agendas are behind every move made over the NHS

Street Democracy writes:

I thought our UK heavy taxation (Income Tax) paid for the NHS? 

This is another game, another false flag to upset the apple cart over the NHS to cause more friction and more agitation over it.

Clearly these funds are not heading to where they are meant to be heading, straight into the heart and soul of our NHS.


Corrupt capitalist’s greedy, economic gluttonous, venal politicians will steer in any direction to crash our NHS and privatise it!

Our National Health Service is clearly and deliberately being under funded which is one way to crash it and have an emotional plea by the public to privatise it.

However, for now they wish to bleed the public dry and rest assure this strategy won’t work either.

It is a deliberate plan to spark a very angry paying public as once it leaves the purse strings of the citizen it is out of their hands as to where it goes. 


What a good plan and now Labour think tanks feel the same!

It isn’t about the money, as I feel there is plenty around to comfortably fund the NHS and respectfully pay the nurses for their quality and loyalty.

It is about how the money gets spent and what avenues are allowed to flow with cash.

We have venal politicians who want to privatise the NHS and will try every conceivable method known to encourage and force the public to accept this preferred scheme.


Unscrupulous politicians couldn’t care less about the NHS.

Even by deliberately blocking the vital life supply of much needed cash to starve certain avenues within the NHS.

Shutting A&E, maternity wards and not buying the equipment needed to save lives. Their conscience is a dark place.

It is also another way of privatising the NHS as this sounds like a forced insurance plan, of pay up or you can’t enter the grounds of the NHS, never mind use it’s medical health care inside.

How about getting the corporate tax dodgers to cough up what they owe in taxes?


I guess capping excessive salaries is too much to expect?

Of course the poor families won’t be able to use the NHS. Their child won’t be able to stay over night and this will exclude the poor causing serious repercussions of health and stability, over medical issues needing urgent treatment.

This will be a gateway for Social Services to enforce powers of abducting children from innately decent families because of poverty issues and accuse of medically neglecting their child or pay the huge NHS bill.

It is beyond outrageous and it is about time full transparency was shown over where Income Tax, of which I hear it is 31% per UK citizen in employment, actually travels too.

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Call for £10 a month fee to use NHS and £20 a night to stay in hospital: Former Labour health minister says out-of-date service needs the cash

‘Everyone should pay a £10-a-month fee to use the NHS, according to a former Labour health minister.

Lord Warner called for the levy to be paid before anyone could benefit from free treatment. Patients should also be charged £20 for every night they stay in hospital, he added.

He said the controversial measures would prevent a financial crisis in the Health Service, which is struggling to meet the needs of the increasingly ageing, unhealthy population.

There is rising concern that the NHS is running out of money and will soon have to resort to charging patients or rationing common treatments.’

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Deliberately Underfunding And Destroying Vital Health Services To Help Make NHS Fail Further

Tories axe hundreds of top physios leaving vulnerable patients to suffer


Street Democracy writes:

More Tory cannibalisation at the expense of the NHS. They are destroying it by the day and should be sacked for their constant lying, the deception and the fact they are in breach of trust.

The Tories death-dealing politics is no clearer than when issuing aggressive finger up ‘out of touch’ at NHS policies.

Their iron fist of blue, Tory agenda is obvious they intend more unnecessary suffering, adding more complaints of the failures of health care so the solution will be privatisation and how it is justified.

Save our NHS 3

The time is due when our corrupt political leaders shout ‘enough of this, we are privatising the NHS and that’s that!’

Then they will add empathy to their sterile tones of ‘far too many lives are failing at the hands of a now incompetent health service that there is no choice but to allow American greed, I mean corporations to buy up the NHS.’

The evil in print is probably already typed up.

Their corporate buddies salivating in wait, will listen as the ruling elite carve up the NHS like a roast dinner to a bunch of starving animals.



The NHS will be sold bit by bit to their corporate relatives, the aristocratic sharks circling and salivating as their vested corporate buddies.

Our politicians are venal, bought and paid for and they have no loyalty to the welfare state and want it all privatised and in the hands of their corporate interests.

David Cameron and his Tory peers are a production line of lies, suppression of truth and corrupt capitalist’s with unquenchable lust for wealth accumulation and the NHS is their gold.

For more on the hounds of Downing Street and the deception of destroying our NHS click here for the Mirror or continue reading:  Tories axe hundreds of top physios leaving vulnerable patients to suffer 


Patients suffering from chronic illnesses are being denied vital treatment after hundreds of physiotherapists were axed.

Vulnerable people with complex conditions like cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and Down’s syndrome need specialist therapy which can only be provided by advanced physios.

But figures show savage cuts to the NHS by the Tory-led Coalition mean the number of these medics has dropped by 7%.

