Three boys murdered by VIP and MP paedophile ring operating out of luxury flats near Westminster

Three boys murdered by VIP and MP paedophile ring operating out of luxury flats near Westminster

new Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at 10:41 By David Icke

‘Three boys were murdered by members of a VIP paedophile gang operating from the luxury Dolphin Square flats complex frequented by MPs and other dignitaries, it has been claimed.

It was said one lad aged 10 or 11 had been deliberately mown down with a car while another was said to have been strangled by a Tory MP.

A witness, named only Nick, made the allegations to London’s Metropolitan Police last year – sparking a murder inquiry named Operation Midland.’

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Street Democracy writes:

The vile UK government MP protection racket is loud, clear and obvious beyond reason.

What is certain is our political infrastructure is hiding sexually immoral sinister minds of severe depravities only harvested by psychopaths.

Who else can rip into a child, destroy their bodies, their minds and their lives for sexual gratification and not give a damn about it?

Where are the mass arrests at Westminster? 10511597_10152335861543842_5883563902985281209_o-587x330

Where is the mass media frenzy over the safety of our children, of these abandoned children, and of our political leaders abusing them?

Debauchery at its most finest, of an elite structure of hidden avenues to satisfy their morbidly unhealthy truly wanton sick and twisted fantasies is in some deep operational mechanism.

There are body guards who know. There are body guards who see, hear and stand guard. Where are they?

A salacious most vicious intrusion into a child’s life is being sacrificed on an industrial scale, it is the disintegration of our society in its most abstract form.

To molest a child, indecently assault and sexually rape is descending into most evil, most foul of play a human being can sink too.

We must no longer stand the stance of toleration.

This is a corrupt political infrastructure deeply embedded in the minds of predators with total disregard to a child’s life.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


The Rampant Sexualization of Children

The Rampant Sexualization of Children

Dad Arrested for Speaking Up About Pornographic Content in Required Reading for 9th Graders

Dad Arrested for Speaking Up About Pornographic Content in Required Reading for 9th Graders


Street Democracy writes:

In my mind this is the normalisation of child sexualisation.

The sexualisation of our children by a paedophilia power grid of ruling elites that want the normalisation of sex in each of our children’s minds and teaching this in school in a pornographic manner is their sick and twisted way of brainwashing.

Our teachers have their eyes wide shut failing to notice and following the tail of the one in front.


Do not let the State take our children-steal their minds and manipulate them to suit the paedophilia ruling elites minds. It is wrong, sick and twisted and should be addressed by every parent.


Never questioning their authority as what happens when you do, like this parent in the video, you are ganged up against.

It is important to read what your children bring home in homework and question the education as we have every right to know what our children are being taught.

Do not fear teachers.

Do not fear the education system either.

If you don’t feel happy then say so!

A reading assignment has some parents in New Hampshire confused and upset.

‘The controversial book “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult is required reading for some 9th grade students at Gilford High School. The book is a fictional story about a school shooting and has been part of the curriculum since 2007.

School officials say that the book contains important themes, but parents say that message is overshadowed by what some call pornographic content on one page.

The book was assigned to students last Monday, but the school failed to give parents of freshmen students notice of the sexually explicit content in the novel. One page of the book contains a graphic description of rough sex between two teenagers.’

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‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile


Will this shut Parliament? There is sufficient reason too, for these are heinous crimes against children.

Street Democracy writes:  

Will this shut our government down?

There is a colossal unsightly and very sadistic diet being consumed within the epicentre of our political governing body.

Our government is up to their necks in paedophilia or it’s cover up’s and I am suspecting this may even ‘shut down’ Parliament as a result.

proxy (1)

These children are put through hell all alone with no where to escape these psychopathic sex fiends and something has to be done.

Even then it will be a white wash but it will send the shock waves up and down the corrupt spines of power that sexually molesting children is not for a staple diet and is not to be ignored and the people of Britain have had enough.

Children are not born for the purpose of sexual pleasures for the sick minded paedophiles and they are not born for the purpose of slavery or abuse. 


Mainstream media with its in appropriate cover. On the one hand selling the idea of a beautiful baby and then diving into paedophilia. Do you think they are trying to normalise child abuse?

Its our sickened, unhealthy societal infrastructure that deforms the way of living to incorporate such avenues and we as parents, or as sounded minded as we can be in such a society need to act for the purpose of protecting such sweet little ones.

We must protect our children but when protection derives from those guilty the protection is weak, porous and virtually non-existent.


