Abracadabra! Britain’s political elite has fooled us all again

Abracadabra! Britain’s political elite has fooled us all again

new Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 10:46 By David Icke

‘Magicians call it misdirection: directing the attention of a crowd elsewhere so as to distract from the trick happening right in front of it. A bump on the shoulder, a blur of handwaving and – wham! – your wallet’s taken leave of your hip pocket.

Since the crash, British politics has been one epic act of misdirection. Lay off those bankers who shoved the country into penury! Just focus on stripping disabled people of their benefits. Never mind the millionaire bosses squeezing your pay! Spit instead at the minimum-wage migrant cleaners apparently making us poorer. So ingrained is the ritual that when a minister strides into view urging the need for “a grown-up debate”, we brace ourselves for another round of Blame the Victim. The only question is who gets sacrificed next: some ethnic minority, this family on low pay, that middle-aged dad who can’t get a job.

Here is how political misdirection works in real time.’

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Tories Out of Touch Know Nothing Of Poverty – Budget Reflects Their Idiocy!

Let them play bingo! Tories under fire for ‘condescending’ advert highlighting Budget beer and bingo tax cuts as the things ‘they’ enjoy


Street Democracy writes:

The Tory ‘out of touch’ psychopathic ‘political’ main frame is minus intelligence especially when dictating absurdities of suggesting the poor like bingo, and drink beer is the luxury of life enjoyment.

It proves the Tory Government isn’t fit for purpose, their Eton accents makes them unqualified to govern over us and this should be a lesson to us all.

Not to vote in aristocratic millionaires to govern the epicentre of our power.

Their ideology of the lower classes is laughable characterised by ill thought out, strange, dysfunctional delusions and this budget just simply mocks the poor.

The poor want a welfare state they can survive on.

Banish the ‘bedroom tax’ that is ripping the social fabric of communities apart.

Banish ATOS that literally rips the disabled poor apart.

Improve worker rights and without slavish wages would have been a better format.

To stop the governments innate hostility and aggressive punishing state towards the unemployed, the long-term sick and disabled citizens.

Stop forcing the poor to go through an instituted bureaucratic heavily indoctrinated process of humiliation, mainly the Jobcentre just to get benefits.

Eliminate the Tory ‘death dealing policies’ towards ecological genocide of our nation, mainly fracking and revert to protecting land from corporate abuses.

Another would be to not penalise stay at home mothers and destroying the family unit by forcing women to work, ‘forcing’ a foster care upon all children to the state to control and raise instead of the parents.

To open the political apparatus and reverse the ‘silencing of the poor’ to allow to engage in political local innovation.

Locals to solve localised poverty, issues of scarcity and the cycle of destitution alongside deprivation.

Demand all corporations pay their share in taxation!

There is a lot the Tories could have done but the psychopathic Tory main frame doesn’t have room for moral fibre or a moral compass to point them in the right direction.

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Let them play bingo! Tories under fire for ‘condescending’ advert highlighting Budget beer and bingo tax cuts as the things ‘they’ enjoy

‘The Conservatives were under fire last night over a ‘condescending’ pitch for the working class vote – after launching an Internet advert which highlighted Budget cuts to beer and bingo duty.

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps took to Twitter last night to launch an advert devised by Tory HQ to highlight Budget measures supposedly aimed at ‘hardworking people’.

The advert – which was immediately dubbed a ‘PR disaster’ – read: ‘Bingo! Cutting the bingo tax and beer duty to help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.’’

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Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies

Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies


Street Democracy writes:

The Tories assert a bias, hostile view towards the poor like they are exercising a class war upon those guilty of financial scarcity.

With an unrelenting disconnected view, the Tories ‘clan dimension’ based upon the poor is in accurate, wrong and misrepresented.


These aristocrats with ‘iron fists of blue’ address harsh and heavily sanctioned economic cuts that effect the poor with devastating consequences.

The Tories inaccurate ideology of the lower classes is evident with aggressive policies that do more harm than good, but the ruling elite fail to see as they are not qualified too.

Any governing body that lacks the wisdom of poverty is not qualified to govern a country and our government is run by the aristocratic, ruling blood lines that know nothing of ‘want’.