Health & Social Care Information Centre figures reveal the number of Band 7 and 8 physios – able to provide specialist treatment to patients with complex conditions – has gone from 8,003 in 2010 to 7,415 last year.

It means patients now face agonising waits of up to six months for help or are denied physiotherapy treatment altogether. This can result in their condition deteriorating, leading to more readmissions to hospital.
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Letter from Tory MP Henry Smith Who Supports ATOS/Bedroom Tax and Raising Student fees


Street Democracy writes:

This is our local MP, Mr Henry Smith. He supports the bedroom tax and supports ATOS so you get the kind of miserable soul he is. This is the letter received about local hospital closures. As you can see it is a standardised letter and he really couldn’t care less.

Thank you for contacting me about the Care Bill currently going through Parliament.

I am sure you agree that it is very important that when things go badly wrong at a particular NHS trust, they are put right as quickly as possible.  This is why the previous Government created the option for appointing Trust Special Administrators (TSA) to secure, within a tight timescale, a complete solution for sustainable and high-quality services where the trust providing them is failing significantly.

The current debate is about whether these Administrators should be able to make recommendations about the future of the failing trust and its services that may apply to services beyond the confines of the trust under administration. NHS trusts, foundation trusts and other providers do not exist in isolation from each other. They are part of a complex, interdependent, local health system.  Everyone involved in the normal planning process agrees with this, so I believe that the same broader picture needs to be considered when an Administrator is appointed.  It would be quite wrong to think changes at one trust could be made without an impact on other trusts around it. I understand from the Health Secretary, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, that this clause will add the power, which the Government always felt was the original intention of the legislation, to take into account the wider Health Service.

It is not correct to suggest that any such changes can be conducted without consultation. The Health Secretary has always been clear that full public consultation is required in any major changes to services and he has made clear that the clause would widen the scope of a TSA’s statutory consultation. Currently, minimum consultation requirements include the staff and commissioners of the failing trust.  They also include the public so that they can get a proper say to help improve a TSA’s draft recommendations. The clause gives a TSA longer to come to their conclusions and extends the statutory consultation period from 30 to 40 working. Moreover, it requires the TSA to seek the agreement of those who commission services from other local trusts, and if they cannot achieve this, to involve NHS England.

Ultimately, NHS patients and the public suffer if the Government does not deal effectively with rare failures in our Health Service. The Health Secretary  insists that this measure will ensure that, in the future, patients of failing hospitals can be reassured that the administrators will be able to look at the wider, interrelated health economy, and will ensure that the TSA regime is workable so that a sustainable future can be secured for the services provided by a trust in special administration.

Personally, I think it will prove to have been the worst decision in Crawley new town’s history to remove maternity in 2001 and A&E in 2005 to East Surrey Hospital and I support our local NHS bodies now returning services to Crawley Hospital.

I am grateful for your taking the time to contact me and please never hesitate to get back in touch if I can be of any further assistance on this issue or any other.

Yours sincerely

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

020 7219 7043 – Westminster
01293 934554 – Crawley

Conservative cuts are all about values says David Cameron

Conservative cuts are all about values says David Cameron


Street Democracy writes:

The ruthless Tory ‘spirit of the age’ is to deliberately under fund our NHS. Severe cut throat economic sanctioning that is causing serious emotional trauma to all who enter.

Our devoted yet over worked nurses are the glue holding a controlled demolition of our hospitals together, working tirelessly with ill equipped medical supplies, lack of essential resources and without economic support.

It is nothing short of emotional blackmail by allowing the NHS to fail patients and cause unnecessary cruel and untimely deaths.

The Tories have blood on their hands every time someone dies needlessly.


The ‘AGENDA’ is to privatise ‘everything’ and deliberately starve our much loved NHS until it collapses fully with exhaustion of running on sweat, blood and tears of devoted staff.

We are treated as worthless subjects with unapologetic repression monument to the Tories dis-empowering sterile and heart wrenching policies that remove our freedom and wants.

We want our National Health Service to be fully funded and appreciated, with local hospitals to care for all members of society for when we need it.


David Cameron is a multi-millionaire aristocratic cousin of the Queen, family to the House of Windsor or the Saxa Coburg Battenburg royal family which is their Germanic name of old.

He is unqualified to understand poverty, or hold empathy never having to be without himself, has no correlation to the needs of those who do.


With death dealing Tory policies, these iron fist’s of blue, do not have our interest’s at heart, but instead are staging their propaganda Eton taught strategies on how to herd citizens into thinking their way.

By forcing us to want privatisation and have at long last, an up and running health service with all the latest medical equipment, just at a cost, all be it cheap at first, but it won’t for long.

By hurting our NHS and causing a ruthless traumatic experience for all patients in the end the public will cry out for privatisation.