This is symbolic of all those involved in paedophilia hidden under the official secrecy act-hidden within the walls of secret societies protection of brotherhood is atrocious behaviour from and of the elite world.

This disease of impurity has spread like a psychopathic virus infecting those weak-minded ruling elites with added protection of secrecy, of special and elite societies of ultimate protection of the ‘Brotherhood’ and so on.

When we find out the trafficking of children illegally enters the UK is one thing, but to knock on the doors of MP’s and wealthy bloodline family members, the top end of society, is another.


Sick minded circles take the children away from innocent parents or parents that need just a little help in life branded too quickly as ill fit parents and children to easily are being stolen.

This is where Customs turn a blind eye, special shipment not for inspecting, for this is on an industrialised scale for decades if not centuries.

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‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

‘Allegations that one of Tony Blair’s ministers was involved in a child sex ring were covered up after he was accused of abusing children at a home run by a paedophile, it was claimed today.

The suspect was allegedly implicated in a 16-month investigation into attacks believed to have taken place at a private flat inside the children’s home in Brixton, south London, in the early 1980s.

The Angell Road children’s home was run by convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll, who was arrested in 1998 and convicted of a string of child sex attacks dating back three decades.’

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Politician suspected of child abuse ‘would spend evenings with convicted paedophile’

‘The retired social services boss told detectives how the politician suspected of child abuse would spend evenings with the convicted paedophile who ran the home.

The witness said the man would arrive alone and then join Michael Carroll in an annex where the beast is known to have attacked a string of youngsters.

She said Carroll and the public figure would take young boys to the top-floor flat in Angell Road children’s home in Brixton, South London.

She said: “John would sometimes come down and select one of the boys to go up to the flat. He would say, ‘Uncle John wants to talk to you’ and the child would go up holding his hand.”’

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Cyril Smith abuse: council may face cover-up investigation

‘Police are reportedly reviewing whether there is evidence that alleged sexual abuse committed by the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith was covered up by individuals at Rochdale council.

An investigation is already under way into allegations that Smith raped boys at Rochdale’s Knowl View residential school, which closed in 1992, and abused boys at the privately run Cambridge House children’s care home, which closed in 1965.

Greater Manchester police is now examining whether to widen the force’s inquiry to look into whether there was a coverup by individuals at Rochdale council, one of the local authorities that ran the Knowl View school.’

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Our Govt is Corrupt over Paedophilia Is An Outrage! Cyril Smith ‘protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring’ claims MP

Cyril Smith ‘protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring’ claims MP


An investigation is necessary after all if a member of the public was accused, it would be a different case.

Street Democracy writes:

In high moral disgrace.

In a shameful existence our government continues to operate flaunting its rules, with all its power when it has seriously failed citizens and more importantly the children that are allegedly involved.

These allegations about Cyril Smith date back 20 years with exposure that got shunned, silenced and halted in its tracks.

Victims back then were not given a voice for sure.


MP’s, MP’s assistants, high ranking Police Officers, Judges and Barristers can belong to secret societies that give allegiances to each other of protection. Believe this to be the case with most high profile criminal activities.

This is another Jimmy Saville case of the most sadistic paedophilia crimes covered up by surrounding sea of professional bodies including the police and social services.

We do not give birth to children for them to be systematically raped at the hands of monsters suited and carrying titles of MP’s.


These allegations have been around for years and no one acted on them. Why not? Is it because he is an MP and sits above the Law?

I have no doubt in my mind paedophilia has been a staple diet of the ruling elite, however, what is important is the proof!

This man, Cyril Smith is no longer alive.

He like Jimmy Saville cannot speak up for himself to rebut the claims.

Why is it sex crimes are being ignored during the living lives of such individuals?

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How so many children on an industrialised scale can be sexually abused without any authority figure knowing about it from any of the children’s homes? How does that happen?


If child abuse is on an industrial scale, why are more children not being found being shipped from place to place from children’s homes?

PIE-Paedophile Information Exchange list of exposed members by clicking here.

Where do these children come from and why isn’t the main stream media reporting on customs or police finding shipments of children being trafficked around heading for the sex trade?


Private, secret family courts. You’d think in the UK we wouldn’t be so draconian, so authoritarian in a democracy run political infrastructure.

However, if proof is evident, if it is indisputable then the exposure will be justified by exposing those who covered up the crimes and those linked to it.