Their economics is based not on sadness, so there is no empathy within their statistical data and exacerbate social enmity towards the poor who they view as one hive minded social annoyance beyond recognition.

There is no respect for the poor, those unable to work, those not fit to work, basically all those reliant on the welfare state who do not pay taxes.

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‘A £180m-a-year hardship fund providing emergency help for low-income families who suffer sudden financial crisis as a result of domestic violence, ill-health or natural disaster such as flooding is to be scrapped, it has emerged.

Technical documents released just before Christmas suggest the Department for Work and Pensions plans to cut its cash allocation to local authority welfare assistance schemes in 15 months’ time.

Charities warned this would lead to a postcode lottery in local welfare help and trigger a rise in the number of people becoming dependent on loan sharks or charitable support, such as food banks.’

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George Osborne’s ‘stealth cuts’ will force millions to miss economic recovery

‘More than three million low-income families risk missing out on the economic recovery even if wages start to keep pace with inflation, according to an analysis for The Independent.

The Resolution Foundation, an independent think-tank which aims to improve living standards for the less wealthy, accused George Osborne of burying a £385m “stealth cut” in the small print of last year’s Autumn Statement, which will force the working poor to “run uphill” and earn an extra £1,000 a year just to stand still.

The foundation has analysed the impact of the Chancellor’s decision to freeze the “work allowance” – the amount people can earn before their payment under universal credit starts to be withdrawn. The freeze means that even if their wages rise in line with the cost of living, their income will fall in real terms because the allowance does not keep pace with inflation.’ Read more …

Brainwashed by the cult of the super-rich

Brainwashed by the cult of the super-rich


Street Democracy writes:

Out of touch, far right Tory politicians speak with ruthless uncompassionate words where it is impossible to curb their disdain towards the poorer classes.

It is almost like they harvest from the pain they cause and feed off the misery felt by millions of British citizens unable to support themselves in such a corrupt capitalist system.


Their financial butchery is enshrined into law regardless of the social consequences and social tensions they cause. Regardless of it not enforcing a healthy society but rather one of social decay.

These politicians are fake phoney undeterred cold reptiles with no common sense and sense of the common. They are disconnected to the ‘real’ by design and hold no empathy towards the poor.


There is a two tier system, the super oligarchical elites and their chosen puppets and the rest of us.

It is dangerous to have such far righted suits in the epicentre of our power as their designs are to protect their wealth but deny everyone else theirs.

This man made economic system is dictated by the ruling elites which creates poverty, financial scarcity for the majority but designed to make maximum profits for the wealthy.


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‘Last week, Tory MP Esther McVey, Iain Duncan Smith’s deputy, insisted it was “right” that half a million Britons be dependent on food banks in “tough times”. Around the same time, the motor racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone totted up a champagne bill of £30,000 in one evening.

A rich teenager in Texas has just got away with probation for drunkenly running over and killing four people because his lawyers argued successfully that he suffered from “affluenza”, which rendered him unable to handle a car responsibly. What we’ve been realising for some time now is that, for all the team sport rhetoric, only two sides are really at play in Britain and beyond: Team Super-Rich and Team Everyone Else.

The rich are not merely different: they’ve become a cult which drafts us as members. We are invited to deceive ourselves into believing we are playing for the same stakes while worshipping the same ideals, a process labelled “aspiration”. Reaching its zenith at this time of year, our participation in cult rituals – buy, consume, accumulate beyond need – helps mute our criticism and diffuse anger at systemic exploitation.’

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New World Order: EU’S latest bloomer! Brussels bid to ban gardeners from buying favourite iris, lavender and clematis plants


Lavender Hidcote lines the path of this home in Sussex

Lavender Hidcote lines the path of this home in Sussex

            Street Democracy writes:

This is the reason we need to distance our selves from the ruling elites who have nothing better to do than propose absurdities and ill effecting policies just to suit some New World Order agenda. The disturbing similarities of a fascism far right regime and dictatorship is frightening and we need to pull away and fast.

