We call on the Government and the Prime Minister to provide a national referendum on the planned abolition of the Human Rights Act.




by Mike Sivier

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A Quick update on the petition  – THANK YOU – we’ve now passed 2,500 signatures and some very kind person had paid to promote the petition (a SPECIAL Thanks to you xx), Now WE NEED to SHARE this as much as possible If you need any more evidence Joe Halewood of the…

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We the ‘people’ demand a Public Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions, Targets & Workfare – Iain Duncan Smith to be expelled from the House of Commons



The remit of this public inquiry must also look into the way disabled benefit claimants have been treated by the state & by any contractor including Atos Healthcare.

The remit of such an inquiry must also look into the benefit rates for claimants – described as ‘manifestly inadequate’ by the Council of Europe. UnemployedNet and Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants have responded to the ‘Independent Review of Sanctions’ – #OakleyReview
Further reading – news item in the Daily Mirror – Stitching-up the unemployed & claimants part of the job Jobcentre insider :


The disinformation peddled by Daily Mail columnists, Con-Demcabinet ministers and other politicians, most jobless people do not choose not to work because they fancy “a life on benefits,” a phraseChancellor George Osborne preachers at Tory conferences that was tellingly echoed by Ed Balls.

Ed Balls was correct about the ….  “shocking number of young people stuck on the dole for more than a year has doubled under David Cameron.”


Long-term joblessness is rising under the coalition because it is an anti-jobs government. Hundreds of thousands of secure, skilled jobs have been axed – are still being axed – across the public sector. A survey by trade union GMB found 631,000 public-sector roles had been given the chop by autumn last year, a figure the government’s own projections suggest will exceed a million by the next election.
From workfare – which effectively provides forced below-minimum-wage labour to private firms at taxpayers’ cost – to ever increasing sanctions on jobseekers who can’t jump through a constantly changing set of hoops, people who are out of work have been exploited, punished and demonised by the Department for Work and Pensions and its sanctimonious henchmen Iain Duncan Smith.

REMOVE BARBARIC SPIKES-HOMELESS HAVE RIGHT TO SHELTER -Mayor of London + Residential Property Partners: Remove the Anti-Homeless Spikes

Mayor of London + Residential Property Partners: Remove the Anti-Homeless Spikes


A controversial and inhumane way of ‘managing’ London’s homeless population was brought to the attention of twitterers at the weekend:spikes have been placed outside a building owned by property company Property Partners, to deter people from sleeping on the property.

As a Mental health nurse in London I have all too often seen the result of isolating and mistreating our city’s homeless. We should be offering practical and emotional support to help the most vulnerable to get back on their feet. We should not be sending them the message that they are pests that need to be warded off.

London is lucky to have some of the most prolific charities working tirelessly to help vulnerable people link in with services and get the support they are in need of. As a society should we not be doing more to help these people instead of isolating them further?

We should be looking after our vulnerable population not ostracising them by moving them to places that are less intrusive to our lives, so that they are out of sight. The next time you walk past a homeless person, think about the fact that they have had lives, rich and interesting lives that were thrown into turmoil due to circumstances that are often out of their control.

For those people who are not sure if they agree with this petition I would say if it is a problem for a homeless person to stay in that area, then perhaps a more human approach could be adopted – a person telling another person to move along is more humane than installing spikes.

Humans deserve to be treated like humans regardless of their social situation.

You never know what is round the corner. Support the silent population.

Property Partners and Boris Johnson
Remove the Anti-Homeless Spikes from London

[Your name]

Don’t cut off people’s benefits while the Government gives a second opinion on who is fit for work


Don’t cut off people’s benefits while the Government gives a second opinion on who is fit for work







We are tired of paedophilia cover ups by MP’s or MP’s involved in paedophilia! We are sick of being hungry too by a Tory selfish govt!


PETITION: Stop.Jail4Tax – Created by: James Waghorn



Council Tax Benefit no longer exists and welfare  reforms implemented from April 2013 mean that most tenants and owner occupiers  of working age, even if in receipt of benefits, will be expected to contribute  to their Council Tax, perhaps for the first time.

What will happen if I continue to ignore my  Council Tax bill or refuse to pay it?

The answer from the Government:–

“ If you’re struggling to pay your Council Tax…If you can’t come to a payment  arrangement (or if you make arrangements to pay but don’t), your council can ask  the Magistrates’ Court for a ‘Liability Order’.

This is a demand for you to pay the full amount you owe, plus costs…If you  ignore the court order…Your council can send bailiffs to your home to seize  property to sell…

If your council has tried using bailiffs but your bill still isn’t paid, they  can apply to the Magistrates’ Court for a warrant to send you to prison…

If the court doesn’t think you have a valid reason for not paying, it can send you to prison for up to 3 Months.”