Please sign this petition:

Launch a public inquiry into former MP Cyril Smith’s sexual abuse of children

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Cyril Smith ‘protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring’ claims MP

‘Child abuser Cyril Smith was protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring, the MP who exposed him claimed.

Labour’s Simon Danzcuk said the Liberal grandee was part of an “informal” network of perverts who stalked the corridors of power.

He said: “Had he been prosecuted, then the house of cards would have fallen, in terms of that paedophile network, and it could have brought the government down.

“Once he became a member of Parliament in 1972, I think he joined an, obviously informal, network of paedophiles that existed in and around Westminster.”’

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Papal Canonization – Two Popes Who Protected Child-Raping Catholic Priests Will Be Made Saints In 2014

Papal Canonization – Two Popes Who Protected Child-Raping Catholic Priests Will Be Made Saints In 2014

‘For the Second Sunday of Easter, or Divine Mercy Sunday, taking place on April 27, Pope Francis will preside over a public Mass in St. Peter’s Square at 10 a.m., during which he will canonize both Bl. John Paul II and John XXIII.

Announced by the Vatican last September, the canonization of both pontiff’s was approved after the verification of the second miracle needed in the case of Bl. John Paul II last summer.’

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Canadian Police & Child Ministries, Corruption Murder & Rape: Carrie Ruph

Canadian Police & Child Ministries, Corruption Murder & Rape: Carrie Ruph

Carrie Rupt names every person who was involved in the murder of her child years back in Victoria, B.C. and all the present players who brutally raped her while in prison and who also conspired to force her to testify against Frank Frost in order to have him arrested and incarcerated.

The list is damning and includes not only MCFD staff but RCMP officers and Crown Counsel McDonald himself. The video is less than 6 minutes in length but it includes enough explosive information to blow up in the face of the courts and the ministry of children and family development and the RCMP; shattering the illusion that any form of justice whatsoever has been seen throughout the Frost and Rupt case.’

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Female inmates at Alabama prison ‘raped by guards, forced to use toilet in front of staff and take part in strip show contests’

Female inmates at Alabama prison ‘raped by guards, forced to use toilet in front of staff and take part in strip show contests’

‘Inmates at an Alabama women’s prison have been raped, sodomized and sexually abused by guards and in some instances allegedly forced to perform sex acts to obtain basic sanitary supplies, a U.S. Department of Justice report released on Wednesday revealed.

The report was the result of a year-long investigation into conditions at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, which is located in central Alabama and holds more than 900 inmates. It is also home to the only death row for women in the state.

‘The women at Tutwiler universally fear for their safety,’ federal officials wrote in a 36-page letter to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.’

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The Horrific Membership of the P.I.E – Paedophile Information Exchange – Just Some and Harriet Harman’s Husband

Street Democracy writes:

This is a website that names so many, you can’t list them all. Visit this site for more information about this sick and twisted rape club of children to expose this corrupt elite playground. Do for the children, our children.

Please notice the academia that are listed below. Usually seen as trusted members of all our communities.child-abuse

UPDATED – Click any of the red names to open up more information on each member

Members/Activists/Connected of P.I.E

Former PIE Chairperson and current pro-paedophile activist Tom O’Carroll


David Joy, 66 – once No2 in the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange. In 1984 he was jailed for 18 months for publishing obscene material in a PIE newsletter. In 1996 he got two more years after admitting indecent assaults dating back to the 80s. Then in January 2006 cops found 1,129 images of children aged one to 13 at his rundown flat in Loughborough, Leics. Some were in the level 5 category – featuring sado-masochism, torture or bestiality.


DR Morris Fraser – P.I.E founder member & leading child psychiatrist – had a criminal record for taking indecent photographs of children and assault in 1972. Good friends with both Napier, Waters and Righton


Terrence Waters – Former prep school teacher – Closely linked to several P.I.E members incl Andrew Sadler – adopted the alias “James Opphin daler”. The name contains an anagram of the word “paedophile”. In 1994 Waters was sentenced to ten years for possessing child abuse images and the sexual abuse of a 10 year old boy. In 2011 convicted for more sexual abuse against children at Allen House School –

More on Waters on this link

Michael Johnson – jailed for four years on six specimen counts of indecent assault against two boys aged nine and 11. In 1988 Dr Morris Fraser and Michael Johnson set up a sailing charity for disadvantaged boys called the Azimuth Trust based in Cornwall.