It is tyranny under the guise of popular politics which isn’t popular but displays nothing more than idiocy at its finest. We will have officials at our doors demanding access to our gardens. We will have to declare everything we do as freedom of thought and expression is slowly destroyed by this regime if we allow it.

The New World Order is all about control. To turn us into  a hybrid race of obeying worker bees micro chipped and controlled by the oligarchy. To be labelled as ‘terrorists’ if we oppose such stupidity. Well only if we allow it.


Thousands of favourite British garden plants  and flowers could be banned from sale at garden centres under new EU  proposals.

The popular lavender Lavandula Hidcote, the  highly scented iris Jane Phillips, the holly shrub known as Ilex Golden King and  the pink star-shaped clematis Nelly Moser are among those at  risk.

A European Commission shake-up of plant  legislation proposes that in future each plant variety must be given a detailed  scientific description – as well as being listed on an official plant  register.


A bonfire of citizen’s rights


Street Democracy writes:

We could just demand that anything that hasn’t blossomed in the soils of democracy isn’t valid. If society didn’t leave a ‘wet ink’ signature then it isn’t valid. They can sneak anything through with late night meetings on News Years Eve and so on, but it doesn’t necessarily make it solid, tight and impenetrable.

It isn’t right when the ‘evils are in print’ but they are still public trustees and they need ‘us’ to comply to their laws or they are not valid. We are witnessing the erosion of democracy by corporate mechanisms cannibalising Britain by an unchecked oligarchical few ruling elite.

We are being subjected to a plethora of Draconian measures, Draconian policies and rules that only favour those who empower them.

It is a brutal form of collective punishment forcing Britain into one giant ‘open air’ prison. No bars needed as the financial sanctions, the human right sanctions will be heavy enough to burden society with the rules and laws from government. It will be bigoted and cruel if we passively comply.

For more on this story click here for Open Democracy or continue reading below.HEARME

Alongside the Lobbying Bill, the government is quietly pushing through another Bill which seems designed to remove any lingering obstacles to the corporatisation of public services – disempowering citizens, parliament and watchdogs at a stroke.

The innocuously titled Deregulation Bill, quietly tabled in draft by Oliver Letwin and Ken Clarke just before the summer break, strips citizens of our right to be consulted before services are closed or privatised. It imposes a ‘growth duty’ on regulators to ensure they act in a more business-friendly manner, which could force health watchdogs like the Care Quality Commission to prioritise ‘economic growth’.

And it gives a blanket power to government ministers to repeal inconvenient laws without parliamentary scrutiny.

Some aspects of this bill even bear remarkable similarities to what was dubbed the “Abolition of Parliament Bill” – a bill introduced in 2006 by then Labour Minister Jim Murphy MP but heavily watered down after widespread outcry, including by the Liberal Democrat party conference.

Collectively these changes significantly increase the power of the Executive over the voice of citizens and parliament. Will there be a similar outcry now? The first formal call for evidence to the Committee scrutinising the bill, closes this coming Monday.

A bonfire of red tape?

The Deregulation Bill originated with the government’s Red Tape Challenge, an initiative to remove unnecessary regulation and through Lord Heseltine’s ‘No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth’.

‘Red Tape’ is an easy target. We all come across irritating regulations in our daily life that we wish did not exist. Rarely do we think about the reason for the regulation and the potential benefits. As the  government admits “Good regulation is a good thing. It protects consumers, employees and the environment, it helps build a more fair society and can even save lives.”

Given that description, who could argue against “good regulation”? However, as you read through the Deregulation Bill it becomes very apparent who the beneficiaries are intended to be: business.

Scrapping our rights to be consulted

BBC blocked by disablement protesters calling for truth in London


Street Democracy writes:

Democracy avenues have been ruthlessly blocked by indignant biased devoted staff members of the BBC, loyal only to the hard right machine of our central Tory Government. The BBC clearly intoxicated with the ‘spirit of the age’ blue Tory hammer, slamming down upon disabled people without conscience isn’t going unnoticed.

The endemic flaws and moral pollution enforced throughout the UK upon the disadvantaged, the vulnerable is done with force of a hard right mendacious Government, that screams out a hostile attack.