This is their cold reptilian plan and is blackmail, is mafia style corrupt capitalist language of force.

For more on this hostile gutter Tory concept click here or continue reading: 

Conservative cuts are all about values says David Cameron

‘The Government’s cuts are all about “values”, David Cameron claims.

Speaking ahead of the Budget, the Prime Minister will vow to do all he can to hand “every penny” possible back to voters in tax cuts.

Mr Cameron is under pressure from his own MPs to help the middle classes by raising the level at which people start paying the 40p rate.’

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Atos awarded contract for NHS records

Atos awarded contract for NHS records

Street Democracy writes:

This company has dealt the harshest blows to the disabled poor.

It has blood on its hands for ripping the life lines away from the disabled poor without concerns.

Its gulag methodology is a conveyor belt of death dealing policies it shows without mercy.

ATOS is psychopathic in principle, relishing in the acts of brutality, hostile in language and aggressively cruel for all to see.atos-banner

In all decency and honesty, it should as a company disintegrate with its head held down in shame for the social devastation and the financial destruction it has caused the most vulnerable people in the UK.

ATOS holds no human values but corporate ones instead.

Numb to the despair it has caused, and morally bankrupt it lacks any grace of moral fibre and human codes of ethics.

This corporation holds bad corporate energy that cannot be trusted with anything to do with the public and no one in the UK wants ATOS holding anything of theirs.

For more on the evil corporations in practice, click here: Atos awarded contract for NHS records or continue reading.

‘The beleagured firm Atos has been given the contract to extract patient records from GP surgeries as part of the controversial NHS data sharing scheme, MPs were told yesterday.

The Commons health committee heard that the firm has been given responsibility for removing personal data from medical records, as part of the national programme, which has been delayed for six months amid an increasing backlash.

Last week NHS England ordered the delay after pressure from patients groups, doctors’ leaders and privacy campaigners, who argued that the national plan had been poorly communicated, and that the public had not been properly informed about their right to opt out.’

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Protest against Hospital Closure Clause (Clause 119) on Thursday 27th February

Join us for a day of protest against the Hospital Closure Clause (Clause 119) on Thursday 27th February.
Hospital campaigners from across the country are joining up to tell Jeremy Hunt to get his clause off the NHS. The Clause allows fast-track hospital closures to be imposed by the Health Secretary regardless of local wishes.
Closures could happen in as little as 40 days, regardless of how well hospitals are performing.
 Speakers will include:
 Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP, Michael Mansfield QC, Louise Irvine from Save Lewisham Hospital, Kailash Chand Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association, Lord Phil Hunt, Caroline Lucas MP, Dr Wendy Savage of Keep Our NHS Public, and Caroline Molloy, Editor of Our NHS
 Join us in Whitehall at 10.30 am when our petition is presented at No10 Downing St.
 Then take part in a rally from 11.30am on College Green (opposite the Houses of Parliament).
 At 12.30 we will go into parliament for a meeting in Committee Room 3a for speeches.
 If you can’t make it down to London on Thursday but want to make your views known – you need to email your MP. You also need to tell your MP if you want to come into parliament on thursday to ‘lobby’ them and attend the meeeting in the Committee Room.

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers


Street Democracy writes:

Privatisation is happening to our NHS bit by bit.

We are witnessing a ‘coup d’ e’tat’ a silent take over by corporate sharks as our corrupt out of touch politicians slash, rip and cut our national health service to pieces.

The ‘iron arrogant fist’s of blue’ Tory government lie with style as they abandon virtues and cannibalise the social sector further.

They lie as they abuse their power by obliterating our national health service, severely underfunding it, and starving it with all forms of life and offering it on a plate to corporate sharks circling, salivating as they do.

We have venal politicians fondling their pockets of deep, selling of our national health service by underfunding it, so desperate decisions are being made like selling it to corporations who will finance the piece of NHS sold to them.BI2CC1ZCIAAUmqfmarcuschowntwittersite

It is a con, a national scam of deliberately manufacturing financial scarcity, deliberate starving of funds so that the only option is to sell, sell, sell.

They do not have the consent of the public and break all forms of social contract and deny democracy in full view of the public.

For more on the morally bankrupt aristocratic ruling elites click here: Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers or continue reading.

‘The medical records of every NHS hospital patient in the country have been sold for insurance purposes, The Telegraph can reveal.

The disclosure comes days after controversial plans to extract patient data from GP files were put on hold, amid concerns over the scheme.

Those in charge of the programme have repeatedly insisted that it will be illegal for information extracted from GP files to be sold to insurers, who might seek to target customers or put up their prices.

However, a report by a major UK insurance society discloses that it was able to obtain 13 years of hospital data – covering 47 million patients – in order to help companies “refine” their premiums.’

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