Sign the e-petition

Stop Jail for not being able

to pay Council Tax

PETITION: Stop Jeremy Hunt Closing Down More Hospitals!


Jeremy Hunt wants the power to close more hospitals – and he could be about to get it. You got an email last week about his plans to get new legal powers to shut A&Es.

We only have a few days to make an impact before MPs have a chance to debate the powers for the first time.

Jeremy Hunt’s tacked these powers onto a Bill currently going through Parliament – doctors are calling it a ‘hospital closure clause’. [1] If he gets it through without challenge, none of our hospitals will be safe from his meddling, or closure.

MP’s debate the ‘hospital closure clause’ on Monday, 16th December. Can you sign the petition telling Jeremy Hunt to drop it?

Jeremy Hunt has snuck this clause into a much larger bill – he clearly doesn’t want people to notice what he’s trying to do. But this petition is our chance to make sure that doesn’t happen. 38 Degrees members will be handing this directly to the Department of Health on the day of the debate, and making sure MPs know about it, so the more people who sign this petition, the more pressure he’ll be under.

Please, sign this petition and let’s tell Jeremy Hunt together that he’s not going to get away with his hospital closures.

Thanks for your support.

Andrew, Jodi and the rest of the Campaigns By You team

PS. The email we originally sent is below.
PPS. If you live in London, or want to travel down, can you come along to the hand in on Monday? The more of us who are there, the bigger our impact will be. It will be outside the Department of Health and will probably be at lunch time. Please get in touch at if you’re interested.

Petition: A sperm whale died swallowing 60 pieces of plastic dumped by Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi.

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket suppliers’ plastic, The Guardian, 8 March 2013.

blood on hands

A sperm whale that washed up in Spain died after swallowing almost 60 different pieces of plastic dumped by the greenhouses that supply Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi.

This 4.5 tonne whale was defeated by 17 kg of plastic waste, including two dozen sections of the transparent sheeting used to cover industrial greenhouses. There’s no excuse for these giant supermarkets’ failure to ensure their suppliers recycle and safely dispose of their deadly waste — but as long as they’re given a free pass, plastic will continue to swamp our oceans each year, and more whales will die.

Tell Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi to make sure their greenhouses recycle or safely dispose of their waste.

Only about 1,000 sperm whales are left in the Mediterranean, and they feed near waters flooded by the greenhouse industry. Acre after acre of farmland in southern Spain is covered in reams of plastic sheeting to produce the perfect growing conditions for year round fruit and vegetables. Due to poor waste disposal, this plastic ends up floating in the Mediterranean.

Now these whales are under threat from swallowing huge quantities of non-degradable plastics. If we lose the whales, we disable an entire ecosystem — and all because grocery stores are too lazy to monitor their suppliers.

Our supermarket chains could easily ensure that plastics used to grow our fruit and vegetables are disposed of correctly and recycled. But so far, they are walking away and counting their profits — and as they do, our oceans and seas are dying. Let’s not let another whale die from too much plastic.

Tell Tesco, Aldi and Carrefour to clean up their supply chains and stop their suppliers from dumping toxic plastics in to the Mediterranean.

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken on the big supermarket chains. We came together to take on the might of Tesco in the UK when it was electronically tagging its workers, and we won a landmark campaign in the US demanding that Trader Joe’s help farm workers get paid a fair wage. Now we need to come together and take on Tesco, Aldi and Carrefour demand they help save the whales.

Thanks for all that you do, Claiborne, Paul and the rest of us.


********** More Information:
Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket suppliers’ plastic, The Guardian, 8 March 2013.

Petition: Take action: tell Barclays to clean up its act

After recent scandals, Barclays Bank boss Antony Jenkins has got himself in a bit of a lather trying to clean up Barclays’ image.

But we’ve found out that the bank has been getting its hands dirty by encouraging its clients in Africa to use tax havens, which can help them avoid paying tax in developing countries. When big companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, the poorest people lose out. We need your help to tell Barclays to clean up its act.

Email Barclays’ boss to demand that it cleans up its act on tax havens in Africa.


For some of the world’s poorest countries, tax havens are a matter of life and death, restricting vital funds for services like healthcare and education. The problem is huge, with developing countries losing three times more to tax dodging than they get in aid each year.

Barclays wants to be seen as a responsible business as it expands its operations in Africa. But responsible businesses don’t promote tax havens.

Antony Jenkins has made it his personal responsibility to clean up Barclays’ dodgy reputation, so whether you’re a Barclays customer or not, we need you to help give him a nudge in the right direction.

Tell Barclays to clean up its act.

Thanks for taking action.

Jenny Ricks
Head of Campaigns
ActionAid UK