Disabled people have special needs, and needs that can be holistically met without causing distress, poverty or financial deprivation which is what is being done today.

Disabled people unable to work have a plethora of Draconian rules being gunned at them with excessive force from the ‘iron fist of blue’ that are crushing so many. Civil liberties are denied, crushed and sanctioned if you are poor, disabled and in need of welfare benefits, help or care in some way.

The Tories are denying this, in a cold objective fashion displaying a merciless persecution upon the innocent.

When all avenues to democracy have been scraped away, protesting is all that is left and it takes a brave soul to stand up to Government to air views these immoral suits should be listening too in the first place.

We are witnessing an ‘open air’ prison for disabled people in the UK. No bars upon windows needed, just enough financial sanctions to enslave disabled people to the Draconian rules the Tories have injected into society.1150339_626951217344872_544701751_n

‘Disablement protesters, some in wheelchairs, protested at Broadcasting House in London over the BBC’s failure to report truthfully the effects of government cuts, particularly on the disabled, while blocking the main BBC entrance.’

But The People’s Voice WILL report those effects and demand that government ministers meet with those suffering the consequences of their actions and face what they are doing.

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NHS: Nearly two thirds of nurses considering quitting as savage cuts bite



Street Democracy writes:

Our Government is filled with egocentric despots, the ‘Architectures of Greed’ with ruthless brutality shatter the lives of nurses, the main arteries in any hospital. The Tories ‘iron fist of blue’ eviscerate this profession and unleash hardship, financial scarcity as rewards for such a demanding career.

Our Government’s mental facilities needs addressing just to prove how much they are disjointed from reality. How disconnected they are from real life and how they devalue the precious input our British Nurses relentlessly perform, especially within the NHS. 

To me it proves we have a corrupt and diseased mind running our country. So wrong in most fields and have distanced themselves from public opinion.

David Cameron and his wife sit on wealth from the slave trade (Mrs Cameron) so that doesn’t even belong to them. Have no problems with this type of money, they certain won’t care about nurses. For more on this story click here for the Mirror or continue reading below.


The Tory-led coalition’s brutal jobs cull has put huge pressure on remaining  nurses who are forced to work more unpaid hours. Nearly two thirds of nurses are considering quitting as David Cameron’s  savage NHS cuts bite. The Tory-led coalition has axed 5,000 nurses as it tries to slash £20billion  from NHS costs by 2015. But the brutal jobs cull has put huge pressure on remaining nurses who are  forced to work more unpaid hours.

A survey of 10,000 staffers by the Royal College of Nursing reveals 62% are  so stressed they have considered leaving in the last 12 months. It found 83% felt their workload had increased in the past 12 months, while  61% reported being too busy to give the care they wanted.

As well as staff cuts and increased workloads, nurses faced a pay freeze  between 2010 and 2012. This has been followed by a 1% cap on rises from April this year until  2016. Things have got worse since the last survey in 2011.

Poverty strains cognitive abilities, opening door for bad decision-making, new study finds

http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/poverty-strains-cognitive-abilities-opening-door-for-bad-decision-making-new-study-finds/2013/08/29/89990288-102b-11e3-8cdd-bcdc09410972_story.html Saturday, 31 August 2013 11:14

Street Democracy writes:

This is the plan by the elite, to preoccupy the poor with struggling, worry and fear of bills, financial scarcity issues so they worry all the time and have little room for anything else. Poverty consumes you, it is expulsion from mainstream society, it is social discrimination from a society becoming more and more detached from its human companionship.

It is an erosion of life itself, a slow kill and poverty is a weapon of mass destruction (Bill Cooper). However, on the bright side, poverty does bring with it survival skills the rich never have.

It brings wisdom and enlightenment if one takes the time to look. It is a deep knowledge that only the poor can have, and it is in itself, priceless. Words from the wise are those with common sense, which the poor have plenty of, given half the chance to express it.

For more on this account on poverty click here for The Washington Post or continue reading below.


‘Poverty consumes so much mental energy that people struggling to make ends meet often have little brainpower left for anything else, leaving them more susceptible to bad decisions that can perpetuate their situation, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science.’

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