Andrew Sadler – Former teacher who was jailed abroad for sex offences against boys – Links to Fraser and Napier – 

Andrew Sadler

More on Sadler on this link

Leo Adamson helped set up Pie to distribute obscene pictures of young boys while John Parratt was a former vice-chairman of the organisation

Leo Adamson, left. John Parratt right

Former chairman/leader Steven Freeman aka Steven Smith


John Morrison and Barry cutler – Members

john morrison left. Barry Cutler, right

Geoffrey Prime – Former member and KGB spy


Patricia Hewitt  – Former Secretary of State for Health

By 1978 PIE and Paedophile Action for Liberation had become affiliated to The National Council for Civil Liberties, later rebranded as Liberty, with members attending meetings. The organisation was headed by future government Minister Patricia Hewitt (pic above) and it campaigned against newspapers’ treatment of the Paedophile activist groups. Whilst affiliated with NCCL, PIE also campaigned to reduce the age of consent, arguing that “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage”. The organisation also argued for incest to be decriminalised and argued that sexually explicit photographs of children should be legal unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm or that the an inference to that effect or to the effect that harm might have been caused could reasonably be drawn from the images themselves. NCCL excluded PIE in 1983

Before she became an MP, Harriet Harman (pic above) was the legal officer in the late 1970s for the National Council for Civil Liberties. When Harman joined NCCL in 1978, PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, had already been affiliated for three years. Another group, Paedophile Action for Liberation, a Gay Liberation Front offshoot, had also been affiliated to NCCL until it was absorbed by PIE. PIE, which campaigned for adults to have sex legally with children, only broke off its relationship with NCCL when it went undercover in 1982, the same year that Harriet Harman left her NCCL post to become Member of Parliament for Peckham.

So when the Protection of Children Bill was put before Parliament in order to tighten the laws on child pornography by banning indecent images of under-16s Harriett Harman was at the forefront of the NCCL response.  Signed by Harriett Harman in April 1978, the NCCL’s formal response to the Government proposals to reform sex laws dubbed a “Lolita’s Charter” was unbelievable.

Harman argued that, “…childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage…Although this harm may be of a somewhat speculative nature, where participation falls short of physical assault, it is none-the-less justifiable to restrain activities by photographer which involve placing children under the age of 14 (or, arguably, 16) in sexual situations. We suggest that the term ‘indecent’ be qualified as follows: – A photograph or film shall not for this purpose be considered indecent (a) by reason only that the model is in a state of undress (whether complete or partial); (b) unless it is proved or is to be inferred from the photograph or film that the making of the photograph or film might reasonably be expected to have caused the model physical harm or pronounced psychological or emotional disorder.”

NCCL people were earlier involved in keeping the name of an NCCL council-member, Jonathan Walters, out of the People newspaper when it ran an exposé of Paedophile Action for Liberation, of which he was secretary, in 1975. The People still ran the story, but Walters was not named. Even more extraordinary is the fact that a current Cabinet Minister was running the National Council of Civil Liberties at the time all this was going on.

Another Tory, Another Politician and Another Rape Charge!

Street Democracy writes:

Why is it that our highest of citizens with distinguished character’s, top social pillars of society keep proving to have devious sexual behaviours that include paedophilia, rape or prostitution? How is it they escape prosecution for so long? Why is it the same type of sexual ferociousness keep addressing our politicians?

There is something wrong with having a government anyway, but having top high class elitism in charge is yet another. As these highly distinguished ladies and gentlemen produce vindictive public policies and some have barbarity hidden in their private lives all needs questioning. There authority needs addressing, and their power base also.

We have death dealing politics to survive, we have corporate power dominating our central authority, politicians treacherously betraying citizens with financial dealings in the corporate world, and clearly deranged sexual predators too.

We need to question the moral framework into the private lives of politicians, as we cannot have merciless rapist who rip into victims because of their power, because of their high society position. They have found cocaine in the Houses of Commons, porn on their pc’s and now more politicians are being arrested for sexual crimes against others. Enough of this!

For more on this story click here for the Independent or continue reading.


‘A top Conservative official has been arrested over a historic allegation of rape.

Tory vice-chairman Alan Lewis, 75, who was appointed by David Cameron, was held by police after a woman claimed she was attacked in the late 1960s.

The self-made tycoon, who owns the Crombie clothing chain and is thought to have a fortune of between £220 and £260 million, was reportedly arrested at a Manchester hotel while on a business trip.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “A 75-year-old man was arrested following a complaint received earlier this year of an historic rape that occurred in the Manchester area in the late 60s.

“The man was later bailed pending further inquiries.”‘

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